Venus Square Saturn Natal and Transit

Venus Square Saturn Transit

Venus square Saturn maximum orb 4°30′.

Venus square Saturn natal is one of the most challenging aspects of all. Two of the essential things in life are love and happiness, which seem even more important to you because they are more challenging to achieve than for others. You will often feel like you are denied what you most want. This aspect has been associated with laziness, immorality, shamelessness, bad habits, perverted tastes, meanness, seduction, and sorrow in love.

Feelings of rejection, isolation, and loneliness can start early. How you deal with this throughout life depends significantly on how much love you receive from your parents, especially your father. You would have needed encouragement and support to boost your self-esteem and love. If you were subject to criticism or abuse, this aspect would be harsher in adulthood, leading to bouts of depression.

Although square aspects are challenging, they present ample opportunities to improve your weaknesses. The constant challenges and lessons about self-worth and love mean you can achieve the long-term happiness you strive for with age.

Take, for example, Dustin Hoffman with Venus square Saturn at a mere 0°01′ orb. When he left school and told his family about his dream to become an actor, his Aunt said, “You can’t be an actor. You are not good-looking enough” [BBC Radio – Dustin Hoffman]. He did the hard yards and reached the top of his field, which involves Venus’s self-image and beauty, how you project yourself.

The key to working through this aspect is self-love. Negative messaging becomes reinforced if you allow criticisms and rejections to take hold. Erase that recording and replace it with positive messages such as “I am worthy of love” and things along that line.

Once you project a more positive self-image, you will gain the confidence to make and maintain relationships. No longer will you hide your affections and miss out on opportunities for romance. No longer will you miss out on the feeling of being loved and valued.

Dustin Hoffman did experience a divorce, but his second marriage lasted periods of separation due to his career. He now has a bag load of kids from both marriages and even grandkids.

Venus Square Saturn Transit

Venus square Saturn transit can cause stress in your love life because of delays, shyness, distance, or other relationship problems. Most of these hindrances will stem from your fears or criticisms, but you may face the same from others.

To maintain harmony in relationships, it would be better to spend some time alone but don’t ignore the affection and love of others either. Putting in the extra effort will reduce the risk of relationship dramas.

It is common under this influence to feel lonely and depressed, which is typical for human life. It will pass quickly, and you can return to a harmonious and peaceful existence. Money can also be tight with this transit, so avoid a tendency toward wasting money and other resources.

Although motivation may be lacking and you would prefer to be lazy, this transit may require hard work to maintain your present relationship, career, or other valued parts of life. This is no time to ignore your responsibilities, especially to loved ones. Although you will feel low and need love, someone close to you may lean on you for support and be greatly disappointed if you let them down.

Venus Square Saturn Celebrities

Dustin Hoffman 0°01′, Franklin D, Roosevelt 0°01′, Ludwig Wittgenstein 0°02′, Will Young 0°08′, Robert Woodrow Wilson 0°08′, Xul Solar 0°10′, Anne, Queen of Great Britain 0°10′, Oprah Winfrey 0°11′, William Hague 0°12′, Juan Manuel Fangio 0°13′, Thomas Savage 0°15′, Bob Dole 0°22′, Wolfram Sievers 0°25′, LeBron James 0°28′, James VI and I 0°30′, Bob Marley 0°32′, Pauline Ducruet 0°34′, Lisa Marie Presley 0°35′, Serge Gainsbourg 0°36′, Pierre Casiraghi 0°40′, Wes Craven 0°46′, Hugo Horiot 0°47′, Vladimir Nabokov 0°51′, Muhammad Ali 0°59′, Enrique Peña Nieto 1°03′, Patricia Neal 1°31′, Jim Jones 1°32′, Nigel Farage 1°34′, Michelle Pfeiffer 1°35′, Anthony Hopkins 1°50′, Venus Williams 1°58′.

Venus Square Saturn Dates

November 7, 2022
April 14, 2023
January 1, 2024
June 8, 2024
October 28, 2024
August 1, 2025
December 21, 2025
May 28, 2026
February 13, 2027
July 25, 2027
December 12, 2027

56 thoughts on “Venus Square Saturn Natal and Transit

  1. I have Venus Square Saturn in my natal chart Venus 26 degrees Taurus, Saturn 29 degrees Leo. I also had a father that couldn’t really express love because if his own difficult childhood (losing his mother at an early age ). I can attest what a difficult aspect this had been in my life, and have worked on it my entire life. But being a true Taurus I never give up!

