Fixed Star Sadalsuud

Sadalsuud at 23°24′ Aquarius has an orb of 2°00′
Fixed Star Sadalsuud

Aquarius Constellation [Stellarium]

The Sun joins Sadalsuud on February 12

Fixed star Sadalsuud, Beta Aquarii, is a single star on the left shoulder of the water bearer, Aquarius Constellation. Magnitude  2.87. Spectral type G0 Ib.

On the Euphrates, Beta Aquarii was known as Kakkab Nammax, the Star of Mighty Destiny. The traditional name Sadalsuud comes from athe Arabic expression سعد السعود (sa‘d al-su‘ūd), the “luck of lucks”. Another Arabic name was Nir Saad al Saaoud, which was translated into Latin as Lucida Fortunæ Fortunarum, meaning the brightest of luck of lucks. Sadalsuud is found in Hindu texts as Kalpeny.

23♒3324♒15Deneb Algedi2°00′

Sadalsuud Astrology

According to Ptolemy it is of the nature of Saturn and Mercury; to Simmonite, of Uranus; and, to Alvidas, of Uranus in sextile to the Sun. It is said to cause trouble and disgrace. [1]

The star Sadalsuud is the “star of mighty destiny”. Its solar nature presages great honor and riches. Some modern astrologers assert that Sadalsuud indicates trouble and disgrace. [2]

SADALSUUD. β Aquarii. A yellow star on the left shoulder of Aquarius. “Luckiest of the Lucky.” Spectral class GO. Scandalous actions, strange events, imaginations, visionary, intuitive, original. [6]

β Aquarii. Sa’adalusu’ud, ‘Luckiest of the Lucky’, is one of the two most important stars Aquarius stars, included in every worthwhile astrological list. It is universally recognized as a Sign of Good Fortune for all who have it prominent in their horoscopes, though like all such promotors, it should not be abused. Gamblers especially should beware of taking foolhardy chances when planets in transit or progression on their horoscopes are aspecting it by squares, oppositions and the like. Nashira and Sadalsuud were the focal center of a very good area of the sky which was all about good rulers and successful sheikdoms, Saturn-Jupiter, and good things happened for their people, Saturn-Mercury. And they carried this benefic area on to include the stars Sadalmelik, Good or Lucky King, α Aquarii, and the mighty star of Archangel Gabriel, Fomalhaut, Mouth of the Fish, α Piscis Australis, with its reminiscence of that earlier star Nunki, Edict from the Sea, or freely interpreted, Word of God. [3]

Fixed star Sadalsuud rules the right leg just above the ankle. [4]

Sadalsuud is a prestigious and extremely fortunate star. A sign of maturity and royalty. Also, a touch of magic follows those who have Sadalsuud prominent in their astrology chart. It is a fixed star of mighty destiny… it confers magical charm, quick wit, happiness, and victory. Genius mind that sometimes goes mad. This fixed star belongs to a group of three intermediate-mass stars with a space velocity that is carrying them perpendicular to the plane of the galaxy. An amazing quite unique star. Sadalsuud reaches other dimensions intertwines with planes of existence and manipulates time. A portal into the past, present and future. A magical mirror for which we may see the fate of man. The mistakes, the violence, the youth of the soul. In a hope, self-reflection strikes change. X-ray emissions from the corona of this star have been detected along with a second X-ray source. This secondary source is believed to be from an extragalactic origin. A projected light source that literally reaches the earth through reflecting off the moon. [5]

Constellation Aquarius

Ptolemy makes the following observations: “The stars in the shoulders of Aquarius operate like Saturn and Mercury; those in the left hand and in the face do the same: those in the thighs have an influence more consonant with that of Mercury, and in a less degree with that of Saturn: those in the stream of water have power similar to that of Saturn, and moderately to that of Jupiter.” By the Kabalists Aquarius is associated with the Hebrew letter Nun and the 14th Tarot Trump “Temperance,” over which virtue the constellation appears to have some rule. The beauty of Ganymedes and his flight through the air also link it to the ideas of personal charm and aviation with which it is certainly connected. [1]

The constellation of Aquarius is traditionally the place of good fortune. It indicates full-flowing rivers and springs and portends a sufficient amount of water for agricultural requirements. When in mutatine rising (Sun in 12th house conjunct Ascendant) or in vespertine setting (Sun in the 7th house conjunct Descendant) aspect to the Sun, the indication is for rains (but not floods). In medieval astrology, Saturn in the constellation of Aquarius meant that mankind was completely dominated by this planet. While none of the named stars are of the Saturnian spectra, the house of Saturn can be expected to exert its influence throughout the constellation. [2]

Sadalsuud Star, Beta Aquarii

Sadalsuud Star, Beta Aquarii []

Fixed Star Sadalsuud Conjunctions

Ascendant conjunct Sadalsuud: Jay Leno 0°15′, Tycho Brahe 0°36′, Yves Saint Laurent 0°45′, Abraham Lincoln 1°20′, Anton LaVey 1°30′, Hans Clemens 1°32′, Piero di Cosimo 1°33′.

