Saturn Conjunct Moon Transit

Saturn Conjunct Moon TransitSaturn conjunct Moon transit is a test of your emotional strength. Your feelings will likely be hurt, and you will probably cry. If you have been emotionally mature and responsible in the past, you will still be subject to the cold, hard hand of Saturn. However, you will suffer less emotional pain and bounce back quickly.

Transiting Saturn does not inhibit your emotions or make you uncaring. Saturn burdens your emotions with responsibility, guilt, shame, loss, separation, loneliness and depression. Your partner, mother, children, family, and even your home may somehow be involved in a cosmic conspiracy to make your life hard for a few weeks.

As an example, during my last Saturn conjunct Moon transit, I broke up with my partner and then was accused of domestic violence. I had to leave my home and was separated from my children. During the weeks of transiting Saturn conjunct natal Moon, I did not even know if I would see my kids again. I was so depressed and alone, but at some stage, I realized I had to take responsibility. Making the phone calls and talking to a lawyer was hard.

I also had Pluto square Sun transit that year, so my case is an extreme example. I eventually won full custody of my children, but I always remember how sad and hopeless I felt for those three or four weeks when Saturn conjunct Moon transit was strongest. Time seemed to go so slowly.

You may feel guilty and somehow responsible for any emotional hardship you suffer. You mustn’t be hard on yourself because there are probably enough people doing that already. Bad things happen to good people. I expect this most often occurs during Saturn conjunct Moon transits. Sometimes in life, it is OK to keep to yourself and feel sad. As the young, heartbroken John Keats wrote:

A partner in your sorrow’s mysteries;
       For shade to shade will come too drowsily,
               And drown the wakeful anguish of the soul.

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  1. I am so sorry you had to go through that experience. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

    • This transit is to the Moon in your horoscope, which varies for everyone. You need to find the position of the planets in your chart to work out the timing. I do this for you with the Sun ion your chart, that is how my weekly and monthly horoscopes are based.

  2. What an awful time it was for you. I’m glad you told us about it though. It helped explain the torture I have been going through for the past several weeks. Extreme melancholia, guilt, regret, depression, sorrow, you name it.
    I’m so glad things turned out so well for you after all.
    It’s too late for me, but at least the extremity of the feelings are subsiding gradually.

    • This transit is to the Moon in your horoscope, which varies for everyone. You need to find the position of the planets in your chart to work out the timing. I do this for you with the Sun ion your chart, that is how my weekly and monthly horoscopes are based.

  3. I feel your pain, Jamie. When Saturn transited and conjuncted my natal moon, I had to watch my best girlfriend suffer and die from breast cancer. It was a sad time, but trust me, the worst transit there is…is when transiting Pluto opposes your natal Moon. That is a transit of hell…and it lasts for quite a while. Just sayin’

  4. Saturn transiting Moon conjunct South Node. I woke up about 4am ( when the transit was exact to the South Node, as I later discovered) and felt so terrible that I thought I might die….12 hours later, I felt much better

  5. I am Scorpio with Scorpio in 5 houses. Let’s just say my life has/is constant self-management. Nothing has been happy, financially secure, creative, loving or productive in quite awhile. I don’t like Saturn much at all! =0

  6. I’m currently having this aspect in my progressed chart. Progressed Moon conjunct Saturn in the 12th house squaring Uranus. All are at 11 degrees. It’s making me feel sad and joyless with no apparent reason at all. I don’t like it but it’s just a phase which I know will pass soon.

  7. It explains why I was getting a lot of negative energy from my husband. He is a very nice person, but going through some changes, and can’t let some things go. And yesterday, my mom didn’t want to take my older son for Friday so they can hang out together, that brought a lot of hurtful feelings from the past, because she didn’t want to hang out with me too, and I always felt like no one wants me to be around. So, I had to let go through all these feelings and let them go yesterday. I understood that I’m very valuable (otherwise I wouldn’t be here), and what other people say doesn’t describe me, it’s only their opinion. This morning, I told my husband that he has to figure out how to get his sh*t together, and ask for help with his anger issues. And today I’m very confident that It all will be good 🙂 Thanks for the msg!

