Fixed Star Markab

Markab at 23°28′ Pisces has an orb of 2°10′
Fixed Star Markab

Pegasus Constellation [Stellarium]

The Sun joins Markab on March 13

Fixed star Markab, Alpha Pegasi, is a white star located in the Saddle of the Winged Horse, Pegasus constellation. The traditional name Markab derives from the Arabic word مركب (markab) which means the saddle of the horse. The three main stars of Pegasus all have a similar astrological influence, those being Scheat, Markab and Algenib.


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Fixed Star

Deneb Kaitos



Markab Astrology

Fixed star Markab gives honor, riches, fortune, danger from fevers, cuts, blows, stabs and fire and a violent death. [1]

Markab portends danger from cuts or stabs and fire, but can also indicate riches and honor. [2]

α Pegasi. A white star. Spectral class B9. This star imparts to its natives good fortune, wealth, high honours; on the negative side the natives ambitions are not realized, the native is unlucky, subject to disgrace, ruin and violence is possible. [7]

Markab in the Saddle of Pegasus has a Mercury-Mars nature. Tradition has it that, in conjunction with Mars, Uranus or Saturn, this will bring dangers from fire, weapons or explosions. Tied up with propitious stellar bodies, Markeb is said to influence above all the spiritual and mental nature, to give a good head for figures, intellectual alertness, mental powers in general and the ability to further propaganda activity, if at the same time, relevant aspects are also present. German Chancellor Adenauer had this fixed star conjunction Mars and also square the MC and in half sums Mercury/Jupiter and Moon/Pluto; altogether, this was a correct interpretation for his activity as a successful statesman. Axel Brostroem had unusual success with his giant shipping firm and as a ship-builder. At his birth, Jupiter was united with Markab in Sun/Mars on the Asc. On the other hand, a conjunction with the MC can be really of grave disadvantage. [3]

α and β Pagasi; respectively Markab and Scheat, are both Mars-Mercury stars. Both these stars are true-black malefics in traditional astrology, promising injury by one’s hand or another’s, and life imprisonment. We can now see how, in the times of profane use of astrology, this arose. At this far end of the Zodiac, we find it easy to delude ourselves that ‘now we know it all’; we can take our seats with the gods. ‘Markab’ is commonly a ship, but may be used for any kind of conveyance, a saddle on a horse included, so off we go in or on it. If we did indeed learn what Andromeda had to teach us at the start of the journey, then fine, we can achieve ‘Great Mastery’, the occasionally mentioned positive signature of these two stars: all we could wish for, that being the meaning of Scheat (Al Shi’at). But if we started out rightly, then we should have here no need to exhibit that mastery in secular power, nor should we still need to wish for more than we already have and are: ‘My Kingdom is not the world’, as Jesus said so well. So we can easily recognize the quiet, unassuming, untroubled true master from the embattled, imprisoned, pathetic pretender to mastery. [4]

Fixed star Markab rules the center of the ball of the right foot. [5]

The brightest α (on the neck of the horse at the junction of the wing), comes down to us with the ancient Hebrew name of Markab, which means returning from afar. [6]

Constellation Pegasus

Constellation Pegasus the Flying Horse gives ambition, vanity, intuition, enthusiasm, caprice, and bad judgment. It prevails against the diseases of horses and preserves horsemen in battle.

According to Ptolemy, the bright stars are like Mars and Mercury (high enterprise, combative, destructive. If rising, rash, very obstinate, ruined by headstrong and precipitate conduct. If culminating, changeable in business.) [1]

The constellation portends events concerning ships and the ocean and also changes in the weather. In medieval times it was said to indicate vain individuals with a great deal of ambition but very poor judgment. [2]

Pegasus, like birds, angels, and most celestial winged creatures, is an allegory for the superior spiritual power that the hero first sought out to aid him in his task, and the Owl represents the wisdom side of that same power. [3]

In mundane astrology, Pegasus is associated with drowning, accidents, catastrophes, earthquakes, tsunamis, storms, floods, shipwrecks, mining accidents, airplane accidents, falling accidents, shooting down from high, horses, jockeys, transportation, communications, space travel, exploration, pioneering, science, invention and heroism.

