Jupiter Square Saturn Natal and Transit

Jupiter Square Saturn Transit

Jupiter square Saturn maximum orb 4°30′.

Jupiter square Saturn natal can feel like a road trip with the hand brake on. Other people and circumstances will test your faith and optimism from childhood onward. A sense of heaviness or responsibility may limit your ability to express your high level of creative talents, which can harm your self-esteem. Especially when young, any major setbacks or criticism from parents and teachers will significantly impact your self-esteem.

Your soul needs these setbacks and hurdles in life to perfect specific skills and strengthen your self-belief. You can see from the list of celebrities below that this aspect has enormous potential to achieve success and recognition in many fields. In whatever career you choose, you must be able to express your robust value system, morals, or personal beliefs. You wish to have a positive and practical influence on society.

As you can see from such personalities as Russel Brand and Angelina Jolie, you will constantly work hard to make a difference. Such a firm conviction can earn you both praise and criticism, which is part and parcel of the dynamic of the square aspect. In the early stages, the challenging qualities of Saturn and Jupiter fight it out for domination. You may have to deal with egotism, poor self-esteem, extravagant, strict self-discipline, hope, and pessimism.

During these tests and challenges, you reach a self-realization or self-awareness of this inner tension playing out in you. How do you marry Saturn’s self-discipline and responsibility with a strong Jupiter urge for creativity and fun? The key is to keep working hard but finds practical ways to express your strong faith and creative talents.

You will reach a place of contentment and satisfaction through determination and perseverance. You will always look to improve yourself because of your high expectations. Try to stick to your moral compass and beliefs and not be swayed by negative feedback. You will likely attract controversy and criticism. This aspect suggests that your hard work will pay off with many opportunities for wealth, higher education, and travel.

Jupiter Square Saturn Transit

Jupiter Square Saturn transit creates inner tension as you face criticism or limiting circumstances. Structures or long-held beliefs may break down, leaving you uncertain and unsure about your future. Any area of your life that has gotten out of control or is creating this tension will be subject to the strong hand of Saturn.

You could experience financial hardship, so you must limit spending on luxury items or entertainment. A relationship on rocky grounds may lead to a separation or significant shakeup. Events may force you to reassess previously held strong beliefs. Destructive behavior patterns such as addiction may end during this period.

To use addiction to drugs, gambling, or porn as an example, the withdrawal phase indicated by this transit may be painful and require you to withdraw from society. It will be a struggle and leave a vacuum in your life. Once through this stage, there will be many opportunities to fill the void with activities that allow you to express your creative side and bring greater satisfaction to life.

The above example can apply to any difficulties to experience during this transit. As a long-term problem reaches a crisis point, there will be initial frustration and uncertainty. The next stage is a struggle where hard work and patience are required. The third stage is where all the hard work and determination pay off. Increased wealth, travel, and further education are all possibilities.

As you come through this challenging transit, you may take on a more responsible position or outlook, but at the same time, achieve inner contentment and happiness as positive change and personal growth are achieved. There will be recognition and even professional advancement in the long run.

Jupiter Square Saturn Celebrities

Russell Brand 0°01′, Angelina Jolie 0°02′, Jean-Claude van Itallie 0°12′, Philippe Petain 0°16′, Sally Field 0°19′, Mel B 0°24′, Marcel Duchamp 0°26′, Joanna Lumley 0°40′, Candice Bergen 0°54′, Bill Maher 0°59′, Woody Allen 1°06′, George Bowering 1°08′, Edwin C. Moses 1°08′, Konrad Adenauer 1°12′, Matthew Manning 1°12′, Leontyne Price 1°19′, George Bernard Shaw 1°36′, Jack London 1°43′, Mel Gibson 1°53′, Elizabeth II 1°56′, Sigmund Freud 2°01′.

