T-Square Aspect Pattern

T-Square Aspect PatternA T-Square astrologically is a red aspect pattern formed between three planets or points in a horoscope. Red aspect patterns are called ‘achievement figures’, as the aspects they form are charged with energy. The energy tension allows people to use it in life, be it in work, to act, or to achieve goals.

Blue and green are missing from the red figures. Without blue, there is no possibility for relaxation; without green once acts without thinking. Red promotes action, achievement, the attaining of goals, and demonstration. These people are very active and many work by the motto “act first, think later”, and not the other way around, which means that mistakes can be made very easily.

Achievement Triangle

A T-Square is a triangle consisting of two squares that are joined by an opposition. This red triangle is the classic achievement figure. Also called and Achievement Triangle 1, the purposeful cardinal impetus (red) finds its clearest expression. The apex of the triangle and the planet that lies there indicate where the achievement is directed and which planetary principle is used.

While in the case of the red square, work is carried out continuously and progressively. In the case of the T-Square, the energy is paralyzed again and again. A person with a T-square should complete their work quickly and successfully so that they can reset again afterward. After a short or long break, they can go back to work with renewed vigor.

A person with a T-square produces a greater output per measurable unit of time that someone with a square. With a square, the performance is regular and constant and hence takes up more time. The dynamic of these two figures is therefore very different.

Of course, the square seeks security, constancy and symmetry, while the T-square’s motivation is more flexible and more dynamic. Such a person would like to reach their goal as fast as possible. Someone with a T-square can work like mad and when they are ready, they move onto the next job assertively and highly dynamically.

Energy is stored and bottled up in the opposition. The energy tension produced by the opposing pressures is discharged along both squares and in fact from two sides towards one point. In this way, the apex of the T-square (where the squares come together) forms the power point in which achievement is produced and transferred into work by the discharge of tension. an unsuccessful energy transfer leads to rigid states of awareness; one cannot change and the same mistakes are made again and again.


Joan Rivers T-square

Holy Grail

A T-Square a very tense and challenging aspect pattern that takes some work to master. Eventually, a series of crises, tests, and challenges, will perfect the skills necessary to overcome the inherent obstacles, frustration, and conflict of the squares and opposition. The honing of the necessary life skills, together with learning to relate to others at the emotional level, can lead to the determination, fortitude, and the life-experience necessary for great achievements and success.

The pattern formed by the “T square” can be identified as the Holy Grail. The dynamic of the T square will manifest as, a very subjective need to follow, with great determination, which makes the individual feel emotionally secure. The conflict will be manifesting as a need to relate emotionally in a very spiritual way while maintaining all the security structures around the self. The need to share oneself completely, with another, without denying personal self-gratification, will be challenged, as it is very difficult to be generous and selfish, at the same time. 2 [Elida Natalia Marchison]

Empty Leg

One more thing to note about T-square is the empty leg, where if a planet were to be in a natal chart, would complete a grand cross aspect pattern. If you have a T-square in your natal chart, any moon phase or planet transiting the empty leg will highlight the areas of life where you feel emptiness, that something is missing, or where you over-compensate for the attention you give to the focal planet.
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  1. Oh dear, no wonder I am feeling crazy….I am an Aries/Taurus cusp and the whole thing is culminating on my birthday within my own natal t-square involving Saturn opposite Mercury/Venus square Uranus as the focal planet. I am feeling like I need to explode but Saturn is preventing it and I guess it would help to start painting again….dear me, dear me.

  2. Would you consider a T-square, if the leg of the T was on the MC? Many thanks.

  3. Jamie, how would you interpret a T-square where the squares to the focal planet are weak but the opposition itself is extremely strong? I have Capricornian Saturn (8th House) and Cancerian Mars (2nd House) weakly squaring my Libran Moon (5th House) by between 7 and 8 degrees as separating aspects, while the opposition between Mars and Saturn is near exact at 6 minutes and the aspect is applying to boot! Outside of the initial question, any other interpretations you might wish to add regarding the aforementioned described T-square would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  4. I am only beginning to explore astrology. I seem to have 11 t-squares and I can’t make sense of it at all. Maybe the computer program had a hiccup?

  5. New moon July 31st, 2019 completes the grand cross “empty leg” of my Mars-Pluto-Jupiter fixed sign T-square. Should be interesting!

  6. Hi, would you consider leo sun square pluto in scorpio by 7.03 a and squaring mars in taurus by 4 a a t square? Isnt sun square pluto too wide?

    • Hi Aggy. I think that square is too wide but if Mars is midway between them it would be more significant.

  7. Hi,usually when dealing with pluto or any slow moving planet a 10 degree range apply for the squares….it’s a arc that start 10 degree before the exact squares and last 10 after….this is specially true for pluto which is the slowest of em all.

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