Mystic Rectangle Aspect Pattern

Mystic Rectangle AstrologyThe Mystic Rectangle astrology configuration is a complex aspect pattern formed by a combination of red and blue aspects. It was also termed a Righteousness Rectangle by the Hubers. [1] It is comprised of at least six aspects; two sextiles, two trines and two oppositions. The two red oppositions are sextile to each other and surrounded by the four blue aspects to create the a rectangle.

Mystic Rectangle Astrology

In general, aspect patterns formed by a combination of red and blue aspects give an ambivalent attitude, a dualistic world outlook, and a tendency to think in black and white terms. A sometimes absolutist “either/or attitude” can give a tendency to argue.

In the mystic rectangle aspect pattern, a tense red cross is surrounded by clam blue aspects. The high-energy oppositions produce a lot of tension and activity. The harmonious aspects bring resolution to any conflict but can also mask an unsettled inner nature. This cool exterior may fool others into thinking you have it all together but don’t fool yourself. Recognize or admit the source of your red inner tension and use your blue talents to resolve them.


The rectangle created by the four blue aspects indicates a rich supply of talent that is kept on solid ground by the red aspects. It looks like an envelope in which the inside, charged with the tension of the two oppositions, is protected. The two red aspects are well wrapped up and are not visible from the outside. The blue aspects show the need for harmony, good behavior and give an impression of security so that no one notices the inner tension.

Just as one cannot see the contents of a sealed envelope, a mystic rectangle makes you seem impossible to read or understand. It makes you outwardly calm, balanced, “righteous”, and only rarely betraying your internal tensions and problems.

You are often not aware of the effect you have on others, as you are too preoccupied with your own internal problems. You are busy trying to keep up a good outward appearance. You don’t accept that anyone else can have problems because you don’t want to have any yourself. This attitude is more common in superficial people. On the other hand, if you try to identify your inner problems (oppositions) and solve them, you will tend to suggest the most perfect possible solutions to those around you.

Mystic Rectangle Motivation

The motivation of this rectangle is clear. You want to spread harmony and acquire harmony. This is not always easy in a world full of contradictions and polar energies, but it is reasonable. It is not that you must stop always looking for meaning, rather you just always recognize the meaning and value of things but have trouble letting go.

If your sensuality is aroused, you react very devotedly, for you are able to feel pleasure and know the value of relaxation. However, that can be too much, like a wet sponge. You then find a private retreat and brood.

If you suffer, no one notices, for externally you only show your blue balanced side. You can be very affectionate, but still hold back. You can have a harmonizing effect on those around you though. When you settle disputes, you instinctively make sure that everyone agrees with you.

Your great sensitivity enables you to be very considerate, responsive and to provide constructive energies. You possess a natural therapeutic gift. The two red diagonals mean that everything is controlled centrally and all life processes are ultimately subject to your will.

Mystic Rectangle Astrology

Mel B Horoscope


The mystic rectangle astrology makes you intelligent and practically oriented. Practical thinking and clear standards are combined in the search for meaning. Your receptive and accepting abilities show a special gift of storing sensations and feelings. Your artistic side shows aesthetic sensibility and a feeling for art and beauty.

However, you do have a depressive prevailing mood, because life can be so difficult and yet so beautiful. You are a perfectionist who wants to please everybody and you also possess a deep understanding of human nature. You are popular and your passive presence is appreciated by those around you.

Sometimes you can be controversial, to relax other people and to be able to reveal more depth. You can quickly get someone back onto their feet from the depths of despair. You aim to show meaning to life and help to keep a person on track.


As a red-blue rectangle, the mystic rectangle only knows two states of extremes: strong-weak, harmonious-tense, extrovert-introvert, black-white, good-bad, and so on. Your willpower (red) combines with substance (blue), and collected experiences can be changed.

Due to its four-fold symmetry, the mystic rectangle is practically unassailable. You can ride out any storm, mental pressure, or emotional discharge, even when you had previously suffered from it. Your blue “cushioning” enables you to weather every blow and return to your familiar form after an adaption phase. You seem to have something unchangeable and constant in your life and therefore behave quite conservatively.

The symmetrical rectangle consists of four triangles. The ability to settle conflict and differences is, therefore “multiplied” by four. Indeed you know no other way, insight, logic or knowledge are not very helpful by themselves. You either do something and thereby gain valuable experience or you forget it.