Jupiter Square Saturn Dates

July 2015 to May 2016
August 2024 to June 2025
April 2035 to February 2036

90 thoughts on “Jupiter Square Saturn Natal and Transit

  1. Hi Jamie, Thank you for such a wonderful analysis of this natal aspect. I have it in my natal chart; Natal Jupiter in Leo square Natal Saturn in Scorpio, within 7 degrees. You describe what I have experienced…am experiencing so well. This is the first time I have ever read such a strong, positive understanding of what it is to have this aspect. Usually it’s all quite negative and downer…as though there is such shame attached to having such a gift. I think it helps a great deal to have examples such as Angela Jolie to cite for younger folk; as an elder, there was very little to recommend this aspect in my day, lol. And to actually have the courage to admit that not everyone will “like” you (and trust me on this…my mere existence frightens the hell out of people, and yet there are so many more of them who all agree with each other and only me alone out there with my personal experience, why the F*ck are they all threatened?) and yet to persevere out of sheer heart and awareness is not easy. In America, not to be liked is worse than any attendant horror one can imagine, it seems, lol.Other people are definitely the problem with this natal aspect, as I can speak from personal experience. Nobody wants to let you be, they must “fix” you at all cost (of course, never looking at themselves—introspection, thou art a ~jewel~, lol.) l.I imagine with these transits it will be more of the same, lol, but I am so used to it by now. The negative feedback never ends…but it is not MY problem. Thanks again! PS: Happy June 11th, Mercury-Stations-Direct day!

    • Thanks for your comment BaBa. That need that others seem to have to ‘fix’ you so that they are no longer bothered by your gravitas (such a downer blah, blah, blah) is a cross I am familiar with also having to carry as best I can. Still not able to totally ignore the negative feedback and blame gaming. I think I will try to consciously try to engage with this transit in order to both look at and come to terms with the blocking, isolation and rage such a square seems to carry with it. Self discipline from self awareness…maybe at the end of this astrological roller coaster I will be able to smile like the Buddha at all those snickety barbs lazy positivists need to strike us with ? And yes, it is their problem, not yours.

      • Hi Madamarcati, What a neat response! Yeah, you totally know what you are writing about, lol. I especially love your line “Self-discipline from awareness”…Yeah, baby! Though I must confess, sometimes I get so frickin’ sick and tired of that–damn it, I WANT to be a bloody, insensitive smug, self-righteous, non-introspective cement-block of a human being who NEVER questions their own behavior because that would be admitting weakness or flaws (and I admit I DO HAVE weakness and flaws.) And believe me, I thought being human and admitting one was wrong or unkind and opening one’s heart came naturally as one ages—boy, was I wrong. I don’t know if it’s the aging process or the creepy culture in which I live, but it seems to be a SIN for anyone to be comfortable with the three little words adults hate more than any in the language: “I don’t know”. Or, how about, “I’m sorry” or “I made a mistake”?

        Fear. Fear. Fear. We are governed emotionally and spiritually and mentally and every other “ly” by fear.

        I think you really nailed it with your comment: “…fix YOU so that they are no longer bothered by your gravitas”. There is such startling truth in that observation and I thank you for it. We do hate reality, don’t we, lol?

        And you mention Buddha. I have been working with the understanding of “thank your enemies” recently; feel free to read my response to ktkain below) and though it pains me to admit this (how “weak” of me to admit a flaw!), I personally have found understanding in it. But it ain’t easy. OTOH, who said life was easy, lol? I hope you are doing well and maybe someday you’ll write back here. T’would be neat 🙂

    • Were you born in summer 1956 by any chance? I’m going through something similar it seems like very few people can stand the sight of me during this period. I have the square natally with Jupiter in early Virgo and Saturn in late Scorpio and I’m wondering what the f—–! The current positions of Venus, Jupiter and Saturn are making a chronic problem into a crisis almost. I know I’m not perfect but I feel so shunned and I really don’t think it is my imagination. Part of it is aging – I’m almost sixty and not attractive, not successful. But I am actually ok with myself. The loneliness is painful at times but I don’t feel like I am unlovable to myself. If I met me I’d find me decent company I think. Maybe this transit is just about getting that acceptance. I have two relatives who care whether I live or not – neither one is close geographically. It’s just weird. I didn’t think I would spend my latter years this alone but something about me just infuriates or repels people.That only bothers me on occasion. I resist “fixing” although it is less fixing in the sense of something broken than people expecting me to change who I am at my core to gain their acceptance. People in my neck of the woods are not good at respecting differences.

