Fixed Star Fomalhaut

Fomalhaut at 03°52′ Pisces has an orb of 2°30′
Fixed Star Fomalhaut Astrology

Piscis Austrinus Constellation [Stellarium]

The Sun joins Fomalhaut on February 23

Fixed Star Fomalhaut, Alpha Piscis Austrinus, is a reddish fixed star, the largest star in constellation Piscis Austrinus, the Southern Fish. The name Fomalhaut derives from Arabic fum al-ḥawt, meaning “mouth of the [Southern] Fish” (فُمْ اَلْحَوْتْ), a translation of how the classical astronomer Ptolemy labeled it. [1]


23 ♒ 33
03 ♓ 46
03 ♓ 53
05 ♓ 20
06 ♓ 43



Fixed Star Fomalhaut Astrology

Flammarion says that it was Hastorang in Persia 3000 B.C., when near the winter solstice, and a Royal Star, one of the four Guardians of Heaven, sentinels watching over other stars. [2]

The Archangel stars have been characterized as Horses, reflected both in the famed Four Horsemen of Apocalypse (Revelations 6) and Chariot Horses in the Book of Zechariah. Regulus was long considered the supreme of the Four Guardians but the role of Fomalhaut – Gabriel, in the birth of Jesus – must now be said to challenge or actually supplant, with a new stage in human spiritual evolution, the supremacy of the more ‘medical’ Archangel of the Leonine era. [3]

According to Ptolemy, it is of the nature of Venus and Mercury (idealistic, psychic, handsome, neat, lovable, refined, genteel, intelligent). It is said to be very fortunate and powerful and yet to cause malevolence of sublime scope and character, and change from a material to a spiritual form of expression. Cardan stated that together with the stars rising with 12 Gemini it gives an immortal name. [4]

It has a Mercury-Venus character with a blending of Neptune influence. According to tradition, this star is of quite variable effect, either very good or very bad, depending on the overall cosmic structure. It is assumed, however, that the helpful influence is the greater one and if in conjunction with Mercury, it is said to stimulate mental capabilities and promise success as a writer or scientist. On the Ascendant and in good aspect, tradition has it that this star will make for ‘fame’ and a name ‘remembered forever’. In conjunction with Venus, there will be advantages in artistic pursuits. A conjunction with Jupiter or on the MC will bring favor from dignitaries of the church. Tied up with either Sun or Moon, the influence of Fomalhaut is said to be quite marked. [5]

Fomalhaut star rules the heel of the right foot in the human body. [6]

24th Arabic Manzil – Al Sa’d al Su’ud

Gives marital happiness, victory of soldiers but prevents the execution of government.

With Moon: Build, marry, make friends and travel.

12th Chinese Xiù – 危 (Wēi) Rooftop

The mansion of fortification and earthworks, it is favorable for building construction, renovations, and repairs. But unfavorable for moving. Dangers exist for travelers over land or water. Travelers on land are in danger of attack, whereas travelers by water are in danger of the ship foundering.

Fomalhaut Star, Alpha Piscis Austrinus

Fomalhaut Star, Alpha Piscis Austrinus []

Fomalhaut Star Conjunctions

Ascendant conjunct Fomalhaut: Great and lasting honors, an immortal name. [4]

Pablo Escobar 0°59′, Catherine the Great 1°18′

Midheaven conjunct Fomalhaut: Great and lasting honors. [4]

Kamala Harris 0°57′, Theodore Roosevelt 1°37′, LeBron James 1°40′ (and Mars), Marie Antoinette 1°45′

Descendant conjunct Fomalhaut: Woody Allen 0°44′, Martin Luther 1°41′, Billy Bob Thornton 2°03′

Part of Fortune conjunct Fomalhaut: Oprah Winfrey 0°55′

Sun conjunct Fomalhaut: Dissipated, easily influenced by low companions, gain through inheritance but unproductive of good, may suffer for some crime committed, danger of bites from venomous creatures. [4]

Drew Barrymore 0°03′, Ted Kennedy 0°21′, Kurt Cobain 1°35′, Olivia Rodrigo 2°30′

Moon conjunct Fomalhaut: Secret business causing much trouble and enmity, but eventual gain after many difficulties. The separation is more benefic than the application. [4]

Elvis Presley 0°55′

Mercury conjunct Fomalhaut: Many losses and disappointments, unlucky in business, better servant than master, writes or receives secret letters, worry through slander, imprisonment or damaged reputation, domestic difficulties, sickness of a Saturnian nature. [4]

