Fixed Star Fomalhaut

Fomalhaut at 03°52′ Pisces has an orb of 2°30′
Fixed Star Fomalhaut

Piscis Austrinus Constellation [Stellarium]

The Sun joins Fomalhaut on February 23

Fixed Star Fomalhaut, Alpha Piscis Austrinus, is a 1.16 magnitude star, the largest in the constellation Piscis Austrinus, the Southern Fish. Spectral class A3 V.

The star’s traditional name derives from Fom al-Haut from scientific Arabic فم الحوت fam al-ḥūt (al-janūbī) “the mouth of the [Southern] Fish” (literally, “mouth of the whale”), a translation of how Ptolemy labeled it. [2]

A reddish star in the mouth of the Southern Fish. From Fum al Hut, “The Fish’s Mouth.” It was one of the four Royal Stars of Persia in 3000 B.C. when as the Watcher of the South, it marked the winter solstice. [4]

05♓2006♓00Deneb Adige2°30′

Fomalhaut Astrology

According to Ptolemy, itis of the nature of Venus and Mercury; and, to Alvidas, of Jupiter in square to Saturn from Pisces and Sagittarius. It is said to be very fortunate and powerful and yet to cause malevolence of sublime scope and character, and change from a material to a spiritual form of expression. Cardan stated that together with the stars rising with 12 Gemini, it gives an immortal name. [4]

Anonymous (379 AD) said Fomalhaut is like Venus and Mercury. [9]

α Piscis Australis. A star in the mouth of the Southern Fish. Spectral class A2 – white. These natives are subject to undermining influences. The natives are idealistic, spiritual in character, gentle folk, and mentally keen. [11]

Fomalhaut has a Mercury-Venus character with a blending of Neptune influence. It is of quite variable effect, either very good or very bad, depending on the overall cosmic structure. It is assumed, however, that the helpful influence is the greater one. [5]

Flammarion says that it was Hastorang in Persia 3000 B.C., when near the winter solstice, and a Royal Star, one of the four Guardians of Heaven, sentinels watching over other stars. [2]

The prime star of the Southern Fish, Alpha Piscis Austrinus, the Mouth of the fish, is Fomalhaut. It is of a Venus-Mercury nature. For all its exalted associations, this star has often been counted a malefic, especially in mundane and political affairs. Really, if we take this angelic significance seriously, we should not be too surprised at occasional celestial indignation over some of our viler projects for destroying life around us. On the personal horoscope, however, Fomalhaut shows up a good talent and a ready will to speak out when necessary and to contribute new ideas and thinking when they are most needed. If not so well-aspected, there can be a tendency to ‘speak with the tongues of angels, yet be as empty sounding brass’, as St. Paul put it. Fomalhaut is the star of that Divine Messenger Gabriel, generally announcing a good event to come. It bestows great power and wisdom ‘from above’, and is very much to do with releasing us from the inertia of the past and with opening up a new era for us. The Archangel stars have been characterized as Horses, reflected both in the famed Four Horsemen of Apocalypse (Revelations 6) and Chariot Horses in the Book of Zechariah. Regulus was long considered the supreme of the Four Guardians, but the role of Fomalhaut – Gabriel, in the birth of Jesus – must now be said to challenge or actually supplant, with a new stage in human spiritual evolution, the supremacy of the more ‘medical’ Archangel of the Leonine era. [3]

Fomalhaut, one of the “Four Royal Architects,” inspires a future vision for an evolved humanitarian-based society. Fomalhaut inspires new ideas and pursuits in the art sciences, technology, and in social issues of the world. Fomalhaut promotes the flow of resources within the human populous that creates a wholesome human condition. Fomalhaut defies convention and compartmentalization but supports individuality, progress, and freedom. [10]

Fomalhaut rules the heel of the right foot. [6]

Fomalhaut Star, Alpha Piscis Austrinus

Fomalhaut Star, Alpha Piscis Austrinus []

Fixed Star Fomalhaut Conjunctions

Ascendant conjunct Fomalhaut: Great and lasting honors, an immortal name. [4]

On the Ascendant and in good aspect, tradition has it that this star will make for fame and a name remembered forever. [5]