Midheaven conjunct Sadalsuud: Kristen Stewart 0°57′ (and Mars), John Wayne Bobbitt 1°17′

Descendant conjunct Sadalsuud: Jawaharlal Nehru 0°44′, Frida Kahlo 1°25′

Part of Fortune conjunct Sadalsuud: Bill Gates 0°58′, Arnold Schwarzenegger 0°58′

Sun conjunct Sadalsuud: Occult interests, psychic, wealth through opposite sex involving litigation, domestic harmony. [1]

Preferment in sports, government matters, astrology, business matters. Some psychic ability. Domestic harmony unless adverse conditions are created from the outside. [6]

Arsenio Hall 0°10′, Jennifer Aniston 0°24′, Emanuel Swedenborg 0°24′, Anne of Brittany 0°26′, Jacques Corrèze 0°29′, Burt Reynolds 0°40′, Manuel Noriega 0°43′, Mark Spitz 0°55′, Georges Simenon 1°05′, Moses Annenberg 1°18′, Keith Holyoake 1°27′, Ebenezer Sibly 1°31′, Edwin Castro 1°32′, Leontyne Price 1°35′.

Moon conjunct Sadalsuud: Reputation through occult matters, respect of friends, favorable for gain, peculiar domestic conditions. [1]

Perhaps the outstanding effect of this conjunction is the peculiar domestic conditions, which can exhibit itself in a number of different ways. The native could marry more than one person, without affecting legal dissolution, the native can marry a person not at all domesticated, or marry a person who introduces the native into an unusual domestic life, or way of life. The native can acquire many friends, yet still be somewhat of an enigma. There is leadership ability evident with this conjunction. Scandalous actions possible. [6]

Woody Allen 1°35′

Full Moon conjunct Sadalsuud: The full moon provides Sadalsuud, a way, a path to the people of earth. Tuning into this light source on a meditative level. Will attune your aura (life-chi) to this energy. Accumulating positive, lucky energy for which you may utilize outwardly in your life. In any position within an astrology chart, the fixed star Sadalsuud has more than a positive influence. It literally changes lives and reawakens souls. When notable in the chart, recognize its abundance to affect other aspects. This star has the ability to turn negative aspects into positive ones. [5]

Mercury conjunct Sadalsuud: Social success, favors from opposite sex but some transitory difficulties, retirement owing to abuse of position, sudden loss through speculation, domestic sorrow and trouble. [1]

‘A visionary mind’ is the signature of the natives born with this conjunction. This can resolve itself into prophetic statements, writings, even leadership abilities. Some natives with this conjunction will exhibit more of an unusual imagination, than visionary. These natives with this ‘fruitful’ imagination, if not properly controlled or directed, could become the creator of difficult or embarrassing situations, other such natives will create unnecessary difficulties which could lead to legal problems, domestic problems possible.  [6]

Justin Bieber 0°12′, James Stirling 0°17′ (and Pluto), Joris-Karl Huysmans 0°21′

Venus conjunct Sadalsuud: Strange events, romantic and peculiar marriage entailing separation for government or political reasons. [1]

Unusual conditions could surround these natives, this might be an unusual marriage, marriage to an  unusual person, unusual occupations, unusual romantic problems, etc. [6]

Garth Brooks 1°34′

Mars conjunct Sadalsuud: Difficulties through occult matters. [1]

Natives with this conjunction could suffer through headstrong actions. Scandalous actions possible  through business, domestic or romantic problems. Self control is required. [6]

(2° orb): Similar to Mars at the fixed star Castra and Nashira. This position affects the health. This point causes damage to the bone structure of the right leg just above the ankle. There is pressure at this point that also brings about a chemical change that dissolves the bone, thus causing a ripple effect on the bone structure through the loss of calcium. Later in life, the leg can be shortened somewhat; however, the real problem to the individual is the hot, flashing pain they experience when walking. The pain is sporadic and directly related to the anxieties of the person. Impatience and anxiety are keywords here. The high energy factor at this point can not only affect the bone structure, but also the muscle tissue next to the bone. They can become quite impatient and irrational because of the pain they experience, so that the head is affected. Sharp pains can be felt from the leg to the head. Temper tantrums and irrational behavior is often the result, along with shouting and hostility towards others. These individuals need to apply cool packs to the leg four times per day. Cool teas, such as spearmint and peppermint should be consumed, as well as cool packs consisting of these herbs. Parsley should be taken daily as it will help soothe the area. The diet must include calcium, or calcium taken in small doses every day. Biofeedback would be an excellent therapy for these natives as it will help slow the deterioration of the bone structure through the mental process. Stressful pain is often felt by these natives by the time they reach the age of thirty-five. [4]

Leonardo da Vinci 0°03′, Julian Assange 1°27′, Elizabeth II 1°29′ (and Jupiter), Rudolf Hess 1°30′, Lilly Wachowski 1°33′, Kristen Stewart 1°39′ (and MC).