Markab, Alpha Pegasi

Alpha Pegasi, Markab [Wikisky]

Fixed Star Markab Conjunctions

Ascendant conjunct Markab: Rash, very obstinate, ruined by headstrong and precipitate conduct. [1]

Midheaven conjunct Markab: Disgrace, ruin and often a violent death. Changeable in business. [1]

Of grave disadvantage. [3]

Vincent van Gogh 0°39′, Wilhelm II, German Emperor 0°58′ (and Neptune), Arnold Schwarzenegger 1°36′, Steven Spielberg 1°59′

Descendant conjunct Markab: Francisco Franco 0°54′ (and POF), Roy Orbison 1°01′, Josemaría Escrivá 1°01′, Tiger Woods 1°15′, Franklin D. Roosevelt 1°25′.

Imun Coeli conjunct Markab: Patch Adams 0°28′

Part of Fortune conjunct Markab: Ivan The Terrible 0°00′, Sid Vicious 1°05′, Warren Buffett 1°32′, Francisco Franco 1°38′ (and DC), Jeff Bridges 1°57′

Sun conjunct Markab: Energetic, unlucky, impermanent martial honors, disappointed ambitions, accidents, sickness. [1]

Preferment in religion, science, artistic matters, writings, and all matters dealing with the public. The native is mentally keen, energetic, but generally subject to setbacks and some disappointments. The native generally engages in unusual, or controversial issues, careers. Complacency is the keynote of most of these natives. Negatively, they are subject to accidents, disappointed ambitions. [7]

Liza Minnelli 1°14′, Albert Einstein 1°42′

Moon conjunct Markab: Injuries from enemies and domestic matters, fairly good health but many accidents. If Mars be with Moon, death by wild beasts or soldiers. If a malefic be with Cingula Orionis, death by human hands. [1]

The native continually strives for acceptance, they strive against seemingly impossible hurdles, and are subject to many problems, some of a serious nature in overcoming their problems. The more advanced natives overcome their difficulties, but some are never given full and lasting recognition for their activities or achievements. They may experience legal, domestic, and problems of harassment. Some of these natives may be unjustly accused. [7]

Mercury conjunct Markab: Good mind, rash and headstrong, quick in speech, diplomatic, capable writer, criticized, friends become enemies. [1]

The native is mentally keen, somewhat intuitive. There is a tendency for them to be headstrong and if they permit this to rule their actions, they may make unfortunate decisions. If such natives are in a position of authority the decisions they make could prove unfortunate for many for a long time. Some such natives can get involved in legal matters. Some of these natives make unfortunate decisions involving romantic or domestic problems. These natives seem to be willing to ‘take a chance’, although they cannot be considered gamblers. Writing preferment possible. This conjunction brings the possibility of serious health problems. [7]

(No orb): This causes growth on the right foot, such as warts, or types of fungus. There is disruption of the energy through the lungs and breathing areas of the chest, causing fungus growths in the lungs. Anyone having this configuration should definitely not smoke, or a serious health problem will result. Emphysema, cancer and other types of lung diseases of a serious nature are a certainty with those who have this configuration if they elect to smoke or otherwise take in foreign matter into the lungs. Natives with this conjunction should drink hot teas such as sassafras, red ginger, ginger root or goldenseal root in small amounts. These teas are purifiers and are too strong to drink continuously. As a preventative, a pinch of one of the teas in a large cup of hot water every other day would be adequate. However, if a disease has already taken hold, ginger root should be taken in small amounts every day, alternating with sassafras tea mixed with ginger root to add to the cleansing properties to the herbs. Combining sassafras with ginger root would ordinarily be too powerful for the body to handle, but in extreme cases, these persons can handle this combination for three days using a teaspoon of each herb in a large cup of hot water. This can be helpful even in the case of cancer or any type of fungus-related disease. [5]

Pierre-Auguste Renoir 0°56′, Josef Mengele 1°24′, Mariah Carey 1°35′

Venus conjunct Markab: Evil associates, drink and other excesses. [1]

These natives must exercise caution in selection of their associates, friends and even acquaintances; which could create some embarrassment for the native with this conjunction. There is the ever present danger of false friends, or continuing legal problems. Self destruction is possible. [7]

James Woods 0°20′, Jay Leno 0°52′, Kourtney Kardashian 1°09′, Ulysses S. Grant 1°48′, Alice Cooper 1°48′.

