Jupiter Trine Pluto Natal and Transit

Jupiter Trine Pluto Transit

Jupiter trine Pluto maximum orb 5°00′.

Jupiter trine Pluto natal increases your power and influence over your life and is a sign of success. It gives an interest in the significant issues which affect many people, such as politics and religion, and you can have a powerful influence over other people’s lives. Morality and ethics are essential to you, but this does not necessarily mean you are strictly moral or ethical. Though I suspect you have a pretty good sense of right and wrong.

This aspect gives excellent opportunities to accomplish things on a grand scale, and your enterprising spirit and drive can lead to prominence and wealth. Another natural talent is the ability to transform on a large scale. This involves continual personal development and a reforming influence in your area of interest for the benefit of friends, family, community, and even country.

Jupiter Trine Pluto Transit

Jupiter trine Pluto transit dramatically increases your power and influence. You can use this power to positively transform your own life, your environment, and other people’s lives. You will feel in control of situations and may find yourself in positions of power or authority in group settings.

The most significant gains during this period come from maintaining high morals and not acting selfishly. Gains will still come by putting yourself above others, but the improvements will not have the lasting transforming qualities associated with this transit.

The transitions on the way could include promotion in your career, leading to increased wealth and power. Journeys made now will also powerfully transform your outlook on life and be remembered as once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Overall, a very satisfying and evolving phase of life.

Jupiter Trine Pluto Celebrities

Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. 0°02′, Barbara Junceau 0°05′, Craig Revel Horwood 0°04′, Charles de Gaulle 0°08′, Nelson Aldrich Rockerfeller Jr. 0°09′, Mamphela Ramphele 0°11′, Ted Danson 0°13′, Edward Everett Horton 0°13′, Rose McGowan 0°21′, Lisa Ling 0°22′, Pierre Seel 0°22′, Darly Hannah 0°25′, Ella Sophia Armitage 0°27′, Mark Coleman 0°29′, Finn Wolfhard 0°31′, Bill McKibben 0°34′, Bono 0°35′, Allan Kardec 0°37′, Kevin McCarthy 0°37′, Harper Beckham 0°41′, Jimmy Swaggart 0°41′, Kyle Maynard 0°43′, Nick Lachey 0°45′, Otto Weber 0°47′, Johann Heinrich Jung 0°51′, Jim Bakker 0°52′, Gene Stallings 0°52′, Edmund White 0°54′, Eduard Dietl 0°57′, Gretel Adorno 0°57′, Frieda Hughes 0°58′, Pierre-Auguste Renoir 0°58′, Upton Sinclair 0°58′, Harvey Weinstein 1°00′, Prince Rainier III of Monaco 1°02′, Dave Chappelle 1°09′, Marguerite de Navarre 1°11′, Jeffrey Dahmer 1°30′.

Jupiter Trine Pluto Dates

October 11, 2015
March 16, 2016
June 26, 2016

June 2, 2024

September 24, 2028

71 thoughts on “Jupiter Trine Pluto Natal and Transit

  1. I notice that Stephen Harper prime minister of Canada is having a Pluto conjunct Saturn .What would be your interpretation of this aspect ..

    • My son has Pluto conjunct Saturn conjunct Mars conjunct Part of Fortune conjunct Jupiter, last one is the chart ruler. All in house X and conjunct MC. On top he has Sun & Moon exalted. It looks that he’s much,much better than Harper and since we are in Canada, go figure what will happen one day LOL!

  2. Hi Diane, I wrote about this exact transit for Harper before the election: “Harper is going to be persistent and determined to hold onto power, he will do anything it takes.” Stephen Harper Horoscope.

  3. Thank you ..
    Isabel Hickey who had wrote in her Minerva book had said if one abuses their power with Pluto that it would be taken away from that person .She mentions Walter Devoe who had Pluto conjunct sun in the twelve house which gave him tremendous power to help others ,healing powers ..she writes , “Walter Devoe served the highest aspect of Pluto for so many years and then fell into the depths of the negative aspect of Pluto . Power is forever more the test of Pluto but always the choice is there. Will we be a channel of power or use that power for self.”

    Regards Diane .

    • pluto is masculine,amplified by a trine isn’t so volcanic, simmering, letting off poisonous steam, violent eruptions… a trine is transforming hammer strike, the musician, seductively smiling piano-man. squares hold grudges for years and will strike abd bannish a foe forever…opps enjoy venting and so won’t kill the relationship. women with a significant pluto opp enjoy venting, escalating for a win becoming violent as needed, a man might leave, go to the gym.