The four triangles work like a windmill, giving the impression that you are stuck in a perpetual loop. You rarely have to really make an effort to make a decision. The wheel of life revolves again and brings you the experience anyway.

The mystic rectangle can look like an envelope with a seal in the middle, or like a window that is reinforced with two crossbars. This suggests you are guarding something with your impenetrable all-around vision. Secrets, old and forgotten knowledge, or something about another person? Your fascination grows according to how you go about learning about spiritual matters. You probably have a mystical disposition.

The two oppositions give a high energy potential with which the conflict between inside and outside can be expressed creatively. The internal pressure caused by the oppositions can sometimes lead to a breakdown. If the internal tension is not diffused, substance is lost.

Sometimes, the bottled-up internal pressure leads to mental confusion. Then there is a conversion, a transformation. This leads to a wholesale abandonment of everything that was important before, thus enabling a spiritual rebirth. Something of higher inner value is then present that can be given to the world through the blue aspects.

Mystic rectangle astrology is actually helpful. There are four harmonious blue aspects and only two challenging red aspects. When the challenges of the opposition are consciously recognized and dealt with, they can be overcome and inner harmony achieved. When the talents and potential of the mystic rectangle are realized, significant achievements are possible that benefit many people.

Mystic Rectangle Examples

If you know of any others, please tell me in the comments and I will add them here.

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  1. Aspect Pattern Astrology, Bruno and Louise Huber, 2005, p.162.

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  1. 2/22/22 is also a once every 248 year event. Pluto will conjunct the United States. The last time this happened was July 4, 1776. Pluto brings destruction and rebirth. Rome fell when Pluto returned.

  2. The Dalai Lama has a Mystic Rectangle, as do I.
    The Venus corner of my MR is opposite Pluto, sextile the Moon, and trine Neptune, and will be exactly conjunct the Neptune and Jupiter Conjunction on April 12/22.

      • Gotcha. It seems like an odd way to qualify the aspect. I looked it up a while ago because I have this in my natal and astrologers told my mother it was “bad.” I appreciate your explanation here, it resonates with my experience navigating the mystic rectangle in life’s journey.

  3. WOW…It describes me perfectly! It’s soo deep and refreshing!! Thanks Jamie!! God Bless ❤

  4. Thank you for such an in depth description of this fascinating aspect…I am still learning and you and your site are superb…

  5. All it takes is one to the change the world,
    one that has achieved immortality.

    Imagine a pebble/s,that have been implanted,
    at some point in time.

    Imagine a distillery process,
    of turning lead into gold.

    Let’s look at Mel B as an example.
    Assuming by her weight watcher ads,
    she has a lack of self control,
    and weight/food/addiction issues.

    She gets on top,
    but falls back into old habits.
    She gets back on top again,
    but falls back intp old habits again.

    Etc etc etc etc etc,
    time and time again,
    until she reaches,
    the pulses and vibrations.

    Feeling ungrounded,
    she falls back into old habits.

    Until she can handle,
    another step up,
    in vibration.

    Rinse and repeat,
    distill to align.

    Take out:
    Addiction served the purpose,
    mastering an addiction is ‘easy’.
    The point of addiction,
    is getting comfortable,
    with the vibration/s.

    Timing is everything,
    and good distillery takes time.

    On time and when needed,
    to go forward,
    to another increment.

    Most pertinent now.

    • “putin'(unbeknown to putin/spirit)
      has started the axe(correction).

      cause of the distaste,
      for the west.

      have gotten this constantly,
      since mid 2018.

      Serves as a reminder,
      let go of fear,
      feel it,release it,
      as your troubling times,
      are to correct and face now.

      Let it all go,
      and feel your ‘strengths’.

      Those strengths where by,
      you are now acted upon,
      to feel and do now.

      NO FEAR.

      Your strengths are beyond,
      the imaginary talk of the mind.

  6. I could relate very personally to your description of the characteristic of this pattern in the natal chart. So much so that I pulled mine up to see whether the intensity of my response to reading this correlated to my chart. What I found is that there is indeed a cosmic rectangle IF the MC can be considered as one of the rectangle’s corners. What do you think?

