Fixed Star Deneb Adige

Deneb Adige at 5°20′ Pisces has an orb of 2°30′
Fixed Star Deneb Adige

Constellation Cygnus [Stellarium]

The Sun joins Deneb Adige on February 24

The fixed star Deneb Adige, Alpha Cygni, is a 1.25 magnitude blue-white super-giant star in the Tail of the Swan, Cygnus Constellation. Spectral class A2 Ia.

The most common name for this star is Deneb, which comes from the Arabic Dhanab, meaning Tail. There are various other named fixed stars which indicate the Tail of something, for example, Deneb Kaitos, the Tail of the Whale. Thus for differentiation, astrologers term the brightest star in the Swan Deneb Adige, with Adige coming from the Arabic for Hen, Dajajah.

05♓2006♓00Deneb Adige2°30′

Deneb Adige Astrology

Fixed star Deneb Adige is a Venus and Mercury type star (idealistic, psychic, handsome, neat, lovable, refined, genteel, intelligent) that gives an ingenious nature and a clever intellect that is quick at learning. [1]

Anonymous (379 AD) said Deneb Adige is like Venus and Mercury. [5] The spectral class A2 indicates a Venus nature.

Favorable for artistic and scientific pursuits which are carried out with the aim of gain. [2] 

α Cyngi. A white star in the tail of the Swan. The native is mentally quick, psychic, and idealist, has a keen intellect, a very likable person, intelligent. [6]

Deneb Adige rules the top of the instep of the left foot. [3]

Cygnus Constellation

The Swan gives a contemplative, dreamy, cultured and adaptable nature. The affections are ill-regulated and unsteady, the talents develop late. There is some love of water and swimming and the arts. [1]

Deneb Adige, Alpha Cygni

Deneb Adige, Alpha Cygni []

Fixed Star Deneb Adige Conjunctions

All Planets (0°25′ orb): This point does not cause a health problem but instead can be considered a gift. However, it is not always worked with in the proper manner. The intuitive nature of these natives is refined and they can be led to accomplish many divine purposes if the spiritual path is followed and they pay attention to their spirit guides. By following the direction of their spirit guides, they are led to great abundance and much happiness in their lives. [3]

Ascendant conjunct Deneb Adige: Well-known, famous, resourceful, very learned, fond of philosophical dissertations, eloquent, creative, insightful, ingenious, fond of music and the arts, kind-hearted, agreeable and with a delicate life, happy, sensible and thoughtful, skillful and fortunate. Self-taught, esteemed for reasoning ability, a propensity for what is virtuous, well-spoken and pleasant to talk to, amiable and well-tempered manners, solicitous, possesses the art of judgment, and generous.

A splendid and illustrious life; glorious, mighty and commanding nature; fame, busy with many activities, bountiful resources, well known or feared in cities and regions. Prosperity from youth and in own city. [5]

Pablo Escobar 0°30′, Nicole Brown Simpson 2°19′.

Ascendant and Mercury conjunct Deneb Adige: The native will be a prophet and will appear great in the eyes of men and will be a philosopher, inventor of the sciences and has knowledge of everything, especially of those sciences originating in the region of Babylon. And if the nativity were nocturnal, and Mercury placed in this way and Mars were in the sixth place from Mercury, right with respect to the ascendant, the native will be idolatrous and very famous and will speak prophetic words and will perform miracles and God is wiser in this. [5]

Ascendant and Mars conjunct Deneb Adige: Sometimes promiscuous and easily aroused by the pleasures of Venus. Involved in some trouble due to documents or driven by passion, especially if also with Mercury. [5]

Ascendant and Jupiter conjunct Deneb Adige: Brings greater prosperity and commands, glory and power. [5]

Ascendant and Saturn conjunct Deneb Adige: Expert in medicine or prediction, versed in occult books and initiations into mysteries. [5]

Ascendant conjunct Deneb Adige plus Venus or Saturn above the Eastern Horizon: The native acquires wisdom and political or civil authority, provided that Saturn is not in the ascendant. [5]

Nicole Brown Simpson 2°19′

Ascendant and Venus and Saturn conjunct Deneb Adige: Those born are inclined to banquets, to enjoyment, to drink, to lie down with women. And if Saturn were on the ascendant with the Sun and Venus were in the fourth place (Imum Coeli), or even if Saturn were with Venus or with one of these stars in the tenth place (Midheaven), the native will not have good luck and none of the aforementioned things are in his nature, since he will be cold or a man impotent in coitus or still all his children will be females. Truly these stars turn to evil when Saturn and Venus join them in the angles. [5]

Ascendant conjunct Deneb Adige, plus Venus or Mars conjunct Imum Coeli: The opposites of the chaste and the sensible and the impious and those who are impotent in the pleasures of Venus or who have few children or who have only females. [5]

