Johnny Depp Horoscope – Scandalous

Johnny Depp AstrologyThis Johnny Depp horoscope analysis looks at two areas of his chart to help explain his tumultuous relationship with Amber Heard and why he is involved in yet another scandal.

Transits to the Johnny Depp astrology chart are then used to explain the massive peak in interest in the court case when Johnny took the stand in the last week of April 2022. It coincided with an alignment of two planets in exactly the same position as when he was born. This rare occurrence will be repeated in early June 2022.

Johnny Depp Astrology Chart

The Johnny Depp horoscope below shows too many tight aspects to mention in one post. So I have selected two main areas to investigate. The Ascendant trine Jupiter and square Neptune explains his popularity but also the drugs, misunderstandings, and scandals.

The other really interesting feature is Mercury and Venus square Saturn. It explains his struggle with mental health and also his relationship problems. The alignment of current planets in the same position as Johnny’s natal planets referred to earlier involves Mercury square Saturn.

Johnny Depp Astrology

Johnny Depp Horoscope


The Ascendant is the most individual and defining element in a chart. As the physical manifestation of the soul, it rules physical appearance and overall health. The Ascendant also governs how you present yourself to the world and how other people first see you. But it can also function as a shield or mask to guard your real nature.

Ascendant conjunct fixed star Acubens (0°40′): Acubens gives activity, malevolence, poison, scandal, slander, lying and theft. It conveys an unbalanced and jumpy nature that can sometimes make for an unsettled mentality and helplessness.

Jupiter trine Ascendant (1°32′) makes Johnny Depp a generous, supportive, and enthusiastic person. With physical good looks, charm, and engaging personality, he likes to inspire and entertain others while making them feel happy and comfortable.

Johnny may appear polite, well-mannered, humble, poetic, and even humorous but this can mask his more ambitious, adventurous, and zealous nature. He wants to succeed in life and may aspire to fame and fortune. It is through close one-to-one relationships that he reaches his full potential. Partners can have a big influence on his growth and future prospects.

More than any other traditionally beneficial natal aspect, Jupiter trine Ascendant can have a very sinister manifestation because of the Jupiter tendency to amplify and exaggerate. Things can easily spiral out of control. And this is made more likely in the Johnny Depp horoscope with his malevolent rising star Acubens, and Neptune square Ascendant.

Greed, selfishness, gambling, addiction, and physical or mental health problems can turn this otherwise fortunate aspect into a very destructive influence. Fame or notoriety is possible. While there are many famous entertainers, poets, leaders, and even astrologers with this aspect, there is also an over-representation of psychopaths and serial killers.

Jupiter conjunct fixed star Alpheratz (0°11′): Philosophical or religious mind, benefits from professional men, ecclesiastical honor and dignity, favorable for gain. Can count on becoming well known in public and popular with the masses.

In general, Alpheratz gives independence, freedom, love, riches, honor, a keen intellect, and a harmonious nature which makes for popularity.

Neptune square Ascendant (0°58′) causes Johnny confusion and a long personal struggle with his identity. In turn, this can cause misperceptions and a lack of trust in your close relationships. His relationship with his parents may have been tense because of this.

Extreme sensitivity to verbal and especially nonverbal communication can cause confusion. Subconscious signals like facial expressions, body language, and even thoughts and feelings are often more important than words are for communicating. This aspect causes messages to get jumbled up and this works both ways.

Misunderstanding, suspicion, fear, gossip, drugs, treachery, lying, and slander can ruin his close relationships and make it harder to connect to people at an emotional or deeper level. The association of the rising star Acubens with poison, scandal, slander, and lying increases the danger of these things.

Johnny may use others as a mirror to judge himself. But his own lack of clarity or embarrassment about his identity is outwardly noticeable. So using how others perceive him to understand himself can further distort and weaken his self-image. This is especially so if a person perceives his confusion as dishonesty or suspicion. Johnny may end up feeling unworthy of kindness or companionship, and therefore sacrifice his individuality just to be with someone. This is potentially dangerous and could end up in abuse or violence.

Neptune conjunct fixed star Zubenelgenubi (1°09′): Morose, melancholy, isolated, shrewd, cunning, evil use of occult powers and of poisons or drugs, cynical, dangerous, broods over some secret, peculiar death, often suicide.

In general, Zubenelgenubi causes malevolence, obstruction, an unforgiving character, violence, disease, lying, crime, disgrace, the danger of poison, and confiscation of possessions during times of war.

