Barack Obama Horoscope

Barack Obama was born on August 4, 1961 at 7:24 pm in Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.A. His Sun positioned at 12 degrees Leo places him in Leo Decan 2. His Moon is Gemini Decan 1, and Ascendant is Aquarius Decan 2.

Sun and the Moon are the two equally most influntial bodies in astrology. So aspects to the luminaries are the best place to start when interpreting a chart. The strongest Moon aspect in Moon sextile Mercury, as the orb is only one degree, and Mercury is a personal planet, affecting how we think and communicate. The strongest Sun aspect in Sun square Neptune, with an orb of four degrees. Even though a square aspect is more powerful than a sextile aspect, the Moon in Baracks chart is the power player. His Moon receives many more aspects than the Sun. The Moon is the focal point of a T-Square aspect pattern to Pluto opposite Chiron. The Moon is also pnly five degrees from the Nadir, thus affecting his public profile with Moon opposite Midheaven.

According to Robert Pelletier (Planets in Aspect), Moon sextile Mercury is ‘The Charming Speaker’:

Both memory and comprehension are likely to be above average, thus creating a well-stocked intellect. What can emerge as a motivation is a need to be socially useful by contributing to your community…You can be an effective communicator, conveying ideas and presenting them in a clear and persuasive manner, being articulate and literate, entertaining and interesting.

Barack Obama Horoscope

Source for birth data in the Barack Obama horoscope comes from the long-form birth certificate of Barack Obama, posted on the White House website on  April 27, 2011.

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  1. Excellent article, Jamie. I appreciate your thoughtful analysis, and your unique perspective. I had not thought about the implications of our healthcare bill outside the U.S. It will be interesting to watch this chart unfold, especially as so many planets transit early cardinal signs in the coming months & years.

    Jupiter on the MC is interesting in light of all the stupid lawsuits that are coming, including one from my state’s attorney general. The Republican attorney general and governor of Virginia want to repeal the healthcare bill and reinstate the right of my insurance company to deny coverage for children and drop me if I get sick. Lovely. It will be interesting to watch them make the case for this! One of those things you have to either laugh or cry about.

    Take care, Jamie! Thanks again.

  2. Great article as expected Jamie! I doubt we’ll see any drastic changes to womens rights in our lifetime though, but hopefully one day xo

  3. Interesting trivia, asteroid Panacea was conjunct Chiron for this chart, as you know, and Hygeia is pretty strong in it as well. Marie Stopes who was one of the first on the family planning band wagon, had Panacea conjunct Hygeia, it’s definitely one to keep an eye re: health concerns in the broader scope!

  4. Hi Jamie — With all due respect, this bill does very little to help the underprivileged, although for the moment at least, I do agree that it boosts the political standing of President Obama, since many Americans seem eager to buy into the current “feel-good” rhetoric. Nor could this be considered ‘universal” health care, since it does not provide guaranteed coverage for everyone. The bill is 3,000 pages long, and sources of accurate information are hard to find, so it’s completely understandable why there is so much confusion about what it does/does not do.

    Insurance companies can still offer plans with high premiums, high deductibles and/or high out-of-pocket costs, just as they do now. For instance, the monthly insurance premium for a family, even with subsidies, may remain unaffordable, especially for those in the lower income brackets. And since the subsidies only apply toward premiums, many people will not have the cash resources necessary in order to comfortably use their coverage – deductibles can run as high as 2k for an individual and up to 4k for a family. Healthcare reform doesn’t accomplish much if people still can’t afford to go to the doctor.

    Insurance companies will also be allowed to charge higher premiums based on age and/or physical condition, although the new bill does stipulate that they may not deny coverage on that basis (there are still ways around this, such as denial based on a failure to disclose a pre-existing medical condition). I’ve heard conflicting information as far as the allowable excess amount they can charge – some sources saying up to 3 times the base rate in the case of older Americans, and up to twice as much for individuals with certain medical conditions, such as diabetes and/or high blood pressure. I’m sure more will come to light as time goes on.