    • Probably very similar but I haven’t researched the conjunction yet. The square to Neptune would add deception and confusion, making love more difficult I would expect.

      I have Venus opposite Saturn so can relate. There was a discussion about what the worst aspects were in a Facebook astrology forum last year. It was pretty well agreed among professional astrologers that hard Venus Saturn aspects were the most challenging of all.

  2. I have Venus Square Saturn in my natal chart with Venus 27 degrees Aries, and Saturn 19 degrees Cancer. Plus having a father who had Narcissistic Personality Disorder and one doctor thought he was also paranoid schizophrenic. Obviously, there was no love, only abuse of the physical, mental, emotional and verbal types. In spite of, or perhaps because of, this background I am finally seeing the spiritual rewards of all my years of hard work on myself. I do not have a relationship and those I did have were not successful. It remains to be seen if relationship desires ever reach fruition. Lots of hard work required with this!!!

    • That’s horrible Penny! My own father had a NPD too, combined with ADHD and depression – plus alcohol abuse. My thoughts goes to you – and your fight. I think you are a strong woman for fighting and not giving up. Praise to you!
      Much love, Princess Pointless <3

  3. I can relate with this. My Venus is combust Aries Sun in the 10th. Neptune is in Scorpio in 4th. H. And my chart displays a semiquadrate. At least, I tend to carve for relations so, so much, as I did in young age. And I feel quite peaceful, knowing that my life did not just came to be an easy one.

  4. Oh! This lapsus… :/ I mean, I don´t carve on relations so much. I control myself and take care of myself much better! 🙂

  5. It must drive you crazy…….all these people who have their Venus here and their squares there and what does all this mean for me??? IF we could just all stop living in FEAR. there is a way…

  6. Venus 16*02 conj. N Node 13*52 Gemini 8H sq. Saturn 16*19 Pisces 5H is a big wet blanket! My Chiron 22*09 Pisces 5H only adds to the disappointment. My Libra ASC isn’t thrilled.

  7. Bad enough that Sat has been hitting my Sun again,.. the last couple of days with Venus hard to it I’ve been dragging myself around. Not helping that those points are also= tPluto and tMars these days either!! LOL. Maybe tomorrow I’ll get some energy back for some action,… 🙂 Thanks for posting this,…

  8. Hello everybody! I’m a male Leo with Venus at 24 Gemini, and Saturn 23 Virgo. In addition to that, my Venus is square my Neptune at 20 Sagittarius. My relationships always fail, and I don’t feel lucky at all in this regard. You see, my love-life is truly a mess! I’m 35 years old now, and not married yet. Actually, I can’t stop getting confused and deceived in my love life, and relationships! I’m really depressed! Could someone please advise me how all of this could end?

  9. Talk less, and listen more with your whole brilliant mind and beautiful heart. Ask questions, and be curious about the other person vs.being focused on wanting them to know you. Prioritize the other person, and receive what they have to offer.
    You will get to be the center of attention sometimes, but not all the time, and certainly best to give up until an appropriate balance has been established.

  10. I’ve been having this aspect between venus and saturn on my progressed chart for about 3 years now.
    I can tell you it has not been fun haha
    Thanks for this article! I was really dying with unexpected rejections and started to having doubts about myself this article really helps to understand it better.

  11. Is there a difference between transiting Saturn square Venus to Venus square Saturn, just that its longer?

  12. They say venus square saturn people are late bloomers…but how long do i have to strugle with this ugly aspect…???

    • Hang in there Aish. I have the opposition and it took to age 41 to become successful financially. Romance it still troublesome so I have given up on that for a little while after three marriages.

  13. Hi Jamie, I’ve been seeing someone for about 3 months and while things were going great, things started to slow down around the time of the Mars retrograde. Now we both have transit Venus squaring natal Saturn next week, and I’m worried he’s going to end it. Last time transit Venus squared my Saturn back in November, a relationship was suddenly ended. What happens if this transit is happening to both of us at the same time?

    • I can understand why you are worried about this. My best advise is to tell here why you are worried and try to spend time apart during the transit.