Zubenelgenubi also gives an immortal name, however, this comes about more by tragic circumstances than by well-noted success. Well aspected it gives the courage to fight for right. But square Ascendant, as it is in the Johnny Depp astrology chart, justice may well take a back seat to vengeance. Such a person does well not to get into any kind of job where he can use his power, for surely he will himself live to regret it in public dishonor or worse. It frequently shows up ill-aspected in many unfortunate situations, from domestic strife and miscarriages of justice to psychopathic killings that started out in the guise of love.

Jupiter quincunx Neptune (0°33′) gives a vivid dream life and imagination. It makes Johnny Depp an idealistic and hopeful person but he can be too trusting and unrealistic. The imbalance represented by the quincunx can be seen as his dreams versus his reality. The more faith he places in his dreams, the further from reality they get. In a similar fashion, the more trusting he is of a person or a belief system, the more likely it is that he will be sadly disappointed once the karmic balance beam tips the other way.

It may seem like he never learns his lessons because he repeatedly falls into the same traps of self-delusion or over-optimism. Yet he needs to continually test the limits to gain the most from this aspect. Johnny does need to take risks and have a certain amount of trust and faith. The world needs his inspiration and imagination. The karmic lesson of this aspect is for Johnny to know his limits.

With age and experience, he can find a safe range to work within that produces good results without loss and disappointment. A certain amount of fantasy, celebrity, magic, religion, and even drugs may be required to maintain a balanced life. But too much or too little of these things can cause his undoing. However, just the right amount in just the right proportions can lead to brilliance and genius.

Mercury and Venus square Saturn

Fixed star Algol conjunct Mercury (0°21′) and Venus (0°26′): Algol is one of the most unfortunate stars used in astrology. It is associated with danger, misfortune, violence, decapitation, hanging, electrocution, and mob violence. Algol also gives very distinctive facial features and hair. There may be a striking beard or glorious long hair. The teeth, nose or ears may also be striking in some way, either extremely beautiful, large or deformed.

In primitive natives, it gives a mean mind with an inclination to brutality and violence. However, “high spiritual rays” are emanating from Algol also, but only those human beings can receive them who have already reached high spiritual development. Even then, there will be difficulties and obstacles in their way, and they have to use much energy to overcome these handicaps. If their endeavors fail, strong counter forces and enmities will be present.

Amber Heard has Venus conjunct Algol. Venus conjunct Venus in the Amber Heard – Johnny Depp astrology synastry explains why they were so attracted to each other. And Algol explains the violence in the relationship.

Saturn conjunct fixed star Deneb Algedi (0°03′): Great power over animals and poisonous reptiles, indifferent to study, knowledge of many secrets of nature, feared, unpleasant appearance and life, bad for marriage, death of or separation from parents in youth, secluded end of life.

In general, Deneb Algedi is said to cause beneficence and destructiveness, sorrow and happiness, and life and death.

Saturn conjunct fixed star Sadalsuud (0°11′): Sharp, cunning, dishonest, immoral, cold, unsympathetic, hard-hearted, disgraces an honorable father, hypnotic influence over the opposite sex, many intrigues wrecking homes, death through female’s revenge.

In general, Sadalsuud is said to cause trouble and disgrace, but some astrologers say it brings great honor and riches. It is important that any good fortune is not abused. Gamblers especially should beware of taking foolhardy chances when planets in transit or progression on their horoscopes are aspecting it by squares, oppositions, and the like.

Mercury conjunct Venus (0°48′) makes Johnny a lovable, handsome, neat, refined, idealistic, and courteous person. He may have a tendency to be passive and submissive but this is a means by which he tries to achieve peace in his life.

This aspect brings intelligence, a quick mind, and psychic ability. It gives Johnny the ability to communicate things in a loving way. This is often helped by a melodic, poetic, and relaxing voice. But the mental and relationship skills of this aspect are hampered by the Saturn square and the unhelpful fixed stars in the Johhny Depp horoscope.

Mercury square Saturn (2°12′) has been associated with lying, verbal abuse, theft, scandal, and slander. But it can also give a subtle, studious, keen, and profound mind, with an interest in occult or serious subjects.

Negative thinking can often be exacerbated by having to deal with too much responsibility all at once or suffering through painful hardships, separations, and loss. These things, plus isolation, loneliness, and insecurity, can often lead to depression.

