Venus Conjunct Ascendant Natal and Transit

Venus Conjunct Ascendant TransitVenus conjunct Ascendant natal gives a beautiful body and soul. You are sexually and aesthetically attractive but also warm, friendly and affectionate on the inside. These most desirable qualities attract many people which teach you excellent social skills.

Socializing plays an important part in your life and you should be popular. You promote peace and equality while rejecting aggression and chaos. You are a lover, not a fighter. Your charm and charisma put people at ease which makes you a great host at parties but also a diplomat and negotiator.

Love is an essential part of your life. You need to love and be loved. You should have plenty of offers for marriage and can afford to be picky. You may seek another beautiful, refined and affectionate partner like yourself.

You may, however, prefer to compliment your tenderness with a more sexual and passionate partner but love and romance are always at the top of the list. Your strong desire for pleasure needs to be satisfied for you to be truly happy and content. Partnerships bring out your best, whether in marriage or business.

You also have a strong desire for harmony, comfort, ease and maybe luxury and riches. You should have good money skills and are prepared to use your natural talents to achieve the lifestyle you seek. You have an eye for a bargain and for fashion. You would make a good home decorator and appreciate art, poetry, music, jewelry, and design.

Venus Conjunct Ascendant Transit

Venus conjunct Ascendant transit brings love and money which makes it one of the best transits of all. The main influence in on relationships of all kinds but especially love relationships. You will feel more affectionate than usual and feel like cuddling and kissing the day away.

Other people will find you very attractive so this is an ideal time for dating and making new friends. This is also one of the best time to host a party at home and for socializing in general. As well as looking beautiful you will be blessed with extra charm and sex appeal.

Existing relationships can benefit from more warmth and affection. Take this opportunity to resolve relationship problems in your personal or professional life. You can also act as a go-between to resolve conflicts or negotiate a better deal.

You probably won’t feel much like going to work today. You would prefer spending quality time with loved ones or starting a vacation. You may receive a gift, an offer, a compliment or money. You will have a greater appreciation for art and music. Beautify yourself with fashion, jewelry, cosmetics or a new hairstyle.

Venus Conjunct Ascendant Celebrities

Beyoncé 0°02′, Cheiro 0°18′, Heidi Fleiss 0°37′, Fromental Halevy 0°38′, Jane Gardam 0°41′, Angelina Jolie 0°44′, Clark Gable 1°00′, Chris Evert 1°01′, T. S. Eliot 1°04′, Ben Affleck 1°06′, Paul Newman 1°12′, Arnold Bax 1°21′, Charlotte Rampling 1°49′, Rihanna 2°13′, Selena Gomez 2°33′.

25 thoughts on “Venus Conjunct Ascendant Natal and Transit

  1. Hey Jamie — I have this natal combination with a Libra Asc. However, I also have Neptune conjunct within one degree of Venus in the 1st house, both in Scorpio. Would you say this complicates things in terms of romance? It use to be coming in like a flood. But during the middle part of my life, well let’s just say it was more like a drought.

    • Hi Paul. I am not an expert on progressions but i expect this is a good things for you. It should be similar to the transit but lasting much longer. I may indicate a major love relationship or a long period of good fortune dating.

  2. You missed Ben Affleck,8-15-1972 Berkeley, CA, 2:53am. His Venus in from the last degree of his 12th, though. Venus in Cancer at 07:27 and Asc is 08:33 from

      • Hi there! I was wondering if you could touch base on this placement. Venus in the 12th house conjunct Acendant. My venus is 12th house leo @ 3 degrees with Leo acendant @ 6 degrees. I also have Jupiter @29 degree cancer in the 12th house. I’ve read heaps of articles trying to find something spot on to my placements but it’s usually just one or the other. Not combined. Thank you!

  3. Hi Jamie,

    What are your thoughts, if along with this natal placement, Venus is also conjunct Saturn, and squared by Uranus and Jupiter?
    Thank you, Shar

  4. When Venus & Neptune transit conjuncts Ascendant,is it a perfect time to plan a wedding date?

  5. Natally I have a Scorpio Asc conjunct Princeps and also conjunct a 12th house Libra Venus which is conjunct Izar. Venus and Scorp asc are both trine a 4th house Aquarius Saturn. Venus is also square my Cancer Moon which is conjunct both Pollux and Procyon. Seems like a tangle that is pretty hard to sort out. Do you have a protocol you like to follow to bring clarity to complex groupings of planets/stars?

  6. Hi Jamie,

    Venus is currently on its way to reach my rising sign (5.48) Mars Transit has crossed the descendent (8.41 right now) but now is going to retrograde on 26 and then he will pass again over the descendent… so at some point they will be in opposition, what would this bring to me? Old relationship coming back? Thanks

  7. Hey Jamie,
    What if Venus conjuncts the Ascendant from the 12th house tho? Can you explain this aspect please?

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