Fixed Star Alpheratz

Alpheratz at 14°18′ Aries has an orb of 2°10′
Alpheratz Star Astrology

Andromeda Constellation [Stellarium]

The Sun joins Alpheratz on April 3

Fixed star Alpheratz, Alpha Andromedae, is a 2.1 magnitude white-purple binary star in the head of the Princess, or Chained Woman, Andromeda Constellation. The names Alpheratz and Sirrah both derive from the Arabic  سرة الفرس (surrat al-faras) which means the navel of the mare. The association with the Horse comes from the time of Ptolemy when he shared this star with Pegasus constellation. She is so very close to her fathers heart. Cor Regis, The Heart of the King, is only 2 minutes away at 14 ♈ 20 in Cepheus Constellation.


09 ♈ 09
12 ♈ 46
14 ♈ 18
21 ♈ 57
23 ♈ 16

Fixed Star

Baten Kaitos



Alpheratz Star Astrology

It is a fortunate fixed star, being Jupiter and Venus in nature (contented, happy disposition, honorable, philosophical mind, legal or ecclesiastical preferment, help through women. If rising or culminating, honor and riches.) It gives independence, freedom, love, riches, honor and a keen intellect. [1]

Harmonious nature which makes for popularity. If it is in affinity to propitious stellar bodies and with the personal points Midheaven, Ascendant, Sun, Moon, one can count on becoming well known in public and popularity with the masses. If connected to the Sun, the native can easily become unpopular and can be toppled over. Also if transiting Saturn passes over the fixed star in conjunction with another stellar body a weakening of popular appeal is indicated. In this way E. Ebertin noted that, in many cases, directors and administrators, who had in their cosmogram. Sun in conjunction with this star, lost their posts, when in 1938 and 1939 transiting Saturn passed over this conjunction. [2]

Alpheratz star rules the area connecting the head with the neck and the lower jaw in the human body. [4]

Alpheratz (Alpha Andromedae), Caph (Beta Cassiopeiae) and Algenib (Gamma Pegasi) are together known as the Three Guides that mark the prime meridian of the heavens. It was believed to bless those born under its influence with honor and riches. [5]

Constellation Andromeda

Constellation Andromeda has an influence similar to that of Venus according to Ptolemy, though the legend would lead one to suppose some connection with Virgo. It is said to bestow purity of thought, virtue, honor and dignity upon its natives, but to cause battle with chimerical fears and a tendency to become easily discouraged. It gives love between husband and wife and reconciles adulterers. If Mars afflicts the luminaries from Andromeda and especially if in an angle, it causes death by hanging, decapitation, crucifixion or impalement. [1]

It is a generally favorable constellation denoting that which is honorable and eminent. Badly placed, however, it can portend earthquakes, and in the Middle Ages was said that Mars in this constellation in aspect with the Sun caused death by crucifixion or hanging. [6]

27th Arabic Manzil – Al Fargh al Thani

Increases harvests, revenues, gain, heals infirmities, hinders building, upholds prisons, causes danger to seamen and destruction of enemies.

With Moon: Marry, take medicine, pursue business but do not travel or lend money.

14th Chinese Xiù – 壁 (Bì) Wall

Associated with archives of some sort, or a treasury. The mansion of exalted virtue, it presides over literature, the fine arts, and scholarship, but also lies and slander. Good for digging or extensions on buildings. Opening doors will bring great wealth to one’s family.

By respecting one’s ancestors, one can gain riches and official recognition. Children born on this day will be very accomplished and will bring honor to their parents. If you get married now, the education of your children will bring good fortune.

Alpheratz Star Alpha Andromedae

Alpheratz Star, Alpha Andromedae []

Alpheratz Star Conjunctions

With a malefic and the Moon at the same time with Sirius, death by a fiery cutting weapon or from beasts; if the Moon be with Vega, violent death. [1]

Ascendant conjunct Alpheratz: Honor and riches. [1]

Can count on becoming well known in public and popular with the masses. If transiting Saturn passes over the fixed star a weakening of popular appeal is indicated. [2]

Rihanna 1°01′

Descendant conjunct Alpheratz: Roman Polanski 1°58′

Midheaven conjunct Alpheratz: Honor and riches. [1]

Can count on becoming well known in public and popular with the masses. If transiting Saturn passes over the fixed star a weakening of popular appeal is indicated. [2]

Celine Dion 0°43′, Stephen King 1°04′, James Woods 1°38′

Part of Fortune conjunct Alpheratz: Justin Bieber 0°35′, Andy Warhol 1°12′

Sun conjunct Alpheratz: Honor, preferment and favors from others. [1]

Can count on becoming well known in public and popular with the masses. If transiting Saturn passes over the fixed star a weakening of popular appeal is indicated. [2]

