Mercury Retrograde May 2022 – Public Debate

MercuryMercury retrograde begins on May 10 at 4° Gemini and ends on June 3 at 26° Taurus.

Mercury retrograde is generally associated with nervous anxiety, communication problems, and technology breakdowns. Mercury retrograde May 2022 brings personal disagreements and emotionally charged public debate because it is square Moon.

The three phases of Mercury retrograde May 2022 last from April 26 to June 18, 2022, between 26° Taurus and 4° Gemini:

  1. April 26 to May 10 – The first shadow phase: Mercury enters the retrograde zone (26° Taurus) to Mercury stationary retrograde (4° Gemini).
  2. May 10 to June 3 – The retrograde phase: Mercury stationary retrograde (4° Gemini) to Mercury stationary direct (26° Taurus).
  3. June 3 to 18 – The second shadow phase: Mercury stationary direct (26° Taurus) to Mercury leaves the retrograde zone (4° Gemini).

Mercury Stationary Retrograde

Mercury stations retrograde on May 10, 2022, at 04°51′ Gemini. The only aspect affecting Mercury is the square to Moon. Interestingly, Pluto retrograde on April 29 was also square the Moon.


Mercury Retrograde May 2022

Moon square Mercury creates tension between your thoughts and feelings. Your emotional biases influence your thoughts and your intellectual reasoning influences how you feel about a person or subject. You may feel very opinionated and care little about what others think.

Parochialism or moodiness can lead to disagreements and arguments. This can have a particularly detrimental effect on your intimate relationships. Disagreements may become emotionally charged, involve women, mothers, and feminism, and be argued in public.

This emotionally tense energy can be put to good use doing hard mental work. You can take a critical look at both sides as you perfect your ideas.

The Hyades Rainy Stars

Mercury retrograde May 2022 at 04°51′ Gemini aligns with fixed star Prima Hyadum at 06°06′ Gemini. As shown below, although Mercury is in the Sign of Gemini, it is in the Constellation of Taurus. This discrepancy is due to the precession of the equinoxes. It has moved the Sun Signs almost a whole Sign out of alignment with the Constellations from which they were named over 2000 years ago.

The Hyades

Mercury Retrograde May 2022 [Stellarium]

The Hyades in the Head of the Bull give tears, sudden events, violence, fierceness, poisoning, blindness, wounds or injuries to the head by instruments, weapons or fevers, and contradictions of fortune. [1]

In Greek mythology, the Hyades were the daughters of Atlas and Aethra, major figures in the pre-disaster period of our history. Like their half-sisters the Pleiades, they were a sorrowful group, and they have long portended rain.

The Hyades are Saturn-Mercury stars that cause unhappy thoughts, especially if harshly aspected. But harmoniously aspected they denote a good clear thinker, writer or speaker. So in the run-up to a disaster, the sisters had the skills required to communicate the news to a panic-stricken population and to exercise firm control over them. [2]

The Hyades cluster of the rain stars gives a staggering increase of the sexual urge; self-preservation, which could lead to greediness; sexuality; a dissolute life; excessive and licentious ways; and a striving for prestige leading to power politics. If this tendency is bridled, an increase in the positive sense can be the result, leading to tremendous success in life. When the pinnacle of the career is reached, the danger appears that the inherent nature may come again to the fore, and may, if uncontrolled, lead to failure and fall from power. It is doubly important that power and strength must not be used to exploit other human beings. [3]

Mercury with the Hyades: Quick mind, resentful, hasty temper, broods over small troubles, favorable for gain. [1]

So the personal disagreements and public debate about women’s issues may include domestic and sexual abuse because of the Hyades. The debate could become political and violent. News, disagreement, and protests are also possible about climate change and natural disasters.

Mercury Direct June 2022

Mercury stations direct on June 3, 2022, at 26°05′ Taurus. This time, the Moon is sextile Mercury which brings more intuitive and balanced thinking. Feelings and opinions can be shared in a more cooperative and friendly manner.

However, any chance of a more cooperative and friendly debate is derailed by Mercury direct square Saturn. This aspect has a very similar influence to Mercury retrograde because it brings bad news, negative thinking, misunderstandings and arguments.

Mercury Retrograde Gemini 2022

Mercury Direct June 2022

Medusas Head

Mercury direct at 26°05′ Taurus aligns with fixed star Algol at 26°28′ Taurus. It represents the head of the Gorgon Medusa who was slain by Perseus. It causes misfortune, violence, decapitation, hanging, electrocution and mob violence, and gives a dogged and violent nature that causes death to the native or others. It is the most evil star in the heavens. [1]

Although “high spiritual rays” are emanating from Algol, only those who have already reached high spiritual development can receive them. Even then, there will be difficulties and obstacles in their way, and much energy must be used to overcome these handicaps. If their endeavors fail, strong counter forces and enmities will be present. [2]

For more detail on how Mercury retrograde May 2022 affects you, see your Monthly Horoscope. If you are familiar with your chart, see Mercury Transits.

Mercury Retrograde Dates


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15 thoughts on “Mercury Retrograde May 2022 – Public Debate

  1. May10 Mercury Retrogrades the Magi chart Betelgeuse 00Gem55, at the April 30 Solar Eclipse Mercury location 00Gem48.

    I’ve tweaked the Magi chart by placing it in the Taurus mountains, Turkey, and adding 20 minutes. The Sun aligns with the Ascendant, 00Vir34 and current Algol transits the Mid Heaven. Thus we have a perfect set up to examine the Mercury Retrograde over the key Energy points; Magi Saturn and Betelgeuse, and April 30 Solar Eclipse Mercury. For the perfectionists, please note Jupiter transit Aries Point, and Moon align with Regulus at the ASC.