      • Hi ktkain, I apologize for the late response, and I thank you for sharing your experiences. Oddly enough, I was born the summer of ’55, lol. And I can certainly relate to your comments on some level. Your sentence: “…people expecting me to change who I am at my core to gain their acceptance” has great resonance for me, even at my age when, at least with my experience in American culture, I am an elder and therefore supposedly “know’ everything and the avenues of creativity, learning, discovering are closed to me, except if they are about making money or involve children/grandchildren/family in some manner, so acceptance by my “betters’ should be a given at this point, lol (as though I want it to begin with, as though I have no choice as to whom I keep company with or have no personal values, just an empty hole waiting to be filled by others–you know the drill by now of course, yes?)

        I thought when we aged our minds and hearts and spirits became more open and more forgiving because we had the wisdom and experience of a life time behind us and, if for no other reason, wanted to leave the world a better place in some *small* manner/experience for future generations (though, on a personal level, it’s not why I do what I do or am who I am, lol–assumed it was a common human thread, is all–it is not a “bidden” or “forced” practice for me, not a “tit-for-tat situation” is what I am trying to say–just because I have kids for example, I have to be ‘nice’ to others to set an example–we do it because it is the right, human thing to do) So I wonder, why folk expect folk (like us) to change to be accepted by “them”? Where does that feeling of superiority come from? And you write: “folk…not good @ respecting differences”.

        Yes! Boundaries! No bloody boundaries, lol. I am also a great believer in physical place, location, as having a ***major*** influence on how one is accepted and deals with lack of acceptance, coping with a (though not overtly or obviously) socially hostile world which, to paraphrase one of the greatest American writers of the 20th century, Edith Wharton, “seemed designed to leave one out of all its calculations”. As in real estate, “locationlocationlocation” can make a very big difference in how we have courage to be who we are and yet forgive the cruelties inflicted upon us by others who have chosen or are not capable of doing the same for us and others. I feel like that on a good day. On a bad day—when I’ve made a ‘”kumbayah” decision that I am equal to my “betters” (their perception, not mine) and they make it abundantly clear I am NOT because—and merely because—I AM NOT THEM, it is less easy.

        I am sorry you have to deal with this, as I do have an understanding and it ain’t pretty. Someone once said to me, “High school never ends” and, at least in American boomer culture, it is the truth. One truth that I have been working with from the Buddhist teaching of “Thank your enemies” and it pains me to say it, but there is great truth in that statement. I wish you well and look forward to perhaps hearing from you on this thread in the future.

  2. In my country Pakistan where first sign of deflation/recession is reduction in interest rate from 10.5% to 7% since November, 2014 when Satrun transited into Sag which resulted into reduction in bank income and their shares prices are also fallen u say that with more aspects of Satrun Jupitor during 2015 and 2016 indicates the present trend of recession/deflation will be continued. Moreover i think the export of Pakistan are declined due to decline in commodity prices in international market more commodity prices will be declined in the international markets means producer of goods will not export and these goods will be sold in local markets which indicates thatprices will be fallen and more recession and deflation will be ingressed
    in Pakistan and with less income and less purchasing power we will have to adopt simple life style with high thinking
    Similarly with reduction in oil prices the revenue of oil producing countries will be declined hence they will not invest in mega project and Pakistan will also be effected due to less remittances from expatriate Pakistanis

  3. Is there any hope for me? My natal Saturn sits on my descendant. These past few years with my Saturn return and the eclipse cycle in Scorpio has wreaked havoc on My romantic life. I thought with Saturn making its final run in Scorpio was my last challenge. I had hope for Jupiter making its way into Virgo my fifth house, and yet it’s square Saturn! The eclipses in Virgo are on malicious stars this year and next, and the eclipse in Virgo next year is square Saturn although trining my sun. My solar return in 2017 looked good with my sun sitting on my descendant, but Venus is square Saturn , as it is this year on my solar return. When will I find love? I see an endless line of hard transits.

