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Pegasus Constellation

Pegasus Constellation [Stellarium]

Pegasus constellation, the Winged Horse, is a northern constellation above Aquarius constellation and below Cygnus constellation, between Delphinius constellation and Andromeda constellation. It spans 40 degrees of the zodiac in the signs of Aries and Pisces and contains 16 named fixed stars.

Pegasus Constellation Stars

2000BStar NameMag.Orb
05♓18νFum al Faras4.861°00′
25♓42 ηMatar2.931°40′

Constellation Pegasus the Flying Horse gives ambition, vanity, intuition, enthusiasm, caprice, and bad judgment. It prevails against the diseases of horses and preserves horsemen in battle. According to Ptolemy, the bright stars are like Mars and Mercury (high enterprise, combative, destructive. If rising, rash, very obstinate, ruined by headstrong and precipitate conduct. If culminating, changeable in business.) [1]

The constellation portends events concerning ships and the ocean and also changes in the weather. In medieval times it was said to indicate vain individuals with a great deal of ambition but very poor judgment. [2]

Pegasus, like birds, angels, and most celestial winged creatures, is an allegory for the superior spiritual power that the hero first sought out to aid him in his task, and the Owl represents the wisdom side of that same power. [3]

The stars of the Great Square in-closing the body of the Horse (the Great Square of Pegasus marked by the stars Alpheratz (alpha Andromeda), Scheat, Markab, and Algenib). Mythologically he was the son of Neptune and Medusa, sprung by his father’s command from the blood of the latter which dropped into the sea after her head had been severed by Perseus; and he was named either from Pegai, the Springs of the Ocean, the place of his birth, or from Pegos, Strong. He was snowy white in color, and the favorite of the Muses, for he had caused to flow their fountain Pirene on Helicon,— or Hippocrene on the Acro Corinthus, — whence came one of the constellation titles, Fontis Musarum Inventor…

Pegasus then rose alone to his permanent place among the stars, becoming the Thundering Horse of Jove that carried the divine lightning… Brugsch mentions as in its location an Egyptian constellation, the Servant; and some of its stars would seem to be shown on the Denderah planisphere as a Jackal. [4]

Pegasus Constellation Stars

Pegasus Constellation Stars [Urania’s Mirror]

Pegasus the winged Horse will appear and gallop aloft in the heavens. It will bring forth people endowed with swiftness of movement and limbs alert to perform every task. One man will cause his horse to wheel round in caracoles, and proudly mounted on its back he will wage war from on high; horseman and soldier in one. Another will possess the ability to rob the racecourse of its true length such is his speed that he will seem to dissemble the movement of his feet and make the ground vanish before him. Who more swiftly could fly back from the ends of the earth as a messenger or with light foot to the earth’s ends make his way? He will also heal a horse’s wounds with the sap of common plants, and will know the herbs which bring aid to an animal’s limbs and those which grow for the use of man. [5]

In the Denderah Zodiac there are two characters immediately below the horse, Pe and ka. Peka or Pega, is in Hebrew the chief, and Sus is horse. So that the very word (Pegasus) has come down to us and has been preserved through all the languages. The names of the stars in this constellation declare to us its meaning. There are 89 altogether; one of the 1st magnitude, two of the 2nd, three of the 3rd, nine of the 4th, etc. And, as astronomers testify, “they render Pegasus peculiarly remarkable.”

The brightest α (on the neck of the horse at the junction of the wing), comes down to us with the ancient Hebrew name of Markab, which means returning from afar. The star β (in the near shoulder) is called Scheat, i.e., who goeth and returneth. The star γ (at the tip of the wing) bears an Arabic name Al Genib, who carries. The star ε (in the nostril) is called Enif (Arabic), the water. The star η (in the near leg) is called Matar (Arabic), who causes to flow.

These names show us that we have to do with no mere horse. A winged horse is unknown to nature. It must therefore be used as a figure; and it can be a figure only of a person, even of Him who is “the Branch,” as the star Enif shows, who said, “If I go away I will come again,” as the star Scheat testifies. He who procured these blessings for the redeemed by His Atonement, is quickly coming to bring them; and is soon returning to pour them forth upon a groaning creation. This is the lesson of Pegasus. [6]

Pegasus in Mundane Astrology

In mundane astrology, Pegasus is associated with drowning, accidents, catastrophes, earthquakes, tsunamis, storms, floods, shipwrecks, mining accidents, airplane accidents, falling accidents, shooting down from high, horses, jockeys, transportation, communications, space travel, exploration, pioneering, science, invention and heroism.

