Praesepe Star – The Manger

Praesepe is at 07°21′ Leo with an orb of 1°30′
Fixed Star Praesaepe

Cancer Constellation [Stellarium]

The Sun joins Praesepe on July 30

Fixed star Praesepe, M44, the Beehive Cluster, is a 3.1 magnitude open cluster in the head of the Crab, Cancer Constellation. The traditional name Praesepe comes from the Latin word for Manger.


23 ♋ 13
25 ♋ 47
07 ♌ 21
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08 ♌ 43



Praesepe Astrology

PRAESAEPE. 44 M Cancri. Praesaepe represents the manger of the asses ridden by Bacchus and Vulcan (see ASELLI). A coarse extended cluster situated on the head of theCrab. Popularly termed the Beehive, Manger or Crib, and known by the Chinese under the name Tseih She Ke, Exhalation of Piled-up Corpses. With the Aselli it was the “cloudy spot of Cancer” mentioned by Ptolemy as causing blindness. It is of the nature of Mars and the Moon, and causes disease, disgrace, adventure, insolence, wantonness, brutality, blindness, industry, order and fecundity; and makes its natives fortunate though liable to loss through others, and the founders of large businesses. [1]

PRAESAEPE. 44M Cancri. A mass of more than 40 stars. Praesaepe represents the burrows ridden by Bacchus and Vulcan. This star mass tends to make its natives insolent, adventurous, wanton, impulsive, restless, inclined towards dissipation, fortunate but liable to loss through others, eyesight problems, violence. [2]

The Praesepe, also known as the Beehive or the Manger, threatens mischief and blindness and is said to cause disease and disgrace. If the nebula is not visible in a clear sky it presages a violent storm. As with most of classical astrology much of the effects of the planets, signs, constellations, and fixed stars can only be gleaned through direct observation of their condition in the night sky. [3]

Praesepe, the “manger”, a cluster of stars in Cancer, designates a part of the zodiac which since ages past has had a bad omen. Because the Aselli are so near, a total of five to eight degrees in Leo are hit by it. The Praesepe appears as a think stellar nebula and, in the telescope, is seen as an open cluster of vast expanse. There are about 500 stars of the 6th to 17th Magnitude with a diameter of 13 light years. The astral influence of these far-distant worlds is equivalent to a combination of a Moon-Mars emanation. Also acting is a Neptunian influence, both in Praesepe and in the Aselli. Elsbeth Ebertin pointed out that countless soldiers who became blind during World War I actually had in their cosmograms relevant connections to this fixed star. These days, opthamologists have enormous skills and many a case will not be as serious in its outcome, therefore, a conjunction to Praespe should not be feared so much. According to Vehlow, the Chinese gave this group of stars the name “the spirit of the ancestors”. [4]

Praesepe, or Praesaepe, is not one star but a whole cluster of some 75 of them, at a mean distance of some 520 light-years from us. It is easily seen on a good night, a faint misty patch about the size of the Pleiades. The name means ‘a Stable’ or ‘a Pen’ (for animals), and it may be considered the stable for the Aselli. The three stars, Praesepe and the Aselli, lie within 1°29′ overall, so that astrologically we must really take them as a single unit of their combined qualities: three parts Mars, two of the Sun and one of Moon in the celestial recipe book. Praesepe, then, adds the lunar ingredient, which we can define as (a) providing a home or base from which the Aselli operate and (b) giving a mundane effectiveness to the more remotely celestial qualities of the Donkeys. The busy atmosphere of the Beehive presents the same idea. But the inclusion of a lunar quality with the others also emphasizes the moody and unpredictable quality which we already saw from the siting of the Aselli in the Constellation of Cancer. People with the three of these stars strong in their horoscopes, favorably aspected, do show a capacity for cooperation with others, the secret of much of their success in life, symbolized by both the regime of a Beehive and by a Stable that is one home for two Donkeys. [5]

Fixed star Praesepe rules below the right eye. [6]

Constellation Cancer

Ptolemy’s observations are as follows: “The two stars in the eyes of Cancer are of the same influence as Mercury, and are also moderately like Mars. Those in the claws are like Saturn and Mercury.” By the Kabalists Cancer is associated with the Hebrew letter Tzaddi and the 18th Tarot Trump “The Moon.” [1]

Cancer (Cnc), or the constellation of the Crab, presages thunderstorms, famine, and locusts. The stars in the eyes (according to Ptolemy) have a nature similar to that of Mercury and Mars; those in the claws to that of Saturn and Mercury; the nebula to that of Mars and the Moon; and the Asses to that of Mars and the Sun. [3]

Praesepe Star, M44 Beehive Cluster

Praesepe Star, M44 Beehive Cluster []

Fixed Star Praesepe Conjunctions

Ascendant conjunct Praesepe: Blindness especially of the left eye, ophthalmia, injuries to the face, sickness, violent fevers, wounds in the face and arms, stabs, violent lust, imprisonment, exile. If at the same time the Sun opposes Mars or the Ascendant, violent death. [1]

Not good for the head or eyes. [4]

Pablo Picasso 0°03′, Karl Jaspers 0°16′, Edwina Currie 0°19′ (and Saturn), George W. Bush 0°31′

Midheaven conjunct Praesepe: Disgrace, ruin and violent death. [1]