    • Saturn on DC does mean some hardship and delays. However, it should all be worth it in the long run. As with most difficult Saturn aspects, patience is required. Once you reach some point after all the hard work, Saturn on DC will mean a mature, long lasting, karmic relationship where Saturn acts as the glue which binds. Your life partner may have a notable age difference from you and/or be a past life contact.

  4. I’ve heard that, but does that mean one day the person I’ve suffered over will magically love me? Or one day I’ll meet someone else and have to suffer before they love me? Or one day I’ll meet someone who loves me outright and all the suffering was in vain over people who don’t matter?

  5. I have this aspect in my chart, and I can really relate to it. I’m a capricorn with cap ascendant, so my chart ruler is saturn and it is sqared to jupiter in pisces. I was wonderind considering the importance of planets positions and rulerships do you think one of them will prevail in the end in my situation? I don’t think my natal saturn has a strong position in the chart since it is in sagitarius in 11th house while my natal jupiter is in 3rd house pisces. I always considerd jupiter to be stronger positioned in pisces but somehow I think I can still relate more to saturns influences through my life..

  6. Wow. Makes so much sense! I commented on blue moon post and reading this one made me realise it’s not my career that I have to give up… it’s my drug of choice! Thanks Jamie! From Kel in Australia.

  7. The second square falls directly on my Sun 16° 44 and Mercury (both in the 5th) at 15° 17, with Jupiter (from the 11th) opposite my sun, and Saturn (2nd house) squaring it between the 23rd and culminating on the 26th. I’m uncertain of the effects as Venus conjuncts my sun also on the 26th. I’ve been rewarded some this season, but also punished. Any ideas on the impact?

  8. Be it synchronicity or confirmation bias, here is a fun story. This aspect is hitting my chart big time. Moon in 16 Pisces, Venus 10 Virgo. My energy has been fluctuating wildly. In the midst of a challenging life situation there was one fun good thing: I just found a perfect second hand car. It is a bit of an effort getting acquainted with standard again, after years in an automatic.
    During the second drive with it I noticed one warning light staying on. Once home I realized the hand brake had been partly engaged. Later that day I decided to Google the Jupiter/Saturn square for some extra insight. This was the first article I clicked on. The opening sentence was most appropriate.

  9. A very clear article – congratulations!

    Sadly this transit is touching my natal Jupiter ( I guess that it might also reactivate the September eclipse as it also touched my natal Jupiter … I can even recall now how many times this natal Jupiter has been hit since September and yes finances and relationships have been on the mix.

    It sounds as it I will never have a good transit …Right now I have: Uranus transiting in opposition to my natal Pluto and square natal Venus (which is by the way natally square to Pluto), Pluto transiting in opposition to my natal Venus and this Saturn transit….Any green light for me?

        • Meli you need to use smaller orbs for transits otherwise you will always be worrying about something. One degree orb only for transits and progressions. When using precession correction it pushes out the dates even further. For example, Pluto opposite Venus transit:

          29 Jan 2018
          24 Jul 2018 Rx
          04 Dec 2018

          When something is square or opposite your Venus at least it makes good aspects to Jupiter and Uranus. All those planets around 18 degrees, Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, makes it not so black and white.

          Still, I would say that Venus square Pluto is the most significant aspect in your chart.

  10. Jamie,
    Can you tell me how this jupiter saturn square in may 2016 affect me? My DOB is 11/21/1976. I am scorpio sun and asc and moon are in libra.

  11. its my birthday the 26th…..oh my good……..breath breath…..

    • SaMe with me, but luckily there’s are other beneficial aspects at the same time, and this square is not squaring our decan…So it will be a better year than last three.

    • Alex, you still should only feel it as strongly as the majority of us, unless you have a planet in your chart being directly affected. Your Sun is way too far from opposite Saturn to be affected.