      • Thank you! Your article has helped me found a renewed sense of thankfulness for the way I am, warts and all. And as we all know, that is the only state of mind that leads to positive outcomes. The intensity of those two oppositions (Saturn on ascendant Sag opposite Mars, and Sun+Venus opposite MC in Libra) invisible to most, can obfuscate how magically all around me resolves. I think I’ve taken for granted, and overlooked the gifts I have to share.

  7. Hi, I was recently told I have a mystic envelope in my chart by a local astrologer. That has never disclosed to me before. Can you help confirm if I do and what that means in my chart please?

  8. Thank you, I was looking for more information on this configuration. Looks more like a house in my chart. I do protect myself understanding that through experience.

  9. Any insight is welcome!

    Sun in 13° 57′ Taurus
    Moon in 6° 20′ Libra
    Mercury in 4° 28′ Gemini
    Venus in 0° 16′ Aries
    Mars in 0° 41′ Libra (r)
    Jupiter in 4° 20′ Scorpio (r)
    Saturn in 17° 2′ Libra (r)
    Uranus in 3° 24′ Sagittarius (r)
    Neptune in 26° 42′ Sagittarius (r)
    Pluto in 25° 1′ Libra (r)
    North Node in 16° 37′ Cancer (r)
    Chiron in 22° 3′ Taurus
    Ascendant in 8° 3′ Scorpio
    Mc in 21° 50′ Leo

    The aspects
    Venus Opposition Mars orb: 0 °
    Neptune Sextile Pluto orb: 1 °
    Chiron Square MC orb: 1 °
    Saturn Square North Node orb: 1 °
    Mercury Opposition Uranus orb: 1 °
    Moon Trine Mercury orb: 2 °
    Mars Sextile Uranus orb: 3 °
    Moon Sextile Uranus orb: 3 °
    Sun Sextile North Node orb: 3 °
    Venus Trine Uranus orb: 3 °
    Pluto Sextile MC orb: 4 °
    Saturn Sextile MC orb: 4 °
    Mercury Sextile Venus orb: 4 °
    Mars Square Neptune orb: 4 °
    Venus Square Neptune orb: 4 °
    Jupiter Conjunction Ascendant orb: 4 °
    Mercury Trine Mars orb: 4 °
    Sun Opposition Ascendant orb: 5 °
    Neptune Trine MC orb: 5 °
    Moon Opposition Venus orb: 6 °
    Moon Conjunction Mars orb: 6 °
    Mars Trine Chiron orb: 8 °

    Venus in 0° Aries
    Neptune in 26° Sagittarius
    Mars in 0° Libra

    Moon in 6° Libra
    Uranus in 3° Sagittarius
    Mercury in 4° Gemini
    Venus in 0° Aries
    Mars in 0° Libra

    The moon was a waxing gibbous moon

    The chart is a See Saw shape

    The Fixed mode is dominant among the inner planets

    Many planets are in retrograde: Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, North node

    Most of the inner planets are located in the top hemisphere

    Jupiter and Pluto are rising; Sun and Chiron are descending

    Mars is in 9 aspects

    Venus in Aries and Mars in Libra are in mutual reception

    Mercury in Gemini is in the sign of its rulership

    1st House starts at 8° Scorpio (Containing Uranus)
    2nd House starts at 6° Sagittarius (Containing Neptune)
    3rd House starts at 12° Capricorn (Containing South Node)
    4th House starts at 21° Aquarius
    5th House starts at 24° Pisces (Containing Venus)
    6th House starts at 19° Aries
    7th House starts at 8° Taurus
    (Containing Sun, Mercury and Chiron)
    8th House starts at 6° Gemini
    9th House starts at 12° Cancer (Containing North Node)
    10th House starts at 21° Leo
    11th House starts at 24° Virgo
    (Containing Moon, Mars and Saturn in Libra)
    12th House starts at 19° Libra (Containing Jupiter and Pluto)

  10. I have this in my natal chart:
    Sun Pisces, opposite Virgo Moon
    Saturn Taurus, opposite Jupiter Scorpio,
    Which I guess makes it also Lucifer’s Rectangle 🙂
    I would say that in general I tend to see both sides of any argument and love to know more about people who don’t think like me or are different than me and my experiences. I don’t dwell about my difficulties and am more fun and jovial with people.
    I would love to know more about it though..

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