    I also find it very interesting that back in 2003, Obama was a big supporter of a single-payer, universal health care system. I’d love to see an astrological analysis of what happened to his high ideals between then and now.

  5. I love the symbolism of the grand cross and the red cross. It’s so true about hosptals being that shape.Well in the UK they are. We have one in London near me called Charing Cross and it IS a cross shape very clearly.
    Asteroid Lilith being at the apex of the Yod is so significant for my Lilith research. I maintain that this Lilith is the one that makes concrete the magical right brain energy of Black Moon Lilith and also it is the one most connected to womens rights in the political sense.
    I used to think the “Baby Killing” Lilith aspect belonged with the Dark Moon Lilith, but I was just thinking of it as loosing your child through death or murdering a child, its demonic side. I had’nt thought of it as abortion (So obvious!) which is a feminist issue and therefore very much Asteroid Lilith.
    Great insight! Thanks:)))

  6. Hi Jamie – That’s a good question, albeit one I don’t know the answer to. I would assume that no one would be turned away for treatment (at least in an emergency), but whether or not they would receive a bill for services is a separate issue. I do know that those too poor to afford insurance will be eligible for a waiver which exempts them from having to purchase it, although this still doesn’t answer the question of who would pay for any necessary medical care they might receive. Accurate information is very hard to come by.

    Thanks for keeping an open mind. I’ll look forward to future posts. LB

  7. Molly Cliborne :

    Jupiter on the MC is interesting in light of all the stupid lawsuits that are coming, including one from my state’s attorney general.

    hi again Molly, and thanks for posting this on your Facebook page. i’m actually an Aussie, the is because Marina is a Londoner, though is currently visiting here in Australia.

    i hadn’t considered Jupiter on the MC. i guess all these lawsuits will be paid for with your tax dollars too.

  8. Karen :

    asteroid Panacea was conjunct Chiron for this chart, as you know, and Hygeia is pretty strong in it as well.

    well thats not so trivial. i never got to put in any asteroids. we only put SolarFire on the computer yesterday and Marina is excitedly playing around with the asteroids on there right now. they so often add to the interpretation, backing up the themes in a chart.

  9. LB :

    Hi Jamie — With all due respect, this bill does very little to help the underprivileged

    thanks for the feedback LB, it’s good to hear from someone more up with the details than myself. what i’d really like to know, is whether poor people who cannot afford health insurance are able to receieve health care. for example, if you break a leg, can you get it treated at a hospital without paying for it, does the state or federal government cover the costs?

  10. @Jamie Funk
    I wasn’t meaning ‘that’ was trivial, more the connection of Panacea/Hygiea and Marie Stopes. Have fun with solarfire!

  11. Jamie – Sorry, you’re right, it’s the that threw me off!

    Obama is on the record saying he favors a single payer system. But the legislation has to go through Congress, which is where what we have now was put together. The legislation at one time did contain a government run health insurance option (the “public option”), but that was taken out.

    What it does do is impose regulations outlawing the most egregious abuses by health insurance companies. The insurance company denying you coverage for a pre-existing condition or rescinding your insurance when you get sick are two horrible practices that are now illegal. The act mandates that all Americans carry health insurance, and it subsidizes lower income people via tax credits. The insurance itself is still offered by companies in the private sector.

    It doesn’t do as much as many of us are hoping, but to say it does not help the underprivileged is not true.

    You can find more info about it here:

  12. Molly – I meant no offense to Jamie – I just think this bill is not quite as grand as it’s made out to be, which is why I said the bill does very little to help the underprivileged.

    To be fair, this bill does expand Medicaid, likewise it provides more funding for community clinics, so in this respect (at least) it would be benefit a segment of the underprivileged population. I believe the bill also includes passage of the “Elder Justice Act” (a cause very close to my heart), which increases funding for senior advocacy and protection.

    And while I won’t dispute the fact that there are several other good things about this bill — under this plan, those with the most resources (money) will still have access to the best (most comprehensive) private health care plans, while those with the least resources (the poor and/or unemployed) will have access to the least comprehensive private health care plans (higher co-pays and deductibles with less coverage) – this could easily result in a greater financial burden being placed on those less fortunate and will likely deter many of them from seeking appropriate medical treatment.

