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  • Decan 1 is from 00°00′ to 09°59′
  • Decan 2 is from 10°00′ to 19°59′
  • Decan 3 is from 20°00′ to 29°59′

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  1. Hi Jamie,
    I usually read that anything done on a void of course moon is said to be void and nothing would come from a matter.
    Or If you want to have fewer repercussions on a matter in the long run, do it during the “Void” of Course Moon. And if there is something that needs to be done or said and you just want fewer consequences around your actions, it’s believed to do it under a “Void” of Course Moon.But really I don’t find you mentioning any of that. And it happens that most of the times we do essential big matters on a VOC. also once you told me to do operation to my daughter on a VOC And not to fear anything. considering it a date of destiny. I always abide by your instructions. But listening to astrologers saying all of the void things about the void moon made me think WHY???
    What is their point of view??? What scientific concepts are taken for this?
    Thank you Jamie, if you are busy just reply me on your convenience.

    Many thanks for you.

  2. Dear Jamie, my dob is 20th December 1972. Request you to let me know when I will get a better and suitably senior job. Thanks in advance, Prakash

  3. To add to my previous question, the last seven to eight years have been very tough for me professionally with major office politics and back stabbing to damage my career prospects.

  4. Hi Jamie – i was born 00:17am Dec 22 1984, husband 17:10pm Jul 26 1984. We are currently experiencing a separation- i am reading some indications of divorce in my natal chart with possibility of 2nd marriage for me. I have a Saturn return this yr with strong venus conjuct saturn in my natal chart but reading his chart he should be happily married once – can you help advise?

    • I’m not a professional astrologer, been studying it since I was 13 & that was Many Moons ago. 1st, I can say that Your Chart is about what YOU need to learn about & grow from in this lifetime. 2nd, I went through a major break-up of a relationship with a man I was going to marry, quit one job & got fired from my new job ALL within 30 days of the start of my Saturn return. I was very scared about my Saturn return going into it, but very quickly after all this happened, I found a GREAT new job & met a whole bunch of new men. I mean it was really rainin’ men! The new job was the best thing to happen to me. My new boss asked me to lunch & asked me what I wanted to do! And that was only the beginning. And through the new job my social life got a BIG injection of invites to activities I would have missed out on. This led to introductions to some really great guys. If you asked me if it was possible that all of the great & good things that happened was even possible, I would not have believed it. But it did! Saturn represents the Father in astrology. He can be serious, stern & dole out punishment. But he also protects & defends & removes everything that isn’t working for your best interests from your life even when you don’t even know it. It takes time to get over a relationship. Any relationship, including friends who make you feel like you would be stuck at home alone without them. They are not REAL friends who make you feel like that. My rule of thumb is what I call “The 30 Day” rule. It takes 30 days to fix a bad habit & in this time, you don’t call, text, email or anything else to your EX-Anything! Don’t go out of your way to avoid all contact, just try new places & new things. It may feel like nothing good ever be as good, but like that old song from The 60 Degrees, Keep Holding On. 30 days seems like a long time, but it’s really not. The 1st few days are hardest. All I can say about that is: Suck-it-up, Buttercup! After Saturn destroys things, you have to pay a price & clean up the mess. I lost 10lbs I had been trying to loose, like Forever. Got a new hair style & made some new friends. Pay special attention to the Men in your life that you DON’T want to date. They have male friends who’ve been looking for someone just like you. And they’ll want to introduce you to them. But 1st, they want to know that you’re really done with your EX. They don’t want to put their friend through a Rebound Relationship. Now, about your husband’s chart saying that he’s only going to be married once. My Ex-Fiancé didn’t marry the woman he had been seeing behind my back. She was on Welfare. Had a daughter she was raising herself with no help from the child’s father. So they just lived together. Because his chart says he isn’t getting re-married doesn’t mean he’s supposed to stay married to you. I can’t think like a man, but it seems like they have a whole different notion about marriage & relationships than women do. This transit we’re talking about is about YOU. I’m really sorry about your losses. But those people have they own Chart! They didn’t die because of anything that you did or didn’t do. And Life isn’t just about bad thing. They happen. It’s sad. But here this from a survivor: If you can’t feel the pain of loss, you can’t experience Love. Because everything & everyone passes from this life eventually. Knowing that allows you to appreciate the good things in life. I’m gonna give you some Homework: Watch the movie “Mad Max & the Thunderdome” with Mel Gibson & wait for it….Tina Turner! There’s a line she says that’s worth remembering. Something about the day before the world ended, she was Nobody. But on the morning after, when she woke up, she realized that she was ALIVE. And that made her a SURVIVOR! And there’s another movie to watch with Angela Bassett, Whitney Houston & a bunch of other stars called “Waiting to Exhale”. All of these women have messages for you. I don’t know what all they have to say to you, but you’ll know when you hear them. Last thing I have to say is only Fools aren’t afraid of Change. Fools & People who have nothing to lose. And Thats.Not.You! Women are fierce! We give birth to children! You’re not going to lose yourself. Maybe a few gray hairs, a few unwanted pounds. But you’ll make it through. We all do. I’ve made it through my 2nd Saturn Return, which I’m calling “A Re-Returning that just wouldn’t end!” Because Saturn kept going retrograde & moving forward & retrograde Again! With my chart, it took YEARS to finally be done with me & here I am! Made It! So will you. Have Faith.

  5. So Sept 26 looked significant is what you said. You were right. Lost my mother in law who I was extremely close to on Sept 22 and then Nov 5th a friend I called my baby brother shot himself in the head. Some think it was an accident. The last time we had a full moon lunar eclipse my other bro was murdered. 9 years ago. What the heck is going on and do I need to watch for more? Prepare for more? Usually comes in three. I’ve also been feeling my biological mom a lot lately. HELP. Lol
    Ronda Anderson
    7/26/79 13:52
    Ames Iowa

  6. Hello jaime, my date of birth is 4/5/86, ive been really having the hard time the last few years phyically from a bad wreck i was in and it really affects my sleep horribly, however my mind is constantly going. It never shuts off.. Ive read a lot about changes in my health and job, and im stuck on if i should stay or find something else in my career. If i would like to research more about my sign and knowlege how would you recommend i should start? Thank you! Raechel

  7. Hi, my self SARAVJEET SINGH, from Gurgaon, india, born on 11th march 1960 at 4.30 pm in state of Haryana.
    I feel i have failed in every sector of life( carear, money, family, and all other aspects.) presently facing a very difficult phase of life. Seems there is no way to move forwared.
    Kindly help me to show the path to suceed. Despration, tension and very low moral make me very week.
    Please guide and advise …

  8. Thank you, Jamie, for suggesting that I use your astrology feature, to generate my own chart, so I’ll know which decan of my Pisces ascendant reading I should focus on. I entered all my data, and pressed ‘Create Your Chart’. Now what happens?

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