Very eloquent and good-looking. May only have a few children or only belatedly or have only girls or none. Well-known, famous, resourceful, very learned, fond of philosophical dissertations, eloquent, creative, insightful, ingenious, fond of music and the arts, kind-hearted, agreeable and with a delicate life, happy, sensible and thoughtful, skillful and fortunate. Self-taught, esteemed for reasoning ability, a propensity for what is virtuous, well-spoken and pleasant to talk to, amiable and well-tempered manners, solicitous, possesses the art of judgment, and generous. A splendid and illustrious life; glorious, mighty and commanding nature; fame, busy with many activities, bountiful resources, well known or feared in cities and regions, prosperity from youth and in own city.[9]

Pablo Escobar 0°59′, Catherine the Great 1°18′

Ascendant and Mercury conjunct Fomalhaut: The native will be a prophet and will appear great in the eyes of men and will be a philosopher, inventor of the sciences and has knowledge of everything, especially of those sciences originating in the region of Babylon. And if the nativity were nocturnal, and Mercury placed in this way and Mars were in the sixth place from Mercury, right with respect to the ascendant, the native will be idolatrous and very famous and will speak prophetic words and will perform miracles, and God is wiser in this. [9]

Ascendant and Mars conjunct Fomalhaut: Sometimes promiscuous and easily aroused by the pleasures of Venus. Involved in some trouble due to documents or driven by passion, especially if also with Mercury. [9]

Ascendant and Jupiter conjunct Fomalhaut: Brings greater prosperity and commands, glory and power. [9]

Ascendant and Saturn conjunct Fomalhaut: Expert in medicine or prediction, versed in occult books and initiations into mysteries. [9]

Ascendant conjunct Fomalhaut plus Venus or Saturn above the Eastern Horizon: The native acquires wisdom and political or civil authority, provided that Saturn is not in the ascendant. [9]

Ascendant and Venus and Saturn conjunct Fomalhaut: Those born are inclined to banquets, to enjoyment, to drink, to lie down with women. And if Saturn were on the ascendant with the Sun and Venus were in the fourth place (Imum Coeli), or even if Saturn were with Venus or with one of these stars in the tenth place (Midheaven), the native will not have good luck, and none of the aforementioned things are in his nature, since he will be cold or a man impotent in coitus or still all his children will be females. Truly these stars turn to evil when Saturn and Venus join them in the angles. [9]

Ascendant conjunct Fomalhaut, plus Venus or Mars conjunct Imum Coeli: The opposites of the chaste and the sensible and the impious and those who are impotent in the pleasures of Venus or who have few children or who have only females. [9]

Midheaven conjunct Fomalhaut: Great and lasting honors. [4]

Favor from dignitaries of the church. [5]

A splendid and illustrious life; glorious, mighty and commanding nature; fame, busy with many activities, bountiful resources, well known or feared in cities and regions, prosperity from youth and in own city. [9]

Kamala Harris 0°57′, Theodore Roosevelt 1°37′, LeBron James 1°40′ (and Mars), Marie Antoinette 1°45′

Descendant conjunct Fomalhaut: A splendid and illustrious life; glorious, mighty and commanding nature; fame, busy with many activities; bountiful resources; well known or feared in cities and regions, prosperity around middle age or through marriage or women. [9]

Julius Evola 0°05′, Woody Allen 0°44′, Martin Luther 1°41′, Billy Bob Thornton 2°03′

Descendant and Venus or Saturn conjunct Fomalhaut: The native will be wise in medicine. [9]

Imum Coeli conjunct Fomalhaut: A splendid and illustrious life; glorious, mighty and commanding nature; fame, busy with many activities, bountiful resources, well known or feared in cities and regions. Prosperity in old age or through savings, investments or pensions, death will be famous and known to all. [9]

Yuri Gagarin 1°05′.

Part of Fortune conjunct Fomalhaut: Oprah Winfrey 0°55′, Rolf Harris 0°55′, Bob Marley 1°35′.