    • She had a Minerva book? what was it called. I like her. She was one that my yoga teacher approved of too. Yes, I must remember that I am just a channel – not the power. Keep on working for clearing the way.
      Quite frankly money power scares me. I see how people act and what it does to us.

  4. *My family of origin was always NDP. I was unpolitical. Yet when Jack Layton died I read about him and his selfless aims and suddenly I understood it all and wanted to put a poster of him on my wall.
    *A young woman came into the gym and boy she grunted and worked as a mad woman and her skin turned all red. Working the anger out. Good role model.
    *I read Afghanistan rules Capricorn where pluto is so maybe that’s the focus.? if the information was right.

  5. It would be of interest to have a death chart done for Qaddafi since he was a leader for forty years or so .

  6. Oh did you Jamie. I was referring to The complete handbook of astrology book i found which just says Marshall Cavendish Limited 1992. Glad to have you valid that. By the way see you had a birthday, hope it was a good one.

    • Yes, great birthday thanks. I was in London so Marina took me to my favorite little bar.

  7. I have Juno at 13Vir07. In October, transiting Jupiter will be conjunct my Juno with transiting Pluto in trine. This transit is part of the unfolding dynamics between me and Patch Adams. I have the sextile between Jupiter and Pluto in my natal chart.

  8. It is, of course, the empathic delivery of health care and healing that Patch and I are both deeply concerned about. Patch’s approach is to use humor and clowning. He has Sagitarius Rising and Moon in Sag. Laughter comes easily to him. I have Saturn in Sag. I have been slower to understand the humor of the situation. I’ve been a clown of another sort, but Patch has Jupiter at 17Vir50 conjunct my IC at 17Vir04 and this helps. My approach is more deeply intuitive. Patch has Saturn at 9Can30 conjunct his North Node at 9Can21 conjunct my Ascendant at 8Can15. This is the most empathic section of the zodiac. With me, Patch’s empathy has missed the mark, but I still know how deeply he truly cares. In the end, this is what matters most.

  9. Hi Jamie:
    my solar return for 2016 shows Jupiter in 1st house(Virgo) trine Pluto in fifth house (Capricorn).
    Can you help me understand what that could mean?

    Thank You,

  10. I have Asc in Cancer 36 degrees (18 + 18) from Uranus in Leo, which is 18 degrees from a Pluto-Pallas conjunction in Virgo, which is 18 degrees from my Sun, also in Virgo. My Sun is quintile my Asc (18 + 18 + 18 + 18 = 72 degrees). The quintile aspect is associated with the use and abuse of power. I was subjected to trauma-based mind control as a small child. The idea was to deliberately induce multiple personality disorder so as to program a hidden alter personality to be a secret government assassin. My Uranus corresponds with August 7th, The Day of the Double Agent. I was a “secret agent” with the secret so secret that even I didn’t have a clue. Not a clue. But now, the secret is out. I know. And guess what? A key word for the Vigintile (18 degree aspect) is “opportunity for higher awareness.” An interesting year lies ahead… I’m a pacifist at heart, no longer willing to be fooled by those in control, or those who would like me to think they have control. I have a natal Pluto-Pallas-Mercury sextile Jupiter-Neptune aspect.

  11. On November 13, 2015, asteroid 5381, Sekhmet, was transiting at 27Sag22 inconjunt my Mars at 27Tau58. The transiting Moon 4Sag32 and Saturn 5Sag27 were trine my natal Sekhmet at 5Leo16. Transiting Venus 4Lib45 was sextile my Sekhmet. Transiting Mars at 0Lib03 was conjunct my natal Moon at 0Lib37.

    From an article about Sekhmet by J. Hill, titled “Ancient Egypt Online”:

    She was associated with the goddesses given the title “Eye of Ra”. According to myth, Ra became angry because mankind was not following his laws and preserving Ma’at (justice or balance). He decided to punish mankind by sending an aspect of his daughter, the “Eye of Ra”. He plucked Hathor from Ureas on his brow, and sent her to earth in the form of a lion. She became Sekhmet, the “Eye of Ra” and began her rampage. The fields ran with human blood. However, Ra was not a cruel deity, and the sight of the carnage caused him to repent. He ordered her to stop, but she was in a blood lust and would not listen. So Ra poured 7,000 jugs of beer and pomegranate juice (which stained the beer blood red) in her path. She gorged on the “blood” and became so drunk she slept for three days. When she awoke, her blood lust had dissipated, and humanity was saved. In one version of the myth, Ptah is the first thing she sees on awaking and she instantly fell in love with him. Their union (creation and destruction) created Nefertum (healing) and so re-established Ma’at.