  8. Wow. Saturn is conjunct my natal moon (4 dg) and opposed to both Pluto & Uranus (7 & 5 dg). Funny that I’ve never directly looked at the intensity of that constellation in my chart — probably would have overwhelmed me in my youth 🙂

    It has indeed been a life of learning to be disciplined in the presence of powerful emotions. Luckily, said moon is in Pisces, so the intensity has been on the sweet, poignant side — I could always get myself back to the understanding that each heartbreak was carving me deeper and softening me, that I might hold more love, more gently — and there has long been a deep Piscean knowing that in Truth, only divine Love could possibly answer the wild longing of my heart.

    Where Saturn may withhold much joy, he brings a sober and disciplined strength to see one through the trials he imposes. And he seems to me like a stern father, insisting we rise to our best, secretly proud of us each time we survive another trial, hearts intact.

    Thank you, Jamie, for sharing some of your story. Those are very intense waters you’ve navigated. Thank you for sharing, too, the essence of the strength and wisdom you found in yourSelf through those trials.

  9. Jaime, I am hopeful for the future and I want to thank you from many of us with Sat con Moon it is a difficult aspect for sure but as you said it is with responsibility and courage we can get past with a new horizon. Keep on Keepin on

  10. I just had my birthday on the 13th, on that day I found my self caught in the middle of a violent hurricane. It was a family fight for survival. I heard that Saturn is in hard aspect to my natal Venus, but not sure. Any input is welcome.

  11. Wow! This explains a lot. I went to a family members wedding and it has taken me several days to recover from it. Not a fun experience. I have had overwhelming depression, confusion, and the part about feeling like your family is conspiring rang so true to me. I definitely feel like my strength is being tested. Sleeping seems like a more comfortable option.

  12. Hear you n feel you deeply, hope deep healing has occurred…
    Near the end of 2015, Saturn passed my moon, then returned to it later and station direct on it; at meantime, Saturn was squaring my natal Pluto. During that time I finally got to see in my life that some people can be so underhanded with nasty intentions. Sad, hopeless, anger n guilt are just few of many feelings. Got through several desperate situations at home n on the job, with absolutely self-discipline, thanks to transiting Saturn sextile natal Saturn – and true friends. Healing started when those rotten people ended up reaping what they sow.

  13. Fired an EVIL ABUSIVE AND HYPOCRITICAL BOSS. FREE AT LAST! Wisdom: in order to be enslaved, you also have to be under the delusion that the relationship was worthwhile. Time ALWAYS REVEALS THE TRUTH. Accepted in gratitude and humility. Thank you Jamie!

  14. Well i have been trying to get out of a toxic work situation for 7 years now (boss and co-workers). Just had an interview on the 18th which i truly believe was the best interview i’ve ever had – and for a position that i would be perfect for. I thought i did extremely well…………and unfortunately i did not get the position. I spent all day and night yesterday crying. Would really like to see something positive on the career front. I am 2.5 years away from retiring with an unreduced pension (early retirement) so leaving the government simply is NOT a possibility. I would lose over a quarter of a million dollars if i left early. Jamie – can you give me any good news at all ?? (DOB is Mar. 8th, 1960, Ontario Canada)

    • @Vicky wow…lady you don’t know how good you have it. I’m 56 single female that’s ruined her work history trying to manage elderly sick dying parents for the past 10 years. I got nothing now but low paying retail jobs ($9.25 hour) due to ageism and my solid executive legal assistant experience being a decade back. Can’t afford healthcare, rents are high. So, wow you will have a Quarter of a million $250,000.000 in retirement and you cry about 2.5 years. Shame on you lady. Make me kinda sick. Jamie give this woman some free advice! ????????????

      • @Holly – you missed the point – which is i can’t quit. The advice i usually get is “quit your toxic job”. And, as a (former) executive legal assistant i would have expected that you would at least be able to spell my name correctly. I, too, am well educated at the post-graduate level and have years of experience and a wealth of knowledge. I am not crying about the job – i am frustrated that i am stuck in a position that i have been trying to leave for some time because of the toxicity.

        • @Holly And, I, too have had to care for my elderly parents and now my elderly in-laws. Don’t judge when you don’t know the full story.