The Age of Pegasus

The fixed star Scheat in the constellation Pegasus is at the Aries point, so it is now the Age of Pegasus. A common question in astrology is, “When does the Age of Aquarius start?” This is debatable, but most astrologers agree it is a while off yet, though there also seems to be some consensus that we are living through an age of transition. “The precession of the astrological ages occurs due to the constellations and their fixed stars moving forward through the zodiac degrees at about one degree every 72 years, or 50.2675 seconds per year.” [7]

Whatever constellation is at zero degrees Aries is called the Constellation of the Age. Working out the exact beginning and ending of astrological ages is a gray area because the constellations are drawn differently in different sky maps. Below are some dates worked out using the precession of the first and last stars of a few constellations.

  • 104 BC – 2817 AD: Age of Pisces
  • 1345 AD – 4013 AD: Age of Pegasus
  • 2694 AD – 5457 AD: Age of Aquarius

Based on the dates above, the Age of Aquarius starts around the end of the 27th century AD. People always talk about the end of the Age of Pisces and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. Why limit ourselves to the twelve constellations along the ecliptic?

When a fixed star moves via precession of the equinoxes to zero degrees Aries, it is called the “Star of the Age”. The last one and the next one are both in the Pegasus constellation. This gives weight to Pegasus being more important to us now as a constellation of this age.

1925 AD: τ Pegasus, Kerb.
2045 AD: β Pegasus, Scheat.

Pegasus was born from the union of Neptune and Medusa. In the astrological influence of this constellation, we can see the themes of the sea and spirituality from Neptune and the rage from Medusa. Using an orb of influence for Scheat of 2 degrees, its influence goes over 100 years on either side of 2045 AD.

The story of Pegasus fits well with the constellation of this age: global warming, sea-level rise, and increased frequency and intensity of storms. At the personal level, spiritual implications are involved for humanity adjusting to these changes. “Only for some” can the higher manifestation of this star be perceived. Most of humanity fears these changes or ignores them as if they are not happening.

Pegasus Carrying us from the Ages of Pisces to Aquarius.

As the changes in our environment continue to escalate and the effect on the collective consciousness deepens, it will be up to the minority of people in tune with the spiritual side to help the rest of humanity through this difficult time. Astrologers, intuitive healers and all associated new-agers and freaks are becoming increasingly important and useful as the old security gives way to Uranian times.

Pegasus stretches across Pisces constellation and Aquarius constellation, so it could feasibly represent the evolution from one mode of thinking to another. The meaning of Pegasus seems to mirror that leap of consciousness needed to get into the supposed “Age Of Aquarius.”

Pegasus represents the shift in mindset from worshiping a God to becoming your own God. But looking at the stars in Pegasus, it is evident the transition will not be easy. Pegasus was born from the blood of Medusa (Algol) – his mother and his father, Poseidon, who had raped Medusa before she was turned into a Gorgon.

The Pegasus constellation gives ingenuity and a brilliant mind. But being so far ahead in your thoughts means others think you are mad. It gives you blind faith and does not make you inclined to look before you leap. A certain naivety can prove advantageous, however, because if you did see just how dangerous the path was, you would never take it. Yes, it’s a risk, but those who make it to their destination in one piece stand to get all the honor and riches that Markab promises. “Who dares wins” is his motto.

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  1. Hello

    Very nice shot!

    – The Age of Pegasus

    With the conjunction of Jupiter-Uranus on Sheat, comes again the delicate balance between over-ambition and ‘sky above water’ inspiration…

    The constellation with a Mercury-Mars signature -very mental, speedy and communicative… on top of the due weather disturbances you mentioned: Could it be the sign of a further bounce to come in communication (included noted progress in spaceships conception) (?)

  2. Inspired analysis.

    But the ruling of Scheat actually started on 19.3.2008 with sun over & happened so called “brightest star explosion” /GRB 080319B event.
    At 29.29.06 pisc – in the last minute of the required orb.

    Now everyone needs to stay tuned, otherwise a cans of miseries will unleash.


    • I’m glad someone brought this post up again. Funny synchro though because I was researching just a few days ago. I do think there is something in this Age of Pegasus thing.

