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To create your own free horoscope, simply enter your birth details in the form below. The monthly and yearly horoscopes at Astrology King are divided into decans to give you a more personal and accurate forecast. This free horoscope is interactive, so you can hover over different areas of the chart to read information on the planets, signs and houses. Find the degree of your Sun to see which decan to read in your horoscopes. You can also read my horoscopes for your Moon and Ascendant decan. If this chart does not work on your mobile device then go to the free astrology chart online.

  • Decan 1 is from 00°00′ to 09°59′
  • Decan 2 is from 10°00′ to 19°59′
  • Decan 3 is from 20°00′ to 29°59′

157 thoughts on “Free Horoscope

  1. Hi Jamie – i was born 00:17am Dec 22 1984, husband 17:10pm Jul 26 1984. We are currently experiencing a separation- i am reading some indications of divorce in my natal chart with possibility of 2nd marriage for me. I have a Saturn return this yr with strong venus conjuct saturn in my natal chart but reading his chart he should be happily married once – can you help advise?

  2. So Sept 26 looked significant is what you said. You were right. Lost my mother in law who I was extremely close to on Sept 22 and then Nov 5th a friend I called my baby brother shot himself in the head. Some think it was an accident. The last time we had a full moon lunar eclipse my other bro was murdered. 9 years ago. What the heck is going on and do I need to watch for more? Prepare for more? Usually comes in three. I’ve also been feeling my biological mom a lot lately. HELP. Lol
    Ronda Anderson
    7/26/79 13:52
    Ames Iowa

  3. Hello jaime, my date of birth is 4/5/86, ive been really having the hard time the last few years phyically from a bad wreck i was in and it really affects my sleep horribly, however my mind is constantly going. It never shuts off.. Ive read a lot about changes in my health and job, and im stuck on if i should stay or find something else in my career. If i would like to research more about my sign and knowlege how would you recommend i should start? Thank you! Raechel

  4. Hi, my self SARAVJEET SINGH, from Gurgaon, india, born on 11th march 1960 at 4.30 pm in state of Haryana.
    I feel i have failed in every sector of life( carear, money, family, and all other aspects.) presently facing a very difficult phase of life. Seems there is no way to move forwared.
    Kindly help me to show the path to suceed. Despration, tension and very low moral make me very week.
    Please guide and advise …

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