Saturn Conjunct Moon Transit

Saturn Conjunct Moon TransitSaturn conjunct Moon transit is a test of your emotional strength. It is likely that your feelings will be hurt and you will probably cry. If you have been emotionally mature and responsible in the past you will still be subject to the cold hard hand of Saturn. However, you will suffer less emotional pain and bounce back quickly.

Transiting Saturn does not inhibit your emotions or make you uncaring. Saturn burdens your emotions with responsibility, guilt, shame, loss, separation, loneliness and depression. Your partner, mother, children, family in general and even your home may all somehow be involved in a cosmic conspiracy to make your life hard for a few weeks.

As an example, during my last Saturn conjunct Moon transit I broke up with my partner then was accused of domestic violence. I had to leave my home and was separated from my children. During the weeks of transiting Saturn conjunct natal Moon I did not even know if I would see my kids again. I was so depressed and alone but at some stage I realized I had to take responsibility. It was hard work to make the phone calls and talk to a lawyer.

I also had Pluto square Sun transit that year so my case is an extreme example. I eventually won full custody of my children but I always remember how sad and hopeless I felt for those three or four weeks when Saturn conjunct Moon transit was strongest. Time seemed to go so slowly.

You may feel guilty and somehow responsible for any emotional hardship you suffer. It is important that you are not hard on yourself because there are probably enough people doing that already. Bad things happen to good people. I expect this most often happens during Saturn conjunct Moon transits. There are times in life when it is OK to keep to yourself and feel sad. As the young heartbroken John Keats wrote:

A partner in your sorrow’s mysteries;
       For shade to shade will come too drowsily,
               And drown the wakeful anguish of the soul.

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    • I guess there are different ways to look for release.
      I have to admit the ending of the movie Stan and Ollie ‘ jerked’ a few tears from my eyes , listening to some good ‘ gypsy jazz ‘also helps.
      I think they have some of the best guitar and violin players on earth.they play by ear and instinct.listening to great music is one type of therapy I use
      Don’t get me wrong.I do cry at times if the spirit moves me.

  1. Dear Jamie,

    Just today, I began legal action against the group of fools who think they can extort money from me rather than fix the damage to my property that they are responsible for fixing. Then I got a bit rattled, for I recalled having noticed some days ago that Saturn is retrograding to conjunct my Moon again.(It is now 2 degrees short of it.)

    I was not too bothered about that in itself, for nothing can be significant emotional pain for me after what has already been. But I googled ‘transit Saturn conj. Moon’ anyway, thinking to make sure that it is not ominous for legal actions.

    Well, your page came up first, to my huge delight! I immediately spotted a remark of yours that I had not taken in before: ‘… even your home may all somehow be involved in a cosmic conspiracy to make your life hard for a few weeks.’ Spot on! Thank you, Jamie. Your are wonderful.

    DOB: 19 March 1944.

    • On the contrary, the feelings are even more intense when Saturn touches the natal moon. Good luck on the final pass!

  2. I have Pluto Square Sun natal, and Saturn passed over my moon 3 times this year (because of Rx) so I’m really feeling a bit of everything 😭

  3. Thank you very much. Very insightful. Aside from the transit, I was born with Saturn conjunct the Moon, so I am familiar with the energies.

  4. hi jamie and others who see this! i’m writing this during saturn conjunct my moon exact, and its been felt deeply and intensely for almost a month now. not only is this happening, but it coincides with me entering my first saturn return. so its a pretty heavy year ahead (all this transpiring in my 8th house). but i’m learning to embrace things, good and bad, and as they happen. i thought i kinda prepared myself for this to happen, but when the time does come you are still never prepared! haha. i was wondering, as someone who has moon (capricorn) conjunct saturn (aquarius) in their natal, does the saturn conjunct moon transit have any of the same effects?

  5. My natal moon is 2.53 in Aquarius in the first house. Saturn has just moved into Aquarius currently 0’51 degrees. I lost my job beginning of March 2020. I’m very worried! Any comments regarding this?

  6. I have moon at 2.43 Aquarius 12th haus – Saturn is now at 0; feeling the loneliness (isolation), self-criticalness, and past regrets. Sitting alone in the silence of solitude though has its benefits. The art of listening is becoming more and more important and beneficial to do.

  7. Jamie, i will have similar transits to yours

    In January i will have Pluto Squaring my Sun at 24°54′ Libra, then in February, Saturn will Conjunct and Uranus will Square my Moon at 7°32′ Aquarius, i am only 21 so i don’t know what to expect

  8. I think one of the comments above must be FIRST hit of saturn to my moon.
    It is exact tonight. Jamie I m glad u won custody.
    My brother got stabbed along with 5 others in Lynn Valley library bc canada. Sun venus chiron. So that was amazing. He is libra and it was super full moon. Cuts to the Head. Broken nose. Blacked out. One person died. YOUNG man attacked with knife. So I ve been crying thinking of how family is so scattered and broken if I can say. People in care homes. He s in senior residences.. lonely tired of fighting. Like me. But its not the first time of suffering . The only difference is I have spirit awareness now The higher world is out there.
    I guess the hurt would be missing the bubbly lives of beaches sun and fun it seems so many enjoy while others don t.
    Actually theres more but I have no words. Mostly how one gets disillusioned so often with people. Responsible I raised the kids. But community wants to find fault. Omg there are so many in and outs. How could u know. I found god but he s not in anymore. I corrected my habits so I m almost sterile to little difference to the toxic fickle public made up of toxic systemic goods.
    So this one. Its kind of set me back on my heels. I don t know what i ll do.

  9. I remember reading a woman of importance may leave your life now. Unquote.

  10. I am so sorry to hear this about your brother! I am from Vancouver too. Right now I am having a Saturn Moon solar arc transit — a sort year of Saturn on my moon. It’s been a difficult emotional time but I also see this transit as tempering or strength building. Resilience is my key word. big hugs to you.

  11. Thank you fellow Vancoveritte. Its June 1 tomorrow with saturn Rx. Its getting to me again. Second shot soon. I started yoga again to counter saturn rigidity and its helping. Makes me feel like I m doing something about it all. Read about a woman who thought she found god but then lost faith again but in her travels she met women aware of timelessness or intense presence so I feel the possibility going on. Our transition.

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