      In my book I am writing this “If we liken these cycles of ages to how the Moon phases work, then we know that the New Moon is still a dark Moon, totally black. Slowly we will see the shimmer of a crescent emerging, but we have to wait another two weeks until the illumination of the full moon. Transpose that concept onto say the Mayan cycle of 5125 or the Astrological age of 2150 (Based on the earths 25,800 year gyroscopic precession period divided by 12.) and you have a very gradual shift towards the light. It doesn’t happen overnight. …When Eris was discovered, Aries point was conjunct Scheat by 33′. Pegasus was born from the blood of Medusa’s severed head. This really fits with our Eris/Lilith themes, from discord and strife we move to enlightenment. It is always darkest before dawn as they say.”

      • Well, wont be surprised at all of you having some prominent Pegasus placements then 😉
        All the stars manifest quite noticeably.

        I was researching this stuff for awhile & something didn’t add
        like a big piece of the puzzle was missing.
        This & “Scheat” postings really put the matter the into perspective.

        Btw, amazing that u connected Eris with Pegasus.

      • The Dendera Zodiac shows the “square of Pegasus” in Pisces. Known as the Tablet of Destiny, it’s between the two Piscean fishes. The Dendera Zodiac shows the 26,000 year precessional cycle. There’s also an axis from Spica through the centre of the Zodiac in the Jackal’s paw and aligns into a Ram Headed
        Altar on the periphery. This line apparently inscribes passages through Pisces and shows the alignment of the Vernal Equinox at the end of the Kalpa or cycle of 26,000 years. So this axis points roughly to now!
        The actual Square or Tablet has zig zag lines on it, and Pegasus was the messenger of Zeus, alerting the arrival of his weapons, his thunderbolts and lightning strikes.
        The spacing on the Dedera zodiac has this position of The age of Pisces and the next age with a larger gap than other ages, I think, showing there is a sort of pause between the two ages. So this square of Pegasus, the Sumerian Tablet of Destiny, has some sort of instruction or meaning? It’s proposed that that zig zags represent cuneiform, but cuneiform has very specific shapes so why do a suggestion? People who used symbols used them very specifically.
        The four stars are Alpharetz and Algenib (below it), generate dates in time past, while Scheat and Markab generate dates in the far future, apparently.
        there is another strong omen in the historical timing of the Square. Algenib, gamma Pegasi, has a longitude of 9.16 degrees for the year 2000. This converts to 1344 in historical time. Of the many events unfolding at that time, one comes forcefully to the front: in 1347 the Black Death, already ravaging parts of Asia, reached Messina, Italy, and rapidly spread both northwards into Europe and southwards toward Africa. The bubonic plague of the 1340s was one of the most devastating events of its kind in human memory. In what could be considered a mini-extinction event, it decimated one third of the population of Europe.
        So perhaps Pegasus is an age within an age, not quite completed?
        Greg Braden discusses the Tablet of Destiny and Pegasus in one of his books and there is more here
        I’m not sure I agree with everything the writer says but he’s definitely on the right wavelength.

        • very interesting, seeing as u went to the calendar at denderah….what r ur sources, as i have info that may corroborate what youve shared.

  3. thanks Jamie
    very interesting read. I should read more about this constellation.
    I have a few placements conjunct one of the stars here.

  4. Yesterday we had gamma bursts from the Pegasus constellation and the Hydra constellation. Looked up the fixed stars here and find them very interesting indeed. Thanks for this site! And I just have to say Uberqueenofwands you are amazing too!

  5. This is a wonderful article! tank you for posting. 🙂 How exciting.

    I know this has little to do with the shift, though in a sense it does for me because of synchronicity.
    There has been a fictional character named Pegasus that I’ve always cherished since a child, and his personality is described well in the final paragraph.

    New things keep coming out about the series he hails from that seem to match much that is coming out in history, and I sometimes wonder if the creator was an unknowing, or partial knowing oracle to some of these truths.

    • There are so many novels and shows on TV that are based on mythology and bring it to this age for us to understand better. What’s the name of this series?

      • Yu-gi-oh.

        On the surface it looks like a silly children’s show, especially with what they’ve done to it in the west. But it goes much deeper than that.

