Mercury Trine Uranus Natal and Transit

Mercury Trine Uranus TransitMercury trine Uranus natal gives a brilliant and creative mind. It is as though you have antennae coming out of your head because all of your senses are so finely tuned. Your ability to see, or in some other way sense the future, can make you truly psychic, or at least very intuitive. Exciting, original, or peculiar ideas and people interest you. Above all, you need much mental stimulation to satisfy you.

You are a problem and a puzzle solver. This could make you good at crosswords and board games, and I suppose these days computer games. Communicating via the Internet would suit you just fine, as would a career in computer technology or working on the Internet.

Your originality and future-oriented thinking would also suit careers involving mathematics, any of the sciences or technical fields, especially electronic gadgets. Your high degree of creativity would suit any creative arts or design. You could also be a skilled psychic or astrologer. Any field of occult studies would suit.

You may prefer to hang around other slightly offbeat or progressive people. Mundane chit-chat would most likely bore you. You like to entertain and to be entertained and should have a wide circle of friends. You would find it easy to make new friends, but they may come and go.

This is a small chance that you may experience a lack of stability in some relationships. Your impulsive way of thinking may also lead to a lack of concentration or a tendency to become easily distracted. However, going off on tangents is how you will make many of your original discoveries, bright spark!

Mercury Trine Uranus Transit

Mercury trine Uranus transit opens your mind to new possibilities. There may be some exciting news, chance encounters with eccentric, or in some other way stimulating people. This transit has a stimulating, electrifying effect on your thinking and communications. Keeping an open mind comes naturally and increases your chance of making discoveries and new friends.

Your senses are stimulated, and your intuition should be strong and correct. Flashes of insight are possible when awake or asleep through vivid dreaming. Any psychic abilities will be enhanced. This would be an excellent time to study astrology or another occult subject.

You may also become more interested in studying computer technology, starting your own website, and generally communicating on the Internet. Mathematics, technical subjects, and any of the sciences would also appeal. This is also a good time for puzzle-solving and playing games. Your original way of looking at things would help find solutions to nagging problems.

Being around interesting people is important because you will gain a lot of insight through sharing ideas. A new friendship made now would certainly be stimulating but may not last too long.

Mercury Trine Uranus Celebrities

Jacques Coutela 0°00′, Eileen Brennan 0°00′, Alan Jardine 0°03′, Elsbeth Ebertin 0°10′, Sarah Jane Morris 0°11′, Lady Helen Taylor 0°11′, Irene Cara 0°15′, Bernadette Peters 0°16′, Kate McGarrigle 0°16′, Moina Mathers 0°17′, François Mitterrand 0°19′, Bella Hadid 0°19′, Connie Francis 0°22′, Benigno Aquino 0°23′,  Don James 0°26′, Nicolas Cage 0°27′, Edward the Black Prince 0°35′, Gregory Godzik 0°37′, Abraham Lincoln 0°37′, Jessica Savitch 0°42′, Jacques Chirac 1°14′, Barbara Hand Clow 1°15′, Venus Williams 1°16′, Meat Loaf 1°16′, Jessica Simpson 1°28′, Marie de’ Medici 1°28′, Olivia Newton-John 1°31′, Marilyn Manson 1°41′, Dustin Hoffman 1°56′.

Mercury Trine Uranus Dates

August 16, 2022
December 17, 2022
January 8, 2023
January 29, 2023
September 30, 2023
January 28, 2024
September 24, 2024
January 23, 2025
September 19, 2025
January 19, 2026
September 13, 2026
January 14, 2027
September 10, 2027

14 thoughts on “Mercury Trine Uranus Natal and Transit

  1. Mercury stationed retrograde trine my Uranus today. Spent time chatting with a new friend on the internet.

  2. Hi Jamie
    am happy to learn that I have this aspect as close as 1° and I love intellectual stimulation. I love gadgets and the internet. But wanted to know whether this aspect makes one allergic to women? Although being a woman I don’t like to be in a woman’s company as I find them too mediorcre. Is this aspect responsible?

    • Hi Tina. I expect this would be due to some other aspect or fixed star influence. Both these planets are considered asexual.

  3. Mercury is transiting over natal Mars and trining Uranus. Which means Uranus is trining natal Mars
    Big fight or brilliant idea ?

    • if you have Mars trine Uranus in your chart then you should already have a good idea of which way this aspect turns out for you. Mercury is fairly neutral in transit.

  4. I have the trine, while my friend has quintile. He seems to be much more brilliant and creative than I am 🙂 Btw, he’s a professional musician

  5. I have mercury trine uranus at 0°07’, and I approve this and other of your well laid out astrological information. I’ve been researching more on astrology and started reading up on Sidereal, which is vibing with me as Tropical hadn’t been 100% doing, which is ofc the usual feeling if not a complete lack of relation to, altogether. Appreciating the read!

    • Hi Ann. Any positive Mercury aspect or transit like this will reduce the risk of problems associated with Mercury retrograde.

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