Neptune Square Ascendant Natal and Transit

Neptune Square Ascendant Transit

Neptune square Ascendant maximum orb 4°30′.

Neptune square Ascendant natal causes confusion and a long personal struggle with your identity. This can cause misperceptions and a lack of trust in your close relationships. Your relationship with your parents may have been tense because of this.

Extreme sensitivity to verbal and primarily nonverbal communication can cause confusion. Subconscious signals like facial expressions, body language, and even thoughts and feelings are often more important than words are for communicating. This aspect causes messages to get jumbled up, which works both ways. Misunderstanding, suspicion, fear, gossip, drugs, betrayal, lying and slander can ruin your close relationships and make it harder to connect to people at an emotional or more profound level.

You may use others as a mirror to judge yourself. But your lack of clarity or embarrassment about your identity is outwardly noticeable. So using how others perceive you to understand yourself can further distort and weaken your self-image. This is especially so if a person perceives your confusion as dishonesty or suspicion. You may feel unworthy of kindness or companionship and sacrifice your individuality to be with someone. This is potentially dangerous and could end up in abuse or violence.

The best way to handle this aspect is, to be honest, and straightforward with people. Otherwise, they will think the worst and not believe you and may get the wrong idea about you. If you seem scared and weak, you are likelier to become the victim of prejudice and bullying.

You are generous and have a wonderful imagination, but you may seem naïve and overly sentimental to others. You may have felt like an alien during your childhood, but your childlike sense of wonder and faith is inspiring. Learning to trust in yourself is essential to developing a positive self-image. When people challenge you, consider it a test of your convictions. Be proud and stand on your own. You can take a stand on unpopular subjects and be proud of your achievements.

Neptune Square Ascendant Transit

Neptune square Ascendant transit could add confusion and possibly deception to your one-to-one relationships. Others may try to talk you out of your plans. Whether their intentions are good or bad, they will cause you to question yourself and your goals. It is better to ignore them because they could confuse you about who you are and where you are going.

Be careful who you trust and put your faith in. You may think someone is trying to deceive you when they are only trying to save you. Someone may be lying to you, but you are not sure who. Reason about their true intentions and what they have to gain. Whether it is your partner, close friend, family member or work colleague, trusting the wrong person could cost you a valuable and dear relationship.

Be honest and clear about your intentions because others can quickly get the wrong idea. Self-doubt, guilt, fear, paranoia, or over-sensitivity can open you to suspicion, bullying, gossip, scandal, betrayal, slander and deception.

Do not go into partnership. Self-employment or working at home is the better way to go. Be careful dealing with any people in business related to your goals. Feeling unsure about yourself or unworthy and undeserving of this influence is typical. Someone may sense your awful experience or lack of confidence in a particular area and try to rip you off.

Loss, disappointment, and confusion are possible. It is also possible that your attachment to material objects or certain relationships has held back your spiritual development. I know it is easier to say than do, but the best approach is to go with the flow and not get worried about sticking to plans or goals. Live and let live. Easy come, easy go.

Neptune Square Ascendant Celebrities

Steven Spielberg 0°09′, Justin Trudeau 0°19′, Joe Frazier 0°25′, Mike Love 0°31′, Christina Rossetti 0°40′, Edwin Hubble 0°46′, Marie Curie 0°48′, Elizabeth Taylor 0°51′, Johnny Depp 0°58′, Bill Gates 1°16′ Zoë Kravitz 1°19′, Connie Francis 1°26′, George Peppard 1°26′, Sarah Paulson 1°51′, Uma Thurman 1°52′, Joseph McCarthy 1°56′.

7 thoughts on “Neptune Square Ascendant Natal and Transit

  1. The current PM of Canada has this one pretty much Bang On.

    My Neptune-ASC square has a 5°orb.

  2. People might want to look at Justin Trudeaus chart. 3°Vir35′ Ascendant, makes for an interesting Full Moon at Aug 26/18. What do you thing will happen? We know his Neptune is conj the IC, an indication of the character of the Mother, and his Saturn is conj the MC, where you find the Father, Pierre.

  3. Fascinating comment made by a world renown gambler on an investment site I frequent:

    ‘Used to play 7 card lo ball in a “home” game. 10K buy in and your checks were good after that IF vouched. had Spielberg and a few other Hollywood names in that game, which could last a few days. Stevie boy was our local fish. What a loser.’

    Marketsniper, 8/17/18

  4. Well I’m glad I share this with other very creative people (mine is 0.5 deg). Being highly attuned to unspoken cues/vibes etc can also lead to artistic/musical/acting inspiration – you hint at this towards the end but the rest is pretty negative. Not that I’m not aware of the pitfalls – I am very often misunderstood or underestimated. It is probably particularly good for actors or mediums who take on personalities of other people. I do appreciate your consideration of aspects to the Ascendant – I have 4 or 5 tight aspects to my ASC that I consider v. important but it seems not many astrologers do.

  5. had transiting Neptune semi square my Asc for last 18 months. As aspect moved to exact, I got a nasty chest infection. As Neptune retrograded and move just 1 degree off my Asc, chest infection cleared up rapidly. When Neptune went direct again, closer it got to my Asc, chest infection re-emerged, becoming worse as aspect became exact. Now Neptune is almost one degree off my Asc and moving away for good and the chest infection is disappearing too! Initially, I was trying antibiotics and prednisolone and they only worked for a short time. By time Neptune moved directly, I decided not to take anymore antibiotics because I felt sure the infection would lift once aspect had passed.. To help keep the lungs clear I took up gentle jogging.

  6. Wow this aspect is Johnny Depp all over! Hoping the trial goes well for him. He’s certainly getting it all out there and being completely open and honest as advised in the above. Wow! I’ll never discount ascendant aspects again!!

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