Mercury Conjunct Venus June 17, 2024

Mercury Conjunct Venus Transit

Mercury conjunct Venus maximum orb 7°00′.

Mercury conjunct Venus natal makes you a lovable, handsome, neat, refined, romantic, and courteous person. You may tend to be passive and submissive, but this is a means by which you achieve peace in your life. Diplomacy is a strong point; you may often be called to sort out problems between friends.

Communication is another strong point. This aspect brings intelligence, a quick mind, and psychic ability, and it does not particularly point to any field of study or topic of debate. It is your authentic style of communication that is important. You can lovingly communicate things; a melodic, poetic, and relaxing voice often helps this.

This communication talent means you should be at ease in social situations unless Mercury conjunct Venus receives challenging aspects from Saturn or another harsh planet in your chart. People will find you to be refined, elegant, and even mesmerizing.

You have a good appreciation of art and creativity with solid pattern recognition. This aspect also gives a talent for reading music, playing musical instruments, poetry, singing, and painting. You were probably a visual learner and an avid reader at school. You can see pictures in words and words in pictures.

Mercury rules trade, and Venus rules money, so you could do well in business and enjoy buying and selling. This goes well with your talent as a negotiator. Other areas of interest may be teaching, journalism, writing, law, politics, art, or sociology. However, as mentioned earlier, your skill set enables you to succeed in any profession and earn honors and riches.

Mercury Conjunct Venus Transit

Mercury conjunct Venus transit encourages personal interaction, making communications more harmonious and pleasant. It helps you share your love and affection, ideal for socializing, making friends and dating. You are in touch with what you love about a person and can more easily express this than at other times.

So this is the right time to tell someone you love them or show your appreciation through a gift or other display of love. It is also likely you be on the receiving end of someone else’s love or appreciation, and you could also receive a compliment, letter, invitation, gift or money.

Mercury with Venus brings people together and encourages cooperation. It gives diplomatic and negotiating skills to resolve conflicts, finds peaceful settlements to disputes, and break down barriers to progress.

This conjunction also enhances your artistic and creative skills. You might enjoy making something with your hands or voice, such as poetry, music, and crafts. Doing business is also favored because of a good head for numbers and the ability to find win-win situations. You should be confident about signing contracts.

Mercury Conjunct Venus Celebrities

Eric Gill 0°00′, Lili Damita 0°01′, Athanasius Kircher 0°01′, Eric Burdon 0°02′, Julius Streicher 0°02′, Alan Wicker 0°03′, Balthazar Getty 0°03′, Ian Brady 0°04′, Yves Saint Laurent 0°05′, Heidi Klum 0°06′, Hugo Grotius 0°07′, Mirka Mora 0°11′, Emma Cecilia Thursby 0°12′, Young Thug 0°13′, Sara Tommasi 0°15′, James Baker 0°16′, Kay Parker 0°17′, Joan Rivers 0°19′, Christopher Rice 0°18′, Kathy Bates 0°20′, Napoleon III 0°29′, Camila Cabello 0°32′, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga 0°32′, David Essex 0°33′, Celine Dion 0°39′, Katherine Mansfield 0°40′, Yukio Mishima 0°42′, Will Smith 0°42′, Johnny Depp 0°48′, Meghan Trainor 0°48′, George Peppard 0°50′, Mary Pierce 1°03′, Paul Newman 1°06′, Lucy Lawless 1°13′, Rudyard Kipling 1°20′, Christina Applegate 1°21′, George Michael 1°22′.

Mercury Conjunct Venus Dates

December 29, 2022
July 27, 2023
April 19, 2024
June 17, 2024
August 7, 2024
March 11, 2025
November 24, 2025
January 29, 2026
February 28, 2026
July 1, 2027

20 thoughts on “Mercury Conjunct Venus June 17, 2024

  1. Hello Jamie
    Thank u very much for ur reply
    My son’s DOB is 6th Nov, 1998…time 11.30am…place kolkata, india….He is going through some tough period….please please tell me what effects Saturn and Mars retrograde has on him…Any remedy for the boy. Please.

  2. Mundane conjunction of mercury and venus will be in conjunction with my venus. What to expect Jamie?

  3. Mercury/Venus conjunction is conjunct my MC, which means it is opposing my Jupiter conjunct IC…no idea with this one, sounds like its a day best used wisely though so Im hoping for a “brain wave” so as not to miss it lol!

    • If you had to have anything on your IC then Jupiter would be the best. A happy and content base to absorb the cosmic waves and learn and grow!

  4. LOL, I was thinking about getting my haircut on the 29th, to get a bit more attractive, hope that transit helps me out hahaha!

    • You know they say you should always get your hair cut during the waning moon, between a full moon and a new moon.

  5. A gift to deliver to a venus conjunct mercury
    Woman today…who I deeply admire
    Spot on timing

  6. Does this mean that someone who was contemplating breaking up and remains in limbo since November 2016 might change their mind?

  7. We don’t want to miss the important conjunction of Mercury, Venus and CHIRON!!! Chiron really takes this conj to another level..manifesting the aspects of communicating or thinking about our comfort, love..with respect to our self esteem or healing soul pain.. 🙂 and this conj is semisextile Uranus!!!!

    and if that wasn’t enough Uranus is conj Eris, Osiris and Alice..
    Osiris is about healing from betrayal, healing and rising above, Alice is about realizing who is writing the story of our lives, and about causing discord in the name of poetic justice…

    • Oooh … my natal Sun is in that conjunction — I think: 28’39 Pisces. Somehow, I doubt that this delightfull get-together will notice me.

  8. Maybe not this time around, with that Venus rx. Not for NEW relationships/artistic endeavors/purchases anyway.

  9. I have this conjunction in my natal I can be lovely and polite but also I have Mercury square Mars and there we go 😐

  10. I’m really looking forward to what comes of this transit along with the new moon in Libra as it coincides with my Venus return. Mars on the ascendant I believe is suggesting a very active year in terms of 1-to-1 relationships, business, and self worth issues activated through those environments. Thanks for this I feel a little better with Mercury on my side, retrograde or not.😏

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