Mercury Trine Saturn June 26, 2024

Mercury Trine Saturn Transit

Mercury trine Saturn maximum orb 5°30′.

Mercury trine Saturn natal gives persistence and perseverance, which usually leads to success. Your diligent and sustained striving means you should enjoy longevity in whatever you apply your mind to. Whether your career, family, or hobby, your commitment gives lasting results.

Your rational and common sense approach to life gives a solid foundation for all your endeavors. Good concentration and a systematic approach mean you rarely make mistakes and maybe a perfectionist. Routine, structure, and stability are necessary to make you feel grounded.

You earn respect and praise because of your loyalty and dependability. You are constantly churning out good work at a steady pace. Always reliable and on time. This is not to say that you are boring; it simply means that you keep producing reliable results, which can be very creative. Mercury trine Saturn has an over-representation of poets, authors, and songwriters.

Politics and big business, administration, and finance would also suit your talents. A successful career, family, and children will give you great satisfaction. You should have a good memory and may have an interest in history and ancestry. When young, you may seek out older mentors for guidance. When older, you will be the teacher and may have responsibility for the upbringing or education of young ones.

Mercury Trine Saturn Transit

Mercury trine Saturn transit gives a serious frame of mind with good concentration and attention to detail. You will get things done neatly, without mistakes, and on time. So this is a good time for sustained mental work like studying or doing your taxes, making important decisions, and serious discussions, negotiations, and business dealings.

With common sense and an eye toward practical results, this is also an excellent time to make long-term plans and sign contracts, especially for real estate and shares. You can also be confident about making commitments to others at this time. Whatever you put your mind to should lead to permanent results and achievements, and new friendships and partnerships should be lasting and dependable.

You may take care of family matters such as insurance and wills. This is an excellent time to chat with your elders for advice or as a mentor or guide for younger people. You can come across with more authority and gain the respect of others.

Mercury Trine Saturn Celebrities

Julian Amery 0°01′, Jennifer Lopez 0°03′, David Berkowitz 0°04′, Jean Driscoll 0°06′, Jim Bakker 0°09′, Jennifer Lawrence 0°12′, Willem Dafoe 0°14′, Angus Young 0°14′, Émile Zola 0°14′, Steven Spielberg 0°21′, Michael Crichton 0°21′, Marguerite Yourcenar 0°21′, Leo Varadkar 0°21′, Claus von Stauffenberg 0°26′, Janet Leigh 0°29′, Jeff Buckley 0°34′, Emmanuel Macron 0°35′, William Wordsworth 0°41′, Henry Winkler 0°52′, Marie Becker 1°00′, Paula Abdul 1°06′, Uri Geller 1°09′, Charles Fourier 1°18′, Sissy Spacek 1°23′, James Woods 1°32′, Feed Astaire 1°37′, Morgan Fairchild 1°39′, Dane Rudhyar 1°45′, William Cowper 1°50′, Lewis Carroll 1°54′.

Mercury Trine Saturn Dates

October 22, 2022
June 30, 2023
October 22, 2023
June 26, 2024
October 22, 2024
June 27, 2025
October 25, 2025
November 22, 2025
December 7, 2025

10 thoughts on “Mercury Trine Saturn June 26, 2024

  1. Hi Jamie,

    Thank you for your insight and your detailed description about the upcoming astrological event. I like this stability in financial and relationships. It feels like this month was a big energetic roller coaster. Keep it up with the brilliant work!


  2. Dear Jamie, the aspects is Mercuriy trine Saturn, but the dates refer to “Mercury Square Uranus dates”. Is this correct?

    • Thanks for picking that up Diana. The dates are right. I copy and paste the code for the tables and must have included the heading.

  3. Perhaps this may also be viewed rather than not making a mistake, that they may indeed make not goid chouces, yet they will be deliberate and of their own immovable choice for good or ill? I am aware of a few folk with this, as an observation not a judgement they are not only stubborn or dedicated, they are bloody minded,will cut their nose to spite their face in quite a ruthless manner to achieve whatever they have decided no katter whose life is sacrificed along the way, respectfully burying the real or metaphoric “dead” as they go, or even kartyr themselves as a way to make a point, because what they think is right and no one else matters? I respect this is negative use of that aspect, they are big on assassination, particularly of anothers character or reputtation, the air of entitlement quite palpabke?

    • ETA, like they think they have the rite to “teach others a lesson” or make a karmic judgement and issue what they deem as just desserts, because it seems to be a powerfully controlling aspect, thus extremes both ways, all things being equal? I have just found for myself, it best to keep my awareness on the ball while giving my attention of focus to the details, because the words are often not support by the actions, just a public image and are quite sociopathic in reality when of ill intent towards self or others so may be usesful to direct ones power and love towards the best possibke outcome, yet not ingnore the worste, no one is a super hero with super powers, indeed they often use others as kindling tobstart a fire, just so they can swoop in last minute and put it out, appearing to save the day so they xan be heralded while basking in their own glory and narcissism?

      • They are able to be truly honourable or truly prideful and although the world we are seeing in all its diabolical and repulsive glory not only encourages pride, vanity and greed that it has the so call norm because it is expected and demanded if one is going to be deemed good enough or even allowed to have basic needs of mortal survival it compromises ones immortality, like dammed if you do dammed if you dont uktimatums at every turn? The epitomy of a ghost that haunts at the back of ones mind.

  4. omg!!!.I am so shocked to read this…I am literally going for elementary education…to teach young ones..i will be an elementary school teacher, one day. I have mercury in pisces trine Saturn in scorpio but I also have sun in pisces trine Saturn too…Thank you for sharing your knowledge, my mind is almost blown away with how accurate you are..

  5. Is that a Yod with North Node as apex with Neptune and Saturn or out of orb?

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