    The story of what happened to me on the evening of November 13th is a close parallel to the story of Sekhmet overcoming her blood lust.

    I feel nervous when I think of telling my story. I’m not sure how to tell it.

    Was I in a blood lust? Well, no… and, yes. Sort of. A lot of alters were surfacing rapidly. They were posing as “guides” in a star ship over my cabin, giving me information and instructions. They told me about how the CIA was working in co-operation with the Zeta to exterminate the entire human species so that humans could be replaced by Zeta-human hybrids, thus preserving the human gene pool while also preserving the planet, animals and other life on Earth. It was too late for humans. They were simply too stupid to turn things around in time. For the sake of the entire galaxy, humans needed to be quickly exterminated and replaced by hybrids who would colonize Earth and represent an evolutionary leap forward for the human species.

    I had to admit. Humans are pretty darn stupid. And incorrigible. And Earth is definitely in a crisis. So, for the sake of the galaxy, it was a reasonable plan. I was willing to go along with it.

    I wasn’t willing to do any killing, but I was willing to work as a channel for the beings who were in on the big plan, which would be carried out soon and quickly.

    My guides told me that I was on a CIA hit list and in order to survive, I needed to toss a few things in my backpack and leave my cabin immediately. I don’t have a car. It was night. There was snow and ice on the ground outside.

    No worries. My guides would direct my steps.

    After hours of walking carefully between the trees and cabins in my little town, in the cold and dark, I slipped on a patch of ice, fell and broke my right wrist. It hurt badly for several seconds, then the pain subsided. I got up and continued walking. Much later, after I was back home, one of my little alters told me that she was very frightened when I hurt my wrist, so she “pushed the world away.” I was aware that my wrist was injured but the pain was negligible. My guides told me that it was hurt badly but they would help me with it. I’d been walking in the dark for hours. I was very tired.

    I ended up falling into step with a woman who was out walking her dog. I asked if I could go to her house and sit for a minute. At this lady’s house, I relaxed in a comfortable chair and let my guide talk. My “guide” started saying something about how I was a good person but I was on a CIA hit list. (I put “guide” in quotes because I can get pretty cynical about my so-called guidance).

    I was hoping this lady would let me sleep on her floor. I was very tired.

    No such luck. She called the police.

    The local police officer arrived very quickly. He offered to drive me home. I didn’t want to go home. If I went home, the CIA would kill me. The police officer offered to take me to the hospital. I didn’t want to go to the hospital. So what did I want to do? I didn’t know. I just wanted to keep walking…

    The police wouldn’t allow that. I asked if I could make a phone call. That was permitted. I called my son John and my guide spoke to John, asking him if he could help me get on a bus to Mississippi. John said “no.” Then I handed the phone to the police officer and John told him that I was a “mental case.”

    I was non too happy with this dismal turn of events. The police officer drove me to the hospital.

    I told everyone at the hospital that I was a Christian Scientist and refused all treatment. My guides told me that if I could escape, they would direct me to their ship, take me on-board, and mend my wrist. I wasn’t worried about my wrist. I just wanted to escape from the doctors. I hate doctors. Doctors are my absolute worst enemies. I asked one of the doctors if he could say the word “miracle” for me. He was unwilling to comply with this simple request.

    I was trapped. There was no escape. Despite my protests, my arm was put in traction. The bones were set and my arm was put in a splint. I was stuck in a little emergency room with a guard at the door.

    Meanwhile, I was ever so generously channelling information from my guide in the space ship over the hospital at that very moment. My guide was letting everyone know about the plan to exterminate the entire human species.

    Guess what!!! The doctors didn’t let me go home after they had set my wrist. For five whole days, they kept me trapped in that little emergency room while they were hard at work trying to find a psychiatric hospital to transfer me to.

    They were having trouble transferring me because my wrist was badly broken and the psychiatric hospital doctors were afraid of complications that they might be unprepared to handle.

    During those five days, my so-called “guides” and I had a few discussions. We all wised up. I was informed that the CIA trusted me now and I was no longer on their hit list. It was safe for me to go home. I stopped channelling information for the people at the hospital. I patiently acted normal, hoping for my release.