Sun conjunct Fomalhaut: Dissipated, easily influenced by low companions, gain through inheritance but unproductive of good, may suffer for some crime committed, danger of bites from venomous creatures. [4]

Tied up with either Sun or Moon, the influence of Fomalhaut is said to be quite marked. [5]

Natives with this conjunction can be improperly influenced. They are most easily influenced by self-seeking individuals, and at times they appear to ‘go with the wind.’ Sometimes this subtle influence is so directed to the native that they are unaware of it. If an inheritance is expected, and the native has encountered difficulties because of being rather easily influenced and became involved in legal entanglements, they will profit little from such an inheritance. Natives with this conjunction generally have a different life style than the average person. Legal problems or a judicial sentence is possible. [11]

Drew Barrymore 0°03′, Ted Kennedy 0°21′, Kurt Cobain 1°35′, Olivia Rodrigo 2°30′

Moon conjunct Fomalhaut: Secret business causing much trouble and enmity, but eventual gain after many difficulties. The separation is more benefic than the application. [4]

Natives with this conjunction will appear to be rather easy going persons, but they can be quite determined. However, they can be easily influenced by those they trust. This can have a detrimental affect on their well being, or finances, either of which could create lasting problems. These natives must be careful to avoid situations that create domestic problems, however, generally such problems would be self-created and could, unless their partner is very congenial, create family situations of such a nature that could not be easily resolved. Financial entanglement possible. [11]

Tied up with either Sun or Moon, the influence of Fomalhaut is said to be quite marked. [5]

A splendid and illustrious life; great, distinguished and opulent nature. [9]

Elvis Presley 0°55′, Prince 1°17′

Mercury conjunct Fomalhaut: Many losses and disappointments, unlucky in business, better servant than master, writes or receives secret letters, worry through slander, imprisonment or damaged reputation, domestic difficulties, sickness of a Saturnian nature. [4]

Stimulate mental capabilities and promise success as a writer or scientist. [5]

Natives with this conjunction will be both diplomatic and practical. They will tend to have a somewhat restless mind, always planning, planning. They are subject to being victims of vicious, almost slanderous statements, victims of untruthful accusations. They are also subject to being victims of questionable deals, that is being ‘conned’ by deals which could prove to be a financial disaster. There is a possibility of domestic problems or losses, generally such problems or losses are not of their makings, but due to outside interference. In more negative nativities, the natives are somewhat flighty, tend to make unwise statements, even subject themselves to legal involvements. [11]

Manuel Noriega 0°04′, Alice Cooper 0°29′, Bruce Willis 0°50′, Bernadette Brady 1°14′, Nancy Spungen 1°24′, James Joyce 1°42′, Michelangelo 2°13′

Venus conjunct Fomalhaut: Secret and passionate love affairs, some restriction in the life, disappointments, easily led astray. [4]

Advantages in artistic pursuits. [5]

The native is a private person, or one who is quite reserved. They are easily influenced by self-seeking individuals which could lead to the natives downfall. More positive nativities will be more alert to such tendencies on the part of self-seeking individuals, while the negative conjunctions will fall all the way into such traps. There is also the possibility of unwise friendships and some restrictions in the natives early life. There is also the possibility of accusations of a sort, false or otherwise, being made to the native, or about the native in regards to romances, perhaps even unwise romances, or an expressive dissatisfaction with the natives career or affairs. This conjunction can produce problems of a calamitous nature, probably because its natives have the unique ability of making unwise choices. There is a good possibility of the native having name and fame forever – good or bad. [11]

Kristen Stewart 0°18′, Hugh Hefner 0°32′, Sirhan Sirhan 0°44′, Richard Nixon 0°51′, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1°05′, Bill Maher 1°06′, Harvey Weinstein 1°08′, Isaac Newton 1°37′, Marilyn Manson 2°03′

Mars conjunct Fomalhaut: Malevolent, passionate, revengeful, many secret enemies, liable to disgrace and ruin, danger of bites from venomous creatures. [4]

Natives with this conjunction may appear to attract or be attracted to near disastrous situations. They make their own problems. They can also appear to be very fickle. With a negative conjunction, such natives may attract unwise or undesirable acquaintances, or make friends who later turn out to be enemies. There is a certain amount of turbulence possible, also the possibility of revenge seeking. [11]