        • I don’t care if I spelled your name right lady. You still don’t get it and never will. All me me me cry cry another 2 years you’ll be able to retire and never worry about being homeless having no healthcare to my hand skipping to the bank with quarter million. You might consider paying Jamie To do your chart hun. You still make me sick. ????

          • @Holly – i hope you find the peace you so desperately crave. Clearly your strategy of lashing out in an angry, sarcastic manner and blaming others for your lack of success isn’t getting you anywhere. You really should do something about your anger issues. I send you many blessings and peace.

  15. What do you mean “accused of domestic violence”? I’d like to know more about what occurred. I’m trying to learn about astrology and I have to hear about this disturbing little anecdote… um. I certainly hope you weren’t violent with your ex wife. Disgusting.

  16. I have transit Saturn exactly conjunct my natal moon in the 1st house now. Along with my Venus and mercury return 2nd house. Transit Neptune is conjunct my natal sun opposite natal Saturn/Jupiter conjunction. Transit Uranus is opposite my natal midheaven conjunct spica. 8th house North node return approaching. I don’t know what any of this means so I’m here slowly dissecting it. Besides that I have no clue what’s going on! I always thought my chart was boring but now it’s getting interesting 😀 thanks for this information!

  17. I currently have the same transits as you had the extreme case, Jamie. Pluto transit square my sun and natal Saturn conjunct transit moon. My boyfriend who ghosted me ten months ago came back to ask for forgiveness, only to tell me that he is bound to marry as his parents asked of him and he did not want to disappoint them. I took this in a very mature manner and I am very proud of myself, but it still very hard. I feel so lonely and empty even if bounced back very fast.

  18. i am here because i want to read what the full moon pisces transit means for me. the moon is transiting my first house now and about to fall on my saturn at 0° pisces and I just cant stop crying

  19. This full moon is conjunct my natal Venus In my 2nd house. Saturn Pluto and mars in my first. This is a breakthrough time. You gotta to feel it to heal it. You’re not alone. It’s a blessing in disguise so to speak right now. Mars goes direct Monday just hold on. I too couldn’t stop crying earlier. Had a major meltdown over a painful karmic lesson I thought I’d mostly healed and have been working on so long very long. Extreme psychological projections and triggers are there to free you and are at their peak. It’s another layer to breakdown all that’s restricting you from accessing the true love all around you that the universe is showering you with and that you are. Be open to receive the blessings of this magical Pisces full moon. I hope this helps.

  20. Oh, heck! I’m sitting here crying like an idiot about family crises, etc. Transit Saturn is soon to conjunct my Moon. But I’ve no family left. Even a crisis or conspiracy would be good, if I could have them back, or even just one of them. It’s probably impossible for me to feel more lonely, unloved, etc. So what can this Saturn-to-Moon bring me? (DOB 19 March 1944)

    • I would be a part of your family Sophie. I live off of crises, and right now I cannot even get one from another nor conjure one up myself, and even so, not big enough to get myself out of my own self-isolated place/space right now. But today I read that it is all due to Saturn and Pluto being “all up in my ass” (in my 7th house astrologically speaking:) AND their awful (yet transformative and all-good!) aspects to my natal Sun will not be over until 2020! My advice is focus on your long-term transits if you are looking for the “big answers” and to the Moon for a daily bit of whatever. You are ALIVE and wow! check that out and go with the flow, up and down, and know that it ain’t over ’til its over, and that I (GOD) LOVES YOU!

      • Thank you, Brigitte, for your kind advice — and for the giggle about your 7th House. Things are in the same place for me!:) Oddly, the Moon is the fulcrum of my yod (Saturn and Jupiter base), and Saturn is sitting right on it. I seem to have acquired a sort of yogi mentality: I look upon it pan-faced, and I don’t give a hoot. I wonder if I made my way here knowingly, to collect your and Jamie’s sympathy? Thank you. Love you both. xxx

      • Hi Brigitte ! Lots of transformation going on in your house of partners.This is a long transit. Saturns transit will last about 5 yrs if you don’t have a partner it could mean. pickings may be slim during this time.You will run into more older and sober types at this time.Trasformation in regards to.authority and authority figures.Things won’t seem so barren once Saturn moves out.♍😄