Mars conjunct Markab: Quarrelsome, violent, many difficulties and losses through Mercurial affairs. [1]

There is a tendency for these natives to be impulsive, and of an emotional, sometimes quarreling nature. On the surface they may appear quite serene. They would be subject to misfortune from impulsiveness and hasty judgement. ‘Secret’ bad habits which could result in self destruction are possible with this conjunction. The natives problems, if any, are self created. Disputes should be avoided. [7]

Dangers from fire, weapons or explosions. [3]

(No orb): These individuals experience a slight inflammation through the muscle of the right foot and the bronchial sacs. This may manifest as a boil on the bottom of the foot or in the bronchial area. There can be a persistent cough with mucus, with the problem being difficult to diagnose and to heal. These persons should drink hot peppermint or spearmint teas continuously as it is difficult to draw the infections from the bronchial area. The infected mucous simply drifts to other parts of the body, infecting the intestinal and stomach areas. [5]

J. Paul Getty 0°01′, John Milton 0°41′, Marilyn Monroe 1°43′, Phil Spector 1°49′.

Jupiter conjunct Markab: Trouble and loss through legal matters, danger of judicial sentence or banishment and exile. [1]

Preferment in legal, sports, and matters dealing with the public. The native can be successful in large ventures. With this conjunction there appears to be ever present danger of disaster or violence, either to the native, by the native or in some manner connected with the native or their possessions. There is also the possibility, that, in some way, the native suggests or enter into conditions that create violence or panic, or in some manner affect the lives of many. A judicial sentence is possible. Natives with this conjunction can make many gains, find preferment over competitors and make a name and fame for themselves, – good or bad. [7]

Joe Exotic 0°02′, Drew Barrymore 1°08′, Abraham Lincoln 1°15′, Charles Darwin 1°22′, Hunter Schafer 1°37′

Saturn conjunct Markab: Born in poverty, prison or asylum, may be abandoned, hard life, imprisoned for a crime, few friends, unfavorable for domestic matters, death under similar conditions to birth. [1]

Dangers from fire, weapons or explosions. [3]

Dua Lipa 0°23′, Yves Saint Laurent 0°45′, Isaac Newton 1°42′.

Uranus conjunct Markab: Evil habits, mental disturbances, clever, wanderer, unavailing efforts, a peculiar life, trouble with the parent of the opposite sex and domestic matters, many accidents, violent death. [1]

Dangers from fire, weapons or explosions. [3]

This causes slight spasms through the feet that can be considered nerve disorders for the most part. Rubbing the feet often would be a good habit with any type of oil, and soaking them in warm water with a small amount of baking soda. Drinking a half glass of warm milk in the morning will literally heal the nerves and should be made a daily ritual. [5]

Margaret Thatcher 0°01′, Linda Goodman 0°34′, William Blake 0°49′, George H. W. Bush 0°59′, Pierre-Auguste Renoir 1°44′

Neptune conjunct Markab: Unbalanced or abnormal mind, many disappointments, emotional, romantic, distasteful environment, secret enemies, domestic disharmony, many accidents, violent death in early life. [1]

Neptune was last conjunct Markab in 1857 and 1858. The average life expectancy in Europe and North America then was 34 years of age. Everyone in the list below was born then, except for Philip II of Spain, born in the previous conjunction in 1527. This disproves Robson’s interpretation of “violent death in early life.”

Philip II of Spain 0°00′ (aged 71), Princess Beatrice of the UK 0°06′ (aged 87), Giacomo Puccini 0°41′ (aged 65), Alessandro Moreschi 0°44′ (aged 63), Theodore Roosevelt 0°57′ (aged 60), Nikola Tesla 1°07′ (aged 86), George Bernard Shaw 1°19′ (aged 94), Joséphin Péladan 1°24′ (aged 60), Wilhelm II, German Emperor 1°26′ (and MC)(aged 82), Havelock Ellis 1°36′ (aged 80), Sigmund Freud 1°37′ (aged 83).

Pluto conjunct Markab: James VI and I 0°39′, Otto von Bismarck 0°55′

North Node conjunct Markab: Mata Hari 0°02′, Rihanna 0°08′, Alexis Arquette 0°28′, Adele 1°41′

South Node conjunct Markab: Pablo Neruda 0°35′, Marie Antoinette 0°52′, Jeffrey Dahmer 1°43′.


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  • All fixed star positions are for the year 2000. Add one degree per 72 years to correct for precession.

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  1. Juno/Pallas conjunction at 24 Pisces, 5th house, hmm gotta feeling stirring in reading this information that it may have something to do with the missing link to my understanding how this conjunction of asteroids operates in my life, its has been and continues to be. a very strong one, being at the creative/conception level of things, plus other influences, so thanks Jamie, more food for thought as always.

