Fixed Star Capulus

Capulus at 21°44′ Taurus has an orb of 1°00′
Fixed Star Capulus

Perseus Constellation [Stellarium]

The Sun joins Capulus on May 14

Fixed star Capulus, M34 Persei, is an open cluster of stars in the sword hand of the Hero, Perseus Constellation. Magnitude 5.5.

NOTE: Fixed star books, the Constellation of Words website, and even the Solar Fire astrology software have the wrong longitude (zodiac degree) for M34, placing it 2°28′ ahead of its true position and ahead of fixed star Zaurak.

Morse says that the word Capulus means Handle. [4] Another name for M34 is Gyrus, which is from the Latin for Circle. Noonan calls it al Thurayya, [3] from the Arabic الثريا (al-Thurayyā), “The Many Little Ones,” although this usually applies to the Pleiades star cluster.


Capulus Astrology

CAPULUS. A double cluster situated in the sword hand of Perseus. Of the nature of Mars and Mercury, it causes blindness or defective eyesight. [1]

GYRUS. M34 Persei. A double cluster in the sword hand of Perseus. The native is ambitious, almost combative, can be very rash, obstinate and changeable. Can be ruined by their conduct. This conjunction creates eyesight problems and violent conditions when in conjunction with adverse Sun and Moon aspects. NOTE: Gyrus, a cluster most effective with Sun and Moon conjunctions. [2]

The nebula al Thurayya is a harmful object which portends accidents to sight and blindness. In fact, all nebulae have an evil reputation and are considered to be dangerous to the eyes. [3]

Capulus, or Gyrus is a multiple star and a cluster. The second name merely describes the circular appearance but Capulus means a Handle, as they mark the sword hand of Perseus, which is why Ptolemy classed them as a Mars-Mercury item. Like most clusters, they are traditionally malefic, associated with either murder or execution. Being in Taurus, those facts are specifically related to the neck, hanging or beheading. What seems to have been missed by the old school is that Capulus and Algol each have a very positive side to them. The sword did remove a monstrosity from our world, and the monstrosity’s head did, in its turn, rescue Andromeda – and by the same token, all of us – from yet another monster of great evil. How Capulus, and more especially Algol, signify on horoscopes depends entirely on how the person concerned does or does not live life with an honest sense of purpose to it, a desire at least to try to live up to some kind of philosophy, religion or ideal. If that be present, in the person or question or event for which the chart is drawn, then all will go well. The author has seen this happen so often, once the superstition about these stars is dropped. If purpose and intent be ‘shady’, then we don’t really need stars to tell us that things are likely, with good reason, to go wrong. [4]

Fixed star Capulus rules the back of the neck. [5]

Constellation Perseus

According to Ptolemy, Perseus is like Jupiter and Saturn. It is said to give an intelligent, strong, bold and adventurous nature, but a tendency to lying. By the Kabalists it is associated with the Hebrew letter Lamed and the 12th Tarot Trump “The Hanged Man.” [1]

The constellation is indicative of events effecting large numbers of people, especially those events caused by major meteorological phenomena. When prominent in a natal chart it is said to denote adventurous individuals, but also those who are less than honest in their dealings with others. [3]

Fixed Star Capulus, M34

Fixed Star Capulus, M34 []

Fixed Star Capulus Conjunctions

Ascendant conjunct Capulus: Connor McGregor 0°33′ (and POF), Allan Kardec 0°38′ (and POF). 

Midheaven conjunct Capulus: Justin Timberlake 0°27′

Descendant conjunct Capulus: 

Part of Fortune conjunct Capulus: Connor McGregor 0°40′ (and AC), Allan Kardec 1°03′ (and AC). 

Sun conjunct Capulus: : (+) High persistence and determination signify this native. If the natives energies are properly directed they can become prominent in their career or area of activity. High preferment in religion, astrology, occult and all matters dealing with the public.

(–) The same attributes in the positive Sun conjunction applies with negative Sun conjunctions, however, the native will have a combative nature, be subject to eye problems and chronic, difficult-to-diagnose or possibly serious illness. Self-destruction possible. [2]

David Gest 0°10′, Madeline McCann 0°12′, Martha Graham 0°26′, Katharine Hepburn 0°35′, Jim Jones 0°58′

Moon conjunct Capulus: (+) High enterprise and success in dealing with the public, the native is  indefatigable, very ambitions, pushy and fearless.