  14. I have venus currently transiting my 4th house (leo) with saturn in 9th house (capricorn). I spent the last two days secluded from everyone because I had a fallout with my mother. I found out she was having an affair and I confronted her in the most selfish way. I, myself, am facing the same predicament as she is…I feel like what I said to her was a reflection of the frustration I was and am facing today – I am tied up in a scandal that could ruin my family. Call me selfish, but I believe she needed a reality check..and that is exactly what she got (it’s different when it’s your mother – she’s still married to my father – so in my opinion, she’s living two lives). But now she doesn’t talk to me anymore or be around me. I honestly don’t care about her or how she feels towards me. Anyways, I believe it’s a test for’s teaching me tough’s teaching me why I shouldn’t me selfish…I do feel extremely unloved << but that is normal for me. It's easier to handle when you've never felt love from your parents. I just don't think I'll be forgiven any time soon…Oh well.

  15. I forgot to mention that my last comment was in regards to transiting venus opposite saturn. I feel the opposition is easier to handle.

  16. Hmm… I think think I possess Mercury and Venus Square Saturn in my natal chart, based on the descriptions contained therein. 22nd August 2016 will mark the 2nd anniversary of a personal ‘Praxis’ for me, a realization that I am going to upgrade Me in all the ways necessary to bring into my space a wonderful, prosperous existence. Am a Sagittarius decan 3, 19th December ’72 0240 hours. Any observations, Jamie?

  17. Jaime. This is very disappointing. Venus entered Virgo but I do not feel any warm feeling cuz of Saturn Square Neptune. I mean seriously… Can’t wait Saturn to go to Decan 3 signs.. Jaime it will be hard for you.

    • I see what yo means but I seem to be coping well by keeping busy. Being single now I see my Moon as caring for kids and domestic duties. I keep ahead on home duties and things seem to be going really well so far.

      • well ur my astrology teacher but Saturn is only @ 10 degrees now. Once it goes beyond 20 degrees, the party shall begin. At least you will not get Jupiter and Neptune Square Saturn that is just disaster.

  18. I also have natal Venus in the 9th house of Libra square natal Saturn in Cancer 18 degrees on my descendant, which puts it exactly on the cusp the 6th and 7th houses. I’ve read that when it’s that close of a conjunction, it’s basically considered in the 7th house. Is that true? For me, it feels like a VERY frustrating, challenging, nasty, and horrible aspect to have! At my age, I still haven’t overcome it, & afraid I never will.

  19. Hi Jamie, I am going through a stressful time on all fronts and would like to seek your advice. Do you do personal consultation? If yes what is the process?

  20. Thanks for posting about this…I have a natal Venus opposite Saturn and it definitely shows up in the more shadow realms like a square when I don’t pay attention to it. I think enough astrologers don’t emphasize what a difficult aspect this combo can be. I have a lot of clients who don’t know they have it and I feel good about reminding them while it may seem like love eludes them, in its positive side this combo means we may get more beautiful with age and a lot wiser about lover.;)

  21. Jamie, Ive noticed that (especially in a man’s chart) that LOTS of men get married when the transit Saturn squares their natal Venus. Have you noticed that? Increased responsibility in love, maybe?

  22. I have these 2 in “squine” natally, its like a constant teasing, flows freely at times, other times blocked, I often feel like a victimised monkey in a horrible science experiment, reaching for this flow of nourishment & flow it does, then suddenly for no good reason you get an electric shock instead, sounds amusing, yet isnt at all really, also because I have Venus in Taurus 7th & Saturn in Capricorn 3rd, it always involves relationships & quite a formidable face off at times, not easy for my Libra Moon & Asccendant. Needless to say, today is when this is occurring & the easy flowing feel good that began the day, rapidly changing to frustrating the hell out of myself, in equal style & measure…. 😉

  23. Also just to add, through my experiences, whenever Venus is involved its always about “her mirrors” whether it be the individual looking glass mirror experience or the hall of mirrors experience of the world, our potentials are always reflecting back what we are projecting out, only seeing what needs healing that is becoming ugly & unbecoming in ourself & others, because thats what we are looking for if our heart is not in the right place towards ourself or others, thus blocking our vision of “beauty” until we clean up emotionally & genuinely love ourself as we are, it a “through the looking glass” thing, then our image & that of others, that we see, occurs as if for the first time we are seeing everything in a whole new light 😉

  24. Icurrently have this venus square saturn for a few days right now and also in the bigger picture is Saturn trine Venus. Is this what they call a double transit ?