  2. The feeling i get is that all fixed stars are bad influences on the planets and points

    • Yes Jessie it is important to take the whole chart into consideration. Einstein’s Sun was conjunct Markeb by 1°42′ which is a wek conjunction. He also had a very well aspected Sun sextile Mars and Pluto. One day I hope to add lists of famous people next to each star conjunction. Vivian Robson’s interpretations are well known for being fatalistic. Did you read what Elsbeth Ebertin wrote? “Tied up with propitious stellar bodies, Markeb is said to influence above all the spiritual and mental nature, to give a good head for figures, intellectual alertness, mental powers in general and the ability to further propaganda activity, if at the same time relevant aspects are also present.”

  3. I have this conjunct my Mars and that bit about mucus blew me out of the water! I’ve had a chronic mucus problem since I was thirteen, I’m spitting/hacking it up throughout the day, even though I’m otherwise healthy and have a clean diet and doctors have no answer.

  4. You have a good website and everything, but your cartooning of ancient astrology shows you know nothing about it. Taking little swipes at the ancient thinkers is not wise. You do not even know their names. What is more, my brother, is that the founders of modern astrology (in the 20th century) also totally ignorant — they did not have ancient texts available to them, and it can take a lifetime to penetrate them to their core in the first place — and so you are on rather treacherous ground without realizing it. How easy it is to simply dismiss the creators of astrology without even knowing their names, let alone their Ideas. Astrology, properly understood, is a Cosmology. I am referring to ancient Greece & Egypt.

    So developed is the ancient astrology/cosmology at this point — known but by a few — that Universities will, in due time, be forced admit the place astrology has in the world historically. Old texts have emerged and been grasped. It soon will be reckoned with by the greatest thinkers. The details are NOT available on the internet like thousands of modern astrology sites are. So great is it, that it will no longer be able to be dismissed … while as you know modern astrology is virtually ALWAYS dismissed and easily shrugged off and even laughed at (– borrowing its ideas from psychology. Where is ITS OWN internal structure and integrity? What principles does it rest on? This is a very big question, and is for great thinkers. Modern astrology is not a system, but is a chaos. Could its integrity withstand an assault of its concepts and procedures? Surely not. For every astrologer today has their own version. This being true, admittedly, one must wonder .. how could the subject of astrology be taken seriously by any REAL thinker, scientist or philosopher? — Or language professor — (hint hint) ? Astrology means, after all “speech of the stars”.) At any rate, brother, I appreciate you and your site. You write with emotional clarity and are helping many people. Thank you very much, and keep up the good work, and being mindful to not speak of what you are unaware.

    Peace be with you from peace, joy from joy, love from love, life from divine life. The same to your readers who I, like you, hold in my heart dearly.


    Light of the Wesak

  5. I noticed you reference ‘The Fixed Star Health and Behavior Imbalance’ by Ted George and Barbara Parker. I’ve been looking for a new copy for a long time. Is this book as amazing as it seems?

  6. So markab is evil? Because since all your descriptions is very negative.
    I have Markab in 10th house in Pisces conjunct Mars/Venus & Midheaven, so everything I read from this post mean I will die and it will be painful?? And dishonored -_-

    • Hi Josee. When Robson wrote these interpretations in the early 1900s, “evil” was code for homosexual or bisexual, or transgender, etc because of the influence of the Church.

      I am trying to add as many famous people to these lists and trying to disprove many of Robsons more troubling interpretations. I hoped by adding a comments section to all the fixed star posts that people like you would add your experience as well, whether in agreement or disagreement with the written material I have been able to find.

  7. April 12, 2022 Jupiter & Neptune will conjunct at 23°59″ here.
    Best wishes all.

  8. Nice article, your writings are much appreciated. Markab conjunct Mars in 12th house… Violent death? in past lives for sure; quarrelsome… for sure, until there’s a point of mutual agreement on the core of any subject. As well: endless energy when serving in a spiritual setting; though conflicts are never more than a breath away, even with the kindest of people. Sounds like a heavy karma planet, not unlike the traditional explanation of Saturn. Ah, financial losses… I had 100 Bitcoins in 2010, lost the wallet, fortune (by now) gone; inheritances and saved money just slipped through my fingers. etc. Coughing up phlegm… yes, day in day out, don’t even notice it anymore.

  9. Just found out that O.J. Simpson’s Moon is conjunct this fixed star…

  10. German minister of war boris pistorius has his sun on this star ! Also his mars is on rotanev in delphinus…so to what will lead this ???

  11. Also neptune is on markab and on boris pistorius sun now…funny he wants to defend germany against putin with neptune conj. sun…does he want to use vx or sarin for that ? haha…

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