    • Lots of Pisces , lots of self sacrifice.
      Pisces are the sweethearts of the zodiac.Venus is exalted in pisces , because it’s not corporeal love .Its spiritual love , the way love should be.In other signs its love of attachment to something tangible. In Pisces Its unconditional love. Its the love of Jesus Christ.The universal love that our creator wants us to have for all things and all people.
      You have Pluto conjunct your n.node.In Leo.
      Being a. strong pisces you would be very sensitive to this type of energy.Pluto among other things rules the 8th house and all its meanings.It gives power over large groups of people when conjunct the n.node.This is the combining of 2 vortices
      I would say its not too much of a stretch that you probably have some psychic ability..
      These are some things that jump out at me.
      If your moon is in Capricorn you have a hard moon , but it’s a tough moon , tough as nails.You will get through this ok Have faith and never underestimate the power of prayer !

        • Why Doug, thank you! I suppose I shall get through this. I’ve got through so much already. Tough as old boots. I’ve no ambition to get anywhere in this world. But here I am, suddenly finding that three of you have reached out to me. I am beautifully surprised and grateful. God bless.

          • Thank you for your reply Sophie !
            Pisces is the most spiritual sign of the zodiac so ; ‘ faith ‘is a keyword with your sign.They are the least comfortable in their ‘ earthly ‘ skin.
            Don’t worry there are many many people like u. You’re not alone.Let the goodness and the charity of your heart be your guide.Miricles can truly happen for Pisces if they sincerely pray.♍🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟👍

  21. Hello Jamie! I have the transit Saturn conj Natal Moon now. I was really touched about your experience with it . Today was probably the beginning. It looked like my baby grand either had a crack in the sounding board or a crack in the frame. In either case the instrument would be a write-off. These instruments are for musicians like the own child. It has made 2 large overseas moves, had a complete overhaul quite a few years ago. In other words, it and myself have experienced dramatic situations. In 2022 it will be a 100 years old. After an agonizing weekend (and also a kinda “luv” disappointment) the damage was found not to be so great as to have start all over again.

    • I was born with moon conjunct Saturn in Scorpio. ( 3 degree orb. ) So I have a lifetime of it.
      I was never one to cry very much.if someone took something from me I would find something else better.I think I’m creative enough to dodge the emotional attachments to things and people( like the saying : ” you can’t take it with you ” anyway. I don’t like the’ blather ‘ of emotional drama .I view it as distracting to progress ; a set back.
      I’d say it manifests in me as emotional self control.I get more upset by what I call the little things that I think people get upset about.
      When I feel the blues I immerse myself in the things I love.I might pick up my guitar.Maybe that’s it ! everyone should learn to play guitar ( hehe “) ” and if you dont let things bother u so much , it probably wouldnt bother u so much. ” you see I just tricked u into a ‘ double reversey ‘!! ♍😄 have a good day : )

    • I guess there are different ways to look for release.
      I have to admit the ending of the movie Stan and Ollie ‘ jerked’ a few tears from my eyes , listening to some good ‘ gypsy jazz ‘also helps.
      I think they have some of the best guitar and violin players on earth.they play by ear and instinct.listening to great music is one type of therapy I use
      Don’t get me wrong.I do cry at times if the spirit moves me.

  22. Dear Jamie,

    Just today, I began legal action against the group of fools who think they can extort money from me rather than fix the damage to my property that they are responsible for fixing. Then I got a bit rattled, for I recalled having noticed some days ago that Saturn is retrograding to conjunct my Moon again.(It is now 2 degrees short of it.)

    I was not too bothered about that in itself, for nothing can be significant emotional pain for me after what has already been. But I googled ‘transit Saturn conj. Moon’ anyway, thinking to make sure that it is not ominous for legal actions.

    Well, your page came up first, to my huge delight! I immediately spotted a remark of yours that I had not taken in before: ‘… even your home may all somehow be involved in a cosmic conspiracy to make your life hard for a few weeks.’ Spot on! Thank you, Jamie. Your are wonderful.

    DOB: 19 March 1944.

    • On the contrary, the feelings are even more intense when Saturn touches the natal moon. Good luck on the final pass!

  23. I have Pluto Square Sun natal, and Saturn passed over my moon 3 times this year (because of Rx) so I’m really feeling a bit of everything 😭

  24. Thank you very much. Very insightful. Aside from the transit, I was born with Saturn conjunct the Moon, so I am familiar with the energies.

