Fixed Star Pollux

Pollux at 23°12′ Cancer has an orb of 2°30′
Fixed Star Pollux

Gemini Constellation [Stellarium]

The Sun joins Pollux on July 15

Fixed star Pollux, Beta Geminorum, is a 1.14 magnitude giant yellow-orange star on the head of the Southern Twin of Gemini Constellation. Even though classified as the beta star of Gemini, it is in fact brighter than its twin Castor (α Geminorum). Spectral type K0 III.

On June 16, 2006, it was revealed that the Pollux star has an orbiting planet termed Pollux b. It is about twice the size of Jupiter with an orbit of 590 days.

Castor and Pollux were the Two Gods of Sparta in Greece, sons of Leda, Queen of Sparta. Their Roman equivalents are Apollo and Hercules. Pollux (Hercules) comes from the Greek Poludeukes, hence he was the Boxer. Pollux was the immortal twin and a skilled Horseman. When Castor was killed in battle, Pollux asked his father Zeus (Jupiter) that he die to forever be with Castor. Zeus killed Pollux with a bolt of lightning and placed the twins in heaven as the constellation Gemini.

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Pollux Astrology

Pollux is of the nature of Mars. It gives a subtle, crafty, spirited, brave, audacious, cruel and rash nature, a love of boxing, dignified malevolence, and is connected with poisons. It represents Pollux, the immortal one of the twins, famous for his skill in boxing. Sometimes called Hercules, and symbolically named A Heartless Judge. [1]

β Geminorum. An orange star situated on the head of the southern Twin. “The Pugilist..” Spectral class KO. A love of sports, a subtle spirited native, brave, audacious, crafty, cruel, rash nature, violence, psychic ability. [8]

Castor is one of the Twins and Pollux the other. While Castor has a Venusian nature (according to its spectral type) and Pollux a nature as that of Mars, Castor has always been considered to portend mischief and violence while Pollux eminence and renown. This, of course, is due to the fact that the energy of Mars can be extremely valuable in such areas as war and business and politics, while Venus can cause an indiolent character leading to his own destruction. The other, and opposite, indications of these stars include for Castor a keen mind and many travels, and for Pollux a cruel, rash nature and a propensity to be connected with poisons. [2]

Pollux, also called Hercules, in the Twins, has a strongly felt Martian nature and has the name ‘the wicked boy’ of the brother-and-sister part of Castor and Pollux. According to its nature, this star is brutal and tyrannical, violent and cruel if in conjunction with the lights, AC or MC or even linked with malefics. Just as Mars has its good sides if the energy it creates is channeled constructively, so Pollux should not always be considered as unhelpful. The star badly placed could manifest that way, not by the native misusing his energy but by others deceiving the native and fate playing him some cruel tricks. Once again, a fixed star conjunction alone is not necessarily responsible. One has to study the structural elements in the entire cosmogram, Configurations such as this conjunction would indicate the need to be careful, but one cannot deduce a violent death as an outcome. [3]

Pollux, β Geminorum, is by Ptolemy’s account a Mars star. appropriate for the twin who killed the other; he was also the immortal one, a son of Zeus (Jupiter) and thus favored by him, and interesting contrast to Jehovah’s (Jupiter’s) anger at Cain’s behavior. At certain periods, this star has also been called Hercules, not to be confused with the constellation of the same name, a hero of so many labors and deeds of valor in humanity’s growth. While often tarred with the same brush as Castor in some astrology, it is generally counted a more positive symbol and the underlying reason may be that it is close in spectral class and color to the Sun, and, though having at least five faint companions as seen from Earth, these are in fact far distant beyond it: It is not a binary. Prominent on a horoscope, it certainly can show aptitude for getting into quarrels, but in a well configured situation it also denotes a power of penetration on the mental plane, aided no doubt by its near neighbor in longitude, the Mercury-Mars star Procyon, α Canis Minoris. [4]

Fixed star Pollux rules the back of the stomach in the human body. [5]

Constellation Gemini

Gemini is said to cause trouble and disgrace, sickness, loss of fortune, affliction and danger to the knees. [1]

Those born within Gemini will be crafty in the good sense of the word, in all their works and in all their tasks. Among them will be writers, mathematicians, astronomers, and famous sages. They will be truthful individuals and moderate in their fear of God. In terms of children, the Gemini are specially charged with the production of twins. Gemini was given the name “many-faced” in ancient times because it denotes not only twins, but three or more children at a single birth.