  25. I have a Grand Cross composed of Venus square Saturn, Venus opposed Pluto, Venus square Mars – never had a successful love relationship….started feeling isolated in kindergarten, dysfunctional parents. Plus I have a 2nd Grand Cross with Moon opposed Neptune, both squaring my ASC/DSC and Jupiter/Uranus conjunct in 12th house…..I truly don’t know how I’ve survived…..extremely lonely.

    • I understand how you feel.

      I’m somewhat in the same boat – I have a miserable stellium of Mars, Saturn, Pluto Conjunct, all three malefics retrograde and in the 7th house/Libra of relationships. And Venus squares all three! 🙁

      Venus square Pluto (almost exact), Venus square Saturn (3 degrees), Venus square Mars (7 degrees).

      Venus also opposes my North node, and NN is square the entire stellium, with saturn again squaring North North as an exact aspect.

      To me this all feels like having three separate T-square configurations, all hitting my Venus and my nodes. Pure, unadulterated hell.

      A couple of years ago Jamie told me that I had best learn about the squares to the nodes myself, but that I had a “very karmic” birth chart, and my soul’s evolution has been very heavy in this life due to all the retrogrades. Maybe your two grand crosses are also similar in that effect, what do you think? Sounds like it to me since your experience of lonliness mirrors mine.

      It’s brutal for sure, and the loneliness is soul destroying. The only thing that I have found which helps is trying to research on Soul contracts and Soul plans, and having past life regressions along with intense inner and spiritual work. I now try and look at my mostly miserable life as a way of being forced to turn inwards and learn to love myself. Sometimes we need other people to be removed from our lives in order to be forced to learn how to love ourselves deeply. (I hate this, but in hindsight it seems to make sense.)

      Self-love has been a hard won battle for me but as one slowly learns to love oneself, one finds that there are moments where the loneliness just vanishes. And strangely, new people seem to come into our lives, and where once there was a sense of having no one, people slowly start to appreciate us for who we are. Didn’t happen for me without inner work though, which has been hard to do.

      Please watch Teal Swans video on YouTube entitled The Lonliness Epdiemic, it’s about 1 hour 20 minutes long but it’s worth watching a few times over. It has helped me understand my deep lonliness and also how to work on not feeling so lonely. She speaks with the knowledge of one who understand intense lonliness herself and has tried to find ways to transform it. I wish you luck, hang in there!

      • Thank you for recommending Teal Swans video on YouTube. I also have Venus square Saturn, 0°32, and Venus square Moon and Saturn, 4 degrees orb. Never married, learned about self love.

  26. I have this. I was lonely as a child. Very shy.
    What helped me. The arts .
    To be expressive.
    I have a mixture of aspects. Pluto trine moon Is expressive.

    Very conflicting aspects. Sun trine Jupiter uranus and saturn.
    My moon also sextiles Venus..
    Sun sextile rising

    This aspect you literally re write your script.
    Venus Saturn. You may appear distant . uninvolved.
    Reality. Your own company feels the best.

    I have noticed harsh saturn. They are best friends with themselves. Huggers. No.
    Laughter yes.

    Guess whole chart

  27. I have Venus Square Saturn/south node 8 minutes orb. Venus is conjunct Neptune. I guess I am fortunate that venus is also a part of a grand trine, Jupiter/Moon conjunct, in 12th house and mars.

    My life was very hard, little love or happiness. I was lonely early in my life. After I read a book on lonliness when I was about 25, I was never really lonely again. I read over and over again her discription of loneliness in her own life. She was so accepting of lonliness and took all the shame of it away. It took the lonliness away. I haven’t been able to find the book again, it was something like “Living and Growing in lonliness” .

    I had the impression that lonliness should be shameful, or wrong in some way, but it is merely unpleasant, and totally normal.

    My spiritual life was quite wonderful, and if the lonliness started to come back, I read scripture and it immediately disappeared.