Until Johnny masters this aspect, he could be giving off insecure and fearful energy, picked up by others. Any resentment makes his aura darker, and can potentially lead to nastiness.

Venus square Saturn (3°00′) makes it harder to find love and happiness. It has been associated with laziness, immorality, shamelessness, bad habits, perverted tastes, meanness, seduction, and sorrows in love.

Feelings of rejection, isolation, and loneliness can start at an early age. How Johnny deals with this throughout life depends greatly on how much love he received from his parents. If he was subject to criticism or abuse, this aspect is harsher in adulthood, leading to bouts of depression.

Transits to Johnny Depp Horoscope

The list below shows the most important transits to the Johnny Depp astrology chart. The precession correction value of 0°49′ has been added to the natal positions. Times and dates are set for New York time.

  • Apr 24, 2022 – Saturn conjunct Saturn (1 of 3)
  • Apr 26, 2022 – Mercury conjunct Mercury (1 of 3)
  • May 10, 2022 – Mercury Retrograde
  • May 16, 2022 – Lunar Eclipse opposite Mercury (0°49′) square Saturn (1°24′)
  • June 02, 2022, 09:47 am – Mercury Rx conjunct Mercury (2 of 3)
  • June 03, 2022, 04:00 am – Mercury Direct
  • June 03, 2022, 10:10 pm – Mercury conjunct Mercury (3 of 3)
  • June 04, 2022, 05:46 pm – Saturn Retrograde
  • July 16, 2022 – Saturn Rx conjunct Saturn (2 of 3)
  • Jan 14, 2023 – Saturn conjunct Saturn (3 of 3)

The trial in Depp’s defamation case against Heard began on April 11, 2022, in Fairfax, Virginia. Johnny Depp took the stand from April 19 to 23.

This coincided with the first of the two alignments of Mercury square Saturn in the same position as the Johnny Depp astrology chart. This first one around April 25 also coincided with an unprecedented amount of social media activity, vastly in favor of Johnny Depp:

BuzzFeed News reported, that between April 25 and April 29, 2022, there were 1,667 posts uploaded to Facebook using the hashtag #JusticeForJohnnyDepp, with over 7 million total interactions, i.e. likes and shares between them. Meanwhile, Heard comparatively only had 16 posts in support, with 10,415 interactions. Additionally, on TikTok, videos tagged with #JusticeForAmberHeard have over 21 million combined views, while videos tagged with #JusticeForJohnnyDepp have over 5 billion combined views as of April 29. [1]

Data collected by Newswhip from April 4 to May 16, 2022 indicated that news articles about the trial had generated more social media interactions per article in the United States compared all other significant news topics, including the leaked Supreme Court draft opinion on abortion, the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, inflation, or Elon Musk.[2]

Closing arguments are expected to be held on May 27. A jury will then deliberate.

The second and final alignment of Mercury square Saturn with the natal positions in the Johnny Depp horoscope on June 3 is highlighted in the list above. It is also shown in the bi-wheel horoscope below.

Johnny Depp Horoscope

Johnny Depp Astrology June 3, 2022

Mercury is stationary direct on June 3 at 26°05′ Taurus. Saturn is stationary retrograde on June 4 at 25°15′ Aquarius. This means Mercury does not exactly square Saturn. But the aspect stays within a 1°30′ orb from May 29 to June 7.

This second alignment is probably more significant than the first one. Even though Mercury square Saturn is not exact, the fact that both planets are stationary, and it coincides so exactly with Depps Mercury return makes it extremely powerful and karmic in nature.

This type of replication of natal aspects with transiting aspects was a major tool for prediction used by ancient astrologers. As I said in the Saturn retrograde post, Mercury direct square Saturn retrograde means there will be a price to pay for previous decisions, lies, and nasty words that hurt other people.

I am struggling to understand how the first alignment of such a difficult aspect as Mercury square Saturn on nasty fixed stars coincided with the overwhelming public support for Johnny Depp. Unfortunately, there is no time of birth available for Amber Heard. Public opinion suggests the verdict will favor Johhny Depp but only time will tell.