(4° orb): Similar to Mars at the fixed star Sadalmelik. These individuals are unable to differentiate between illusion and reality. They are the wanderers and they roam throughout the land. They are generally confined to institutions early in life as persons related to them do not know what to do to help them. These natives can become injured through neglect. They gravitate to those who show no mercy in the way they are treated. This is a karmic position for they are receiving the same cruelty in return that they inflicted on others in a former life. They mistreated others who were mentally deficient so that they are now at the mercy of cruel and harsh individuals in this incarnation. [6]

Andrew Tate 0°04′, LeBron James 0°38′ (and MC), Susan Miller 0°47′, Elizabeth Taylor 1°19′

Jupiter conjunct Fomalhaut: Sympathetic, charitable, honor in the Church, Freemasonry or secret societies, many voyages. [4]

These natives with well aspected Jupiters will or can can excel in their relations with the public. However, if Jupiter is adversely aspected, the native may become a malcontent, and be subjected to ruin and disgrace. In any case such natives will have a name and fame – good or bad. [11]

Favor from dignitaries of the church. [5]

(2° orb): This causes only a slight problem with the sciatic nerve. There is an over-extension of the nerve down the right side of the spine causing a loosening effect so that the person is unable to lift the right foot properly. This person, therefore, walks with a slight drag on this foot. This condition can be relieved to a large degree through proper exercise but most people do not pursue this type of therapy. The condition is not that severe or serious but later in life it can cause a slight curvature of the spine. [6]

Lorraine Warren 0°14′, Jay Leno 0°55′, Dr. Phil McGraw 1°34′

Saturn conjunct Fomalhaut: Accidents, ailments affecting the lungs, throat and feet, loss through enemies, friends, Mercurial affairs, bands and companies, wrongfully accused, affairs involved at end of life, sudden death and family cheated out of their rights. [4]

Justin Bieber 0°01, Jimmy Swaggart 0°30′, Woody Allen 1°03′, Courtney Love 1°11′, Boris Johnson 1°39′, Nigel Farage 2°15′

Uranus conjunct Fomalhaut: Unstable, wasted talents, evil environment, unpractical ideas, loses friends, addicted to drugs or intoxicants, utopian schemes, afflicted marriage partner, brings misfortune to associates, fatally injured by electricity, explosion or accident. [4]

Neptune conjunct Fomalhaut: Sharp, shrewd, self-seeking, analytical, detective ability, many secret enemies, connected with secret affairs or government work, occult interests, somewhat dishonest, influential friends, associated with 9th and 12th house affairs, gain through speculation, death of marriage partner, many narrow escapes, violent death through secret enemies. [4]

(No orb): These individuals are open telepathically to pictures. Their psychic information received through mental pictures may at times be interpreted erroneously if they do not learn how to decipher the massages correctly. Depending on how they use this ability, they can either be of great benefit to other people, or merely entertainers who have the ability while blindfolded to identify what another person is holding in their hand. The audience is in awe over the performance, but it does not bring any practical benefits to those in attendance. [6]

Nero 1°15′

Pluto conjunct Fomalhaut: Mary Shelley 1°51′

North Node conjunct Fomalhaut: Alexander the Great 2°24′, Elizabeth Montgomery 2°25′.

South Node conjunct Fomalhaut: George Clooney 0°02′, Bonnie Parker 2°12′.


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  • All fixed star positions are for the year 2000. Add one degree per 72 years to correct for precession.

40 thoughts on “Fixed Star Fomalhaut

  1. This is my favourite royal star! It is so mysterious and works in much more unique ways, I feel, than Aldebaran, Antares, and Regulus! I seem to notice that we get much more brutal energies and overwhelming energies from the other three, but Fomalhaut is much more evanescent. I noticed it in your Dame Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor post whenever she had her Mars on Fomalhaut!

  2. And Neptune is transiting conjunct now.

    This is significant to my current study of Chris Christie’s chart. He’s the Governor of New Jersey in the midst of a debilitating scandal that errupted in the media last week. He has Chiron-Jupiter conjunct under the Neptune-Chiron in Pisces transit opposite his natal Virgo Sun-Pluto-Uranus conjunction. A political idealist, who’s capable of crossing party lines to get things done, it seems he’s been undermined by his own staff members, costing him considerable favor. Upcoming federal and state investigations may reveal not only his staff’s, but his own nefarious intentions in the escapade.