  25. hi jamie and others who see this! i’m writing this during saturn conjunct my moon exact, and its been felt deeply and intensely for almost a month now. not only is this happening, but it coincides with me entering my first saturn return. so its a pretty heavy year ahead (all this transpiring in my 8th house). but i’m learning to embrace things, good and bad, and as they happen. i thought i kinda prepared myself for this to happen, but when the time does come you are still never prepared! haha. i was wondering, as someone who has moon (capricorn) conjunct saturn (aquarius) in their natal, does the saturn conjunct moon transit have any of the same effects?

  26. My natal moon is 2.53 in Aquarius in the first house. Saturn has just moved into Aquarius currently 0’51 degrees. I lost my job beginning of March 2020. I’m very worried! Any comments regarding this?

  27. I have moon at 2.43 Aquarius 12th haus – Saturn is now at 0; feeling the loneliness (isolation), self-criticalness, and past regrets. Sitting alone in the silence of solitude though has its benefits. The art of listening is becoming more and more important and beneficial to do.

  28. Jamie, i will have similar transits to yours

    In January i will have Pluto Squaring my Sun at 24°54′ Libra, then in February, Saturn will Conjunct and Uranus will Square my Moon at 7°32′ Aquarius, i am only 21 so i don’t know what to expect

  29. I think one of the comments above must be FIRST hit of saturn to my moon.
    It is exact tonight. Jamie I m glad u won custody.
    My brother got stabbed along with 5 others in Lynn Valley library bc canada. Sun venus chiron. So that was amazing. He is libra and it was super full moon. Cuts to the Head. Broken nose. Blacked out. One person died. YOUNG man attacked with knife. So I ve been crying thinking of how family is so scattered and broken if I can say. People in care homes. He s in senior residences.. lonely tired of fighting. Like me. But its not the first time of suffering . The only difference is I have spirit awareness now The higher world is out there.
    I guess the hurt would be missing the bubbly lives of beaches sun and fun it seems so many enjoy while others don t.
    Actually theres more but I have no words. Mostly how one gets disillusioned so often with people. Responsible I raised the kids. But community wants to find fault. Omg there are so many in and outs. How could u know. I found god but he s not in anymore. I corrected my habits so I m almost sterile to little difference to the toxic fickle public made up of toxic systemic goods.
    So this one. Its kind of set me back on my heels. I don t know what i ll do.

  30. I remember reading a woman of importance may leave your life now. Unquote.

  31. I am so sorry to hear this about your brother! I am from Vancouver too. Right now I am having a Saturn Moon solar arc transit — a sort year of Saturn on my moon. It’s been a difficult emotional time but I also see this transit as tempering or strength building. Resilience is my key word. big hugs to you.

  32. Thank you fellow Vancoveritte. Its June 1 tomorrow with saturn Rx. Its getting to me again. Second shot soon. I started yoga again to counter saturn rigidity and its helping. Makes me feel like I m doing something about it all. Read about a woman who thought she found god but then lost faith again but in her travels she met women aware of timelessness or intense presence so I feel the possibility going on. Our transition.

  33. Well here we are moving forward November now 20th 6 mths later. Hey Lori Ann you know how BC has been hit with flooding catastrophes. Saturn is still three degrees from exact. The mom 46 of my grand kids discovered large tumor and will start chemo. One foot in front of another now.

  34. Thank you for sharing. I have been experiencing an unusual depression, not wanting to leave bed, no motivation to do anything, see anyone. I feel so heavy and yet completely unamused by life and numb to it. This is the only negative transit I have right now. 0 degree orb in aquarius in my 2nd house. Though per my relocation chart, my moon is on the IC in my current city and I planned a move this month because I’m very unhappy here now and started packing boxes. So I guess Saturn is transiting my IC in this city and has made me fall out of love with it. Additionally, I ended a 10 year friendship this morning. Their Pluto squares my moon. I am usually extremely happy and have a healthy moon. This has been tough but I am glad to know this will shift. Hang in there everyone <3

    • You,Me and Others,have been feeling the same way.

      The universe speaks,

      conveyed through your body.




      Switch off from everything,do nothing.