Success as a scientist or writer. [5]

Manuel Noriega 0°04′, Alice Cooper 0°29′, Bruce Willis 0°50′, Bernadette Brady 1°14′, Nancy Spungen 1°24′, James Joyce 1°42′, Michelangelo 2°13′

Venus conjunct Fomalhaut: Secret and passionate love affairs, some restriction in the life, disappointments, easily led astray. [4]

Hugh Hefner 0°32′, Sirhan Sirhan 0°44′, Richard Nixon 0°51′, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1°05′, Bill Maher 1°06′, Harvey Weinstein 1°08′, Marilyn Manson 2°03′

Mars conjunct Fomalhaut: Malevolent, passionate, revengeful, many secret enemies, liable to disgrace and ruin, danger of bites from venomous creatures. [4]

(4° orb): Similar to Mars at the fixed star Sadalmelik. These individuals are unable to differentiate between illusion and reality. They are the wanderers and they roam throughout the land. They are generally confined to institutions early in life as persons related to them do not know what to do to help them. These natives can become injured through neglect. They gravitate to those who show no mercy in the way they are treated. This is a karmic position for they are receiving the same cruelty in return that they inflicted on others in a former life. They mistreated others who were mentally deficient so that they are now at the mercy of cruel and harsh individuals in this incarnation. [6]

LeBron James 0°38′ (and Midheaven), Susan Miller 0°47′, Elizabeth Taylor 1°19′

Jupiter conjunct Fomalhaut: Sympathetic, charitable, honors in the Church, Freemasonry or secret societies, many voyages. [4]

(2° orb): This causes only a slight problem with the sciatic nerve. There is an over-extension of the nerve down the right side of the spine causing a loosening effect so that the person is unable to lift the right foot properly. This person, therefore, walks with a slight drag on this foot. This condition can be relieved to a large degree through proper exercise but most people do not pursue this type of therapy. The condition is not that severe or serious but later in life it can cause a slight curvature of the spine. [6]

Lorraine Warren 0°14′, Jay Leno 0°55′, Dr. Phil McGraw 1°34′

Saturn conjunct Fomalhaut: Accidents, ailments affecting the lungs, throat and feet, loss through enemies, friends, Mercurial affairs, bands and companies, wrongfully accused, affairs involved at end of life, sudden death and family cheated out of their rights. [4]

Justin Bieber 0°01, Woody Allen 1°03′, Courtney Love 1°11′, Boris Johnson 1°39′, Nigel Farage 2°15′

Uranus conjunct Fomalhaut: Unstable, wasted talents, evil environment, unpractical ideas, loses friends, addicted to drugs or intoxicants, utopian schemes, afflicted marriage partner, brings misfortune to associates, fatally injured by electricity, explosion or accident. [4]

Neptune conjunct Fomalhaut: Sharp, shrewd, self-seeking, analytical, detective ability, many secret enemies, connected with secret affairs or government work, occult interests, somewhat dishonest, influential friends, associated with 9th and 12th house affairs, gain through speculation, death of marriage partner, many narrow escapes, violent death through secret enemies. [4]

(No orb): These individuals are open telepathically to pictures. Their psychic information received through mental pictures may at times be interpreted erroneously if they do not learn how to decipher the massages correctly. Depending on how they use this ability, they can either be of great benefit to other people, or merely entertainers who have the ability while blindfolded to identify what another person is holding in their hand. The audience is in awe over the performance, but it does not bring any practical benefits to those in attendance. [6]

Emperor Nero 1°15′

South Node conjunct Fomalhaut: George Clooney 0°02′


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  • All fixed star positions are for the year 2000. Add one degree per 72 years to correct for precession.

31 thoughts on “Fixed Star Fomalhaut

  1. This is my favourite royal star! It is so mysterious and works in much more unique ways, I feel, than Aldebaran, Antares, and Regulus! I seem to notice that we get much more brutal energies and overwhelming energies from the other three, but Fomalhaut is much more evanescent. I noticed it in your Dame Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor post whenever she had her Mars on Fomalhaut!

  2. And Neptune is transiting conjunct now.

    This is significant to my current study of Chris Christie’s chart. He’s the Governor of New Jersey in the midst of a debilitating scandal that errupted in the media last week. He has Chiron-Jupiter conjunct under the Neptune-Chiron in Pisces transit opposite his natal Virgo Sun-Pluto-Uranus conjunction. A political idealist, who’s capable of crossing party lines to get things done, it seems he’s been undermined by his own staff members, costing him considerable favor. Upcoming federal and state investigations may reveal not only his staff’s, but his own nefarious intentions in the escapade.

