Single Ambivalence Aspect Pattern

Single Ambivalence Aspect PatternA Single Ambivalence aspect pattern is also called an Easy Opposition. It is a right-angled triangle formed from a red opposition, a blue sextile, and a blue trine. Red-blue aspect patterns give an ambivalent attitude, a dualistic world outlook, and a tendency to think in black and white terms. A sometimes absolutist “either/or attitude” can lead to arguments.

Ambivalence is expressed in the two colors. The red opposition aspect is full of tension, pressure and conflict. Directly connected with this is a relaxed, pleasure-oriented pole, which forms the apex of this right-angled blue-legged triangle.

The blue side of this figure suggests an ideal world, where you see only beauty and goodness and tension is swiftly despatched along it. The blue-aspected planet forms a third pole to the opposition planets; it indicates a kind of switch point in the correct management of the ambivalent energies.

Living mostly with the planet at the blue apex allows you to enjoy life. It is fairly easy to diffuse the opposition tension along the blue aspects. The apex planet enables a freer view of things, thus making the opposition more bearable. [1]

However, seeking comfort and pleasure by only expressing the apex planet makes you unable to deal with conflict. And reverting to the apex planet when tension occurs means you are running away from your problems. The opposition will always catch up with you if you ignore it. The strong inner restlessness would suddenly take over and embroil you in problems again.

The key to enjoying life and also being successful is to proactively use the apex planet to solve problems as soon as they arise. This not only relieves tension but also gives a sense of balance and direction. The skills and determination provided by this aspect pattern can then lead to great achievements.

Easy Opposition Aspect Pattern

Joe Biden Horoscope

In the chart above for Joe Biden, Neptune is at the apex of the Single Ambivalence, or Easy Opposition aspect pattern. Uranus opposite Ascendant, unfortunately, manifested as the death of his wife in a car accident. He must have relied on his spirituality (Neptune) to help him through such a tragedy. Now he is the “healer-in-chief”, trying to overcome the extreme polarity in his country.


  1. Aspect Pattern Astrology, Bruno and Louise Huber, 2005, p. 155.

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12 thoughts on “Single Ambivalence Aspect Pattern

  1. I’m shocked Potato Joe manages to be such an pathetic embarrassment, with all that Scorpio I’d expect the complete opposite instead. Although the 12th house does pertain to self-undoing and his 12th is packed.

      • Anne’s comment is also evidence of how he is the furthest thing from the ‘healer-in-chief’. The source of the polarity and the power to heal it is within all of us and we all must take responsibility to heal ourselves in order to enjoy peace on a personal…national…global…universal…scale. Demonizing, hero-worshipping…it all amounts to the same thing: projecting our power on the external. Be your own healer! (maybe this is coming from my Neptune – Pluto – Saturn single ambivalence pattern…)

  2. Very kool Jamie, like Lou Reed fronting Velvet Underground. We do art here, some days more than others..

    Boris Johnson with two ambivalence thingies. He’s just about to send the Mop Tops off to America, good luck, utmost confidence, hold your nose at the manager and his entourage, and knock em out. Hello GB GDP, until George’s Taxman song…

    Boris at Peak power, age 58, he’s not done yet, a good study on the growing strength (or ambivalence?) of Uranus -Pluto conjunct transit… which makes September a most precarious time of year.

  3. JAMIE….on previous comments on aspects….having studied lot of charts know how rare a Yod configuration like mine is….have Pluto in opposition setting the whole thing off…the constant sense of being driven and blocked plus isolation on a personal level….can’t get anything accomplished and this has been going on for years….

  4. This full moon is Dharma for Buddists, mind you every full moon in Capricorn is their Dharma day every year. The release of the negative hardships so not sure what I make of that one in this totally material world. Bizarrely though I will be eligible at last for my state pension so I am being released a little financially. Also on this full moon Saturn is trine to Venus, again that is a strange coincidence.
    The new moon on July 13th 2018 opposite Pluto at 20 Capricorn is completed at this full moon.
    For me it’s my birthday and since 1984 had every Capricorn outside planet opposing my Sun in 9th house except from 1998 to 2008. Are there any Cancerians who totally connect to that feeling of being squashed flat???
    I would love to know.

  5. It strikes me that a drawback to Joe Biden’s Neptune as a planet of resolution—leading in Libra in the 10th, no less—is a certain airy idealism that places unwarranted faith in the better natures of those who pride themselves on having none.

    This triangle forms the dominant aspect pattern of my chart as well: Algol Moon/Juno/(Saturn) in Taurus 10 oppose Venus/Neptune in Scorpio 4, with Mars/Pluto at the blue apex in Virgo 2; however, Vesta in Libra 3 at the semisextile midpoint of Mars/Pluto and Venus/Neptune seems to divert and repurpose some of that sextile energy.)

    Thanks for covering this one, Jamie!

  6. I had never heard of this pattern until I came across your page.

    I have this pattern in the composite chart of me and an old fling, who I still have feelings for.

    Apex planets are Venus, Mars, and Pluto (they’re all conjunct), with moon opposing neptune (moon conjunct DC, neptune in 12th).

    I’d be interested to know your thoughts on this. Many thanks!

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