    Nice new web-page, by the way !

  3. my sun in Pisces is conjunct to Fomalhaut and I also have mars conjunct Aldebaran. I would really love to understand them better, any tips?

    • Two or more Archangel stars in your chart signifies a very strong and prominent character with extremes of ups and downs in life. You do well out of challenging situations because of a powerful inner strength and recuperative powers. Leave a lasting impression.

    • I give a suggested orb at the beginning of each article for the fixed stars. For Fomalhaut it is 2°30′. Generally speaking, the larger the magnitude, or brightness, the larger the orb.

  4. My part of fortune is at 3 degrees in pisces conj mc . What effect does it have being part of fortune?

  5. My south node is exact at 3 degrees Pisces , any ideas on how that may influence

  6. Tengo a Fomalhaut en conjunción con mi mercurio, quien es regente de mi ascendente. Ahí dice que no se me dan bien los negocios aunque es algo que me gusta mucho y quisiera vivir de ello. Según la astrología, no tendría oportunidad para los negocios? Saludos.

  7. I have my Moon 3.12° and Chiron 6.12° Pisces 3H IC cusp… both Opposite Pluto, NN Virgo MC cusp… Hope Fomalhaut makes my Hades Moon less intense ?

  8. Conjuct by Longitude, but quite far apart in the sky. Altitude of Fomalhaut 19degrees 25min, altitude of Mars 35degrees 11min. So they are almost 16 degrees apart by altitude.

  9. My younger son have ASC Pisces 3.04, conjuction with this star. It good?

  10. This is interesting. Thanks Jamie. I have Fomalhaut 0.3 orb on my descendent, on the opposite side my ascendant sits at 4 degrees Virgo and I have Jupiter in determent at 7 degrees. I also have Mars in the 12th applying to conjoin Regulus at 28 degrees. I just don’t like the idea of it in the 12th House. In my early life I walked in the sins of my Father but about 10 or more years ago I turned spiritual matters and I now only seek my true path. Jamie what does your readings involve? I’m thinking about getting one done as I need guidance from somewhere. My head is in the right place but I can’t seem to connect with people on the physical. When I talk people leave the room as I’m too honest, or because what I say is crazy. I go with my intuition most of the time.

    Do you have any idea what this Jupiter transit will bring? I have 5 placements in Virgo, and my Moon conjoined with another Behenian Star Benetnash “Alkaid” with Saturn at 24 degrees.

    Many thanks Jamie. Forever grateful

  11. I almost forgot my Nodes are both on my ascendant & descendant. So my South Node sits with Fomalhaut. That was the question I meant to ask.

    Thanks again

  12. I have ASC and moon egzactly on Aldebaran. Also, I have North Node and Mercury agzactly on Folmahaut. Also Antares on my DC. And, finally Juno on Regulus.

    Jamie pls meaning? And thank you

  13. why they didn’t write about north node conjunct ‘fomalhaut’ ? ı have a conjunction like this but ı don’t know the meaning?

  14. My MC is in Pisces at 2° 26′ in 10th House. Opposite Venus…5th house Stellium of 5 planets and 4 in Libra (2nd Deacon) . Gemini AC, Jupiter in 11th house Aries. Any feedback or insight is greatly appreciated.

  15. All the interpretations for Fomalhaut sound very intense to me?
    And yet this is the Royal star that’s least likely to end up on a list of important stars.
    BTW, since 2011, when Regulus (formerly the “most important” of the Royal stars) ingressed into Virgo, all four of them are now in mutable signs.

    • What’s more, Gabriel (Fomalhaut’s archangel star according to other systems than the Persian one) is the angel of the Annunciation. He also announced the birth of John the Baptist, and interpreted some dreams and visions for Daniel (the guy who is famous for his lion’s den).
      If we all petition Alois at, do you think he’ll put him on the list of stars in his “additional objects” on the extended chart selection page? I find Fomalhaut quite interesting because he features in many charts of my little collection, notably my son’s, whose Fomalhaut is on his MC. Not in my own chart, though 🙁

  16. During the Age of Aquarius, Fomalhaut resides in the house of Values. It’s Inconjunct to the Moon and Square to Pluto and Mid Heaven.