      No TV,no Net,No Negativity what so ever.

      Get use to this space(the void of nothingness)and just feel what’s coming up.

      And let it go.

      No use for labels such as depression and or finding,

      searching,excuses,why your feeling,the way your feeling etc.

      Just a trick from the mind,

      to latch onto another drama queen story line.

      I could assume on why there is ‘heaviness’ around.

      AND the rumination.

      BUT,i would be giving you a story line.

      Just feel.

      Just be.

      Let it go,

      it will pass.

      All the best.: )

      • Ps.Why do people take holidays?

        Does this bandaid solution,

        change where there living now?

        Where ever you go,there you are.

        We can try to change our surroundings,

        be it short term or whatever,

        BUT,the same type of,

        circumstances will come up,

        knocking at your door,

        for resolution.

        Can’t keep running hey.

        Bare this in mind.

        And get comfortable with,

        being uncomfortable in your,

        current surroundings.

        Mark my words,

        your going to find,

        another ‘crisis point’,

        when you move,

        until you over come it,

        and stop running.

        Face the music.

        It gets worse,
        and rises.

        Signed ‘The Shadow’ chaser.

        • Disregard what i wrote.

          It was a ‘knee jerk’ reaction.

          I think where all being giving a nudge,
          to align,go back to harmony,
          and where we naturally flow,
          AND,what lifts our spirits.

          2yrs of putting up with a
          psychopath neighbor,
          has turned my tide.

          I tried one last measure today,
          after my other methods of,
          feng shui and other methods,
          weren’t working.

          Let’s see if a about face,
          in direction,
          will pay dividends.

          I’m well and truly done,
          going against the tide,
          and trying to make things work.

          Even if the rest of the picture,fits.

          It only takes one thorn.

          Fingers crossed i found the energy drain
          entry point and now blocked off.

          But deep down,
          i know i have to relocate.

          Torn atm,my heart is with my dog Harvey,
          a bit of stress head and one with me.

          And his best interests,
          are a priority.

          This time around,

          I won’t throw caution to wind,
          like i did last time.

          Even though,
          everything fell into place.



          that’s what i need to again?

          Catch 22 with the pandemic,
          as well as being switched off,
          from everything.


          Best of luck Girl and take care.

  35. Tell that to the farms flooded out in BC Canada. Well now we re in Water Tiger year 2022 and it’s water is black. I felt flood feelings long before it came up the road and in my dream after all that I opened a door to blackness saying at first come in and then letting out a scream. That was before I knew it was black water tiger year. Look there was the underwater explosion of water that threatened to send a wave here. To me it does not sound good. My dreams feel heavy but Deepak books say I can change that by diet. Saturn is past my moon now . Nothing stands out except neighbour crying every day fighting with her husband. Real sobs for hours. Daily weekly monthly. There has been times like that for me in life. Some Chinese signs will have good luck so I m cheering for them now. Nemeste.

    • Hello Cj,

      2022 seems more connectedness,
      to everyone.

      Any negativity in close proximity,
      will affect you in regards to your neighbor.

      I’m finding everything ‘amplified’ now,
      so take care and look after yourself.

  36. Nomadic spirit yes someone let loose their temper using the patio door as their weapon cause they have no human power and my neck went out of whack and remains . Can u believe it. different. But because I had a spirit vision awhile ago I am consumed with it every elevated moment I get. It’s been quiet with them now they have done the damage.
    I stay cause covid has us locked in and my rent is cheap and I did a lot to make it cozy.
    In some ways we must feel moved by the spirit decisions. Meanwhile today I learned a grand daughter has covid and her mom fighting cancer has had to move to their big travel trailor. Can u believe it. But I feel strong. Thanks for the supportive words. Be strong with,e. And yes be good to yourself.

  37. I have an aquarius moon in the 6th house, there is three degrees left to exact conjunction. I feel hard about my health and catching flu frequently. I feel hard about my job and also having contemplations about changing my work field sometimes. And also emotionally I feel like a wreck, I am crying everyday for hours with no clear reason, I have just a huge tension and confusion in my mind. I hope every one of us will pass these times with more easy ways.

  38. My moon is also my lord of 12th, I also feel isolated, numb, lost and missing my passed times..

  39. You sound like your over doing things.

    You need some rest and time out.

