Fixed Star Etamin

Etamin at 27°58′ Sagittarius has an orb of 2°10′
Fixed Star Etamin

Draco Constellation [Stellarium]

The Sun joins Etamin on December 20

Fixed star Etamin, Gamma Draconis, is star located in the right eye of the Dragon, Draco Constellation. Magnitude 2.23, spectral type K5 III.

The traditional name Etamin comes from the Arabic word التنين (At-Tinnin) which means The Great Serpent. Etamin was previously called Rastaban, now used for Beta Draconis, Alwaid. Both names derive from Arabic words for serpent or dragon. Etamin is close to the the zenith point directly overhead of London, so has earned it the name Zenith Star.

Etamin was worshiped from at least 3500 B.C in Egypt. It was visible through the central passages of the temples of Hathor at Denderah and of Mut at Thebes. At Thebes in Greece, the City of the Dragon, a temple was aligned to this star Etamin around 1130 B.C.


Etamin Astrology

Fixed star Etamin has the spectral type K5, indicating a planetary nature of Mars.

ETAMIN. γ Draconis. A red giant, double star. Spectral class K5. Located in the Dragon’s eye. This star gives its natives a rise followed by a fall, loss of prestige, keen mental ability, a pioneer, a preference for solitude, self destruction, violence, honors. [7]

Etamin, the “right eye of the Dragon”, gamma Draco has a Saturn-Jupiter nature with Martian influence. According to tradition, the Saturnian predominance will give a liking for solitude. Good mental concentration. [3]

In the narrow longitudinal space between Aculeus and Acumen is the star Etamin, γ Draconis, chief star and one of the eyes of Draco the Dragon Constellation, and it may well be that it was this one which caused the other two to be so much associated with eyesight. But Etamin seems not to have been noticed by Ptolemy.

Etamin, γ Draconis os another Arabic form of The Dragon’s Head. The planetary simile is Mars-Moon. Since both this star and its namesake Rastaban (Alwaid) are commonly regarded as the two Eyes in the Head, there may be something here of the old notion that one’s right eye sees good, the left eye evil. Mars-Moon is never popular as a combination in astrology, for it often does show the inclination to look on the black side of things. We are here looking perhaps at the source of that morbid tendency in us, with the strength of Hercules to slay it for us. In those who do overcome their own states of anxiety, revealed by Mars-Moon, there is always the power to heal others also. [4]

It is interesting to know that the Boeotian Thebes, the City of the Dragon, from the story of its founder, Cadmus, shared with its Egyptian namesake the worship of this star in a temple dedicated, so far as its orientation shows, about 1130 B.C.: a cult doubtless drawn from the parent city in Egypt, and adopted elsewhere in Greece, as also in Italy in the little temple to Isis in Pompeii. Here, however, the city authorities interfered with this star-worship in one of their numerous raids on the astrologers, and bricked up the opening whence the star was observed. [5]

The orange star Rastaban was worshiped (as was Thuban) by the ancient Egyptians. It was the pole star about 3500 B.C. The Karnak temple of Rameses and Khons at Thebes was oriented to this star. [4]

Constellation Draco

According to Ptolemy the bright stars are like Saturn and Mars. Draco gives an artistic and emotional but somber nature, a penetrating and analytical mind, much travel and many friends but danger of robbery and of accidental poisoning. It was said by the Ancients that when a comet was here poison was scattered over the world. By the Kabalists it is associated with the Hebrew letter Mem and the 13th Tarot Trump “Death.” [1]

The early astrologers called Draco “The Poisonous Dragon”. The constellation is especially hurtful to mineral resources, and presages the pollution of rivers and the air. The Moon’s Nodes are named after this constellation. The Dragon’s Head (North Node) and the Dragon’s Tail (South Node) refer to the Moon’s undulating course symbolized by the twisting of the Dragon about the North Pole. [4]

Etamin Star, Gamma Draconis

Etamin Star, Gamma Draconis []

Fixed Star Etamin Conjunctions

Ascendant conjunct Etamin: Whoever was born with this constellation rising will be Marsi (wizards and snake-charmers), who are accustomed to prepare beneficial remedies from poisons and the pigments of herbs. [6]

Prince William 0°13′, Sylvester Stallone 1°18′, Stormy Daniels 1°2′, Warren Buffett 1°29′, Jimmy Swaggart 1°43′.