    No such luck. The original 72-hour involuntary hold was extended for another 72 hours. And then I was transferred out of state from the emergency room in California to a psychiatric hospital in Nevada. An out of state involuntary transfer is illegal but who cares about the law? Certainly not doctors.

    By this time, my entire internal system knew what it was doing. When I arrived in Nevada, I replied with, “No comment,” to the psychiatrist’s questions. I refused all treatment. When she asked what had brought me to the hospital, I said, “It’s in your records.” She gave me a puzzled look and said, “The records?” Apparently, the hospital records for my stay in the emergency room were not transferred with me. My guides are claiming responsibility for the missing records.

    I was held at the psychiatric hospital for several more days. When she finally let me go, the psychiatrist still had no idea as to why I was in the hospital. I was released on Thanksgiving Day, November 26th. My son John came up from San Francisco to drive me home.

    So…what about the plan to eliminate the entire human species?

    No worries. I have a new plan.

  12. Hi jamie , thanx fr ur concerns fr people.i m scorpio daccan 2 born on Nov 3 at 9:4 pm in india j and k .wants to know the effect of this jupiter transit on my life in comming months

  13. I have Pluto conjunct Ascendant with 1 degree orb TRINE Jupiter in House 8. How can be interpreted that?

    • Hi Tim. I have transiting Pluto about to conjunct my AC, and I have natal AC trine Jupiter. You can tell me more about Pluto on AC I guess. I have heard that there can be a strange relationship with one grandmother during childhood. My daughter has Pluto on AC and sure is intense and strong willed. Can manipulate things her way but still learning to control this power so it does not backfire. I suppose you must have the best intentions when using your power and influence.

      Fortunately I think the trine to Jupiter gives these good morals for us. On the other hand, AC trine Jupiter can lead to excess if we are lazy, addiction for me, and getting fat now with Jupiter return.

      • Check my details 06 February 1978 at 6.18 AM Targu Mures, Romania. Soon I will have: Jupiter in 8th house trine ASC Where I have Transiting Pluto that sextile MC, Jupiter sextile MC, Jupiter sextile Uranus conjunct with MC. In 28 June I will have Mercury conjunct JUpiter, same Mercury sextile Saturn, Uranus sextile Jupiter. I am in discussion to sell my company to someone that might be interested. discussions started in 24 March 2016. Could be 25 June 2016 the day when I will heard news from potential buyier?

  14. Hello Jaime, how long will the effect of the transit be felt? Just one day?
    Thank you and all the best!

  15. Hi
    This is happening in my 1st and 5th (virgo rising) do you think anything special could happen
    There both also trining my moon right now???

    • Yes Tam, not because of houses but because of the grand trine being formed to your Moon. Special regarding feelings, intuition, mom, women in general, home and family, intimate relationships.

  16. I send all the negative energy back to who ever sent it I don’t want It I wish for all the bad you have sent to others back to you.10 x Im Rose Monette I walk alone I desevre all the money that has been taken I desevse and I will work hard to teach my daughter right from wrong above all I want it to start today now ! If this is erased this spell will last forever either way those I love and those who have been working with wronged shall want for nothing for 2000 years my ei will be in my account today! I repeat it to comes back to you ten fold you do this again generations of your family’s will get what you send Lois McInnis children who she loved is protected I’m your karma !!! Blessed be this witch!

  17. Today, March 23, 2016, the transiting Sun and Mercury are forming a yod with my Pluto-Pallas sextile Jupiter-Neptune aspect. Transiting Uranus is at 19Ari27, exactly trine my Saturn at 19Sag27. Transiting Pluto is at 17Cap19, sextile my Midheaven at 17Pis04. Today is the lunar eclipse. It’s the culmination of the intention set in motion on the solar eclipse. I sent a lottery ticket to my son, John, for his March 9th birthday. It wasn’t a winner. But guess what!!! My intention was never-the-less sent into motion.

    If you received a very clear message from your spiritual guide to purchase a $2 lottery ticket, would you do it, Jamie?

    • Jamie, OnaBoggs,
      All this is so fascinating. Thank you so much for this post. I heard about setting intentions before on some TV show. It did not make sense, but now slowly things are moving. I too will send someone a lottery ticket if similar aspects and transits arise. I have a stelium in Virgo. With the Jupiter Pluto trine dates should I go on several interviews? Ops is now in Virgo, at 6-7 degrees. Not very big job offers yet. On big interview in April.. nothing happened. May 2nd Certification merc retrograde.. 12 experts failed. Thank you again for you deep insights.. this is something I visit very frequently. Makes my day.