Mike Starr (Alice in Chains), Nigel Farage 0°06′

Moon conjunct Alpheratz: Energetic, persevering, honor, wealth, many good friends and business success. [1]

Can count on becoming well known in public and popular with the masses. If transiting Saturn passes over the fixed star a weakening of popular appeal is indicated. [2]

Andy Warhol 0°30′, Tony Abbott 0°49′, Angelina Jolie 0°52′

Mercury conjunct Alpheratz: Active mind, benefits from judges, lawyers or churchmen, pioneer work bringing prominence, accused of selfish motives, writes on science, religion or philosophy. [1]

Rudolf Hess 0°20′

Venus conjunct Alpheratz: Neat and tidy appearance, quiet life, good health, fond of pleasure and society, fortunate for speculation. [1]

George Clooney 0°41′, Rihanna 1°12′

Mars conjunct Alpheratz: Sharp mind, energetic, business success through own endeavors. [1]

This causes hot flashes around the head and face. These persons can feel the heat at times at the lips through blisters, rashes and sores. Surgery to the gums is certain but would not solve the problem as the problem would be enhanced at a later time through the development of gum diseases. [4]

Jupiter conjunct Alpheratz: Philosophical or religious mind, benefits from professional men, ecclesiastical honor and dignity, favorable for gain. [1]

Can count on becoming well known in public and popular with the masses. If transiting Saturn passes over the fixed star a weakening of popular appeal is indicated. [2]

This position causes the protruding jaw when Jupiter is in poor aspect to Saturn. It causes the persons to be unable to speak well as they would not be able to coordinate the muscles of the tongue leading down to the throat. [4]

Johnny Depp 0°11′, Tiger Woods 1°30′

Saturn conjunct Alpheratz: Open and affable but miserly, seeks popularity, pretends to be religious for business ends, favors from clergy and lawyers, likelihood of wealth, domestic harmony, liable to diseases in the head and tumors that finally cause death. [1]

There are problems with the tongue which may also cause problems with the bone structure of the jaws. Difficulties can be experienced with the muscle of the tongue area. [4]

Celine Dion 0°49′

Uranus conjunct Alpheratz: Just, honorable, good speaker, domestic harmony if male, but not so fortunate for female, benefit from practical application of ideas, interest in the occult, considerable psychic power if female, favorable for gain. [1]

Rupert Murdoch 0°33′, Clint Eastwood 1°02′, Warren Buffett 1°24′

Neptune conjunct Alpheratz: Sincere, earnest, humane, good speaker and writer, engaged in charitable work, religious reform or animal protection, knowledge of human nature, money sought and obtained chiefly for charitable purposes many friends, domestic harmony, not very favorable for children. [1]

Attracted to animals. [3]

Pluto conjunct Alpheratz: Interest in big business; good vitality and recuperative powers. [3]

Mark Twain 0°56′

North Node conjunct Alpheratz: Rupert Murdoch 1°19′, Jeff Bridges 1°30′, Pablo Escobar 1°52′, Caitlyn Jenner 1°54′

South Node conjunct Alpheratz: Louis XVI 0°22′


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  • All fixed star positions are for the year 2000. Add one degree per 72 years to correct for precession.

23 thoughts on “Fixed Star Alpheratz

  1. Thanks, Jamie,
    A quick look at the ephemeris to see when Saturn last crossed natal Jupiter at 15* Aries and conjunct this Star, Alpheratz, to see Saturn in Libra opposing natal Jupiter and Alpheratz and immediately finding notes in my ephemeris, “too awful to describe”, “each lash worse than the previous”, of course I know what the notes refer to and it was indeed a struggle to be “seen” clearly. Even by the ones supposedly there to help and protect me; courts were involved, betrayal on every level, dashed and abandoned, heartbroken and crushed. This was the worst time of my life. But as they say, “what doesn’t kill you….” and ….something best eaten cold, was that Vichyssoise? Just kidding.

    Thanks for a great article. Love the Stars and their connections to our lives through our charts. I work with Tropical and Sidereal points, favoring sidereal. Cheers!

    • Saturn conjunctions are rarely pleasant even on a “nice” star. I would like to use sidereal but it is easier for most of us are way more familiar with the tropical degrees.

  2. Don’t know why but beginning of your article made me think of the poem ‘Ariel’ by Sylvia Plath. Love that poem and connection.

    Lovely to have you back. X

    • Thanks Lisa, great poem. I had not heard of it.

      Stasis in darkness.
      Then the substanceless blue
      Pour of tor and distances.

