George Pell Horoscope – Immoral Pervert

George Pell HoroscopeCardinal George Pell was the third most senior Catholic in the world until Wednesday December 12, 2018. On that day, Pope Francis terminated his appointment of Treasurer at the Vatican. The day before, a court in Australia handed down its verdict in a sexual assault case against Pell. The judge issued a suppression order and because I live in Australia I cannot talk anymore about the case. But I can talk about the George Pell Horoscope

If you live outside Australia you will probably already know the verdict. If you live in Australia like me, you will have to visit his Wikipedia Page to find out whether or not George Pell is now the most senior convicted sex offender of the Catholic Church.

George Pell Horoscope

George Pell was born on 8 June 1941 in Ballarat Australia but his birth time in unknown. The Aries Chart below set for noon shows the most significant aspect in his horoscope is Sun square Mars.

Sun square Mars creates a very tense energy inside which looks for expression through some type of action or creative self-expression like sport, sex or fighting.

When he was young he could safely burn up this aggressive energy through his love of football. But once he entered the priesthood he lost this physical outlet and sexual frustration must have caused problems.

This difficult aspect was activated by the December 7 new moon at 15°07′ Sagittarius. Even worse for Pell, Mars and Neptune were on his Mars as shown below.

George Pell Horoscope

George Pell Horoscope

Major themes of new moon December 2018 will be anger, fear, deception, confusion, treachery, scandal, revenge, immorality and perversion… Sexual abuse by priests is likely to make the news yet again.

Pell has Sun conjunct fixed star Rigel which gives riches and eminence, and has particular meaning when found in charts of priests. It makes him bold, courageous and insolent with an unruly temper. This star gives a quick rise in life because of a strong, inherent will power, love of action, and a lucky hand in enterprise. “If however the native is not cautious or has an attack of weakness, failure and disappointments, a fall from success will follow.” [1]

The Vatican horoscope also has Sun at 16° Gemini on the same star Rigel. So like Pell, the Vatican has been profoundly affected by scandal of a sexual nature following the new moon at 15° Sagittarius.

Pell’s Mars is conjunct fixed star Achernar which gives success in public office, beneficence, and religion. [2] Well placed, it promises happiness and success by giving good morals, faithful adherence to one’s religious beliefs, or a philosophical inclination. [3] Mars on Achernar square Sun is not well placed for George Pell. Achernar is associated with high offices in the church. Pope Francis has Saturn on Achernar.

Mars with Achernar is a stressful energy to the body, as it can affect the adrenal glands and diaphragm. There is an excessive heating of the adrenal glands which produces an excess supply of adrenalin. The individual becomes very argumentative and impatient with others. There would be continuous bickering and arguments about everything. [4]
George Pell Astrology

Other Fixed Stars

Venus conjunct fixed star Menkalinan causes ruin and disgrace because of excess pleasure seeking. [5]

Jupiter conjunct Hyades star cluster: Ambitious, dishonest, legal difficulties, quarrels with relatives, judicial sentence. [2] The Hyades give:

a staggering increase of the sexual urge; self-preservation, which could lead to greediness; sexuality; a dissolute life; excessive and licentious ways; and a striving for prestige leading to power politics. If this tendency is bridled, an increase in the positive sense can be the result, leading to tremendous success in life. When the pinnacle of the career is reached, the danger appears that the inherent nature may come again to the fore, and may, if uncontrolled, lead to failure and fall from power. With a connection to the Hyades, it is doubly important that power and strength must not be used to exploit other human beings. [3]

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      • cloudy where i am too, last night. Looks like it will be overcast tonight as well. 46/P Wirtanen is running the gauntlet of GPs Saturn, Uranus and Jupiter during this time.

  2. “The judge issued a suppression order and because I live in Australia I cannot talk anymore about the case…”

    What a bizarre bunch of bent dinosaurs, these elites are. as the judge not heard of the “Internet”; that Australians have full access to the internet? His gag order is about as useful as a chocolate fire-hose.

  3. There are good reasons to be suspicious of the validity of the conviction of Cardinal George Pell of the sexual abuse of two choir boys in the late 1990s. The Cardinal was exposing massive financial corruption in the Vatican when he was suddenly faced with these charges and forced to return to Australia. Since he left Rome, the investigations of Vatican financial corruption have conveniently ceased.

    • I’d bet that the Vatican has known about Pell, like forever, and decided to throw him to the wolves at this convenient (to them) time.
      The financial – er – shenanigans at the Vatican must be HUGE if they prefer this big Pell scandal to having their money muddle exposed.

  4. Pope Francis. March 13, 2013, 19:04, Vatican, elected
    Note the Saturn-Pluto-Jupiter yod and how it Activates with next week’s multiple transits. For instance, on December 19th 2018, Sun is transiting Galactic Centre, the whistleblower. Transiting Jupiter is at the Apex of the Yod, Transiting Venus is conjunct Saturn. Transiting Saturn is conjunct Pluto.

  5. Thank you, Jamie, for the astro report on Pell. I just had a mail from my brother in Melbourne praising Cardinal Pell, saying in general he was a “sacrificial lamb”. My reply, because I still have to get a license as an astrologer, just was based on the preponderance of water signs in a chart without birthtime. Water signs are emotionally vunerable, will do mostly anything to cover this, esp. Scorpios. But Pisces, by being silent, voice very little (through self-confusion) about themselves. In reply to this: astrology and myself are quite wrong. Pell has successfully whitewashed him.

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