    There are no guarantees of equal treatment under this bill, and insurance companies can continue to sell a fundamentally defective product at exorbitant rates. I’m very familiar with how the insurance industry operates, and I speak from experience when I say that trying to get the benefits one is entitled to can sometimes be a daunting task, especially for those less informed or able to articulate their concerns Many people are unaware that the insurance industry routinely pays hundreds of millions of dollars in fines each year for some of their more egregious practices – considering the opportunistic nature of the insurance industry, the underprivileged would seem likely targets of such practices.

    Thanks Jamie, for giving us the opportunity to discuss a non-astrological subject. This blog has the ability to inform a great number of people, and while some of us may disagree regarding the merits of this bill, hopefully we can agree that knowledge is always a good thing.

    If you’re interested in an alternative viewpoint, this link will take you to Healthcare Now, where those more informed than I am explore the bill in greater detail.

  13. i think it’s not so bad that rich people can pay for better care. what is important to me is that a basic level of care is available to everyone. in Australia, you can pay for health insurance and get top quality care in private hospitals, and high income earners are penalized if they don’t take out this insurance.

    everyone here has access to free health care though. i am on a single parents pension. we pay nothing to see my private doctor, all prescription medications are subsidised ($5 per script), we pay nothing to get treated at the public hospital. the waiting lists are long for elective surgery in the public system, and that is the advantage of having private cover.

    we have our own health summit coming up soon here, with plans to nationalize the entire health care system. the federal government wants to take control of the public hospital system, currently run by the state governments.

  14. Jamie – I’m not at all familiar with Australia’s health care system, but based on your description, it sounds pretty good.

    Maybe someday we Americans will have something similar in place – there are certainly plenty of hard-working people trying to accomplish this by supporting single-payer, improved Medicare for all, which seems to be our best shot at achieving universal health care.


  16. this is an interesting topic Karen. i just checked out the public debt of the USA: and it seems the problem really got out of hand during the last Republican term, funding the war on terror using other people’s money (mainly from China).

  17. There was a Sun, Saturn, Pluto t-square through from the crucial vote to the signing. Obama’s Venus, his ability to appeal to people, completed this very difficult configuration and made it more manageable and able to manifest. (4 in Cabbala number symbolism is a number of manifestation.)

  18. thanks for pointing this out Dharmaruci. these difficult configurations do make things happen, and Obama’s venus filled in the empty leg of the t-square. i think the same sort of thing can happen between two natal charts too, when a planet in one persons chart completes a configuration, like filling the empty leg of a t-square.

  19. @LB
    I attended an extensive educational forum with a Rhodes scholar from Australia (health care system). It is not so hot. Lots of rationing. Long lines. Their technology is behind the times. Wait and learn.

  20. Hi, Jamie. Thanks for this very interesting analysis.

    One thing I noticed about the date of the signing is that Uranus was exacting crossing the point it will return to in retrograde motion, its stationary direct point, next December. I wonder whether this “progressive breakthrough” will hold?

    I think the time was right given Uranus in Pisces, but there may be a backlash when Uranus moves into Aries. We’ll see.

  21. mary :

    I attended an extensive educational forum with a Rhodes scholar from Australia (health care system). It is not so hot. Lots of rationing. Long lines. Their technology is behind the times. Wait and learn.

    I’d hardly say that public health care in Australia is behind the times. there are no lines for urgent cases, i’ve taken the kids to hospital a number of times and they have been treated straight away when it was urgent. if you go to a public hospital with a sore throat then you can wait hours, but then you can always go to the doctor for free. it is a fair system with excellent care and one of the best in the world.

  22. Ellen Longo :One thing I noticed about the date of the signing is that Uranus was exacting crossing the point it will return to in retrograde motion, its stationary direct point, next December. I wonder whether this “progressive breakthrough” will hold

    that is very interesting, it will be interesting to look at all the transits as this story develops. I’m sure Obama has more plans for changes. I get the feeling we has just happy to get this bill passed and work on the other issues one by one now the framework is set up.

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