    I am spiritually lonely, but nothing that could be improved without a deep spiritual connection. I think this will improve with time.

    I reject what astrologers say about my not being loving. I was loving. One partner told me “we were closer and closer and closer, and I just needed to get away. It was too close, and I wanted to go back to when we were just casual.” That was a failed relationship, but it wasn’t me beling unloving.

    I felt like the world has never brought me a relationship that was really suitable for me, including the one I have been in for six years. My partner is a penniless street person who until recently wasn’t happy unless he was drunk, high, or asleep. I don’t drink. He is also mildly mentally retarded, although socially more skilled than I am. I stay in the relationship because it is extraordinarly comfortable. I believe this is because he is my astrological twin. He was born 12 hours after I was and has the same moon sign.

    He has a distressed venus, but is unaware of it. He considers constant prostitutes he had early in his life a sign of his physical attractiveness and found these quite satisfying relationships. However, he has occationally commented that I stay with him because I care about him, where the other women cared about him only while the money lasted.

    My life has been really extraordinarly hard. My partners life has likewise been extremely hard. I know two other astrological twins. One was dying of alcoholism at age 36, but didn’t die for another 8 years, although she did quit drinking.
    Another is in prison for her religious beliefs in Iran. These people also had very hard lives.

    This world says that being happy is the measure of a man’s worth, or having a longterm relationship, or children, or even great health but I don’t think that is true. I believe the greater success is measured by developing into a kind, truthful, trustworthy, empathetic and extremely generous person.

    I have been told my entire life that longterm relationships, health, success in career, and happiness are the most important things. I am a failure in every way the secular world says is important, and yet I feel like I am one of the most fortunate people who has ever lived. I doubt anyone who have not experienced significant hardship can know the sweetest things that life can bring.

    I am experiencing my second saturn return, but I’ve felt like one of the most fortunate people who ever lived for about 15 years.

  28. I’ve been a student of astrology since the 1980s, considering myself and amateur astrologer by this point in time. I’ve always held the belief that squares in a chart are obstacles in one’s life to overcome. The benefit in overcoming is peace, maturity and wisdom, relating to the sign and position of the square in the chart It sounds like this is what you have achieved by this point, congratulations!

  29. My heart goes out to you! I’m a natal Venus square Saturn, and I too have never had a successful relationship. I also have a Scorpio moon. I feel your pain. I wonder if there’s a way to overcome this? I’ve worked on myself my entire life and haven’t found an answer

    • Hi Elyse. I have Venus opposite Saturn which is very similar. I think the keys are self-love, learning not to criticize yourself and others, and forgiving yourself and others so you can stop feeling guilt or shame. It is basically unconditional love.

  30. Hi Elyse. I guess the answer is found in the birth chart. But I a few thoughts.

    Regarding forgiveness, Stephen Forrest said in one of his recent books that he doesn’t believe it’s possible for someone to try to forgive. He felt forgiveness is something that just happens when the hurt is no long there. (I am paraphrasing). I thought he was dead wrong. I’ve found early in life praying for the people who injured me was a lifesaver. It quicly healed me of any resentment.

    In Man’s search for meaning, Victor Frankel discusses how important meaning is in suffering. In one example a woman had taken care of a handicaped child and when asked to look back over her life from the perspective of an 80 year old felt her life had great meaning in improving the life of her child. It was the meaning, not the happiness, that was ultimately important in her life review.

    From an astrology point of view the need for meaning for a Venus square Saturn person seems to be especially good archtype for this apsect. I figure why wait till I am 80, why not put emphasis on the meaning, and not on the happiness. I am great at feeling I live a meaningful life, not so good at enjoying the journey. I would definately not choose an enjoyable journey over a meaningful life. Absolutely no contest.

    The truth is meaning very often comes from that which is difficult. That is Saturn. Saturn is hard but it gives that which is meaningful. If I were giving someone with Venus square Saturn advice it would be to ignore everything the astrologers say about Venus square Saturn, and take value from that which is meaningful. For some the difficult meaning might come through a life partner, but meaning can come elsewhere.

    It’s good to look at the reasons someone might be unhappy in order to change them, but the judgements (self and other improsed) are so destructive. I finally decided happiness is not my primary goal. Meaning is my primary goal.

