Vatican Horoscope

Vatican FlagThe Vatican horoscope is based on the restoration of Papal independence on 7 June 1929. The creation of the Vatican City took place “at 11:00 am. on 7 June 1929 when Mussolini, the Italian Prime Minister, and Cardinal Gasparri exchanged the instruments of ratification in Rome.” [1]

With Mars square Chiron in the Vatican astrology chart, Jesus Christ (Chiron) would be very irate. One reason for his anger would be the cover up of the truth about Mary Magdalene (Lilith), shown by Saturn conjunct Black Moon Lilith. From the hiding and destruction of the Gospel of Mary, to her labeling as an “adulteress and repentant prostitute.” This lie to entrench the dominance and power of sick old perverts, was only quietly recanted in 1969, and very quietly at that.

Mary Magdalene was in fact a priestess, some say the husband of Jesus and mother of his children. Her spiritual wisdom and influence over the true Christian Church is shown in the Vatican horoscope by Lilith conjunct the fixed star Polis, which “will indicate more of the high office in spiritual life…someone whose interest and knowledge of things spiritual may be both keen and profound.”

Vatican Horoscope

Why else might Jesus Christ be furious with Vatican? Jupiter square Neptune creates twisted belief systems, lies and deception masquerading as Church doctrine. Neptune on the fixed star Regulus explains the violence committed in the name of religion.

Vatican Horoscope

Vatican Astrology Chart

Violence from the beginning. There were the Holy Crusades, where Palestinian parents were forced to watch their children being burnt alive then eaten. The genocide of wise women and those with common sense beliefs in the Inquisitions and Witch Burning. Another genocide occurred not so long ago, and many Nazi’s escaped the gallows thanks to the Vatican Ratlines.

Neptune, ruler of religion, is also conjunct the fixed star Phecda, which explain the sexual perversion of the Vatican. From institutionalized child sexual abuse, to self-flagellation and social engineering via Church laws on contraception. “In conjunction with Neptune and provided relevant configurations with Moon, Venus and Mars are present, it is an indication of a pathological sex nature.”

But wait, there’s still more unacceptable behavior to be found with the Vatican Jupiter square Neptune aspect. Jupiter, which rules the Church, is conjunct the sorrowful fixed star Alcyone. This explain both the homophobia promoted by Church laws, and the endemic homosexuality of the priesthood. With Jupiter in particular, this stars gives “deceit, hypocrisy, legal and ecclesiastical troubles.”

The tragic nature of the Pleiades is exaggerated by Jupiter, and pain and sorrow actually becomes the mission of the Vatican, its goal, with Jupiter culminating in the Pleiades. The Midheaven conjunct Alcyone causes “Disgrace, ruin, violent death. ”

As for the disgrace, well that is well on display for the world to see. What about the ruin and violent death? Most of us a aware by now of the major planetary influence these current years. Uranus square Pluto is forcing major and dramatic upheaval for global organizations, including Opus Dei and it’s Roman Catholic Church. The Vatican started experiencing its first Uranus return in 2013.

Not only has the Uranus return been exposing all the hidden abominations in the Vatican horoscope, but transiting Pluto square the Vatican Uranus has been stripping the Vatican of its influence and power, perhaps even financial power with any luck. Transiting Pluto square the Vatican Uranus carries on for the entirety of 2014. The final exact Uranus return is on 24 March 2014, just a week before the March 30 New Moon, “There may be some changes or unexpected news from the Vatican, as this new moon is conjunct the asteroid Vaticana.”


1. Book of World Horoscopes, Nicholas Campion, 1988, p.360.

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  1. What a detailed and thorough piece of investigative astrology, Jamie! It is so important to be able to see the significance of this before Grand Cross Day on April 23. I can see now how the Uranus return is working for an organization like this…

      • The other thing about this whole organization is that it was created around the time when Pluto was discovered… It fell into place with the other dark Plutonian forces that came into being, such as the Third Reich! No wonder that the Vatican Ratlines provided escape for these war criminals!

  2. Hi Jamie,
    Thank you for your supporting data in these excellent astrological delineations on themes that inspire me to continue on with some purpose in this life if we are to make significant changes in the consciousness of the masses and ignorance that pervades those who choose to give their power away to those who have proven themselves unworthy,as if ANYONE was worthy of such a feat.I have respect for differences,as in belief systems or ideas of how life should be lived,but not within the context of that we have witnessed from these institutions that suppress freedom of thought and self determination,threatening and eliminating the existence of those who disagree,whether it be through the inane,or rather insane,heritage of the Judaic Talmud or in the transference of these precepts in the continuance of,a new & revised version of the same through amalgamation of the pagan traditions with modern Christianity or Islam.

    .I have no faith,or any knowledge/experience,that the so called revisions this new Pope claims in acceptance of LGBT & WOMENS rights,or anyone’s rights,or in cleaning up the Vatican business/finances will be a true evolution,if it means the continued existence of these spiritually debilitating belief systems & institutions,that seem to morph when necessary.Christ said..”let the dead bury the dead”….and the past is a dead thing that only inhibits growth,learning & evolution.