  12. I’m going to take a chance and ask so stressed. I’m born east coast 12/15/1962 being going thru so many residential moves since 2012 bad purchase lawsuit etc i need to make a purchase my gut is telling me to put in offerer today….help

    • Mercury is retrograde until May 22nd. This transit is most powerful 36 hours before (4/28) and and after May 22nd. Mercury rules all forms of communication. Computers, cars, misunderstandings. Do not sign contracts during this time unless an attorney goes over them several times with a fine toothed comb. Especially, not a good time to buy a house. I’m not predicting doom and gloom, it’s just that if you can put something off (medical procedures) I would do so. Making a major purchase, although not a good idea, doesn’t mean things will turn out horribly wrong, it means they won’t turn out the way you want them too.

  13. May you please tell me how this will impact me?

    My DOB is 3/3/1979

    Many thanks-

  14. Hello, my Dob is 18th August, 1986 at 19:05 in Calcutta, India. Can you tell me how will this impact me?
    I am going through a marital separation and my wife is trying to force a mutual divorce on me. Will things aggravate in this phase?

  15. These 3 squares are seriously killing me….so, so much stress….hard to stay rationale.

  16. I’ve experienced major transformation since last fall, do you have any feedback for me…2/14/79 Kansas City, MO @ 2:34 p.m. Thank you for any information!

  17. How will May 26 affect me? DOB: 06 Sept 1974, Cuenca, Ecuador, in the morning.

    Thanks in advance, I enjoy your posts very much.

    • Saturn square Sun transit is still the major influence. Other than that, see your Virgo decan 2 monthly horoscope. You have to get in earlier next time 🙂

  18. Amelia, on May 23rd, 2016
    How will May 26th affect me? I already had felt for a while the effect of Saturn in retrograde, professionally and personally, my motto is ” Staying calm”, things happen for a reason, and we are in constant change. I had felt doubts, and sadness, the unknown, I feel strongly a great an positive change is on the way. I want to be ready and appreciate it, learn from it, now and use it as a reference in the future. DOB 7 of April 1975, at 1.45am, San Sebastian, Spain.
    Thank you for your insight and your generosity to share your knowledge.

    • Does not affect your Sun Amelia but Saturn retrograde is on your Neptune retrograde. This would explain your spiritual but practical approach. You have Saturn quincunx Neptune in your chart which is a minor aspect but worth researching.

  19. Hi Jamie,
    i think yours is the most honest astrological review on the web.My DOB is 11th dec 1966 1203pm Trivandrum,India.The area most affected since 2008 has been love and relationships.Do you see any relief in this for me ?March ,April and May have been particularly stressful in this sphere.I understand from your june horoscope that it will be worse in june.When can i expect things to smooth over in my love and relationship sphere if ever?thank you in advance for your reply and for the commendable website!

    • Need to work on Sun square Pluto in your chart because all transits to your decan are affected by this challenging aspect. Jupiter square Saturn is not too strong for you.

      Saturn conjunct Sun transit should be good mid December 2016 because of Jupiter sextile Sun transit from Dec 2016 to Aug 2017

  20. Hi Jamie, Will the impact which you have explained above happens just on one day 26th May 2016 when Jupiter squares Saturn, or is that having an impact for days before and after this happens? I mean, for example, effects of solar eclipses lasts for 3 to 6 months and lunar eclipse at least for a month… Is there any such time lines for this Jupiter squares Saturn event….????

    • At least 2 weeks Jane. With planetary aspects it depends on the orb of aspect used. If I stick to one degree orb then Jupiter square Saturn lasts from May 26 to June 3. It would normally last longer but Saturn is retrograde and Jupiter is direct. I use a 2 degree orb for monthly and yearly horoscopes which makes Jupiter square Saturn last from May 1 to June 9.

  21. I’m confused…you say in the natal chart, but this won’t be in everyone’s natal chart, right?

    • That’s right Sara. The first section is only for people with Jupiter square Saturn in their birth chart. The following section is both for people with transiting Jupiter square natal Saturn and the rest of us experiencing this aspect at the moment.