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  2. America more interested in Depp-Heard trial than abortion,

33 thoughts on “Johnny Depp Horoscope – Scandalous

  1. I personally feel, as I do about any alleged abuse cases, that it is not dirty laundry to be aired in public, until or unless one partly is clearly guilty which is not often the case when it comes to abuse, especially when both parties have obviously been damaged by original abuse which has troubled both their souls. I respect that as public identities, it would be necessary to make a public statement that they had split due to irreconcilable differences, but the abuse needed to handled carefully in first seeking private psychological and legal counsel, and as this case is about defamation of character of 2 famous individuals, the reality is, whom so ever leaked the circumstances behind the scenes to the media in the first place, making it necessary to make a public stand by the other, is ultimately the responsible party. So really, the question is, who made the abuse public knowledge in the first place and in all sincerity, anyone subjected to abuse, already feels very foolish from having fallen for a charmer, that they are unlikely to willingly make it public? But like any sociopath, narcissist or psychopath, they want to make sure they get the credit for their evil deeds? Its pretty commonly known psychological forensic information now adays.

    • just to add, that it will be interesting to see how Johnny Depps, Uranus conjunct Mars in Virgo behaves with the Saturn opposition from the beginning of Pisces? I know I did gain a lot of unexpected wisdom through times of personal adversity in my 50’s and have no doubt both my chiron & saturn returns together made me stand firm, face my past and the fear of it being stuck in a loop on repeat, and at least try to decontaminate or cleanse that chirotic wound, so it didnt become re-infected, thus now my own Uranus conj Mars in Leo 10th is being opposed by Saturn and I dont feel I have any need to defend myself or justify my existence any more, even with similar currently occurring again, prodding the wound, the sting has gone?

  2. JD thread posted May 27, 2022

    9:00 am EST transits.

    at midnight, Moon, Venus, Andromeda conjunct.

    9 hours later, Moon and Venus midpoint the Taurus 0 degree. And I thought of the Aries Zero Degree, the antiscia, and the Capricorn antiscion, where Moon-Venus gives us a world of information. But it is the Bull that must Have the Artwork

  3. Didn’t factpr in the mars conjunct uranus- the Ultimate role player- actor……STANDS OUT…

  4. RE “While there are many famous entertainers, poets, leaders, and even astrologers with this aspect, there is also an over-representation of psychopaths and serial killers.”

    By FAR the most vital urgent and DEEP understanding everyone needs to gain is that a mafia network of manipulating PSYCHOPATHS are governing big businesses (eg official medicine), nations and the world — the evidence is OVERWHELMING and TOTALLY IRREFUTABLE (see “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room”… ).

    WHEN, if ever, will YOU (and nearly everyone else) decide to wake up to the ULTIMATE DEPTH of the rabbit hole (rather than remain blissfully ignorant and play victim)?

    And psychopaths are typically NOT how Hollywood propaganda movies have showcased them. And therefore one better RE-learns what a psychopath REALLY is (see cited source above).

    But rulership by psychopaths is only ONE part of the equation that makes up the destructive human condition as the article explains (see cited source above).

  5. I was told I have a mystic envelope in my chart can you help me understand more about this. It’s not ever been mentioned in other readings and I’m going through very challenging times. Thank you.

  6. I think this is interesting but personally I feel like fixed Stars don’t usually play out and they’re description is so extreme I usually don’t relate to them. Personally I have Algol prominently placed conjunct IC (orb 0-1) and I have yet to find out its effects.
    I do believe in past lives and also the issue of suppressed memories from early childhood so there could be something there connected to sinister past lives (IC) and suppressed early childhood memories (IC) but like I said I will still have to find out.

    • Sorry but the fixed star readings seem like a load of rubbish to me. As you say their descriptions are always so extream and I’ve never seen one that is anything but extreamily negative and shocking something like a gypsy carnival tarot reader in a bad film! If you take them out of the equation everything else in your JD reading above makes sense.
      The violence and abuse in the relationship came from Amber Heard alone and the media have it in for Johnny – this seems the most likely from all the evidence, the trial, everything known. Maybe Johnny wasn’t easy to live with and had his faults in relationships could be true- its hard to say, but I see no evidence at all that he is a lier- he seems a mostly very honest person. And it could well be that any verbal abuse and drug abuse that may have come from his side was a reaction to the abuse he was suffering from Amber. His previous partners have stayed on good terms and still seem fond of him.
      Okay the saturn square mercury thing doesn’t seem like something good but he already has this natally so maybe that neutralises it. Or maybe it is also like a wake up call to him that he needs to stop taking himself so seriously and punishing himself for no obvious reason in relation to how he sees himself or how others see him. No one is 100% liked and the media play games and their storys shouldn’t be taken too much to heart, what the people on social media, his supporters and audience think is more important. Most people like him and see he is a good person and don’t expect him to be perfect because no one is.

