Cerberus Constellation Meaning

Cerberus Constellation

Cerberus Constellation [Urania’s Mirror]

Cerberus is an obsolete constellation created by Hevelius in 1690, whose stars are now included in the constellation Hercules.

Constellation Cerberus consisted of the four stars 93, 95, 102, and 109 Herculi. [1] It represents the three-headed monster that guarded the gates of Hades and was brought to the upper world by Hercules. The figure depicts it as held by Hercules, in which the constellation is now merged. According to some accounts, it is the serpent slain by Hero that infested the country around Taenarum. [2]

Constellation Cerberus Stars

00 ♑ 009393 Her4.671°00′
00 ♑ 299595 Her4.261°00′
02 ♑ 50102102 Her4.371°00′
07 ♑ 47109109 Her3.881°10′

Constellation Cerberus Astrology

Constellation Cerberus is said to cause faithfulness, devotion, industry and watchfulness, and to restrain from evil, but to give danger of poison. [2]


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  1. Asteroid Cerberus 1865, common S.type of the Apollo group. Mythologically described the same as the defunct topic constellation… But, we see Asteroid Cerberus conjunct the retrograde Mercury (June3), so maybe this old dog hasn’t had its day yet? Revive him and play ‘catch the frisbee’ …I heard there are a few flying around his parts.

    Cerberus 23Gem23
    Mercury Rx 23Gem49

  2. Liberating Cerberus from his Herculean capture. Make it the first Labour in rehabilitating Axial age mythology? I’m fiddling with this idea. A good diversion from the space age Olympic follies? Something to do while lilting under a Hesiod summer sun? It would be a monumental effort. How, if possible, does it fit into the Edifice? The Pantheon of earlier efforts, here, at the cloudiest of all Astrology sites? Perhaps just put together an outline, and allow others to write the essay? That would be easy, and easy on the eyes.


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    Could you please consider adding latitude data for each star in your database? The latitude (above or below ecliptic) has an effect on the strength of that particular star’s influence.


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