Midheaven conjunct Etamin: Honor and preferment (Saturn-Jupiter)

Descendant conjunct Etamin: But if this constellation is found in the DSC, they will perish struck by the bite or serpents, or surely by having drunk poison. [6]

Timothy McVeigh 0°35′, LeBron James 1°17′, Theodore Roosevelt 1°22′, RuPaul 1°50′.

Imum Coeli conjunct Etamin: David Duke 0°22′,  Emma Watson 1°37′ (and Moon).

Part of Fortune conjunct Etamin: William Blake 0°09′, Yoko Ono 0°16′, Vito Genovese 0°37′, James Dean 2°04′, Lana Del Rey 2°09′.

Sun conjunct Etamin: High preferment in legal, writings and matters associated with public affairs. The native is ‘dauntless’, aggressive and may become involved in out of the ordinary subjects, ideas. [7]

Uri Geller 0°19′, Joseph Stalin 0°36′, Steven Spielberg 0°45′, Billie Eilish 1°01′ (and S.Node), Pope Francis I 1°09′, Brad Pitt 1°34′, Keith Richards 1°45′, Sarah Paulson 1°45′, Emmanuel Macron 1°46′.

Moon conjunct Etamin: Preferment in martial and government matters. This conjunction may bring to the native a pioneering spirit, this may exhibit itself in any number of ways. There is also the danger of becoming involved in intrigues or matters that could bring losses to its natives, possibly a loss of prestige, but not a fatal loss. A potential for violence remains with this conjunction. [7]

Henri Matisse 0°48′, Nigel Farage 0°58′, Adele 1°35′, Emma Watson 1°58′ (and IC), Patch Adams 2°10′.

Mercury conjunct Etamin: Natives with this conjunction know how to keep their counsel, keep confidences, but they may also get themselves involved in matters or intrigues that could prove costly. There is the possibility of self destruction with this conjunction, particularly under conditions not easily resolved. [7]

Nero 0°08′, Noor Inayat Khan 0°14′, Vespasian 0°43′, Kirk Douglas 0°57′, Kenneth Copeland 1°45′, Isaac Newton 2°00′, Francisco Franco 2°03′.

Venus conjunct Etamin: Prestige is important to these natives and any loss of prestige is keenly felt. Negative nativities subject to self destruction; or becoming involved in situations that could lead to violence. [7]

Tony Abbott 0°40′, Barbara Hutton 0°53′.

Mars conjunct Etamin: Honors and preferment in matters dealing with public affairs. These natives have the drive to forge ahead, make their mark. The negative nativities can get themselves involved in situations that can self destruct or lead to violence. [7]

Vladimir Putin 0°47′, Rihanna 0°55′, Agatha Christie 1°29′.

Jupiter conjunct Etamin: High martial, financial, government preferment. These natives can get themselves involved in situations that require considerable tact or get involved in activities that are of an illegal nature. These natives must exercise caution against sudden happenings. [7]

Allison DuBois 0°01′, Prince Andrew, Duke of York 0°58′, Elizabeth I 1°21′, Ben Shapiro 1°28′ (and Neptune), Vincent van Gogh 1°39′, William Butler Yeats 1°48′.

Saturn conjunct Etamin: This fixed star is said to tally with dishonor, downfall and loss of prestige if conjunction Saturn on the Midheaven or Horizon (AC or DC). If this Saturn, however, is well placed otherwise, this star is said to be helpful for mental concentration and gives a liking for philosophical and esoteric studies. [3]

Conor McGregor 0°14′ (and Uranus), Anne Frank 0°42′, Martin Luther King 1°36′.

Uranus conjunct Etamin: Jeane Dixon 0°16′, Conor McGregor 0°17′ (and Saturn), Pablo Neruda 0°23′, Martin Luther 1°58′, Queen Victoria 2°05′, Novak Djokovic 2°06′, Zoë Kravitz 2°08′.

Neptune conjunct Etamin: Karl Marx 0°41′, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex 0°54′, Virginia Giuffre 1°03′, Amy Winehouse 1°15′, Katy Perry 1°28′, Khloé Kardashian 2°05′, Ben Shapiro 2°09′ (and Jupiter).

South Node conjunct Etamin: Billie Eilish 0°54′ (and Sun), Liza Minnelli 1°11′, Sara Aldrete 1°28′, Kamala Harris 1°41′.


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  • All fixed star positions are for the year 2000. Add one degree per 72 years to correct for precession.

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