  7. I was wondering the same myself. I picked up a bad feeling about him, like he expected her to be a blabbering mess on the stand. He knows how to take control it seems. I’m not in favor of either and watched little of the case but again, I too wondered why all the overwhelming support for Depp? It was certainly his court room and everyone in it was a chess piece. Didn’t agree with the amount of laughing, having fans in the court room, it was basically a public shame against Amber Heard in ironically, a defamation case. What is this about his lawyer flirting with him too?

    • agreed. that’s what drew me in (the overwhelming admiration of JD) and inconceivable hatred for AH so I did end up watching a lot of the trial and my initial intuition to draw more to her was confirmed (everything was compounded in that all that was at the core was multiplied exponentially) his power over her no matter what

  8. I am glad you are not reading my chart… According to your interperation of aspects I could easily be a monster…I am sorry but I am deeply dissappointed in you… So dangerous to make cook book comments on such a delicate matter. I have studied Johnny’s chart as well. I dont agree with your misleading interperations… so wrong.

    • I agree. I have some eyebrow raising things in my chart and I’ve never been sued. And if he wanted to be fair he should have done Scamber’s chart as well. God knows what’s in THAT.

      • I’ve seen it from years ago!! – it screams red flags all over. On closer inspection it seems pathological lier seems very fitting, and definitely some big issues with reality and trustworthiness. The chart of a violent vindictive, untrustworthy and quite possibly unhinged scamer. We don’t know her birth time – my guess is late Aries with her sun conjunct her ascendant but Im not no expert. Just my feeling.

  9. About Mercury square Saturn is about speaking the truth. being shy… slow speaking…general thinking extremely cautius.. depressive thoughts… there are many things can be said about Mercury square Saturn… Shortly, even though it was extremely hard for him, he chose to speak his truth and well received by the listeners.

  10. First of all, Johnny Depp is a wonderful Disney character and very lovable as Pirate Captain Jack Sparrow. He may have problems, but the day it came out in the trial that Amber Heard went to the bathroom in his bed, she really blew it – and showed the world an immature girl who made bad decisions. She seems a bit like a spoiled brat, and probably figured the ‘women’ of the world would get behind her just because she’s female!! She wasn’t after reconciliation or peaceful solutions. Johnny Depp will have had some trouble with his mother, with his Moon in Capricorn, not a good sign for having a warm, loving one who supports the child with empathy. This could’ve easily been projected onto his relationships throughout his life, as he may subconsciously pick out females that resemble his Mom, trying to get things ‘right,’ but ending up with emotionally cold partners , not warm and loving or demonstrative in the right way. Amber Heard is demonstrative all right, negatively, so she only made things worse. That’s unusual they both have their Venus in late Taurus conjunct Algol, so they’ve both had encounters with partners that may’ve been downright creepy. We’re truly all one here, and helping one of us helps us all, and harming one warns all. I hope they can stop the war and use compassion and a bit of kindness instead.

  11. Goodness, I don’t want to riffle any feathers so please don’t take this the wrong way, but nobody who watched the entire trial would come up with those conclusions! There was a heavy amount of evidence presented that indicated clear deception by Amber Heard, and a hoax to defame her ex husband. I usually shy away from anything related to celebrities. However as a psychologist with an interest in body language, I was captivated by this trial from beginning to end. I watched (and critiqued!) every minute of it. Amber Heard was caught lying on the stand multiple times, and I respect the professional opinion of Dr Curry who spent a great number of hours examining her before coming to her diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder. Johnny Depp is a very private person but as this was a defamation case, it needed to be public. To be publicly shamed as an abuser (of vile, toxic abuse, sexual, emotional and physical)of that level, well it tore his life apart and he was cut from Disney because of this. AH recorded him in his darkest moments (like the morning after he found out he had $650M embezzled/stolen from him, and when his mother passed away) edited them, leaked them to paparazzi and then twisted the story around to make him into a monster. Then when they were instructed to record their arguments (they both gave permission), for marriage counselling, Amber Heard can be heard cackling, belittling, and abusing him. Nobody in a DV situation would do that. JD was upfront from the start that he had substance abuse issues (and is now sober), and AH also had drug issues but didn’t admit to them. Instead this came out via witnesses. I’m sorry to rant but I’ve become quite passionate about this case because what that woman did was despicable. My first thoughts having little knowledge on either of them was that I remembered seeing a video of Johnny Depp years ago and he was abusive. Poor girl, I thought. Then when I watched the trial I realised just how bad it must have been for him. Whether he wins the case or not (he will though, or my faith in humanity will be lost!), he has won in the real world, though experiencing 6 years of being thought of as an abusive monster, can not be taken back! This trial was good for the public as it showed men that if they are being abused they can stand up. It helped men and women recognise signs of abuse in all it’s forms (including gas lighting). This look into stars in the chart was a bit extreme – I don’t tend to consider such stars honestly! But it was an interesting read.