The Gemini produces a generous and chaste personality. Individuals excelling in games and fond of philosophy and astronomy are also indicative of Gemini, as are also those who are magnanimous, munificent, and (sometimes) violent. Modern astrologers attribute the following to the Gemini: clever, intuitive, restless, heartlessness, undependability, inquisitive, lack of perseverance, and sometimes too clever. Classicists say that the Geminian follow the professions of kings, calculators, teachers, hunters, dancers, musicians, painters, and tailors. The Modernists add: journalists, novelists, lecturers, linguists, commercial travelers, and pupils. [6]

Astrologers assigned to this constellation guardianship over human hands, arms, and shoulders; while Albumasar held that it portended intense devotion, genius, largeness of mind, goodness, and liberality. Considered the House of Mercury and a fortunate sign. Chinese astrologers asserted that if this constellation were invaded by Mars, war and a poor harvest would ensue. [2]

Pollux, Beta Geminorum

Pollux, Beta Geminorum []

Fixed Star Pollux Conjunctions

Ascendant conjunct Pollux: Wealth, power, courage, generosity, ingenuity, rise to authority, martial success, subject to cuts, wounds, accidents, sores and injuries to the face, pains in the head, fevers, bad eyes, blindness, sickness, imprisonment, ephemeral honor and preferment. [1]

A splendid and illustrious life; glorious, mighty and commanding nature; fame, busy with many activities, bountiful resources, well known or feared in cities and regions. Prosperity from youth and in own city. [7]

Brutal and tyrannical, violent and cruel. [3]

Vincent van Gogh 0°01′, Salvador Dali 0°21′, The Weeknd 0°24′, Margot Robbie 0°39′, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex 1°20′, Tucker Carlson 1°26′.

Ascendant conjunct Pollux and born in the day: Capable of commanding, valiant, energetic, active, fearless, submissive, greedy, hard and haughty, a military leader, tyrannical, glorious. [7]

Vincent van Gogh, Salvador Dali, The Weeknd, Margot Robbie, Tucker Carlson

Ascendant conjunct Pollux and born at night: Insolent, cruel, lacking in mercy, hasty, rapacious, agitated and drunk. [7]

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex 1°20′.

Midheaven conjunct Pollux: Honor and preferment but danger of disgrace and ruin, martial eminence, success in trade and in occupations of a Mars nature. [1]

A splendid and illustrious life; glorious, mighty and commanding nature; fame, busy with many activities, bountiful resources, well known or feared in cities and regions. Prosperity from youth and in own city. Sensible, merciful and generally don’t die a good death. [7]

Brutal and tyrannical, violent and cruel. [3]

Dwayne Johnson 0°15′, Jeffrey Dahmer 0°36′, Arthur Koestler 1°33′, John F. Kennedy 1°41′.

Descendant conjunct Pollux: A splendid and illustrious life; glorious, mighty and commanding nature; fame, busy with many activities; bountiful resources; well known or feared in cities and regions. Prosperity around middle age or through marriage or women. [7]

Anthony Hopkins 0°17′, Elizabeth II 0°47′ (and N.Node), Ariana Grande 2°10′, Alexis Arquette 2°21′.

Imum Coeli conjunct Pollux: A splendid and illustrious life; glorious, mighty and commanding nature; fame, busy with many activities, bountiful resources, well known or feared in cities and regions. Prosperity in old age or through savings, investments or pensions, death will be famous and known to all. [7]

Salman Rushdie 0°10′ (and Mercury), Conor McGregor 1°26′ (and Sun, Moon).

Part of Fortune conjunct Pollux: Monica Lewinsky 1°02′ (and Mercury), Erwin Rommel 1°13′, Queen Camilla 1°20′ (and Sun, Mercury), Pablo Escobar 1°45′, Marie Antoinette 2°27′.