  6. This interesting and informative article has opened for me a new perspective for reading horoscopes and inspired me to research the subject of Fixed Stars. For this reason I would like to nominate you for the Blogger Recognition Award.
    I have posted a link on my blog to this article:

  7. I have Scheat on my mc 28 degrees Pisces.11-4-1958 at 10-44 am Bulawayo Rhodesia now Zimbabwe.i have experienced War trauma as a war nurse losing many close friends to gunshots ,land mines,fire, and blood loss.Mental alienation (from war)is the singlest highest cause of violent suicide especially taking innocents with them ( ie tim mcveigh Oklahoma )Society has ticking time bombs waiting to explode because no one realised the extent of torture ,dehumanisation ,on the fringes of society .homeless ,these wounded Veterans are mute with Post traumatic Stress Disorder…they wait for medical and Dynamic EMPATHIC Pshychological Methodology which is a rarity as many drs ignore the SOUL who is the seat of potential Consciouness and Enlightenment .the Shock of war is the most AWAKENING experiences of INITIATION…….soldiers of war cannot abide the trivial mundanity of the weather,the cost of gas ,or banal talk about nothing…and the sad fact That MANY have outgrown their spouses ,parents and children….the trauma and mutism if not addressed causes lifelong debility…Many children have seen the violent rages and violence in their parent and some are in constant fear (which lasts )…my father was a war veteran with a war wound that gave him pain every day….the AGE of PEGASUS = the Archai Michael .He is the Spiritual Warrior of LIGHT ,associated with the Christ riding the white horse in Rev 19..=the Occult symbolism and is associated with War….Ahmegedon. I hope that in 2018 we can call this year ,RESTORE VETERANS LIVES ,because we OWE them more than we will ever know…There is a NEW form of Therapy which alleviates the trauma….offered when Ready. Some will search, others will hide and become invisible.All we can do is SHOW and BE COMPASSION….Moira Lorrainexx

    • Thank you Moira for expressing the unseen suffering of those people and your experiences. I’m sorry that that you all have been in so much pain and I hope that the light enters through the crevices of the caves we all live in that darken our minds and our hearts.

      One thing I have noticed in my personal experience is the vitamin D3, the inner sunshine vitamin, at 10,000IU doses daily. Traumas are often experienced unexpectedly, they catch us off guard and we don’t see them coming, and their dark nature engulfs the senses, the emotions and the mind, making it very hard for a person to come out of the darkness. It seems to me that traumas extinguish our Vitamin D3 levels. Traumas also cause people to live in darkness, either not going outside or having their homes closed in darkness, reflecting the nature and qualities of the inner trauma and darkness. Its very important for people who have gone through traumatic experiences to get more sunlight, especially in the morning and to allow the light in, as they say As Above, So Below, As Without So Within, so just like the Sun drives the darkness / night away, so to does it do the same internally.

      Wishing you lots of love and light and trust that where there is Light, there is the Way.

  8. Thanks for the article. When mythology shows combinations of animals and birds, such as the Horse with Wings, its showing not a physical reality, its referencing shamanism animism in the earlier cultures of “both” the horse soul and the bird soul. As a shaman I have a black jaguar soul, a raven soul, so if it was 3000 years ago, I would draw in the “image” language, a black jaguar with wings. These are real aspects of human souls. The Black Pegasus is actually the Pegasus, the feminine (or night, midnight sun), the White Pegasus (unicorn) is the solar or masculine. All Bird represents soul one of the four main world symbols.

    • Dear Elder, it is said in the book of revelations that He, that is True and Faithful, will come upon a White Horse and I wondered if it related to Pegasus the White Horse since it is as you say Solar and Masculine. The midnight Sun, the Black Pegasus may also, I think, refer to the birth of the Solar Deity, as midnight relates to the cold and dark days of December, the winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, where ancient and folk mythologies speak of the birth of the Sun.

      I found it also interesting that you mentioned the Black Horse and the White Horse, as one of the Tarot cards called the Chariot, represents a Man on a Chariot which is being drawn by a black horse and a white horse, and this card is said to be the 7th card in the Major Arcana and represents Triumph and Victory, a well as the astrological sign Cancer, the time of the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere.

      The black jaguar and the raven as your soul animals/bird makes me wonder if you were born at the time of Winter? They seem to me to represent receptive qualities, since the Ravens were said to be messengers as well, so they had to be receptive in order to relay messages. Its also in the evening night sky that we look to the Stars for guidance and messages…

      Thanks for your interesting comment, it was enjoyable to read and ponder.

  9. Thank you Jamie for this interesting look at Pegasus, it was great to learn about it. I noticed last year around Halloween time, that a white horse came up in a Tarot Reading I was watching, as it was the color of the horse that the Death rides upon in the Death Card, and strangely enough I felt drawn to look at my Sky App to see where the moon was a day or so around this time and I saw the constellation Pegasus right by the moon, or rather the moon near Pegasus. It was either a coincidence or perhaps somehow they are related.

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