    • I agree. Should have done Scamber’s chart too. It’s only fair. If Johnny has any darkness in his chart doesn’t mean he was actually what she was claiming. No one else ever accused him of violence in his life. Then suddenly meets a woman like her and he’s violent ? Lol.

    • Very well said Kara I think the trial was good for the public too in the end- to see that men and women can be victims or abusers. Not all women who make alligations are telling the truth it and it should always be innocent until proven guilty. False accusations can be so serious they can be a matter of life and death-many men have lost hope and committed suicide or overdosed because of these situations and its so tragic.
      I knew things about JD going into the trial such as he was a very committed father, had donated large sums of money to children’s hospitals, entertained kids as Captain Sparrow at children’s hospitals away from the cameras to try and help both the children and their parents (his daughter was once critically ill in hospital in London). Many other acts of generosity over the years. One of my favourites facts about him is that he once stood up for a young woman who was once being mercilessly bullied by the press in the UK after appearing on a reality TV program years ago. Calling them out in an interview he did at the time for behaving so appallingly basically saying it was sick – which it absolutely was- the tabloid press here can be so nasty and totally immoral. He had no reason to do this as it could only turn them against him and lead to them targeting him (well they certainly did that!). His only reason for doing it was that he hated seeing bullying or victimisation of anyone. Doesn’t sound like the actions of an abuser does it! I can’t imagine any other actor of his status bothering to try and step in and draw attention to how dispicable it was.
      I already new that alligations of abuse were very unlikely true and happily the very large amounts of evidence over the 6 years have only ever confirmed this. The UK trial against the Sun tabloid paper (the one that victimised the young woman, calling her ugly and ridiculing her all over their front pages) was a complete travesty of justice – it was so biased and poorly conducted). It was truely heartbreaking and shocking to hear about- no way did he deserve that. Relieved he had people around him to support him and keep him fighting on. Its really ghauling and infuriating to still occasionally hear parts of the media or public still questioning his actions or the verdict in light of all this.
      Also Amber Heards chart (even without the birth time) is absolutely full of red flags to me. The signs of being a lier, disingenuous, out of touch with reality, cruel and vindictive, and very possibly mentally unstable all seem to be there in her chart. I wouldn’t normally like to make judgements based on a chart and I’m in no way an expert but yes in this case red flags definitely! (Plus of course the evidence and information available).

      • Just to add it is upsetting to still here people question that he could be abusive or was somehow equally responcible for the abuse in relationship, that Amber Heard was treated so terribly etc etc. A UK based atorney has even put a petition on the ‘change’ website to re-open the appeal of the UK trial. He is called the ‘Black Belt Barrister’ yiu can search for it on the website.

  12. Very interesting point you made about the mercury-Saturn transits. Mercury is again square Saturn and he has won. Since they are to his natal positions, I suppose it was beneficial. Somehow I thought the verdict would be read on Friday when Mercury goes direct. Too bad we don’t have Amber’s birth time. It would be interesting to compare. From what I see, her Venus is conjunct his Mercury/Venus, and transiting Saturn is squaring these planets at the moment. The outcome, especially in regards to his public reputation, has certainly been better for him though. The new moon this week was opposite her Saturn.

  13. Johnny is no Saint, yet he’s holding the truth in this one. I’m glad he’s won. The Universe with new moon in Gemini is the forecast of final trial.

  14. Amber Heard destroyed her own life and career with so many lies. She is very unlikable! manipulative, No charisma whatsoever. Bad actress!
    She has no morals, sleeping around with men, women. No class!
    Promising to donate 7 millions dollars which she never did.

    Johnny deserved .the support of the public and certainly won in court and in the public opinion!

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