Moon Sextile Mercury Natal and Transit

Moon Sextile Mercury Transit

Moon sextile Mercury maximum orb 4°30′.

Moon sextile Mercury natal gives intuition, emotional stability and practicality. It makes you easy to talk to and get along with because of your engaging and outgoing nature, although you can sometimes be opinionated. You may prefer to be around people and may have many friends. You have good people and social skills because you intuitively understand people and quickly form emotional connections.

Above all, though, you are an excellent communicator. You are intelligent but not seen as intellectual because of your distinctive touch and lively nature. Your curiosity and good memory make you a quick learner and able to hold conversations on almost any topic.

You make a great friend because you can openly share your feelings. People can share their feelings with you because you listen to and understand them. This talent to engage at an intimate level extends beyond one-to-one interactions. You subconsciously act as a conduit in groups of people, giving everyone a feeling of belonging or team spirit.

You have a playful mind and a youthful spirit. You should make a good parent and enjoy the company of children. You may act as a representative or agent for other people or groups. You are the one who would speak for your family and give toasts at parties.

You have a way with words and would have been a lovely letter-writer or pen pal in the past few days. Your handwriting should be neat, pleasing, or at least easy to read. Writing is your particular skill but would be wasted on technical subjects. You are a storyteller, a poet, a songwriter, and a novelist.

Moon Sextile Mercury Transit

Moon sextile Mercury transit is good for socializing because it puts you in the mood for talking. You don’t have to think about what to say because you are in tune with other people’s feelings. This is a time for chit-chat and idle gossip more than formal discussions. This is also an excellent time to talk about family and relationship problems because you will feel more sensitive and caring than usual.

Others will come to you to share their feelings too. You could be someone’s shoulder to cry on or a relationship counselor. You can put people at ease with your intuitive understanding and genuine interest. Expect more interaction with friends and neighbors and more communication in general. You can handle more routine mental work like returning emails and paying bills. If writing is part of your job, this can be a very productive time.

Although not a particularly intellectual influence, this would be an excellent time to sit for exams that depend on a good memory. You may feel sentimental, find yourself looking through photo albums or be reminded of old friends, or even hear from one of them.

You can contribute to any group or team, and you would have a unifying influence and encourage cooperation. The more you share your feelings, the more you will get out of this transit or moon phase.

This interpretation for Moon sextile Mercury transit applies to a lunar eclipse and full moon sextile Mercury.

Moon Sextile Mercury Celebrities

Ilona Staller 0°00′, Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon 0°18′, Auberon Waugh 0°21′, Harriett Wilson 0°22′, Martinus Thomsen 0°28′, T. C. Lethbridge 0°34′, Edmund White 0°36′, Brian Eno 0°38′, Joseph Goebbels 0°39′, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex 0°41′, Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki 0°42′, Amelia Earhart 0°44′, Beck 0°54′, Paul McCartney 0°55′, Barack Obama 1°01′, Stephen King 1°12′, Josephine Ford 1°16′, Bob Denver 1°23′, Gates McFadden 1°25′, David Spangler 1°28′, Tennessee Williams 1°41′, Kylie Jenner 1°45′, Warren Buffett 1°54′.

7 thoughts on “Moon Sextile Mercury Natal and Transit

  1. Thanks Jamie. I have moon 14 aq and merc 14 sag – 26 asc sag, 10 sun sag. I don’t feel so outgoing though, never was really. Dec 2 62 940 am calgary ab. What’s wrong with me? Shouldn’t this much sag make me the life of the party? Everything else you said was bang on, people talk to me like they’ve known me a long time, even after just a few encounters of meeting them. I soak up too much of their stuff too.

    • Unfortunately most interpretations for fixed stars are from Victorian times and do use scary words. Read all the article to see what modern authors say like

      “But war is not the only outlet for the symbolism of Antares, and it indicates just as often the individual’s great store of energy and optimism to undertake ventures which others could not attempt. According to the planets involved, and the house on the horoscope where Antares is found, such ventures can include anything from sports achievements and exploration of Antarctica or the Moon, to diplomacy of the most hazardous kind or scientific research at the extremes of human knowledge and ability.”

      The Constellations and Sun Signs roughly aligned when the Tropical Zodiac was developed over 2000 years ago. Now they are about 30 degrees out of alignment due to Precession of the Equinoxes.

  2. Your Sun conj Mercury in 12th house indicates reclusive tendencies, damping your ego and communication. May also explain your “soak up too much of their stuff”, common with 12th house placements. Transiting Saturn in your 12th may have added restrictions, too. Transiting Saturn will be conj your ASC soon and into your 1st house.

  3. Hi, I have this alignment in a YOD. Much of what you describe is pretty much true! Thanks J.

  4. Moon sextile Mercury at Ferndale CA Earthquake
    chart transit 12 Jan 1962

    incidentally, or maybe not, Gamma Ray Burst GRB 221009A last October 8, is 17th degree Capricorn, by longitude. ie. The EQ, Moon transit sextile GRB 221009A.

    That, in my humboldt opinion, is what im saying.

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