    Chart is set for July 13, 2022 Full Moon, square to the Age of Aqr Lunar Nodes.

    To resolve problems, or understand Fomalhaut going forward, turn to Jamie’s learning triangle; Moon 9th, Jupiter 12th, Pluto MC.

  17. I have;
    MC conjunct Fomalhaut
    Asc conjunct Sirius
    Venus conjunct Sirius
    Moon (Chart ruler) conjunct Antares
    Sun conjunct Regulus
    Mars conjunct Spica
    Saturn conjunct Alkaid

    It sucks 🙂

  18. “A conjunction with Jupiter or on the MC will bring favor from dignitaries of the church. Tied up with either Sun or Moon, the influence of Fomalhaut is said to be quite marked. [5]”

    In the Moon conj Mars retrograde chart of April 10, 1903, Fomalhaut ‘tied up’ in an inconjunct, alternatively called a Quincunx. Jupiter nearby, POF inbetween. But is the Royal star happy, in an environment of nobility extreme? Only two days away a Lunar Eclipse, see transits.

    This chart is hindsight, and of a different era. Almost everyone back then was tied to land or status and had large families. With a little imagination, Fomalhaut the Stresser? Royalty is such that there should not be a surplus, oui?

  19. Hello there, I have a grand mutable cross consisting of Aldebaran conjunct IC, opposite Antares conjunct MC, Uranus conjunct Regulus 6th hs opposite Formalhaut conjunct Chiron 12th hs; I too wonder why this star is not included on the astrodienst site; and Yes, these positions are a mixed blessing and more like the Four Horses of the Apocalypse than Archangels, although at times they can be very beneficial when you’ve learned how to manage the energies. I’ve just discovered your site and popped in to say hello 🙂

  20. Perhaps the absence of Fomalhaut in the Astrodienst star default category is a puzzle to be solved?

    1903 Moon conjunct Mars retrograde, April 10, Progressed to the date the chart was posted at astrologyking, December 14, 2022.

    August 8, 1903, Full Moon

    Study the two sextiles, T-square, transits.

  21. Fomalhaut rings, as observed by Webb, adding a further complexity to this Star that its system may support inhabited exoplanets.

    natal Solar Arc for May 16, 2023, on the 33 year anniversary of asteroid 4585 discovery, Ainonai, by Prolific asteroid discoverers Kin and Kazuro. On May 16 Fomalhaut arcs to 05Tau, where it meets by transit Mercury direct and asteroid Ainonai, named after a small Japanese village. Also, natal Ainonai conjunct Arcturus 24Lib, Solar Arc to Galactic Centre December 1, 2024.

    To aid in discovery of inhabited planets Fomalhaut system, consider using the Solar Arc model.

    Errata / Ainonai stumbled alliteration to Aeneas, in the news, archaeological discovery, Turkey. Survivor of the Trojan War.

  22. In east Asian culture, it is called: the north triumphant entrance gate for the military. I picked an osho tarot before searched for the meaning, and turned out to be the card of success (6 of fire).

    Osho said: Watch the waves in the ocean. The higher the wave goes, the deeper is the wake that follows it. One moment you are the wave, another moment you are the hollow wake that follows. Enjoy both – don’t get addicted to one. Don’t say: I would always like to be on the peak. It is not possible. Simply see the fact: it is not possible. It has never happened and it will never happen.

    “Watch the waves in the ocean”! (Fomalhaut is in Pisces, if applying sidereal ecliptic, like Fagan’s Ayanamsa.)
    I was even more surprised on the card I picked, after finding out this star was literally part of Aquarius before 1600s, and it is indeed the high waves of the ocean!

    After a little more googling, it is the star “of that Divine Messenger Gabriel, generally announcing a good event to come”, which also coincidence with the card and the name.

    • Thank you for that YC. I would love to know more about the north triumphant gate and any more information you have on east Asian star culture.

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