Hercules Constellation Meaning

Constellation Hercules Astrology

Constellation Hercules [Stellarium]

Constellation Hercules Astrology

Constellation Hercules the Kneeling Man, is a northern constellation sitting above constellation Ophiuchus, with his foot on the head of the Dragon, constellation Draco, between constellation Bootes and constellation Lyra. Hercules spans 50 degrees of the Zodiac in the Signs of Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn, and and contains 12 named stars.

Constellation Hercules Stars
14 ♏ 24
26 ♏ 25
29 ♏ 13
01 ♐ 06
01 ♐ 35
08 ♐ 20
14 ♐ 46
16 ♐ 09
19 ♐ 55
26 ♐ 24
28 ♐ 29
02 ♑ 42
τ Hercules
κ Hercules
γ Hercules
β Hercules
ω Hercules
ε Hercules
δ Hercules
α Hercules
λ Hercules
μ Hercules
θ Hercules
ο Hercules
Rukbalgethi Shemali
Ras Algethi
Marfak Al Jathih Al Aisr
Rukbalgethi Genubi
Fekhiz al Jathih al Aisr

(Star positions for year 2000)

This constellation was put in heaven as a reminder of the labors of Hercules. According to another account, however, during the war between the Gods and Titans the former all ran to one side of the heavens, which would have fallen had not Atlas and Hercules supported it, and the latter was placed in the sky in commemoration of this service.

Influences: According to Ptolemy it is like Mercury. It is said to give strength of character, tenacity and fixity of purpose, an ardent nature and dangerous passions. By the Kabalists it is associated with the Hebrew letter Daleth and the fourth Tarot Trump “The Emperor”. [1]

Hercules stretching from just west of the head of Ophiuchus to Draco, its eastern border on the Milky Way, is one of the oldest sky figures, although not known to the first Greek astronomers under that name.. and some modern students of Euphratean mythology, associating the stars of Hercules and Draco with the sun-god Izhdubar and the dragon Tiamat, slain by him, think this Chaldaean myth the foundation of that of the classical Hercules and the Lernaean Hydra. Izhdubar is shown on a cylinder seal of 3000 to 3500 B.C., and described in that country’s records as resting upon one knee, with his foot upon the Dragon’s head, just as Aratos says of his Engonasi, and as we have it now. His well-known adventures are supposed to refer to the sun’s passage through the twelve zodiacal signs, appearing thus on tablets of the 7th century before Christ. This myth of several thousand years’ antiquity may have been adopted by Greece, and the solar hero changed into Hercules with his twelve familiar labors… while Ingenicla Imago and Ignota Facies appear in Manilius, — his familiar line, Nixa venit species genibus, sibi conscia causae, being liberally translated by Creech, Conscious of his shame, A constellation kneels without a name.

Constellation Hercules Astrology

Constellation Hercules [Urania’s Mirror]

Our stellar figure generally has been drawn with club and lion-skin, the left foot on Draco and the right near Bootes, the reversal of these by Aratos being criticized by Hipparchos; but the Farnese globe shows a young man, nude and kneeling; while the Leyden Manuscript very inappropriately drew it as a young boy, erect, with a short star-tipped shepherd’s crook, bearing a lion’s skin and head. Bayer shows the strong man kneeling, clothed in the lion’s skin, with his “all brazen” club and the Apple Branch. [2]

Hercules, the figure on bended knee and called by the Greek name of Engonasin, about whose origin no certainty prevails. Of this constellation is begotten the desertion, craftiness, and deceit characteristic of its children, and from it comes the thug who terrorizes the heart of the city. If perchance his mind is moved to consider a profession, Engonasin will inspire him with enthusiasm for risky callings, with danger the price, for which he will sell his talents: daring narrow steps on a path without thickness, he will plant firm feet on a horizontal tightrope; then, as he attempts an upward route to heaven, he will all but lose his footing and, suspended in mid-air, he will keep a multitude in suspense upon himself. [3]

Here the mighty one, who occupies a large portion of the heavens, is seen bending on one knee, with his right heel lifted up as if it had been wounded, while his left foot is set directly over the head of the great dragon. In his right hand he wields a great club, and in his left hand he grasps a triple-headed monster (Cerberus). And he has the skin of a lion, which he has slain, thrown around him. (Cerberus, or the serpent with three heads, was placed by Hevelius (1611-1687) by the side of Hercules. Bayer had previously placed the apple branch in his hand. This was symbolical of the golden apples of Hesperides, which he obtained by killing this three-headed hydra, by whom they were guarded. In our picture these are combined, and a bow and quiver added from other ancient authorities.)

In the Zodiac of Denderah we have a human figure, likewise with a club. His name is Bau, which means who cometh, and is evidently intended for Him who cometh to crush the serpent’s head, and “destroy the works of the devil.” In Arabic he is called Al Giscale, the strong one.

There are 113 stars in this constellation. Seven are of the 3rd magnitude, seventeen of the 4th, etc. The brightest star, α (in his head), is named Ras al Gethi, and means the head of him who bruises. The next, β (in the right arm-pit, is named Kornephorus, and means the branch, kneeling. The star κ (in the right elbow) is called Marsic, the wounding. The star λ (in the upper part of the left arm) is named Ma’asyn, the sin-offering. While ω (in the lower part of the right arm) is Caiam, or Guiam, punishing; and in Arabic, treading under foot. [4]


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  1. What significance does Kornephorus have on Mays full Moon on Mars ?

    • Good question Vicktoria. If I had a specific interpretation it would be more significant. For that full moon I looked to other stars in Scorpius which had individual interpretations. I am wary of even using Constellation descriptions for stars not commonly used in astrology.

