Fixed Star Achernar

Achernar at 15°19′ Pisces has an orb of 2°40′
Fixed Star Achernar

Eridanus Constellation [Stellarium]

The Sun joins Achernar on March 5

Fixed star Achernar, Alpha Eridani, is a binary star system located in the Mouth of the River, Eridanus Constellation.

The main compent is termed Alpha Eridani A, and officially named Achernar. Magnitude 0.40–0.46 (variable), spectral type B3 Vpe, color bright blue and white. Alpha Eridani B is much fainter, spectral type A0V-A3V, color white.

In ancient times, Achernar was located even further south than it is today. Around 3400 BCE, its declination was 82°40’, placing it within 7.5 degrees of the south celestial pole. Around 1500 BCE, it was at declination -76, invisible to ancient Egyptians. By Ptolemy’s time (100 CE) it moved to declination -67 and was still invisible from Alexandria. Achernar is the only first-magnitude star not mentioned in Ptolemy’s Almagest.

The name Achernar comes from the Arabic phrase ākhir an-nahr, meaning “the end of the river.” The name was originally used for Theta Eridani, which now has the proper name Acamar, derived from the same phrase. Eridanus is one of the Greek constellations and, since the Greeks could not see Achernar, it was Acamar that marked the celestial river’s end. [1]

18♓3519♓17Fum al Samakah1°10′

Achernar Astrology

Fixed star Achernar has the spectral type B3, indicating the planetary nature of Jupiter. The fainter companion, spectra A0-A3, may add a slight Venus influence.

ACHERNAR. α Eridani. A star situated at the mouth of the River. From Al Ahir, the End of the River. In his notes on the stars in Eridanus Ptolemy says “the last bright one is of the same influence as Jupiter.” It is symbolized as the Cherub and Sword and gives success in public office, beneficence, and religion. [2]

ACHERNAR. α Eridani. A star situated at the mouth of the River Eridani. Spectral class: B9; color blue-white. The native is philosophical, religiously inclined, patient, industrious, receives honors, preferment in public affairs, successful in business. [3]

Achernar, on the End of the Eridanus River, possesses a Jupiter nature with a dash of Mars-Uranus character. Well placed, it promises happiness and success by giving good morals, faithful adherence to one’s religious beliefs, or a philosophical inclination. According to tradition, Achernar is credited with bestowing high offices in the church, especially if conjunction Jupiter. [4]

Fixed star Achernar rules the center of the left foot. [5]

Constellation Eridanus

The River, with the exception of Achernar, is like Saturn. It gives a love of knowledge and science, much travel and many changes, a position of authority, but danger of accidents especially at sea and of drowning. [2]

This constellation portends rain. Modern astrologers claim that the constellation gives a love of knowledge and science, but there is no support for this contention in classical astrology. Eridanus does, however, indicate events concerned with rivers and streams. Ptolemy states that the star at the end of the river has a nature like that of Jupiter, and the other stars in the constellation have an influence akin to that of Saturn. [6]

Achernar, Alpha Eridani

Achernar, Alpha Eridani []

Fixed Star Achernar Conjunctions

Ascendant conjunct Achernar: Sober, grave, patient, legacies, ecclesiastical preferment (Jupiter nature.) [2]

Billie Eilish 1°59′, Nancy Spungen 2°14′.

Midheaven conjunct Achernar: Honor, glory, preferment, success in trade and in the Church (Jupiter nature.) [2]

Judy Garland 1°00′ (and Uranus), Albert Einstein 0°45′, Josef Mengele 0°56′.

Descendant conjunct Achernar: Nicolaus Copernicus 0°47′ (and Sun), Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 0°50′ (and Uranus, S.Node), Henry VIII 1°53′, Louis XVI 2°06′ (and Uranus), James VI and I 2°20′.

Part of Fortune conjunct Achernar: Mary Shelley 0°06′.

