Jupiter Sextile Neptune Natal

Jupiter Sextile Neptune NatalJupiter sextile Neptune has a very idealistic and empathetic influence which can a strong urge to do something positive to help others. There is optimism that you can make a difference, that some moral or humanitarian issue you care about can be improved thanks to your efforts. There may be a religious or spiritual motivation to this willingness to sacrifice you time and energy to make the world a better place.

Jupiter Sextile Neptune Celebrities

Celebrities with Jupiter sextile Neptune include Bill Gates (28′), founder of the biggest private charity in the world, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Steffi Graf (09′) has set up her own foundation to help out kids impacted by war, Children for Tomorrow. Indira Gandhi (38′) increased food production during her rule of India by 45% and increased literacy by 30% which helped pull millions out of poverty. Others include Doris Day (48′), Whoopi Goldberg (51′) and Mel Gibson (52′).

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  1. I have this in my chart. jupiter at 26 deg virgo (8th house with equal house system, 7th house in placidus), neptune at 27 deg scorpio (10th house in equal house system, 9th house in placidus). I grew up in a very religious family….now a days, I don’t believe in any organized religion or any doctrine written by man that claims to be the “true faith.”

  2. Ed – where did you find this post – cant find it anywhere in ‘aspects’, using old Mac or new PC – Marina, Jamie?

    • Rob,

      sorry for the very LATE reply! I did not see your post at all until now. as Jamie said, it’s on his June Forecast article.

      sorry again Rob!

      • hey – no sweat Ed – time, don’t ya lovit when it expands emdlessly….(Jupiter sextile Neptune)

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  4. rob:
    time, don’t ya lovit when it expands emdlessly….(Jupiter sextile Neptune)

    I sure do! time, sometimes feel so infinitely timeless! LOL!

  5. What advice do you have if the sextile is part of a yod with Saturn at the apex (in Aries in the 2nd house 😫).

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