  18. Hello Jamie: Today, transiting Neptune is at 10Pis23 opposite your natal Moon at 10Vir37. Here’s a quote from thefutureminders.com regarding this transit.: “Other people may see you as flaky or a daydreamer during this time, but try not to take their reactions too personally.”

    • One reason I have decided not to date this year and concentrate on work. I use precession correction for transits so get slightly different date. But I just assume it lasts all year.

  19. Hi Jamie, Without realising the importance in those dates .. Jup trine Pluto ..in 10 Oct 2015 ..I started pursuing this person. On 17 March 2016 I told him my interest and he said he was in a relationship but not married. I stopped pursuing after this reply but inside me I am still obsessing over him . I have to continue to see him for business reason. I notice some changes in him but nothing definite. I have to again see him around the next trine date. This is coincidental. What can I expect? I am Taurus asc and Libra sun – sun conduct pluto in libra. Thanks

    • This has to be so much more than coincidence SK. North Node with Jupiter plus Venus trine Neptune make this final trine most favorable for fated love.

      • Jamie, when I wrote that comment Jup was crossing my natal panacia in Virgo – ethical dilemma? Sk thanks

        • By going of the asteroid name only because I have not researched this one. But that is usually the way it pans out after doing the research.

  20. On March 16, I got dumped by my ex-boyfriend. I wonder what the June 26 one will hold for me…

    • That March 16 one had Venus square Mars which is not good for lovers. This one has Venus trine Neptune which sounds much better.

  21. Expecting a Promotion soon. I am a Leo.
    Jupiter in Virgo (2nd House)
    Pluto in Capricorn (6th House)

    This makes sense !! 🙂

  22. Jamie, born 3 July, im always waiting for a break through? I always read how things are getting better but nothing, is it the aspects, the houses, the chart I was born under? im 30 years old and cannot show off anything, relationships fails, no career picking up, im studying and studying but really…the only thing I cant trade in this world is my two kids…tell me anything interesting please.

    • You are just going through a relatively quite time transit-wise this year. The main one is Neptune trine Sun transit which is subtle compared to most.

      The July 4 new moon close to your Sun make the coming year more important because a birthday new moon stays active in your solar return chart for 12 months.

      Jupiter trine Mars transit climaxing on July 20 should bring successful actions. Be brave and take some risks.

    • Yes, it is like your 2016 solar return chart. Transits are always most important but return charts can give additional information.

  23. Jamie, I have very little knowledge of astrology, but a good deal of respect for it….what can you tell me besides read the monthly? BD Sept 4, 1968.

  24. Hi Jamie I’m a rookie too. What can you tell me about natural talents. BD March 22,1986

  25. Another one of the few trines in my chart deserving recognition. Yup. I have this and definitely feel this urge to achieve greatness and be noticed and bring something into the world. Very hard to figure it all out though but it’s comforting to know that it is the reason behind me constantly working on myself to get there :)))

  26. just made a modest donation to your website. Thank you for your unfailing astrological insights.

  27. Born on 28th July 1976 in Saharanpur uttar pradesh in india at 11:05 am . So what do u think pluto trine Jupiter will bring to me in this pandamic

  28. People are talking about real doom and gloom for such positive aspects here. What’s important is that this is the MONEY ASPECT! The question every astrologer gets is, “What aspect makes me a millionaire?” If you’re born with Jupiter Trine, Sextile, or Conjunct Pluto, it’s known as the multi-millionaire aspect. It’s BIG fortune (Jupiter) combining with Pluto (the power to attract or pull the money to you). Pluto acts like a powerful magnet. So, it’s a great aspect.

  29. yesterday transit jupiter trined my Natal Pluto (and sextiled my mars) and I got a surprise message from my brother that some of the legacy of my Dad’s estate would be released. Pluto is in my 2nd house and often I find that sun aspecting my pluto also leads to money being released to me (such as covid payments or a competition prize i won). In that case it is usually when the transiting sun forms a T square to my natal pluto-mars oppostion (mars in the 8th house in very tight opposition to within a 10th of a degree). From reading the descriptions on line I thought that a square to pluto would be bad, but in my case it seems to bring money.

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