Sun conjunct Achernar: Native has preferment in matters dealing with the public, philosophical, sports, writings, and religious affairs. Generally, these natives will be of an outstanding nature
and there is a possibility of name and fame forever, – good or bad. [3]

Joe Exotic 0°03′, Charles Ponzi 0°21′ (and Venus), Susan Miller 1°40′, Nicolaus Copernicus 2°22′ (and DC), Proclus 2º34′ (and Venus).

Moon conjunct Achernar: High preferment in public affairs, writings, the native has great empathy for the less fortunate. Leadership qualities will be evident. This can be expressed via means of literature, music, martial matters, or over a group of people. [3]

Paul Cézanne 0°04′, Robert De Niro 0°11′, Hugh Hefner 0°38′, Gianni Versace 1°35′, Diego Maradona 2°11′ (and S. Node).

Mercury conjunct Achernar: Natives with this conjunction will generally be both versatile and creative and have generous humane ideas. Some will have philosophical inclinations. Some will be either to the ‘left’ or to the ‘right’ insofar as society is concerned, if to the right, the native will be very considerate and liberal, if to the left, the native will focus on an idea or group and be subjected to considerable criticism. The nature of the trend will be developed through the natives early training, or lack of training.[3]

(0°30′ orb): These individuals accomplish many things. This creates an expansion of the psychic through the subconscious. They are always in communication with the spiritual realm. When asking a question of their spirit guides, the answer comes to them immediately. There is no waiting even though it may be a question from their own ego subconscious, or a question asked by another. The answers are given immediately. They can be psychics for the public or it can be used for their own benefit. There can be difficulty with earthbound and mundane matters so that they need someone who can take care of these functions for them. They generally seek out a partner who wants to be needed and who can take care of those earthly necessities for them. It is difficult for them to take care of their own physical needs and they require a partner who is more on the mundane level. [5]

Marcel Marceau 0°38′ (and Uranus), Rupert Murdoch 1°37′, Edgar Cayce 1°49′, Abraham Lincoln 2°17′, Prince Andrew, Duke of York 2°23′, Yuri Gagarin 2°30′, Nancy Pelosi 2°38′.

Venus conjunct Achernar: (+) The native is generous, patient, serious, charitable, sympathetic, may enjoy religious preferment. However, there is also th’e possibility that these natives may associate themselves with undesirables which could create problems. This could be either in business or socially. Natives must exercise extreme caution not to get themselves involved. Some situations could create lasting problems for such natives.

(–) The native is of an amorous nature, quite romantic; the native can be very patient, but also very extravagant and possibly in danger of unwanted notoriety due to domestic problems and/or association with undesirables – either in business or socially. This conjunction is flexible and by its nature their natives can be emotionally inclined to be the creator of problems of a lasting nature – or they may choose to exercise control over their emotions. Turbulence is a possibility with either a negative or a positive conjunction. [3]

Elizabeth II 0°17′, Proclus 1º00′ (and Sun), Edgar Cayce 2°10′, Charles Ponzi 2°19′ (and Sun), Manuel Noriega 2°30′.

Mars conjunct Achernar: The native can gain high public preferment and be of a determined nature, capaable of demonstrating enthusiasm or creating enthusiasm in others. Generally these natives are of a devotional nature, intuitive, understanding and with an expressive imagination. They are also capable of impulsive actions. The native can also be subjected to misfortune through hasty judgement, or actions. They may even tend to overreact in some situations and be indiscreet. Generally friendships of a lasting nature are not of too much importance to some of these natives, regardless of how friendly they may appear to be; there may be some such natives who complain occasionally that an acquaintance or friend simply ‘left them’ without any apparent justification. Some of these natives will refuse to face facts, only accepting facts as they view them, not as they are. [3]