(–) These natives can be ruined by headstrong actions. The native can be tempermental and/or overly sensitive. Eyesight problems and chronic, difficult-to-diagnose or serious illness possible. Self-destruction possible. [2]

Moon conjunct Venus conjunct Capulus: This is a very difficult energy point as it affects the nerves in the back of the neck and up the spine to the head. This individual usually has no mobility through the vertebrae in the neck area, and there is a blockage of energy to all the nerve areas connected to the spine. As a result, all fixed star points connected to the pituitary gland are also affected. These persons will experience blackouts as the energy flow is cut off from time to time, but they do have vision most of the time. They are not in continuous darkness, especially if there are good aspects to this conjunction. As the person ages, the condition worsens and the problem is attributed to a malfunction of the eyes instead of a blockage in the nervous system. When they are very young, they do not understand what is occurring nor able to describe the problem. They do not realize the energy pattern through the nerves that block the reflective light at times. [5]

Mercury conjunct Capulus: Secret bad habits, a loner, sexual fantasies or problems, subject to violence or self-destruction. If Mercury is negative, mental disturbances and any kind of mind-altering substances would bring the worst to the forefront and take its toll. [2]

Jack Nicholson 0°46′

Venus conjunct Capulus: Secret bad habits, a loner, sexual fantasies or problems, subject to violence or self-destruction. A cold, detached, unfeeling, unemotional personality. However, can appear outwardly to be very sociable and agreeable, with the possibility of a tendency to overreact to situations. [2]

Nancy Pelosi 0°28′

Mars conjunct Capulus: Secret bad habits, a loner, sexual fantasies or problems, subject to violence or self-destruction. Can be heroic, courageous, and even defiant but with a tendency to be reckless, thoughtless, inconsiderate and even accident-prone. [2]

Jupiter conjunct Capulus: 

Saturn conjunct Capulus: 

Uranus conjunct Capulus: 

Pluto conjunct Capulus: Alexander the Great 0°46′ 

North Node conjunct Capulus: 

South Node conjunct Capulus: Edmond James de Rothschild 0°40′


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  • All fixed star positions are for the year 2000. Add one degree per 72 years to correct for precession.

22 thoughts on “Fixed Star Capulus

  1. I have Mars directly on Capulus ruling my natal horoscope from 12th house. It has been awful life full of ridiculi and lack of sense. Yet I have found that Gnani Yoga has explained my life ideals I have had my whole life up to this point. So… yet I had always been feeling Agnostic, it is also the star of spiritual blindness, but I have Mercury very well positioned in my natal chart and has always been interested in secret or occult.

  2. Hi Jamie, Thank you, This was from your Saturn Retrograde article and I would request a reading please. My child fell sick on March 11, 2016. Her DOB is 20th Aug 2002, New Delhi, India, 5:30 PM or there abouts. I also started having some problem after few days. My DOB is 30th April 1975, Calcutta, India, 9:16 AM. Both our conditions are painful without a direct cure in sight. There is lot of panic and paranoia in our minds right now with high anxiety about how things will turn out to be, so was looking for an astrologer to shed some light as to when this will get over. Please help, an anxious mother. My name is Paromita,and my child’s name is Juhi.

  3. Does anyone have any idea what Capulus and Algol conjunct both Ascendant & Chiron in a Davison relationship chart would mean? Thank you

    • I would be careful! With alcohol/ anger or posessiveniss.. check out the degree of descendant or anything opposite (asteroids)?
      The mc and ic… the spinal cord of your relationsship.
      It can indicate a spiritual spark between you both that can heal you both.
      Takes al the taurus values serious or it can end nasty.
      Its best to have a realistic view of eachother.

  4. I have conjunction of capulus with moon and mars. Moon and mars are in 24.58 degree. What to expect in life Jamie?:(

  5. note: While the Donald is busy playing with fire engines Mitch McConnell the majority leader of the Senate is busy messing with our healthcare so I found his birthday but time unknown: His Mars is conjunct Capulus which is conjunct Saturn and Uranus 72 degrees from Pluto in Leo on Regulas. Mitch is a Pisces and steals power and manipulation quietly and stealthily.
    It’s probably Mitch who is running the government behind the scenes and is one to watch. His birthday Feb. 20, 1942. Would the 72 degrees in this chart plus Mars square Pluto signify drive for power. Also, his Saturn and Uranus is conjunct Algol.