    Jodi Forrest gave me a reading when I was in college. She gave 3 pieces of advice for having a good relationship with Venus square Saturn.
    1. Be self sufficient financially. . You need to be able to support yourself financially.
    2. Be psychologically self – sufficient You can’t rely on a relationship to sheld you from things that go bump in the night.
    3. “By the time someone wiht Venus square Saturn gets there, they usually have a lot of bruises, It is going to take risking anyway. You can’t hold back because relationships don’t really work out anyway. You have to give yourself completely because if you don’t the other person is going to sense it and that is spelling the end of the relationship.”

    I got to 1 and 2 pretty early. I gave love every opportunity, including going all in over and over, not holding back. But I finally came to the conclusion that it just wasn’t going to be.

    I then had another astrologer, a great astrologer actually, who trained ,who trained with Stephen Forrest, create dissatifaction in me by telling me that it wasn’t possible that the world was not giving me opportunity for relationship. She said this because my South node is conjunct Saturn, and Venus is on the square of the nodal axis.

    But every time I prayed for a relationship I felt seperated from God. I had to stop that prayer. Decade after decade when I prayed for a relationship I had to stop because I felt a terrible seperation from God. The last time, when I was in my late 40’s I knew it wasn’t God’s will to give me a relationship and those who that told me otherwise were not helping me.

    Also kind of interesting because EVERY TIME, I prayed for someone around me to have a relationship they met their spouse in less than a year, often within a few months. This was true of those I saw needed a relationship, but were dead set against settling down. I have Chiron/Moon/Jupter all conjunct. I couldn’t have a relationship but I felt my prayers helped others find partners that would be good for them.

    One man almost 60 had been single for 15 years. He was very lonely. I said I will prayer for you. He didn’t think much of it, but I knew my prayers would clear any barriers. He met his spouse in 2 months and was married in my home. I never told him of my certainty that he would meet someone soon.

    I paid for someone to go to school overseas, and he met his spouse there.

    I finally came to realize why I couldn’t have a relationship, I don’t feel comfortable sharing it here, but it was certainly because I am not a loving person, or not forgiving. That’s just nonsense. Evolutionary Astrology can be so blaming. My reasons for not being able to have a relationship were really quite beautiful, and I would not have it any other way.

    These are the things I would tell a young person with Venus square Saturn.
    1. Make meaning rather than happiness the goal
    2. Appreciate aspects to venus where meaning or enjoyment might be found.
    3. Reaize that Venus and Saturn typically become easier with time.
    4. Don’t let others tell you what you should find meaningful
    5. You feel the way you feel; don’t pile on judgement.
    6. Be loving in whatever way you can. Don’t let astrologers values (a reflection of societies values for the most part), be something you accept without scrutiny. You will have losses, but if you live life well good will come from them. Choose to believe this, and it will help. As the Bible says, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God”. If something is hard doesn’t mean it is bad.
    7. If you want a relationship scrutinize yourself for things that make successful relatioinships harder; alcohol, drugs, ADD, ADHD, clinical depression, tendency to criticize a partner, or hold back positive comments. You have to willing to change the things that need to be changed to have a successful relationship. (Or stated in a very Saturn way, you have to do the work to have a good relationship)
    8. Venus squre Saturn can often mean a “lucky” Saturn. If Saturn is running smoothly, appreciate that this part of the aspect. Venus square Saturn can bear, endure, and overcome better than most. If you want to do something when you are young, keep putting in the work year after year, and you may be amazed at what you can accomplish.
    9. Remember your north node. (Well shouldn’t everyone).

  31. Hey! I have Venus Saturn opposition. I get in trouble because others think I am too nice. I just get what the wounded people feel and try to help!

  32. Hello Caroline, I understand where you are coming from. I also have venus square saturn and Neptune . OMG, my love life has been a nightmare. Saturn does make you feel worthless and Neptune which is the worst planet ever, gives you false hopes, causing huge disillusionment . With Neptune, there is always more tunnel. Hange in there.