(0°15′ orb): This is a stressful energy to the body, as it can affect the adrenal glands and diaphragm. These individuals will notice that there is a problem with the left foot which is caused by the tissue surrounding the bone structure of the foot. The tissue tends to become inflamed, thus separating slightly from the bone structure. In turn, there is an excessive heating of the adrenal glands which produces an excess supply of adrenalin. The individual becomes very argumentative and impatient with others. There is no physical contact here generally, but there would be continuous bickering and arguments about everything. The individual may also have an uncomfortable feeling in the left foot which is always slightly irritated. The diaphragm becomes irritated and swells slightly thus losing its elasticity. The individual feels a burning sensation that is similar to heartburn and the condition is irreversible. If these persons can learn to love others and can force themselves to get along with people, the symptoms can be relieved to a large extent, but in any event, there is nothing medical or dietary that can restore this area. [5]

David Beckham 0°34′, Francisco Franco 0°55′, George Pell 0°58′, Stormy Daniels 1°15′ (and S. Node).

Jupiter conjunct Achernar: High office in the church. [4]

This may be a conjunction for fame providing Jupiter is positively aspected to the Sun or the Moon. There can be high preferment in astrology, writings, the military, the government or legal matters. [3]

Charles II of England 0°55′, Andrew Tate 1°16′, Amber Heard 1°25′, Drake 1°46′.

Saturn conjunct Achernar: Edgar Cayce 0°44′, Kenneth Copeland 1°38′, Ed Gein 1°45′, Pope Francis I 2°05′.

Uranus conjunct Achernar: Marcel Marceau 0°18′ (and Mercury), Nostradamus 0°22′ (DD), Judy Garland 0°38′ (and MC), Pierre Cardin 0°54′, Marie Antoinette 1°20′, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1°21′ (and DC, S. Node), Louis XVI 2°05′ (and DC).

Neptune conjunct Achernar (0°15′ orb): This configuration causes a disturbance in the immune system affecting all the glands in the body. The native is susceptible to disorders of the entire endocrine system so that diseases can develop almost anywhere in the body. The entire body is weak and they have little energy. These individuals should never take any drugs or medication of any kind as they can pick up almost any disease, especially the long-term diseases such as cancer. They are subject to infections of the blood and are susceptible to diseases such as leukemia. The diseases all begin in the central part of the body, and spread throughout the glandular system. The condition can be helped to a great extent through the consumption of parsley every day at every meal including parsley tea. Parsley vitalizes and strengthens the immune system. Pomegranates are especially favorable for these individuals as well as oranges, especially the portion inside the skin, every other day. It should be noted that if cancer is a problem with an individual with this degree, look to the adrenal glands for the inception of the disease. The disease is then spread to other areas. The diaphragm can also initiate the disease as well, but more than likely it will be the adrenal glands. [5]

Vincent van Gogh 0°59′.

Pluto conjunct Achernar: Abraham Lincoln 1°01′, Charles Darwin 1°02′.

North Node conjunct Achernar: William S. Burroughs 1°13′, Conor McGregor 1°41′, Robin Williams 2°31′.

South Node conjunct Achernar: Muhammad Ali 0°12′, Kourtney Kardashian 0°31′, Sean Penn 0°54′, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1°00′ (and DC, Uranus), Michael Bloomberg 1°04′, John Wayne Gacy 1°37′, Diego Maradona 2°06′ (and Moon), Stormy Daniels 2°14′ (and Mars), Marie Curie 2°28′.


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  • All fixed star positions are for the year 2000. Add one degree per 72 years to correct for precession.

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    • Whatever the interpretation for the fixed star, this will apply to your partner or what you want in a partner. It may also relate to business partners and enemies.

  1. I’d like to know too Curious, this star is conjunct my DC…squaring natal neptune. I have developed adrenal insufficiency and multiple endocrine imbalances, Interesting..

    • Interesting Bec. I always love to see feedback especially about these health implications. How is your Mars placed?

  2. Thank you for this article Jamie. I have a major asteroid conjunct Achernar. Would love to learn how to define the influences and meanings. Can you recommend a good reference for a beginner to use?