    I humbly propose we are heading to the Big Show.

    • Moments ago, 00 UTC, May 10

      Luna dances on the Ascendant, touches 30 spikes to 35, and then back to 30

      A humbling experience, I’m touched and a little overwhelmed. It’s been a lonely road the last few days. I see.. I see what you are doing, running with the horse..

  2. Although Mercury is rx in my natal Mercury isnt in my progressed chart and I what I have been finding more challenging with it, is that often accused with over thinking, over researching or over analysing in my younger days, I became more disciplined in using this skill for self analysis and research to be then help be more understanding in the world around me, so no I havent found it to be a curse or punishment at all for possible past discrepencies in my thinking,choices and communications and if so, then I am actually very thankful and appreciative for that? Also, and yes I do understand the very detrimental properties of algol and quite aware of the story of the Medusa, but what seems to go unnoticed, which is very apt with what you have written, is that Medusa became this evil snake haired being, because of constant repetitive cruelty & abuse of her better nature and is more representative, to me of how the victim when pushed to extremes, wound up to much by constantly being teased or mocked, also has a breaking point like everyone else and yet, will be punished for her evil nature. This unfortunately still happens to this day and often ignored by the general public, who simply are not the target, thus dont have a problem with it. So yes I do feel this will be a very interesting & quite revealing Mercury rx, the truth will out eventually type scenario and the month of May one of “all change” or suffer the consequences ourself. I also feel there will be more evidence of lawyers finding that they too are trapped by them blocking any loopholes that may have other wised allow the innocent a genuine & reasonable way out of a genuine grievance, and as I watched recently a lawyer objecting to hearsay and needed to be reminded by the Judge (Saturn) that it was he who asked the question?? The real challenge for me could have been that my mercury rx is in Cancer, and Cancer being the sign of the mother is inclined to be a foreward thinker because of their solid forewarning, intuition, fortunately, I have valued, appreciated and practiced using my intuitive foresight as much as possible as a teenager, so it has remained a blessing. I have to also say though, Jamie, that I do think it was very unwise for the Australian Primary Election to have been called 21/5 during mercury rx and the day of his inferior conjunction…a hung parliament or a complete temporary breakdown of the political machine & structure anyone? Definitely possible, I would think…. sadly, civil wars have started for less, so hopefully that is not on the agenda 😉

  3. May 13, Mercury retrograde, Cerus conjuncts Betelgeuse.

    Cerus, 01Aqr46, if activated in the Magi chart, rounds out a Hexagram. The purists may not agree with Pars Fortuna as a standalone point on the Star, but considering its degree and house, on the cusp of beauty, 01Lib48 and given to art and perfection… I suggest they elevate this point, as the historic records now prove.

  4. The Magi chart – Betelgeuse and Cerus, all these posts. Like a storm that seemingly comes up out of no-where, but that is how the Semi-Square aspect works. Mundane Jupiter 45° Uranus, nearing critical degree; and in my own natal chart, Ceres 45° Betelgeuse, to combine for that Hard 90° Square, triggered, May 1- May 7.

  5. X 1.5 Flare. May 10, 13:55 UTC

    Geocentric view, Chicago, Illinois.

    Mars conjunct Mid Heaven,
    Mercury Rx 12th house cusp

    The last 24 hours or so ‘Chaotic CME bursts from different quarters.

    X Flares are relatively rare and provide #25 Solar Cycle. storyline at astrologyking that has become popular. The X flare coincides with Mercury rx, and a celebrated fixing of the Magi alignment.

    “The Planet manages to get into the game here with its usual array of fighting and signalling that extends to the heavens.”

  6. US Berkeley Commencement Grad.

    May 14, 10:00 am PST with January 12, 2020 transit.

    The mass formation saluting the mass formation? The commencement was an unruly affair. A little out-of Synch than in previous years to put it mildly. 2 years of decay already! Participants not staying in their seats, speakers unable to command the microphone. You had to buy tickets online, many at inflated prices. People arriving late, line up choke points, people leaving early. Why miss an opportunity to study the graduate student body? Well done Berkeley.

  7. In my humble opinion the topic thread theme can be traced to Charles Fourier natal.

    Fourier inventor of the expression Feminist, was also a critic of what passed for Civilization. He has Moon Venus Uranus in the current Merc rx Wheelhouse, that also includes a Taurus sign Moon, Uranus transit and Venus at 0 degree Taurus transit.

    The Moon-Venus and sometimes Uranus, numerology 2,6 digs down a little further. A quality of inventory that now extends into fixed signs.

  8. Mercury is stationing direct on my AC. Is this why I’ve been so depressed lately?

  9. Mercury Direct at 26°05′ Taurus, Conjunct Fixed star Algol

    Moon Sextile Mercury (1°20′)
    Mercury Square Saturn (0°50′)
    Mercury Sextile Neptune (0°48′)
    Mercury Trine Pluto (2°14′)

    I think it is quite balanced

  10. I’ve never had too much trouble with mercury retrograde until this one. I’m 76. Even got in an accident in my wheelchair. This time I’m holding my breath hoping when it goes forward things will improve. But in a way good things came out of it. The retrograde mercury 26 degrees is conjunct my sun Helping me with the “hard mental work “you mentioned. As always thank you for your perspective/advice.

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