Moon Square Midheaven Natal and Transit

Moon Square Midheaven Transit

Moon square Midheaven natal makes you sensitive, affectionate, compassionate and generous. Yet, it also causes inner tension that may originate in very early childhood or even before birth. A traumatic event, childhood disease, disability, conflict between parents, a non-supportive or abusive father, or trauma affecting your ancestors can have a profound influence on your childhood development.

As a child, you may have felt like a misfit or isolated and experienced conflicting and contradictory feelings. This can lead to social anxiety, indecision, changing views and beliefs, and a need for reassurance or emotional support from others. Yet you have strong convictions and are willing to support unpopular ideas and side with the underdog.

Your inner tension creates powerful emotions and dynamic energy that motivate you to work hard and achieve your goals. Being emotionally invested in your beliefs or career and determined to succeed can lead to relationship problems, rivalries, overwork, stress and exhaustion.

You may struggle to succeed, shift between boring jobs, or have difficulty getting permanent work. Your work or beliefs may bring criticism and controversy. However, Moon square Midheaven gives you the emotional strength and self-asseretion to struggle through difficulties, overcome resistance, reduce inhibitions and fears, unblock deadlocks, and take on conflicts.

You may seek or subconsciously attract mentors throughout your life whom you rely on for guidance and direction. Teaching may appeal to you, and you may act as a mentor to younger people. You would make a loving and helpful parent. A willingness to help the underprivileged may lead to charity work or philanthropy.

Moon Square Midheaven Transit

Moon square Midheaven transit makes you more affectionate and compassionate but can also give you a need for reassurance or emotional support from others. Conflicting emotions and contradictory feelings can cause indecision, changing views and beliefs, and confuse your goals. You may need to seek guidance from a mentor or elder.

Domestic disharmony and problems at work are possible, especially if your ambitions or career have not considered your personal or private needs. Any imbalance in your time and energy between work and home must be addressed, as it will be a source of disruption.

You may have to prioritize your home or career or make a significant change of focus. You may need to care for a sick loved one or work an extra shift.

Extra motivation and desire to succeed are ideal for working hard and competing. However, being emotionally invested in your beliefs or career can lead to rivalries, criticism, controversy, overwork, stress and exhaustion.

Thankfully, you can rely on emotional strength and self-assertion to struggle through difficulties, overcome resistance, reduce inhibitions and fears, unblock deadlocks, and take on conflicts.

This interpretation for Moon square Midheaven transit can be read for a lunar eclipse or full moon square Midheaven.

Moon Square Midheaven Celebrities

Meat Loaf 0°00′, Han van Meegeren 0°03′, Phil Andros 0°04′, Thomas Savage 0°04′, Alan Guth 0°12′, Muhammad Ali 0°12′, Tom Selleck 0°12′, Sheila E. 0°14′, George V 0°16′, Geena Davis 0°17′, Pierre Wertheimer 0°17′, Jane Fonda 0°19′, Immanuel Kant 0°20′, Lance Bass 0°22′, Dennis Wilson 0°24′, Tessa Thompson 0°26′, Marion Davies 0°27′, Jamie Farr 0°28′, Jules Verne 0°31′, Katherine Helmond 0°32′, Lucy Lawless 0°34′, Greta Scacchi 0°35′, Amedeo Modigliani 0°38′, Ed Steinbrecher 0°40′, Grace Slick 0°45′, Nancy Sinatra 0°51′, Kirsten Dunst 0°56′, Kenny Anderson (1970) 0°57′, Robert Currey 0°57′, Mirka Mora 0°57′, Nicky Arnstein 0°57′, Linda McCartney 1°01′, Alexander Graham Bell 1°02′, Michael Richards 1°04′, Lady Chablis 1°05′, John Voight 1°08′, Anderson Cooper 1°09′, Kajol 1°15′, Edward VIII 1°16′, Vincent Van Gogh 1°21′, Lewis Mumford 1°24′, Katy Perry 1°26′, Doug Savant 1°26′, Jesse Ventura 1°29′, Thomas Hardy 1°30′.

5 thoughts on “Moon Square Midheaven Natal and Transit

  1. I can really relate to everything you say in this peice, Jamie. It is deeply moving to read this as it is painfully accurate. I have struggled & continue to struggle with my career & working life. Your words about being overly emotionally invested in your career is true & I have been coming to this realisation over the past few years. I’m trying not to hold a burden of resentment and anger (also towards myself). This is what I love about astrology, it really supports self development.
    My moon is exactly opposite Uranus and I’m a very independent person but struggle with authority. I decided not to have children but when I was younger did consider teaching as a profession.

    • Thank you Helen. Great feedback, especially the “struggle with authority” which would apply to all planets square Midheaven.

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