  22. I have Jupiter conjunct ascendant ruled by Venus and boy, am I getting stuck on travel plans :/

    • Still, a very fortunate natal aspect. I thank Jupiter trine Ascendant for getting me out of many difficult situations. Have traveled widely too plus the studies.

  23. The way out is through Gemini! Be curious about everything, communicate, have fun!

    • Oh, I think Saturn – Venus transits are the hardest of all, especially for you being so sensitive with Venus conjunct Neptune.

  24. Hi,

    Can you tell me how this will affect me. My DOB is 8/25/1967, Havana, Cuba at 1:14 pm. I have been struggling financially and it really has me worried and wondering as to what I should do to support my family.

    Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.


  25. Hi Jamie, I’ve been on a rollercoaster with work and money since Aug 2015 (longer but this was a big shift). I’m 4/13/79 11:19pm. Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Is this the main thing hindering my finaces and when will things stabilize for the better?

    • NO, this aspect in not directly impacting your chart. The only thing I see to cause this would be Jupiter opposite Venus transit late November 2015. Oh I see, that coincided with the September 2015 solar eclipse opposite your Venus (money). You are still under the influence of the March 2016 solar eclipse conjunct your Venus.

      Venus square Neptune is very strong in your chart and indicates confusion and deception involving finances. Things will improve following the September 1 solar eclipse.

  26. I have moon, Venus, mercury between 11 and 17 degrees of Virgo in conjunction so am getting the influence directly. I am making good money (Jupiter) but amhaving to spend it to fix up my rent house to get it in tiptop shape (Saturn responsibility) which I feel good about but requires me to be very frugal (Saturn), to get this done and I feel the sacrifice as my paycheck quickly dissipates each month (Neptune). I gain much and horizons expand because of sharing expenses with others, providing great benefits (Jupiter) as long as I live simply and pay attention to details of expenditures. Jupiter in Virgo opposite Neptune square Saturn. In a nutshell. Money dwindles but for good cause for a responsible project to secure long term investment. Also surgeries to fix issues that will help my body more in future, another investment for long term gain. I feel like a fixer upper and am grateful I have the resources needed even though it requires immediate discipline and sacrifice. Then, back to resolving my debt. A year of frugality, faith and discipline with attention to detail.

    • Great interpretation VS. I also have moon at 11 Virgo, making good money but like you, it goes quickly but on worthwhile things. Been concentrating on being healthy because of Moon conjunct fixed star Zosma.

  27. I have Jupiter at 29 degrees Leo (12th) square Saturn at 26 degrees Scorpio (3rd) natally, and, I can attest to the challenge which I have felt my entire life. WTF. I will turn 60 on July 5, and I’d like to see some loosening of what feels like a stranglehold. Jaimie, I do have times when I think I can do anything and then when I think about the practice of it, I loose my nerve. Like a see saw. How are these two discordant energies rectified and another question is when are Jupiter and Saturn square eachother again. Thank you for the reply. Antoinette

    • This aspect occurs about every decade, the next one from August 2024 to June 2025. I added a little listy at the bottom of the article so thanks for asking Antoinette.

      One way you could look at this is to see what planets is stronger in your chart and focus on that. With no fixed stars on your Saturn, and with Jupiter conjunct fixed star Regulus, your Jupiter overpowers your Saturn. I would focus on growth and optimism while still remembering the patience and caution of Saturn.

    • Wow, I’m born 7/5/71 and feel the same way. I really feel like I can do anything and then something causes me to not go for it. I am ready to take charge and bulldoze over everything that gets in my way.

  28. I’m June 1 1988- Any direct new ? Love relationships are quite dramatic now

  29. I’m a 7/22/1980 2:17am Ny, Ny. I’ve been doing okay financially but have not been able to achieve my career goal in forever. Moreover I will be travelling in the entire month of August 7 to September 18th. While Saturn and Jupiter square, I wonder if it will affect my travel and if you have any sagely advice for me. Thanks and much continuing success

      • Thanks for shedding such light, Jaimie. I usually use the free transit report on cafe astrology website and they forecasted that the aspect Saturn squaring my natal Jupiter from July till September 2016. Don’t know if that clarifies it, still so confusing at this time. Thanks and much continued success.