Midheaven conjunct Deneb Adige: A splendid and illustrious life; glorious, mighty and commanding nature; fame, busy with many activities, bountiful resources, well known or feared in cities and regions. Prosperity from youth and in own city. [5]

Marie Antoinette 0°12′, Kamala Harris 2°26′

Descendant conjunct Deneb Adige: Deneb provides the native with an income from others when setting. But Maternus asserts that badly aspected in this position, Deneb presages public punishment because of the theft of the spoils of war. [4]

A splendid and illustrious life; glorious, mighty and commanding nature; fame, busy with many activities; bountiful resources; well known or feared in cities and regions. Prosperity around middle age or through marriage or women. [5]

Julius Evola 1°35′, Woody Allen 2°13′

Descendant and Venus or Saturn conjunct Deneb Adige: The native will be wise in medicine. [5]

Imum Coeli conjunct Deneb Adige: A splendid and illustrious life; glorious, mighty and commanding nature; fame, busy with many activities, bountiful resources, well known or feared in cities and regions. Prosperity in old age or through savings, investments or pensions, death will be famous and known to all. [5]

Yuri Gagarin 0°23′.

Part of Fortune conjunct Deneb Adige: Bob Marley 0°06′, Oprah Winfrey 0°32′, Ed Gein 1°52′, Khloé Kardashian 2°08′, Rolf Harris 2°25′

Sun conjunct Deneb Adige: Preferment in writings, astrology and matters dealing with the public, the native can be affected by early life experiences, more so than the average person. This will have a lasting effect – good or bad, to the natives’ sorrow or the natives’ benefit. The native is ingenious and can excel in many fields. [6]

Drew Barrymore 1°24′, George Washington 1°40′, Ted Kennedy 1°50′

Moon conjunct Deneb Adige: As with the Sun conjunction, the native will excel in many fields, in particular new fields, new untried areas. Such natives will tend to take chances the average person would never even consider. These natives can be creative, imaginative and original. Indiscretion creates losses and problems. [6]

A splendid and illustrious life; great, distinguished and opulent nature. [5]

Audrey Hepburn 2°06′, Elvis Presley 2°24′

Mercury conjunct Deneb Adige: These natives are endowed with a clever intellect, they are ingenious and should exhibit good literary abilities. They can be diplomatic when necessary. There is also a tendency for them to be naive or suspicious. However, some natives with this conjunction will hold radical ideas and even tend to be somewhat erratic in their behavior. Natives with negative conjunctions can become grotesque tyrants. [6]

(0°25′ orb): This gives a spiritual influence on the mind so that spiritual information can be communicated to direct these individuals on the proper course. They receive spiritual revelations as to what they are to accomplish in this life. These revelations can cover many areas but are not for the benefit of other people. The working relationship with their spirit guides is solely for their own benefit. [3]

Nancy Spungen 0°04′, Bernadette Brady 0°14′, Michelangelo 0°35′, John Wayne Bobbitt 1°20′, Manuel Noriega 1°25′, Alice Cooper 1°58′, Bruce Willis 2°18′, Ronaldinho 2°28′

Venus conjunct Deneb Adige: These natives entertain strong opinions and are not at all reticent about expressing their opinions. They tend to feel strongly about family matters, religion, sports, music, etc. These natives are very social-minded. They can be very likable and idealistic. [6]

Harvey Weinstein 0°19′, Bill Maher 0°22′, Richard Nixon 0°38′, Hugh Hefner 0°57′, Kristen Stewart 1°46′, Sirhan Sirhan 2°13′.

Mars conjunct Deneb Adige: The native is somewhat of an idealist; this can be expressed in public affairs, such as politics. They can be optimistic, but if the Mars conjunction is adversely aspected, they can prove to be annoying. [6]

LeBron James 0°49′, Bob Dylan 1°27′, Billie Eilish 1°52′, Susan Miller 2°15′.

Jupiter conjunct Deneb Adige: Natives with well-aspected Jupiters can expect to receive high honors, lasting fame, and favors from influential people, however, if Jupiter is adversely aspected, this conjunction will produce natives that will squander their energies and engage in unpopular causes. [11]

Lorraine Warren 1°14′, Richard Branson 2°04′, Jay Leno 2°24′.

Saturn conjunct Deneb Adige: Boris Johnson 0°10′, Courtney Love 0°17′, Woody Allen 0°25′, Jimmy Swaggart 0°58′, Justin Bieber 1°29′

Uranus conjunct Deneb Adige:

Neptune conjunct Deneb Adige: Nero 0°50′

Pluto conjunct Deneb Adige: 

North Node conjunct Deneb Adige: Alexander the Great 0°10′, Elizabeth Montgomery 0°56′, Theodore Roosevelt 2°11′

South Node conjunct Deneb Adige: Bonnie Parker 0°43′, George Clooney 1°31′, Emily Dickinson 1°50′.

