Fixed Star Ras Algethi

Ras Algethi at 16°09′ Sagittarius has an orb of 1°30′
Fixed Star Ras Algethi

Hercules Constellation [Stellarium]

The Sun joins Ras Algethi on December 8

Fixed star Ras Algethi, Alpha Herculis, is a 2.9 magnitude orange red and bluish green multiple star system in the head of the Kneeling Man, Hercules Constellation. The traditional name Rasalgethi or Ras Algethi, is from the Arabic رأس الجاثي (ra’s al-jaθiyy)‎ which means Head of the Kneeler.


09 ♐ 46
11 ♐ 58
16 ♐ 09
17 ♐ 58
22 ♐ 27

Fixed Star

Ras Algethi



Fixed Star Ras Algethi Astrology

Fixed star Ras Algethi has the nature of Saturn. The star presages both the good and bad sides of Saturn. [2]

Ras Algethi, the Head of the Kneeling Hercules, possesses a character of Mars-Venus with a slight blend of Mercury. If in good aspect, it is supposed to give much enjoyment and favors from women. However, if connected with unhelpful planets, it is said to cause much irritation, especially in connection with the female sex. But, by its very Mars nature, Ras Algethi corresponds to boldness and a drive to gain power. [3]

Ras Algethi, ‘Head of the Kneeler’, since that is how Hercules is fighting his battle, though some think the title was once Ras Aljauzi, ‘Head of the Giant’. Somehow the less exotic title seems the better to encourage us non-giants to take part, for we can all kneel. This star, α Herculis, shares the Saturn-Venus simile again. [1]

Constellation Hercules

Constellation Hercules the Kneeling Man is said to give strength of character, tenacity and fixity of purpose, an ardent nature and dangerous passions. According to Ptolemy it is like Mercury (if rising, honor, intellect, great learning. If culminating, business activity, gain through books and intellectual matters.) By the Kabalists it is associated with the Hebrew letter Daleth and the fourth Tarot Trump “The Emperor”. [1]

The constellation is indicative of events that affect large portions of mankind, and the Man Kneeling presages earthquakes if poorly placed with respect to an eclipse. [2]

18th Arabic Manzil – Al Kalb

Causes discord, sedition, conspiracy against princes and rulers, and revenge from enemies, but frees captives and helps building.

With Moon: Plant, sow, travel and go to war.

6th Chinese Xiù – 尾 (Wěi) Tail

Fortunate for building and negotiating marriages (which resulted in rich descendants), inheritances and education. This Chinese lunar mansion denotes the finding of hidden treasure and promotion to high office. Succession, the heir-apparent and the women’s apartments where he is brought up. That which separates wood from water. Victory and success are around the corner.

Fixed Star Ras Algethi

Ras Algethi Star, Alpha Herculis []

Fixed Star Ras Algethi Conjunctions

Ascendant conjunct Ras Algethi: Honor, intellect, great learning. [1]

When rising it can mean a wise and clever man, but can also indicate an individual trained in various tricks, a liar who deceives with different kinds of plots. Aspects of the horoscope (AC) by Mars when Ras Algethi is rising is indicative of an aggressive personality who always displays an unbridled hostility to those he comes in contact with. [2]

Samuel Taylor Coleridge 0°06′, Brigitte Bardot 0°08′, Victor Emmanuel II of Italy 0°08′, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 0°11′, Auguste Escoffier 0°18′, Cindy Sherman 0°19′, Richard Kleindienst 0°27′, USA (Sibly Chart) 0°40′, Angela Merkel 0°58′, Maureen Connolly 0°59′, Sean Penn 1°11′, George Grosz 1°23′, Arsenio Hall 1°30′

Descendant conjunct Ras Algethi: When setting the star is indicative of a native whose life will be affected by devious plots. [2]

Augusto Pinochet 0°16′

Midheaven conjunct Ras Algethi: Business activity, gain through books and intellectual matters. [1]

Karl Marx 0°05′, William Lilly 0°15′, Klemens Behler 0°35′

Part of Fortune conjunct Ras Algethi: Roger Federer 0°13′, Sylvia Townsend Warner 0°24′, Phil Spector 0°46′ (and Mercury), Rudy Giuliani 0°56′, Alexei Navalny 1°22′

Sun conjunct Ras Algethi: Tom Waits 0°14′, E. H. Southern 0°15′, Sylvia Townsend Warner 0°16′, Jim Morrison 0°20′, Pietro Mascagni 0°25′, John Ramsey 1°06′, Klemens Behler 1°13′, Christina Rossetti 1°14′, Jennifer Carpenter 1°15′

Moon conjunct Ras Algethi: Albert Einstein 0°03′, Stephen King 0°49′, Charles Dickens 0°54′,

Mercury conjunct Ras Algethi: Martin Luther 0°13′ (and Neptune), Phil Spector 0°25′ (and POF), Robert Hand 0°35′, Christina Rossetti 0°42′, Pablo Escobar 0°49′, LeBron James 1°08′ (and Uranus).

Venus conjunct ras Algethi: Emily Dickinson 1°29′.

Mars conjunct Ras Algethi: Bob Hawke 0°31′, Mark Twain 0°53′, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex 1°01′, Tucker Carlson 1°16.

Jupiter conjunct Ras Algethi: Jack Marshall: 0°38′, Jimmy Carter 0°39′, George H. W. Bush 0°54′

Saturn conjunct Ras Algethi: Samuel Adams 0°41′, Lionel Messi 0°44′, Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán 1°21′

Uranus conjunct Ras Algethi: Lana Del Rey 0°34′, LeBron James 0°37′ (and Mercury)

Neptune conjunct Ras Algethi: Martin Luther 0°16′ (and Mercury), Charles Dickens 0°30′, Emmanuel Macron 0°31′

Pluto conjunct Ras Algethi: Billie Eilish 0°37′, William Bligh 1°28′

North Node conjunct Ras Algethi: Bill Maher 0°30′, Arsenio Hall 0°40′, Bill Cosby 0°43′

South Node conjunct Ras Algethi: Charles de Gaulle 0°42′, Robert Downey Jr. 1°20′, Liz Greene 1°29′


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  • All fixed star positions are for the year 2000. Add one degree per 72 years to correct for precession.

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  1. I have this on my progressed ASC…and I am feeling the trials and tribulations of Hercules, unending effort, putting out multiple fires that keep reigniting, (I don’t have negative Mars aspect)..and my ASC is 30 deg my progressed Sun.
    I do feel like there are many many urgents tasks (Hercules)..and I do feel that this circus is due to being tested by the Gods..(Hera testing Hercules)
    But the unending hassles..could be due to Nessus conj Black Moon Lilith..opposite this star..on my progressed DC.. (I’ll just be a hermit until this blows over in my progressed chart)

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