  30. After looking my own chart aspects for the first ever time this year, aged 60, guess what ?, this awful aspect in my chart, no wonder I can’t ever ‘get’ anywhere. Horrible cold and deprived childhood, bang on. Now, as Shirley Valentine said, “Why do the God’s give you a life if you can’t ever succeed, no matter how hard you try. Yes mine has been a little life and I have finally given in, just tired of trying. I wish I had known this 30 years ago, then I could have stopped trying to push you knowwhat uphill.!!! And, to top everything, our UK government took 6 years from our State Pension, just more feelings of worthlessness. I probably guess that this aspect does rule your life. Can’t find anything positive on any astrological site anywhere. So, Thanks up there.

  31. Wow, I have Uranus (4° orb) conjunct Asc, opposite Jupiter, t-squared by Saturn. Your write up on Jupiter square Saturn & Jupiter opposition Uranus were both spot on, I’m in the process of alchemising these aspects but it’s been a long hard road of either ricocheting frenetically between Uranus or Jupiter (making huge sudden changes or overcommitting myself to others) or being totally paralysed by Saturn squaring everything. My self-esteem has been non-existent but I’ve not let that hold me back, I’ve pushed myself forward & into situations that terrified me! I couldn’t see Uranus square Saturn on here anywhere- would love to read your take on that one.

    Thanks for the validation. It really helps.

  32. Zeta Piscium/ Revati or 0 degrees Aries is now 30 degrees away from the Spring Equinox. A tropical ephemeris is 30 degrees out.

  33. Hey jamie,

    I’m 1/30/1993 born in Ropar, Punjab , India. How will this transit affect me. Also, do you do natal chart analysis or 1 on 1 coaching?

    • Tropical is best for my readers to understand in the USA and other Western countries. But Sidereal is more accurate, especially for transits. So I use the Tropical zodiac but correct for precession at the rate of one degree every 72 years. And for astrological influence, I use the fixed stars instead of the Sun Signs.

  34. Televangelist Paula White has that. Actually she has Saturn conjunct Mars both square Jupiter.

  35. I am experiencing some major life changes. I’m in desperate need for input and advice on my transits.. Im not experienced enough in astrology when it comes to seeing all the details in transits..I do know enough to say Saturn and Pluto have been rocking my world for over 5 years now though… I’m exhausted mentally and now physically. I dont know how much more I can endure. Loneliest time of my life… My birthdate is 5/15/1983 16:58, born in Lansing, Michigan, USA. Please help🙁.

  36. Can you tell me something about my situation 10.02.1995 Plovdiv, Bulgaria 10.05 Am

  37. Dear ktkain. I would like to know your birthday please. I’m July 1956 and my chart of deprivation has exactly mirrored Jamie’s first few sentences. Just looking at 2024 to 2026 Uranus on Algol opposing my Saturn which is square my delightful Pluto. Since this was written Hell on wheels describes my life of loss.would like to know if you experienced the same with children etc.

  38. Well, you and I are 66 now and I have only just realised that people really don’t like me, maybe ever. Painful and absolutely freedom making. My parents were very harsh.
    Weirdly, writing this in 2022 I had a visit from the other side in 2015, it was a bollocking of course but it set me off looking at everything that had happened in my life and how people, family like using my Jupiter in Virgo but dislike me otherwise.
    Why didn’t I know that? Why did I try so hard?
    Freedom is realised by understanding I can never make it. Sounds bizarre but truly freeing. I hope the same has happened to you too. Being lonely with others is far more painful that talking to the wall on your own. I will never try hard to understand others ever again and therefore empower them to car crash myself. Give yourself the mega respect you absolutely deserve.

  39. “Like a road trip with the hand brake on” is probably very true in depicting Saturn square Jupiter in a natal chart. If other negative factors exist the native scarcely makes any progress in life despite inherent talents.

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