Mercury Square Saturn Natal and Transit

Mercury Square Saturn Transit

Mercury square Saturn maximum orb 4°30′.

Mercury square Saturn natal brings negative thinking that leads to pessimism, fear, worry, apprehension, indecision, procrastination, sadness and loneliness. Saturn restricts and inhibits your thinking and communication. But this aspect can also give a subtle, studious, keen, and profound mind interested in occult or deep subjects.

A larger view of the world must replace narrow-mindedness and paying too much attention to minute details. Shyness can be overcome by stepping out of your secure little comfort zone, such as joining the debating team at school or speaking in public. Step by step, though, learning how to make friends and gaining confidence on a one-to-one basis is a good starting point.

Negative thinking can often be exacerbated by dealing with too much responsibility or suffering through painful hardships, separations, and loss. These things, plus isolation, loneliness, and insecurity, can often lead to depression which must be addressed via medical help, counseling, or other forms of support.

Do not suffer in silence. The more you talk and share your dark thoughts, the lighter the load becomes. With natal Mercury square Saturn, you will tend to attract older male mentors, whom you will learn to trust and value, even though you may not always show that respect initially.

Do not blame others for a rejection or their apparent confidence and ease compared to yourself. Until you master this aspect, you could give off insecure and fearful energy, picked up by others. Any resentment on your part makes your aura darker, potentially leading to nastiness. Replace negative thoughts and words with positive ones by using mantras. Repeat positive phrases about yourself before you go to sleep.

Mercury Square Saturn Transit

Mercury square Saturn transit favors hard mental work; probably better done alone. Communicating your plans and ideas will be difficult because of negative thinking and misunderstandings. When studying or tidying up your paperwork, pay attention to detail.

Take your time with important decisions and negotiations. Seek trusted, professional advice in contracts, business, or legal matters. Do not rely on the words of others, and be careful with your own. You will likely say the wrong thing and dig a deeper hole for yourself.

There may be some distance or separation in close relationships. Gloomy thoughts, bad news, or loneliness can negatively affect mental well-being. Try to remember you are probably seeing the worst side of every matter.

Mercury Square Saturn Celebrities

Chevy Chase 0°03′, Vin Diesel 0°03′, Hillary Clinton 0°05′, Kevin Kline 0°12′, Priyanka Chopra 0°14′, Ben Thompson 0°15′, Jim Bailey 0°18′, Betty Ford 0°24′, Rush Limbaugh 0°26′, Crystal Gayle 0°26′, Will Ferrell 0°28′, Woody Allen 0°29′, David Cochrane 0°30′, Walther Wenck 0°31′, Erich Fromm 0°32′, Bonnie Nettles 0°33′, John Hurt 0°33′, Louisa May Alcott 0°35′, Karl Schwarzschild 0°38′, Tara Reid 0°42′, Dana Plato 0°42′, Judy Garland 0°43′, George Bowering 0°44′, Percival Lowell 0°47′, Paula Yates 0°53′, Peggy Lee 0°53′, Matt LeBlanc 0°54′, Jimmy Hoffa 0°55′, Isaac Newton 1°04′, Lilly Wachowski 1°10′, Paul Foster Case 1°10′, Ella Sophia Armitage 1°15′, Maya Angelou 1°20′, Stonewall Jackson 1°24′, Jeff Bridges 1°24′, Billy Graham 1°26, Peter the Great 1°38′, K. D. Lang 1°42′, Warren Buffett 1°56′.

Mercury Square Saturn Dates

November 10, 2022
June 15, 2023
November 10, 2023
June 12, 2024
November 12, 2024
December 6, 2024
December 27, 2024
June 9, 2025
December 30, 2025
June 10, 2026

11 thoughts on “Mercury Square Saturn Natal and Transit

  1. I think that this transit can cause delays in communication, because of Saturns nature to restrict. My suppliers internet was down yesterday (during the transit) and only just working again this afternoon. So they had a delay with all their emails – lots of catching up to do!

  2. I’m making a triple batch of ormus perfectly synced up to the Mercury Square Saturn Dates.
    Will let you know how it goes…

  3. “this is a quick-moving transit”

    Except when its boxed in a Retrograde Stationary Direct, which captures a heliocentric Jupiter-Saturn conjunction. And remember, Mr Saturn, this same chart has Mercury Inconjunct to Pluto…( Making adjustments).

    its not easy, cracking the Calibration anticrypt. Thats why Im in the tool room and youre on the floor.

    Here the 2020 election is on the Layout table. We are building a Calibrator.
    … we need to add a dial to adjust Mercury to Pluto.

    This isn’t so bad, Ive got one in my back pocket (natal Mercury-Pluto inconjunct). This dial adjusts Heat. It’s for temperature.

    Holistic New Age practitioner might say: Kali-Phos, phosphate of potassium.


    In this link is to a layout, I’m putting a large dial on Mercury, No4. which is circuited to 1,5,9 Sun, Jupiter and Neptune, the communication line. The sequence is derived from the exact moment Jupiter and Saturn aligned 1Aqr49’45”.

    Little adjustments to Mercury have a significant affect, as they filter through the big behomeths Sun, Jupiter, Neptune. You want to see that line (We got it, hooray) it’s an ideal harmonic.

  5. “Negative thinking can often be exacerbated by having to deal with too much responsibility all at once or suffering through painful hardships, separations, and loss. These things, plus isolation, loneliness, and insecurity, can often lead to depression which must be addressed via medical help, counseling, or other forms of support.”

    Perfect sentences that explain my situation. I have this in my natal, actually tonight I’m checking every single aspect in my chart through your website and it’s horribly true.

    And as for this quote, I do really need medical help for my mental health because as it’s written I’m really right now caught up in loneliness, moneylessness and pure isolation. And also as a person who has Saturn square Pluto in his natal, and also having Saturn square Pluto transit right now, it’s very hard to deal with it. But somehow I’m equipped with high resilience, I mean others would commit suicide if they were in my shoes or they would simply lose their mind ‘totally’ – at least, despite of every hardships, I’m trying to do something as far as I can. Music, for example. My only outstanding talent in my chart as well, as a person who has Venus in 10th house and Neptune and Uranus trines w it.

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