Jupiter Quincunx Neptune Natal and Transit

Jupiter Quincunx Neptune

Jupiter quincunx Neptune maximum orb 3°00′.

Jupiter quincunx Neptune natal gives a vivid dream life and imagination. You are romantic and hopeful but can be too trusting and unrealistic. The imbalance the quincunx represents can be seen as your dreams versus your reality. The more faith you place in your dreams, the further from the truth they get. Similarly trusting, you are of a person or a belief system, the more likely it is that, sadly, you will be disappointed once the karmic balance beam tips the other way.

It may seem like you never learn your lesson because you repeatedly fall into the same traps of self-delusion or over-optimism. Yet you must continually test the limits to gain the most from this aspect. You need to take risks and have a certain amount of trust and faith. The world needs your inspiration and imagination. The karmic lesson of this aspect is to know your limits.

With age and experience, you can find a safe range to work within that produces good results without loss and disappointment. A certain amount of fantasy, celebrity, magic, religion, and even drugs may be required to maintain a balanced life.

Too much or too little of these things can cause your undoing. However, the right amount in proportions can lead to brilliance and genius.

Jupiter Quincunx Neptune Transit

Jupiter quincunx Neptune transit will test your faith or belief in someone or something. To grow and expand, you have to dream and take risks. Now you will find the limits of what is possible in the current conditions.

This is a time of give and take. You may have put your trust in your abilities or counted on someone else to come through for you to increase your wealth, prosperity, or happiness. Now is crunch time as people decide which team to back or which proposal to put their money behind.

This same principle applies to any of your hopes and dreams for the future. Whether it be an invention you have been working on for a lifetime or a shot at fame on a talent quest, a tipping point is coming.

The results can range from victory to defeat and anywhere in between. You may meet with disappointment and confusion and question your faith. These are signs that you need to change course or compromise.

The sensible thing to do now is to adapt and evolve. The opposite of evolution is extinction, which has been the exception throughout history.

Jupiter Quincunx Neptune Celebrities

Matt Dillon 0°06′, Christopher Reeve 0°08′, Derek Jacobi 0°12′, Evel Knievel 0°19′, Johnny Depp 0°33′, Leon Gambetta 0°33′, Jeffrey Archer 0°38′, Jimmy Connors 0°56′, Ted Turner 1°03′, Linda Goodman 1°07′, Coretta Scott King 1°08′, Leonardo da Vinci 1°12′, Vladimir Putin 1°24′, Marcel Duchamp 1°57′.

Jupiter Quincunx Neptune Dates

16 October 2003
3 March 2004
9 July 2004

15 August 2014

23 October 2016
17 May 2017
5 July 2017

24 August 2027

4 November 2029

22 December 2039
7 February 2040
3 September 2040

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  1. The stress of finding a happy medium, between faith in ones own beliefs and personal answers through the philosophical jouney to discover the treasure one is oneself while remaining merciful towards oneself and others, between sheer fantasy and delusion that once seemed real, and what was discounted as sheer fantasy and delusion, that begins appearing as a possible reality after all. The song by Alvis costello comes to mind when reading this “every day I write the book”, fairy tales & happy ever after attitude can comes true, but first it is neccessary to learn the morals of the story to understand what is actually true of both fact AND fiction 😉

  2. Hi Jamie,
    I newly subscribed to your site because I am so fascinated with your wisdom and for the first time I met your BLOG and I continuisely reading and grappling your ideas.
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  3. Now that Neptune is in retrograde, how does that affect the third manifestation of this transit, and how long can we expect to feel the impact of it for?

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