    Re:Job and contemplating changing work field,
    i’d say go for it.

    Look for a job,that is kinder and better suits your needs.

    Take the leap and step out of your comfort zone,
    as i feel this is what is holding you back.

    Nothing ventured,nothing gained.

    Set the intention and make the change in your best interests,
    as well as health wise.

    You’ll be glad you did.

    Good luck(y)

  40. Hi, could you elaborate on pluto opposition to natal moon, i have mine coming in a few months and anxious to hear more about it in detail

  41. I have Saturn conjuct my natal Moon now for like a few weeks. And everything is happening in my 1st house. So it has been alwful. My health is really bad. I learned about some health problems. My natal moon is 29 degree. And my energy is low. I have 2 more weeks until Saturn leaves my Moon alone. But Saturn is going to stay in my 1st house for more 2-3 years and i hope i can resist this hard energy, and learn my lessons.

  42. Transiting Saturn conjunct natal Moon is a rare event because it has the same time scale as Saturn return.

  43. Every rose has its thorn.
    Just like every cowboy has a sad sad song.
    You can whine
    Or be thankful..

    • I still laugh every day even if Saturn is going back and forth messing with my emotions, weighing heavy. Bring it on! If you go through a Saturn phase, keep walking!

  44. My moon is at zero Pisces, in the final degrees of my 10th house. Everything you said is true – I suddenly find myself in this intense season of isolation. And suddenly I cannot get any work so I have some serious financial issues.

    I don’t care much for friends/frivolous socialising… contrary to how I was in the past. I ended relationships with a whole lot of people as 2022 drew to a close – for various reasons. I have two friends left (thank God for them) but they don’t live near me.

    My mom is helping me out a lot but she is pretty old and her health is taking strain. She can’t support me forever – and should not have to! I feel such guilt/shame.

    At the same time though, me being in crisis has opened the door for us to start communicating about deeper emotional issues. I typically held my mom at arms length before and harboured a lot of anger about how she treated me when I was younger. I went through life pretty much being the “perfect child”… until now.

    I am worried about losing my home and my credit score is about to be hammered. 😕 and suddenly struggling to find work after having had a lucrative career in the past!

    It really is an extreme year because I also have:

    Saturn square natal noth node/Chiron (7 degrees)
    Pluto (on MC) Square Natal Pluto (on DC)
    T.North Node conjunct natal ascendant and square MC
    Progressed moon conjunct IC
    Progressed sun and venus in 4th house (Leo) where venus is now retrograde!
    Neptune Square Natal Sun/Venus

    Emotionally, I am investing in doing some inner child healing work as I realised my circumstances are a manifestation of my trauma-based responses to how I manage life.

    Luckily, I have no partner/kids so I can just weather this horrible period of my life in isolation.

    • My moon is at one degree piscis, 5th house, and I can relate to almost everything you mention, Saturn is also opposing my natal 10th house Pluto and squaring my 8th house sun in Gemini. I’m literally broke after years of abundance. Work is failing and I’ve found that a few friendships are outgrown. All that I can take, but the heaviness that comes with it it’s hard to bear. We just have to bear with it and come out a lot stronger, We must not forget that Saturn is a blessing inviting to growth. Stay strong!

    • Hello Astro T84, how did this transit ended for you? I also have moon in piscis (conjunction south node) opposite Sun at 13° Virgo. My last two years were especially difficult; I had to move my mother to a nursing home what she didnt want to. She is pretty sick. Has paranoia since 1998 and now she cant walk properly, she started to have cognitive problems. I am alone. I just have a sister who is living abroad and with whom we have a communication troubles. For different reasons I was loosing/leaving friendships, and is very difficult for me to find people alike, so I feel extremly alone. In 2022 I had the moon in Capricorn in my solar return chart, this year is in Libra square Saturn, and next year conjunct Saturn. Being the south node conjunct the moon in Piscis, to work around my emotions was an issue since my adolescense. What I was feeling now is that I have to overcome all bad feelings toward people and try to remain in my centre. For that the only thing is not to have expectations, which is not easy as you may agree.

  45. Interesting. I have this transit right now in the 3rd house of communicatons and it´s gonna be opposite my North Node.

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