    Nice new web-page, by the way !

  3. my sun in Pisces is conjunct to Fomalhaut and I also have mars conjunct Aldebaran. I would really love to understand them better, any tips?

    • Two or more Archangel stars in your chart signifies a very strong and prominent character with extremes of ups and downs in life. You do well out of challenging situations because of a powerful inner strength and recuperative powers. Leave a lasting impression.

    • I give a suggested orb at the beginning of each article for the fixed stars. For Fomalhaut it is 2°30′. Generally speaking, the larger the magnitude, or brightness, the larger the orb.

  4. My part of fortune is at 3 degrees in pisces conj mc . What effect does it have being part of fortune?

  5. My south node is exact at 3 degrees Pisces , any ideas on how that may influence

  6. Tengo a Fomalhaut en conjunción con mi mercurio, quien es regente de mi ascendente. Ahí dice que no se me dan bien los negocios aunque es algo que me gusta mucho y quisiera vivir de ello. Según la astrología, no tendría oportunidad para los negocios? Saludos.

  7. I have my Moon 3.12° and Chiron 6.12° Pisces 3H IC cusp… both Opposite Pluto, NN Virgo MC cusp… Hope Fomalhaut makes my Hades Moon less intense ?

  8. Conjuct by Longitude, but quite far apart in the sky. Altitude of Fomalhaut 19degrees 25min, altitude of Mars 35degrees 11min. So they are almost 16 degrees apart by altitude.

  9. My younger son have ASC Pisces 3.04, conjuction with this star. It good?

  10. This is interesting. Thanks Jamie. I have Fomalhaut 0.3 orb on my descendent, on the opposite side my ascendant sits at 4 degrees Virgo and I have Jupiter in determent at 7 degrees. I also have Mars in the 12th applying to conjoin Regulus at 28 degrees. I just don’t like the idea of it in the 12th House. In my early life I walked in the sins of my Father but about 10 or more years ago I turned spiritual matters and I now only seek my true path. Jamie what does your readings involve? I’m thinking about getting one done as I need guidance from somewhere. My head is in the right place but I can’t seem to connect with people on the physical. When I talk people leave the room as I’m too honest, or because what I say is crazy. I go with my intuition most of the time.

    Do you have any idea what this Jupiter transit will bring? I have 5 placements in Virgo, and my Moon conjoined with another Behenian Star Benetnash “Alkaid” with Saturn at 24 degrees.

    Many thanks Jamie. Forever grateful

  11. I almost forgot my Nodes are both on my ascendant & descendant. So my South Node sits with Fomalhaut. That was the question I meant to ask.

    Thanks again

  12. I have ASC and moon egzactly on Aldebaran. Also, I have North Node and Mercury agzactly on Folmahaut. Also Antares on my DC. And, finally Juno on Regulus.

    Jamie pls meaning? And thank you

  13. why they didn’t write about north node conjunct ‘fomalhaut’ ? ı have a conjunction like this but ı don’t know the meaning?

  14. My MC is in Pisces at 2° 26′ in 10th House. Opposite Venus…5th house Stellium of 5 planets and 4 in Libra (2nd Deacon) . Gemini AC, Jupiter in 11th house Aries. Any feedback or insight is greatly appreciated.

  15. All the interpretations for Fomalhaut sound very intense to me?
    And yet this is the Royal star that’s least likely to end up on a list of important stars.
    BTW, since 2011, when Regulus (formerly the “most important” of the Royal stars) ingressed into Virgo, all four of them are now in mutable signs.

    • What’s more, Gabriel (Fomalhaut’s archangel star according to other systems than the Persian one) is the angel of the Annunciation. He also announced the birth of John the Baptist, and interpreted some dreams and visions for Daniel (the guy who is famous for his lion’s den).
      If we all petition Alois at, do you think he’ll put him on the list of stars in his “additional objects” on the extended chart selection page? I find Fomalhaut quite interesting because he features in many charts of my little collection, notably my son’s, whose Fomalhaut is on his MC. Not in my own chart, though 🙁

  16. During the Age of Aquarius, Fomalhaut resides in the house of Values. It’s Inconjunct to the Moon and Square to Pluto and Mid Heaven.

    Chart is set for July 13, 2022 Full Moon, square to the Age of Aqr Lunar Nodes.

    To resolve problems, or understand Fomalhaut going forward, turn to Jamie’s learning triangle; Moon 9th, Jupiter 12th, Pluto MC.

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