Sun conjunct Pollux: Occult and theosophical interests, blows, stabs, serious accidents, shooting, shipwreck, murderer or murdered, extreme sickness and diseases, fevers, ailments affecting the stomach, homosexual, riches and honor but final ruin, blindness, injuries to head and face, quarrels, rape committed or suffered, banishment, imprisonment for embezzling, violent death, decapitation. [1]

High honors and preferment in matters dealing with the public, sports, legal and writings. These natives rise through their own efforts, and although they exhibit a subtle spirited nature, they are sensitive. Violence possible. [8]

Brutal and tyrannical, violent and cruel. [3]

Conor McGregor 1°15′ (and Moon, IC), Queen Camilla 1°18′ (and Mercury, POF), Henry VIII 1°37′, Pablo Neruda 1°45′ (and Mercury, Venus), Priyanka Chopra 2°04′, Steve Forbes 2°16′, Bill Cosby 2°22′.

Moon conjunct Pollux: Hatred of the vulgar, ill-will of women, danger from thieves, violent death, power, pride, sickness, calamity, wounds, imprisonment, injuries to face, defective sight or blindness especially if Mars or the Sun be in square from Aries. If Mars or the Sun be in square from Libra, danger of accidents and legal or matrimonial troubles but, if in opposition from Capricorn, danger to the mother’s honor and reputation. If Mars be in conjunction, death by suffocation, drowning or assassination. If Mars be with Arcturus in the 1st or 7th, 9th, 10th, 11th, houses, death by suffocation. [1]

Native is prideful, proud of their heritage, accomplishments. Preferment in astrology, martial and affairs dealing with the public. Chronic, difficult-to-diagnose or possibly serious illness. Self-destruction. [8]

A splendid and illustrious life; great, distinguished and opulent nature. [7]

Brutal and tyrannical, violent and cruel. [3]

Conor McGregor 0°01′ (and Sun, IC), Mariah Carey 0°06′, Roman Polanski 0°09′, Courtney Love 0°32′.

Mercury conjunct Pollux: Unbalanced mind, unpopular and peculiar occupation, trouble with father through relatives or enemies, domestic disharmony, anxiety, loss through land, property and mines. [1]

Positive: The native generates criticism through writings, speeches or the particular occupation they have chosen. Some psychic abilities. Domestic problems possible or problems with family relations.

Negative: Mental aberrations possible, not readily apparent, domestic disharmony anxieties, many troubles, generally created by the native and/or the natives greed. [8]

Salman Rushdie 1°06′ (and IC), Julian Assange 1°14′, Pablo Neruda 1°58′ (and Sun, Venus), O. J. Simpson 2°10′, Monica Lewinsky 2°15′ (and POF), Queen Camilla 2°33′ (and Sun, POF).

Venus conjunct Pollux: Strong and unregulated passions, danger of seduction if female, loss through women, danger of poison. [1]

These natives have strong feelings on subjects or people and are influenced by their feelings or base impressions, or by outside pressure. Some psychic abilities. [8]

Benito Mussolini 0°03′, Vera Atkins 0°05′, Pablo Neruda 0°22′ (and Sun, Mercury), Mel B 1°00′, Zendaya 1°23′ (and Mars), Jordan Peterson 1°35′, JonBenét Ramsey 2°26′

Mars conjunct Pollux: Violent, murderer or murdered, high position but final ruin, violent death by suffocation, drowning or assassination especially if the Moon be there also. [1]

These natives can be very obstinate, willful, preferring to lead, not follow. They create jealousy, not deliberately. Health problems some of a serious nature, not easily cured. Domestic problems possible. [8]

Brutal and tyrannical, violent and cruel. [3]

This position is crucial here as it can disrupt the lining of the entire stomach by keeping the stomach lining open so that it becomes very irritated. The stomach lining is pulled away from the stomach wall allowing the tissues to become inflamed. In severe cases, it would be necessary to remove part of the stomach, or the entire stomach if the damage is that severe. The problem here is that they cover the symptoms up by taking antacid and pain pills thus aggravating the problem. This ailment can be greatly alleviated if these persons will crush almonds and walnuts to a pulp, adding a small amount of milk, or water if preferred, placing it in a blender and beaten into a paste. Eating the paste would be very healing to the stomach as these nuts have an oil that is very healing to this part of the body. [5]