  6. I have natal chiron at 22° taurus 7th, now in progression its 24° shifted to the 6th house…
    Ive been in a turmoil few months, last year with a men who had mars conjunct algol.. like a cat im still licking my wounds..
    The man was very abusive, alcoholic and apparently a drugaddict.
    It was hard sometimes standing my ground but i survived.
    Other family members involved had nessus conjunct my chiron.
    It squares my natal mc leo 22°… north node retrograde in cancer 15° 9th house.. valuable family lessons learned.
    Nn moved to 14° cancer and vertex 17° into 8th house.
    The man has sun cancer 22° (10th) mc 17° cancer moon (9th house) cancer 12°.

  7. Hillary and Trump both have a prominent Capulus?!!! Both holding the swords trying to chop each other heads off!
    Oh my my! Why am I not surprised by this. What a fight, who wins in the end and is left hold the head of Algol?
    I predict.. Trump

  8. Capulus conjunct Chiron conjunct Mercury in the 12th, sextile Venus in Pisces, sextile Moon in Cancer.
    The problems with the spine in the neck area are definitely part of my life – tension in the shoulder since childhood and in times of great adversity the situation worsens and affects the eyesight.

  9. It’s been a long time coming, Jamie, thanks for posting the Algol and Capulus material, Eric Burdon chart and other articles related to that part of the heavens, where the Pars Fortuna resides in the natal chart.

    Zaurak 23Tau20
    Capulus 23Tau39
    Pars Fortuna 24Tau09
    Algol 25Tau38

    I’m reading of the turmoil in the church, Pope Francis pof 23Tau, Donald Trump with his MC at Capulus. The forever marching forward of these two men, their swords raised; the unfortunate suffering of their words and actions, bestowed on so many, and I’m weeping today.

  10. How would you interpret Capulus, Algol, Misam, and Chiron all conjunct the AC in a natal chart? Opposite Uranus!

  11. Hi jamie what do you think about uranus nearby capulus now ? Greez from germany 🙋

  12. A rather poignant post in hindsight, (October 27, under the primary pseudonym) just a few days before the hammer meets the nail, and our lives change forever. Uranus retrogrades August 28, 2023.

    Attributions to mistakes or misuse of power, Venus conjunct Aldebaran in the August 5, 2023 Tertiary 1 chart, but there is Part of Fortune at this degree in the Progressed chart.

    Does this console the suffering? Hardly, but I take full responsibility, however creative AI has become. People want results? the zero point in the Astrologyking artwork doesn’t appear to f’k around. Watch your Age of @Aquarius progressed chart, Venus zero point and Saturn at Ascendant. A ‘return’ of a different sort, my bright idea.

    • Age of Aquarius ? Aquarius ain’t no saint and I beleved that s**t far too long…it is just another ideology of nosy pseudoethical pseudo-illuminated luciferan fascists.. lol if there were no victims…

  13. Hi all – What do you think about Israels sun on capulus regarding hamas starting a war these days and in general ?

  14. “What seems to have been missed by the old school is that Capulus and Algol each have a very positive side to them. The sword removed a monstrosity from our world, and the monstrosity’s head did, in turn, rescue Andromeda – and, by the same token, all of us – from yet another monster of great evil.”—this reminds me a lot of holy michael (who is very popular in germany and also ukraine…). This kind of “hero” slaying the evil snakes and dragons as symbols of the devil and the dark sides of the universe and ourselves…

    And i guess israel now sees himself as some kind of michael removing monstrosity of hamas from them for all times…

    BUT: besides astrology i know if they kill all hamas leaders new generations of terrorists will emerge who want revenge for this…so this f**cking shit will never stop to the end of humanity…it is a real vicious circle… !

    So what is a real solution ??? Jesus christ, the jewish religious revolutionist said we shoud forgive each other but his own people didn’t acknowledge him as their messias and their own religious establishment send him to hell delivering him to the romans. And there is no forgivness – only “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” but not only this: if hamas kills 1000 they kill 10000…

    I can understand the motivation of the jews to never make the same experience as under shoa and thus defending them with the sword of capulus (where they have their sun !) from coming into a similar situation again. BUT: Is is really the best and wisest way to do this by trying to totally wipe out their enemies ? AND: are they really so innocent with a nimbus or gloriole on their head as they suggest us ? This is a big question for me not only regarding war in israel but also in general regarding the capulus/algol theme.

    Cuz you know astrology is NEVER standing alone by itsself but deeply woven with religion, philosophy, ethics, mythology, politics and so on… So as it is now plain to see there are very deep questions connected with all that..

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