Sun and Mars above the earth, plus Moon with Procyon (25 Cancer): death by the bite of a mad dog. [1]


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  • All fixed star positions are for the year 2000. Add one degree per 72 years to correct for precession.

29 thoughts on “Fixed Star Deneb Adige

  1. Jaimie, what about having this star conjunct your Mid-heaven? Within less than one degree? 0.56′?

    • Try to apply the general descriptions to your career. With the spiritual things, your MC may apply more to a calling rather than career. A good influence either way because of the Venus Mercury nature.

      • My midheaven is 6° pisces as well…
        Last years fall equinox at night was powerful… I saw the Summer Triangle light up and seem to communicate with each other like lasers…. My mind was blown and I had to research… Wow!
        My north node is 7° pisces as well and cancer moon 1° cancer rising 3°.

        I’ve also my Jupiter in Scorpio at 5°

        Thank you for your work… I love it

  2. Jamie, I have it at the mid-point Jupiter/node north and mid-point Jupiter/Lilith, at the nineth house – can you tell me the meaning? Thank you.

    • Basically all fixed star astrologers only recognize conjunctions, not even oppositions let alone midpoints.

  3. I have Juptiter at 6 degrees Pisces, 7th house, a conjunction, yes? Any remarks?

  4. I have Mercury and Ceres within orb conjunction this star. I agree with the comments on spirit guides and spiritual endeavors/occult interests. I’ve found this to be an interesting placement for my Mercury since traditional astrology defines Mercury to be “debilitated” in Pisces. I will admit there is a strong tendency towards more of an abstract mental process that could be considered “insane” due to the mutable and dreamy qualities of Pisces, especially with slight influence of unconventional Aquarius at this degree. However, it does allow me to think outside the box and is of benefit as long as I keep my mind on more of a “spiritual path”. I could very easily see this as a poor placement for Mercury if there are difficult aspects, especially to Neptune and Uranus.

    • Great feedback Michelle. New research in archeoastronomy has found many of the burial chambers in the UK aligned just off North to this star. Seems the mythology related to the fact that this star never quite sets, but dips down and the rises again through the year to pick up souls.

  5. My Mum’s got this star conjunct her moon. She’s very switched on and also psychic. She also has moon trine Neptune.

    • Good aspect to fixed star conjunction will enhance the good quality of the star, and can negate the difficult ones. Just as challenging aspect can reduce the good fortune of a particular star. In both cases I think the influence of the star would grow.

      • Yes, that’s interesting. I’ll remember that. I mistakenly commented on the wrong star earlier. I’ve had a lot of my mind and was staring at the small screen on my phone – as compared to looking on my laptop. There’s so much evidence with these fixed stars though.

        • Yes I deleted the other on eon Algenib. As I find more information I will add it to these pages. My current project is to add celebrities for each planet conjunct star contact. Slow going!

          • I was going to suggest to delete it, as I’d made the mistake. That’ll be interesting – good luck. Slowly, but surely.

  6. I have Deneb conjunct my Ceres and Jupiter (Retrograde) in my 1st house in my natal chart. I am very intuitive and a lot comes to me through dreams. Have you seen any significance of Deneb on the astroids?

    • Thanks for the feedback Helene. No, I have not done any research on asteroid with fixed stars. Ceres is actually a minor planet now, the same classification as Pluto. Perhaps I should start taking note of her as I add celebrity planets to these fixed star pages.

    • I have the same aspect, conjunct my north node. I think it may be that we need to listen to our intuition in order to get help from our spirit guides to move us towards our north node goals. Anyone else have any thoughts on this?

  7. What does it means when Deneb Adige -Fortuna 0.12 degrees in Aquarius in the 12-th House ?

  8. Hi guys. I have added all the interpretations available in books on the fixed stars. Otherwise, just use the general interpretation for the star (idealistic, psychic, handsome, neat, lovable, refined, genteel, intelligent, ingenious, a clever intellect that is quick at learning, favorable for artistic and scientific pursuits which are carried out with the aim of gain.)

    All I can do from here is gradually add celebrities. If I get time I will try to add interpretations. I was hoping others might add suggestions via the comments too.

  9. Thank you for this very interesting article/info! I have my Pallas Athena at 5° 31′ Pisces…not sure if this has any particular significance…but I choose to look at it as a blessing and gift from God/Universe…it means a lot to me. 💗💗💗

    • I forgot to also mention that my Pallas is conjunct my North Node (also in Pisces), is sextile to my Sun, and sextile to my Moon…cool stuff!!!

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