    • Good question but I can think of no one who has looked into asteroids on fixed stars. We still have so much to learn about the planets on fixed stars. For asteroids alone try The Dreamweaver.

  3. This star is conjunct my north node. It definitely describes me, as I have become very spiritual in this life. I am a bit religious too, as I do believe in Christ and God and more drawn to Christianity than any other religion, I’d say. I do hold onto the occult though – don’t worry I won’t let that go. I like to marry together religion, science and the occult. I’ve always been very philosophical too. Jupiter is conjunct my ascendent and that’s philosophical, so I think that’s been helping to push me forward in this life. I’m using astrology to learn more about myself and the way forward (my soul purpose and lessons).

  4. This star is conjunct my Sun and does describe my philosophical nature. Sun at 15 degrees Pisces is said to be noble and honest, but lesser individuals will try to demean them. I think there is some truth to that.

  5. Great read, thank you! My natal venus is conjunct achernar at 15 degrees pisces. What could that mean?

    • Hi Simone. It would have to be a good omen for relationships, happiness and success in marriage I would think. Social charm and well off or at least comfortable financially. But you would be a better judge than me, let us know what you think.

      • Thank you! There is another unfortunate aspect that troubles my venus, so it’s comforting to think Achernar would be a good omen.
        I have venus at 15 degrees pisces and mars at 18 degrees pisces both in house 7, which on my chart is ruled by Uranus.
        And my uranus is in house 4, squaring both my venus and my mars 🙁 Everytime there is a Uranus transit my relationship goes on a rollercoaster!

        • Simone, conjunction of Venus and Mars, squared by Uranus, is a sign in your chart. You should engage in partnership astrology, at least as hobby. This is a way for you to harmonize your own partnership. Uranus is a very eccentric planet. If you don’t work with it, it will work with you. And it’s not nice! I have similar situation – powerful and dis-harmonic Uranus is ruler of my horoscope. My field is medical astrology, at this moment as hobby. And I have my natal Moon conjunction with Achernar at the same (15) degrees of Pisces!

  6. When looking over some of my charts I found a relative who is a published writer having Mercury conjunct this star. I also found Albert Einstein, a Pisces, has his Midheaven conjunct this star Achernar. Maybe the Constellation is right in suggesting interest in science in those who have this star in aspect to their planets and/or points. Final note: the writer, a Pisces, wrote a novel about the ocean and fishing. These constellations make you wonder even more about the construction of our universe.

  7. I have achernar tighly conjunct my MC jamie what could this imply in terms of career?…as well as asteroid Circe 34

  8. I have natal Sun conjunct Achernar and it fits me quite well. I majored in physics because I wanted to learn about the way the universe works. I would say spirituality is my greatest interest I have a lifelong love of learning, I am widely travelled and I am a writer. I’m going to start learning philosophy this year just as Neptune is conjunct Achenar and Jupiter is trine (transit jupiter is conjunct my natal Neptune which is trine my natal sun).

  9. Hey Jamie I’m still in the process of understanding orbs and fixed Stars, I was wondering if you could tell me if I have this star conjunct Neptune in my chart? 10-15-80 ohio

  10. Hi, i have jupiter exactly conjunct achernar in the 3rd house. Is there any extra significance to this?(Trine mars and i have an issue w my left foot, btw)

  11. Neptune is conjunct Achernar from February 2018 to May 2019. Three exact conjunctions:
    20 April 2018
    20 August 2018
    19 February 2019

  12. Oh my, I have Achernar Star exactly, exact (0.00 orb!) on Venus.
    I like to think of the universe as a celestial river..maybe that’s why 🙂

    Amazing actually as I also have issues with my left foot! I wonder is Cayce did, lol. Maybe he had 2 left feet!

  13. Achernar is in conjunction with my moon in Pisces in 8th house and in a sextile with my midheaven.
    I have Cancer in the 12lve House.
    Midheaven at 16:01 degrees of Taurus

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