  2. Why do two of the stars in this constellation have the same traditional name? Omega Herculis and Epsilon Herculis both have the traditional name “Kajam”, “Cujam”, or “Cajam” just with different spellings.
    BTW, the IAU has approved of the name “Cujam” for the star Omega Herculis.

  3. Discovery (June 12)of a Nova at Hercules, R.A. = 18 57 30.98, Decl.= +16 53 39.6

    Is that coordinate tucked in the corner just below Vega in Lyra? nearest Greek Omicron? If so, 2 or 3 degrees Capricorn.

    Jamie, maybe think about repunting Cerberus and Jupiter retrograde? A little reminder he’s watching us jive with his labours?

  4. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Omicron_Herculis

    R.A. = 18h 07m 32.55073s Decl=+28° 45′ 44.9679

    “Omicron Hercules is notable for residing close to the coordinates of the solar apex, the direction towards which the Sun is moving. This was first noticed by William Herschel in 1783, although in his first calculation he identified this point with Lambda Herculis. It will eventually become the brightest star in the sky in approximately 3 million years from today, at -0.4, slightly less bright than Canopus today.”

    Is the Coordinates of the Nova, the location of the Solar Apex?

    And it happened June 12?

    This is my only chart that day, commemorating the 2nd Reverse Hercules Labour.


  5. If you recall, in the period following the second proof of the Trinity, December 21, 2020, the Moon and Venus set up midpoint to the winter solstice, antiscion. For reference, A lot was made of this at the time of Epiphany, Proclamation of the Henge, on the Capitol Riot thread, January 8, 2021. ie. The Moon and Venus antiscia at natal Solar Return, January 11, 2021.

    Now look at the June 12 chart (above post) with fresh eyes. Moon and Venus antiscia Sirius, the central star in our local star group. The Nova and Omicron Hercules, “notable for residing close to the coordinates of the solar apex, the direction towards which the Sun is moving.”

  6. Asteroid Herculina 532
    orbital period of 4 years and 226 days.

    Ephemeris 2021

    June 8, 29Pis18
    June 9, 29Pis31
    June 10, 29Pis43, Solar Eclipse
    June 11, 29Pis56
    June 12, 0Ari08, chart, 2nd Reverse Labour Hesperides, Venus-Moon Antiscia Sirius, Nova in Hercules
    June 13, 0Ari19
    June 14, 0Ari31, publish, bow shock, 2nd Saturn-Uranus square 2021

    The asteroid (532) Herculina was discovered by Max Wolf (1863-1932), whose father strove to inculcate interest in science, building a small observatory in the garden of his family home.

    Orbital resonance:
    2:15 with Venus (99.8%)

    18:7 with Jupiter (99.8%)

    11:14 with Vesta (99.9%)
    1:1 with Ceres-Pallas (99.6%)
    11:8 with Cybele (99.9%)
    13:12 with Psyche (99.8%)
    6:5 with Hygiea (99.4%)

    (532) Herculina is related to education and teaching (11:8 resonance with Cybele). It has the capacity to transmit patterns of behavior and norms of coexistence to children, like in the movie “Superman” (1978); or procedures and company policy to workers who have just joined into the company…

    Herculina is one of the larger members of the main asteroid belt. It is believed to rank among the top 20 in size, but the exact dimensions of many large asteroids are still uncertain. The current estimate for its mass would rank it close to the top 10.

    Recent (2002) modelling of photometric data indicates that Herculina is not spherical, but a blocky shape not unlike a battered cuboid – or, as the analysis described it, it “resembles a toaster”.

    wiki, astrodienst and mainbeltastrology

    Synastry chart, Father-Daughter
    Herculina conjunct Part of Fortune

      • About an hour before casting the June 12 chart I was shooting a video of a beach garden, and kept repeating the words Amazing… Remarkable. It’s an 8 minute video. About one minute in there’s a miniature metallic Monolith. The whole thing is constructed along a boardwalk, a promenade of flowering stars and shrubbery dust, glittering doodads, and even one place a fallow zone.

        • Striving for precision…. The video is made at 12:38pm EST, 9:07 minutes duration, the monolith shows up at the 1:47-1:53 minute mark.

          Omicron Herculis, Tropical, 03°Cap00’00”
          Galactic Center 27°Sag09’09”

  7. “OMI HER (Omicron Herculis). As in real estate, for this star it’s mostly ‘location, location, location.’ In southeastern Hercules, but closer to classical Lyra, Omicron Herculis lies within a set of stars that shows that Bayer used position as well as brightness when he assigned Greek letters on his great atlas, the Uranometria of 1603….”


    “….More importantly, with Nu, Xi, and 99 Herculis, Omicron forms a rough box that contains the Apex of the Sun’s Way, the point among the local bright stars towards which the Sun is moving at a stately pace of 20 kilometers per second. Near the border with Lyra, the Apex depends some on the stars selected. This particular version is for “standard solar motion.” If we pick the nearest stars to be our set, the Apex for “basic solar motion” lies 4.5 degrees to the south-southwest in the direction of 89 Herculis. Nothing, it seems, is ever simple.”

    There you go, as your galactic Real Estate agent, let me assure you of this Prime neighbourhood, complete with Pizzeria, Opera house and Greek notes in yellow and grey…

  8. Leo New Moon, August 16, 2023, PST compare 2nd Reverse Hesperides EST posted earlier.


    Mercury Rx sextile Venus Rx.
    The appearance of Venus Sirius Moon stellium, joined by Part of Fortune, Sirius and Ascendant.

  9. I read three Media offerings today, issued at 15:05 UT. Chart set for 3:05 pm Washington DC.

    The time signals an important stellium with midpoint VenusRx conjunct natal N.Node.


    • that should say: 15:05 EST on the 24 hour clock. One of the articles was about return of covid ~ and another was about the USA Press Secretary gaffe.

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