    As Chiron squares my natal in Sag 3 rd for the next year,facilitating integration on a personal level of the healing of old wounds connected to the physical & instinctive sides of my nature,natal Chiron’s trine aspect to N-Pluto 11th (opp Venus 5th),and sextiles to N-Neptune/Venus,broadens the scope of this transit to include the collective aspects of this through my perceptions of religions & all other institutions.Given that,the astrological associations of Christ/Chiron & Magdalene/Lilith as the new & healing symbolism representing co-creative evolution,and not that of continued dead thinking,stands forefront in my own evolution.Could be with asteroid #318 Magdalene conjunct my Moon/DC/Vx~opposing ASC/Juno/Mars,these issues are most prominent for me……..and considering transiting Magdalene is conjunct my MC/Uranus,your post is most timely,supportive,and validating.Thank you Jamie.


    • Thanks Michael. We should pay more attention to Chiron transits to gain deeper understanding of what is going on in our lives, especially as you say for healing of old wounds. Thanks for your insights!

  3. While I appeciate and cheer on this very interesting view of the catholic Church, could you look at muslim and jewish churches. There is a common theme of casting women as temptresses, secondary to men and on with a marginal role in religion. Intersting paralells and I wonder why.

    • I wrote about the Vatican now because it is topical given the transits and new moon coming up. Another thing, is that the Catholic Church has nation status via the Vatican, and I could not do a chart so specific for the Islamic religion, even if so, which sect? Even though I have written about the Israel horoscope, that should not apply to Judaism. However, the Israel horoscope has Spica rising, which means it is activated by the lunar eclipse in April 2014.

      • Please, I urge you to do one for the Islamic religion, if you dare! It’s all so easy to beat on Christianity and Judaism without fear of retribution, while we all look the other way when Islam is involved. Look around you now, see what religion pillages and destroys? It’ll be so interesting to see your take on Islam. Not saying your wrong about the Vatican though!

    • I thought about this, I’m not that interested in looking at other religions. They don’t affect me. Christianity does, societies standards, schooling, so much. In particular the Catholic Church because I live in Australia. We are only 6 months into the the new Tony Abbott government, full of religious nut jobs who are in charge of my kids health and education. God help us! This is the first time since Augusto Pinochet that Opus Dei have got their claws into a national government.

      • This week my older son was handed a pamphlet for a charismatic christian youth group at his public school. I had previously advised the school that we are pagans (in fact my son is currently interested in Druidry). There was no information about what would be done during the group sessions and the school administration itself is ignorant yet facilitating the recruitment of youth group members via the Chaplain. I wonder what would happen if I asked the School Chaplain to distribute pamphlets about nature based spirituality?!?

  4. Brilliant Jamie, and I love the unfolding conversation. Lively, challenging and thought-provoking. Yes there’s a message in there for all of us – Chiron has in the last 3 years been moving over my Moon, Ceres and Jupiter. In a short while he’ll connect with Juno. It has been a beautiful, interesting and soulful time of surrender and embracing femininity. Thanks again PS – what programme do you use to produce such attractive charts please? x

  5. Wow. Maybe a first positive step forward:
    “A former victim of sexual abuse by priests will sit on a new commission created to root out paedophilia in the Catholic Church, the Vatican said on Saturday.” #abcnews

  6. The Vatican , The British Royals, The Rockefellers, The Rothchilds and all other top negative Cabal /Illuminati members are going down HARD!!! Inform yourself on this subject . Look for “The Event” by reading past articles and interviews on this blog . This site sioly gives the most recent update, so you will need to go thru resources in right hand column. If you do so, you will be amazed!!!!No hype here. This is a global major change, happening very soon. This is a wonderful thing for all except the negitive cabals ( they will be ousted) also global financial reset. For most detailed info read Event handbook ( ebook) available on above blog .

  7. How sweet….as asteroid Vaticanus #416,is transiting the vatican’s Uranus,transiting Pluto has been conjunct the vatican natal Vaticanus.

    My NNode 7th,conjuncts the vatican Uranus-the vatican’s Lilith conjuncts my Sun/IC & G cross aspects-my Lilith trines the vatican 12 th Neptune-and vatican Pluto has tight aspects to my outers,and…….my Pluto 11th conjuncts vatican Mars 12th,my Venus opposing……Yep!

  8. Thank you Mr. Jamie. All world leaders generally have had the mentality of 12 year old boys.”Its’ my ball and I’m going home!”,”If I can’t have it,then no one can”!, or “I got an F,but the whole class did as well!”,devoid of empathy at any level.
    Now comes a time when women,the givers of life and nurturers,who have been the most oppressed humans in this realm are going to have to save our asses and clean up this mess.
    May all the feminine experience love and be protected !

    Can anyone explain to me if infact ,there is a significance at this time or very near specifically for those born from 1962-1967
    Thank you !

  9. Have you looked at the chart of Sabbatean Frankists, or Frankism? Also, the charts of Sabbatai Zevi and Jscob Frank.

  10. My Chiron is in the same position as this, I also have Mars at 28* Leo, conjunct Regulus (same as Trump). I never knew Neptune had this affect. It makes sense being the 12th House, as it was undercover for a long-time. If you cast a chart for now, and look at the Transits, you can see how things are not going as smooth as they would like. The Vatican will crumble. That is what I predict from having a look at this. The Tower card in Tarot comes to mind.
    I’d like to thank you Jamie for the notifications, and for the information. Many thanks Jamie. Take care, and stay blessed.

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