Karl Marx 0°04′, Nicole Brown Simpson 0°23′, Immanuel Kant 0°24′, Lionel Messi 0°32′, Stephen King 1°41′, Zendaya 1°54′ (and Venus), Yves Saint Laurent 2°05′, Sara Aldrete 2°06′, Nostradamus 2°15′ (and Saturn: DD), Allan Kardec 2°27′.

Jupiter conjunct Pollux: Legal losses, high position but danger of disgrace, trouble through relatives, banishment or imprisonment. [1]

What the native receives, they have earned, caution should be exercised not to become involved in embarrassing situations. [8]

Frida Kahlo 1°29′, John Wayne Bobbitt 1°40′, Jimi Hendrix 2°25′.

Saturn conjunct Pollux: Bad temper, bitter, sarcastic, loss of arm or leg, loss of parents or trouble through step-parents, much help from a friend, lack of education, sudden death while following occupation through horses or large animals. [2]

Brutal and tyrannical, violent and cruel. [3]

Nostradamus 0°58′ (and Mars: DD), Michelangelo 0°58′, Donald Trump 1°20′, André the Giant 1°26′, Marquis de Sade 2°26′.

Uranus conjunct Pollux: Occult interests, psychic ability, selfish, proud, vain of person and appearance, success in connection with the Government, companies or electrical matters, harmonious marriage in middle age, favorable for children, end of life not so favorable as middle. [1]

Similar to Uranus at the fixed star Propus. It causes the nervous stomach and the problem is purely psychological. They have an insecure feeling within, and to alleviate the problem, they must find out what makes them insecure, and then do what is necessary to eliminate it. It would be helpful for them to drink a warm glass of milk before retiring. [6]

Elizabeth I 0°26′, Bruce Willis 1°03′, Henri Matisse 1°03′, Oprah Winfrey 2°16′.

Neptune conjunct Pollux: Changeable, many travels, excellent linguist, many influential friends, good for partnership, peculiar conditions in marriage and partner often a foreigner, occupation connected with exploration or zoological and botanical work abroad, minor accidents, isolated death through fever or virulent disease. [1]

Alan Turing 0°39′.

Pluto conjunct Pollux: Bernardo Provenzano 0°19′, Yuri Gagarin 0°22′, Yoko Ono 0°40′, Donald Rumsfeld 0°41′, Elizabeth Montgomery 1°02′, Roman Polanski 1°33′, April Ashley 1°36′, Jimmy Swaggart 1°37′, Warren Buffett 1°54′, Ted Kennedy 2°00′, Elizabeth Taylor 2°04′, Manuel Noriega 2°05′.

North Node conjunct Pollux: Hugh Hefner 1°07′, Frida Kahlo 1°29′, Elizabeth II 1°43′ (and DC), Britney Spears 1°47′, Johnny Depp 2°04′.

South Node conjunct Pollux: Oprah Winfrey 1°20′, Kirk Douglas 1°59′.


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  • All fixed star positions are for the year 2000. Add one degree per 72 years to correct for precession.

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  4. Donald trump has Pollux conjunct his Saturn. Interesting note: Pollux gives a love of boxing: Recently the Donald was seen on a video boxing CNN. I have found Pollux to be troublesome and considered an evil star. According to Robson this star imparts a bad temper conjunct Saturn. Lack of education but one who is audacious, crafty and cruel. There is no rhyme of reason for his attack on the news media unless he is following Hitler’s use of the news for propaganda and to decrease citizens beliefs in the accuracy of the news media. “Fake News” my eye.

    • Hi Judith. Transiting Pluto is opposite Pollux now, so Donald Trump has Pluto opposite Saturn transit. But he also has natal Saturn trine Midheaven so this brutal and tyrannical nature could be good for his presidency. But then his Midheaven is conjunct fixed star Algol. I should write a post about this.Trump Horoscope

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