Jupiter conjunct Sadalsuud: Litigation, material and social success, difficulties in marriage, may marry abroad or a foreigner. [1]

High preferment in astrology, sports, writings, business and all matters connected with public affairs. [6]

Bernadette Brady 0°07′, Elizabeth II 0°09′ (and Mars).

Saturn conjunct Sadalsuud: Sharp, cunning, dishonest, immoral, cold, unsympathetic, hard-hearted, disgraces an honorable father, hypnotic influence over the opposite sex, many intrigues wrecking homes, death through female’s revenge. [1]

(0°30′ orb): This is a critical configuration. It causes the actual decay of the bone in the right leg just above the ankle. This is a critical point since the entire weight of the body rests on this spot. Jogging would not be possible with these persons. The bone structure here deteriorates through a flaking process, The particles circulate to other parts of the body that can cause infections as well as swelling. Doctors are unable to connect the swelling and infections to the deteriorating of the bone at the lower part of the leg. The flaking of the bone structure leaves it in a ragged state which affects the nerves that can cause infection and swelling of the ankle as they get older. This is not a disease that can be overcome. There is great difficulty in walking and they generally require a cane after the age of forty. These individuals do not know how to live harmoniously with friends, and the more they find fault with others, the more severe the disease becomes. The difficulty with friends is that they become isolated and others do not wish to be around them. The natives need to understand that they are somewhat strange and other people do not comprehend them easily. If they would accept this, the deterioration of the leg would lessen to a great extent. The key here is to live in harmony with others. Calcium is absolutely necessary in the diet, but it must be in a solid form that would require it to be chewed. Cottage cheese, almonds and peaches would be excellent for the diet. Peaches will soothe this area and help distribute calcium to this point. It is important that the calcium in the food be chewed well in order that it be energized to this part of the body. [4]

Johnny Depp 0°11′, Yuri Gagarin 0°17′, Charles Manson 0°44′, Carl Sagan 0°49′, Salvador Dali 1°23′

Uranus conjunct Sadalsuud: Occult interest, very unfavorable for women, sensitive, emotional, vacillating, weak mind, easily influenced, led astray in early life, indiscreet actions, trouble through opposite sex, bad for marriage before middle age, accidental death. [1]

John F. Kennedy 1°28′, Billie Eilish 1°31′, Heinrich Caro 1°32′

Neptune conjunct Sadalsuud: Mediumistic, good-looking, youthful appearance, success in occupations connected with amusements or ornament, domestic harmony, many moves and changes, peculiar matrimonial conditions, sudden death. [1]

(1°30′ orb): This is not a constant problem to these individuals but it is one that is not understood. It causes an impediment of the tendons in the right leg just above the ankle so that when they are walking the ankle can hang up and they are unable to put any weight on the leg until it is revitalized by rubbing or the placement of a warm pack on the area. There is no deterioration at this point, but the impediment is always there and these individuals never know when the ankle will hang up. As they become older, the more accident-prone they become due to this problem. This point needs to be rubbed frequently to keep the energy flow moving through it, especially when arising in the morning. There is no cure for this problem. [4]

Andreas Vesalius 0°05′, Friedrich Nietzsche 0°12′

Pluto conjunct Sadalsuud: James Stirling 0°36′ (and Mercury)

North Node conjunct Sadalsuud: Catherine the Great 0°25′, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 0°35′, Ulysses S. Grant 0°40′

South Node conjunct Sadalsuud: Emperor Puyi 0°56′, Hunter Schafer 1°03′, Bobby Fischer 1°19′


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  • All fixed star positions are for the year 2000. Add one degree per 72 years to correct for precession.

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  1. How interesting. This prompted me to go to and it turns out my natal chart has this star at 22 Aquarius, exactly conjunct my Mercury @22 Aquarius and sextile my POF @23 Sagitarius.

  2. I was in a workshop long ago when the two facilitators looked up about a star in my chart and sighed a relief as they said ‘oh, the luckiest of the lucky!’ I loved hearing that, but often wondered what they were referring to….For years I never thought of googling it and now I find out while I am researching what the fixed star in Aquarius is, in a totally ‘unrelated story’. And now I know. They were talking about Sadalsuud! It’s conjunct my Chiron. Opposite Uranus and square Jupiter. I must say I love Chiron. I love being with people when they pass over and I love finding deep healing through painful emotional situations, even if only in retrospect! But reading some of the descriptions above surely does not sound much like ‘the luckiest of the lucky! I’ll just keep on making up my own luck. And be eternally grateful for the much luck that does seem to always be coming my way….

  3. Hi. I am a follower of this blog, and I like the interpretations it offers. In the case of Sadalsuud, the luckiest among the lucky ones, I must say that an astrologer explained to me that I have this star in conjunction with my natal Jupiter, which is at 20 degrees of Aquarius, but it is also on the cusp of my 8th House In any way, now that I think about it, in higher studies, a Jupiter theme, I am offered opportunities and recognition from teachers and classmates. What do you think about it?

  4. Thank you for this wonderful write-up Jamie!
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