      God’s lioness,
      How one we grow,
      Pivot of heels and knees!—The furrow

      Splits and passes, sister to
      The brown arc
      Of the neck I cannot catch,

      Berries cast dark

      Black sweet blood mouthfuls,
      Something else

      Hauls me through air—
      Thighs, hair;
      Flakes from my heels.

      Godiva, I unpeel—
      Dead hands, dead stringencies.

      And now I
      Foam to wheat, a glitter of seas.
      The child’s cry

      Melts in the wall.
      And I
      Am the arrow,

      The dew that flies
      Suicidal, at one with the drive
      Into the red

      Eye, the cauldron of morning.

  3. How about opposing moon Jamie?
    My moon is 14 Libra54 in 12th house, BML 15 Leo 10th house and Venus 15 Taurus in 7th house, I have been the “chained abused female” in the past and past life, however this time it seems to be working as a bit of a “sedna” story for me as in ones worked through to the depths of my emotional mind and freed myself from purgatory (12th house) I have been able to help others, (although not my biological family yet but then i have chiron in 4th and neptune is still on it) as a calling of sacred feminine purpose (bml) to be equally powerful to the masculine structural system yet ethical (10th) through community service, as a healer (6th), partnership issues although healed in me not yet manifested so not anything solid 7th house wise just yet, but yeah, just wondered how you would see the opposition of a moon to this star?

  4. oh and yes, I know I have been “chained in a dungeon” “burnt at the stake” and even drowned, in past life for my gifts and possibly deserved if I was wielding them negatively, so this description of this star is resonating quite strongly, hoping of course that the 13th fairy in me although the most powerful, is healed from being an eris architype subconsciously 🙂

  5. Hello Jamie, and thank you for another interesting analysis of this fixed star, Alpharez! This really hits home for me. I am natal Sun 16 degrees Aries as well as my Mercury 16 degrees Aries and my daughter (about to turn 18) has her Moon in 15 Aries. I have been subjugated to all kinds of negative comments and lies from my family of origin in the States who are not on any spiritual path, their on the “let’s acquire as much money as we can before we die and not share it with anyone” path! So since I am a spiritual teacher and astrologer and tarot reader and so on, I am their “black sheep” their “make fun of” and their “let’s talk about her behind her back, to make ourselves look better” . It is so infantile and is so vile that for me moving to London in 1985 was a no brainer! But as my mother turns 90 in November, the issues of her death and us returning to see her either once more are now really strong. I recently had a huge argument with my younger brother who is a true two faced Gemini….this then ended any hope of any reconnection with any of my family, and for me, they are just abusive, so I do not want to connect to any of them. I am wondering if the chains here which affect this woman (Andromeda) with this star on my Sun and Mercury and Uranus also conjuncting both to the degree, squaring my Cap rising at 17 degrees is finally being released from their toxic crap, and will my daughter also be ok? It is a big story with my second Saturn return coming up (2 Sag in the 10th) and my Jupiter Return also this year (Leo 21 degrees in the 7th conjunct Pluto 26 Leo) I am sure big changes are coming. My daughter is finishing her last year of A Levels. Any insight would be most helpful and many thanks Jamie, you always do a stellar job!! Shawn

  6. In the Greek myth, Andromeda was only chained up naked to a rock for a short time, don’t remember exactly but probably only a day or so before she was rescued.

  7. No, we need feminism now as much as we ever have. Feminism itself is a very large body of work that could be characterized as having three stages (so far); the most recent stage, aka “Third Wave,” is really very different from the bra-burning radical stereotypes of the ’60s. Real modern feminism is all about anti-oppression for everyone. It also gives us a framework for dismantling stereotypes around gender. Too bad all those broads who say they don’t need feminism don’t see that. If you’re right about the coming challenges, Jaime, we’re going to have to fight to keep from losing what equality we have. I hope it’s not already too late.

  8. Hi Jamie,i was wondering what your take on Alpheratz would be conjunct the NNode under 2 degrees.?

      • Well,i guess my strident G cross nullified those influences for the most part of my life,with Sun square Moon on the angles (IC/DC).However,the symbolism of the chained woman(head) & Cor Regis (heart)there also,speaks volumes to the cor(e) of my journey and awakening.Thanks for the reply & i hope your still embracing every moment of your experience……

  9. what kinda of effect will this have if venus is one of your dominant planets and on this degree?

  10. Hi Jamie, I have the star andromeda exactly on my IC and the star Sirius conjunct(1 degree) my south node. What are these stars mean? And are those things significant in a horoscope? Would be very interesting :)-

  11. I have this 2’11 away from my Venus – literally a minute out of orb. Should I still consider it?

    I do have it in orb conjunct my midheaven so I suppose I’ll feel the influence either way!

  12. Hello! I have that star in the 14th grade of Aries. Can I interpret it with conjunctions? Thank you!

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