    • Its so comforting reading your stories.Of course i would prefer for all of us for things to be different.Well,me too,having venus squre saturn and neptune,saturn square sun and mars,all my personal planets in the 12th house and various other things i can relate with you all.I had a really hard life,practically raised by myself and every hardship you know i ve passed it.Always found comfort in studying.I got various various degrees,always after scholarship,and in a year i am getting my medical degree.My life has been so hard that i couldnt have a relationship.Relationships need work,time,energy and a bit of joy that honestly was hard to find even for myself.In my opinion,having a difficult natal chart is not an easy ride.No way.But please dont lose hope.Be patient,be loving with yourselves,your life and everybody else.Best wishes to all!

  33. I also have a natal Venus square Saturn. That aspect took multiple forms in my life. The biggest one was an extreme restriction in terms of encounters of all sorts so I would say that I’m pretty familiar with solitude. But all along my life, I realized that Venus tells us what we value and how we value it, in other words, the question we can ask ourselves is the following: in which sense do I appreciate this situation? That person? That thing? The sky? Nature? Whatever surrounds us and whatever pops up in our life. Usually, people having this aspect tend to see things in a quite negative spectrum and without being aware of it, instead of opening them to new possibilities, it enclose them into a “perceived negative” reality from which they tend to look at a small detail instead of replacing it into the whole picture and hence, being able to get a different perception and appreciation. If all my life, I just see the negative traits in things, people and situations because I’ve been raised in a deprived way, I will be more likely to attract a savior or I would be myself a savior and I will enter into harmful and unbalanced relationships and situationships and it’s where Saturn comes into stage by asking us to choose ourselves consciously and to act accordingly. In other words, to set boundaries and to respect and love ourselves first instead of entering into unbalanced relationships. From the moment we do that shift, that aspect has no longer any effect on us. Since last year, Venus square Saturn is transiting into my 7th house but I don’t feel impacted by its energy. Why? Because I’ve learned to become autonomous emotionally speaking and to value things, people, situations differently. To me, a planet holds just a specific energy. We can all change or adjust our reality according to the information contained into those energies and we all have the capacity to decide what we choose to live every day and how we choose to act. We are not our personal story. Scars are there but the more we will identify ourselves with it, the more difficult it will be to relate to others and to our environment and to appreciate what they can provide and do for us. (P.S. I’m not an English native speaker so I hope the message is understandable 😉). Final reflection about that aspect: in a way, it pushes us to see the interdependency of all things. We are all interrelated, interconnected so the fact to feel lonely or alone can be a way to question the notion of belonging. If everything is interrelated, then, we are not alone. Every single of our thoughts and actions are having an impact in our external reality, even if it doesn’t show. The corresponding energies are playing out all around us. So having that aspect can be the opportunity to transcend our personal story and traumas and to see them from another spectrum. Behind the ugliness lies Beauty. Behind a vulnerability lies a strength. Behind despair lies hope and faith.

  34. I have Venus square Saturn natal. It is a curse. I’m approaching 38 and anything connected to Venus has been ruined and generated extreme pain. Love, money, cars, etc. My Grandfather had it as well. It took him until his mid 30s to find a wife, then there were delays in him being able to marry her and then she died of cancer 23 years later, aged just 62. He never got over it. Venus square Saturn natal is a curse and not remotely beneficial. Love and money are essential in your 20s and 30s. Not something to be waited for until middle age. I know two other young men my age with Venus square Saturn natal. I wouldn’t wish their lives on anybody either.

  35. I’ve known several folks with the hard Venus/Saturn natal aspects. They all have cold/hard/challenging Fathers. It is very much suggestive of accumulated, cross generational family problems, which are a curse. Until somebody breaks the pattern and lifts the curse, it will carry on. Jesus Christ is the only route out of it.

  36. Overcome the fear and choose sincere love, mercy and compassion to overcome Saturn. Saturn has seven rings that bind it, the seven stumbling blocks, the seven chains that bind a person. It is a very cold icy and small planet. It is said in Vedic astrology that the Sun and Saturn are enemies, and you can see why when you look at in terms of the light and warmth of the Sun can melt and disintegrate Saturn if it was close enough, then you can begin to understand why Jesus said he is the Light, the Way and the Life. Saturn represents fear, control, lies and deception, limitations and restrictions and it is referred to as a stumbling block. Overcoming those things, and as Andrew mentions, Jesus the Christ is the only way to do that, then you can release Venus and her expressions in your life, and its not just some crazy bible words or another christian person saying it, it is actually a fact, but very few people take that way.

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