David Berkowitz 0°03′ (and S.Node), Oliver Stone 0°27′, Robin Williams 0°30′

Descendant conjunct Praesepe: Zendaya 0°07′, Bruce McLaren 0°47′

Part of Fortune conjunct Praesepe: Helen Keller 0°04′, Caitlyn Jenner 0°58′

Sun conjunct Praesepe: Evil disposition, murderer or murdered, blows, stabs, serious accidents, shooting, shipwreck, execution, banishment, imprisonment, sharp diseases, fevers, hemorrhage, lawsuits, danger of death from fire, iron or stones, injuries to the face, wounds, bad eyes, and if in an angle blindness. [1]

The native may display much vitality, put all their energy behind any and all talents they possess, and no matter what they seek, once their minds are made up, they never give up seeking and striving to reach their self-set goals. Natives with this conjunction have an inborn drive that constantly pushes them forward. Negative Sun conjunctions may produce wantonness, insolence, and defiance. These natives may be very difficult to deal with and difficult to understand. Natives with adversely aspected Mercury, in particular if Mercury is adversely aspected to both the Moon and Neptune, tend to have a ‘cloud’ over their minds. In general, regardless of the Praesaepes native’s successes, lurking in their mental’ background are doubts and fears that could be triggered by one minor occurrence, and the result could be tragic. Praesaepe natives may be quite fortunate, but subject to losses because of actions of others, be they friends or acquaintances and this could be accidental or on purpose. Praesaepe natives require good early training, else natives, in particular those with adverse Sun aspects, will be subject to self-destruction. Tragedies of some sort are possible, these can be to the native, or affecting the native and altering the course of their lifestyle. Natives with this conjunction can develop the ability to attract friends, become very popular and if in public view gain high public preferment. These natives have an inner pride, and if tragedy strikes, or chronic, difficult-to-diagnose or possibly serious late in life, such natives could become reclusive. [2]

Benito Mussolini 0°18′ (and Mercury), Arnold Schwarzenegger 0°30′

Moon conjunct Praesepe: Wounds, stabs, imprisonment, injuries to the face, sickness, blindness or eye injuries especially if Saturn or Mars be with Regulus. [1]

Natives with a positive Moon will tend to be dynamic and individualistic with plenty of ‘spirit’; generally quite liberal with strong opinions. They tend to take to cooperative activities quite naturally and may be very outspoken. Leaders they are, even heroic leaders that may be classified with the best. The more negative nativities have the same spirit of independence but generally misdirect their energies. They tend to be quite outspoken to where they may be misunderstood. Serious problems could be encountered; these natives could be falsely accused and subjected to embarrassment, even judicial sentences. In general, such natives suffer some sort of an eclipse, deserved or not. This conjunction may be good for material success, even public honors and assistance from friends. [2]

If the Moon is poorly placed, an increased susceptibility to infectious diseases is present. One can observe a craving for and abuse of stimulants, luxury food, and narcotic drugs, e.g., heavy smoking. With a really afflicted Moon, a great danger to eyesight is indicated. If other stellar bodies are linked here, the result can be quite critical. According to Vehlow, the Chinese gave this group of stars the name “the spirit of the ancestors” and were of the opinion that mainly if persons had a conjunction with the Moon, they would have peculiar experiences with the realms of the dead. The same can be said for spiritual seances. The Neptunian influence is shown thereby. [4]

Moon and Mars conjunct Praesepe (must be exact by degree): It creates extreme emotional upheavals over the ego. These individuals are extremely sensitive to self and are self-centered and selfish. They constantly imagine that others are saying terrible things about them, and they respond in an angry manner. They are so overwhelmed with their own ego that they put up every emotional shield imaginable to protect it. Men with this degree surround themselves with women who are submissive and offer no challenge to their ego. These persons do not usually desire children or a large family, and will always surround themselves with others who do not offer them any competition. [6]

Mercury conjunct Praesepe: Positive nativities may tend to be heroic, courageous, of a forceful nature and the more negative natives will have the same characteristics, but also subject to wantonness and in any case these natives may become quite outspoken and never at a loss for words. Poor decisions could create eventual losses, more so with this conjunction than otherwise. [2]

Roman Polanski 0°01′, Benito Mussolini 0°10′ (and Sun), Frida Kahlo 0°17′

Venus conjunct Praesepe: The native is prideful, tends to become opinionated, and the more negative nativities tend to have a false sense of intelligence, may be subject to disgrace or disgraceful actions, this could entail violence, in particular if Mercury is adversely aspected to Neptune and the Moon. Emotions could overcome the native’s better judgment, and rash actions would ensue. [2]

Mars conjunct Praesepe: These natives tend to be courageous, noble and authoritive. Negative nativities could be given to emotional outbursts, subject themselves to ruin or ruinous actions and violence. [2]

Heinrich Himmler 0°23′, Joe Exotic 0°46′

Saturn conjunct Praesepe: Salman Rushdie 0°02′, Xul Solar 0°06′, Andre Chouraqui 0°07′, A. E. Housman 0°08′, Liu Cunren 0°12′, David Bowie 0°15′, William Bonin 0°16′, Andrea Dworkin 0°19′, Susan Sarandon 0°20′, Chiang Kai-shek 0°28′, Stephen Arroyo 0°31′, Stuart Wilde 0°33′, Johann Heinrich Jung 0°48′, C. D. Broad 0°51′, Edwina Currie 1°00′ (and AC).

Neptune conjunct Praesepe: Sidney Gottlieb 0°48′.

Pluto conjunct Praesepe: Sirhan Sirhan 0°02′, Mick Jagger 0°09′, Rudy Giuliani 0°11′, Jimi Hendrix 0°38′, Joe Biden 0°41′, Martin Scorsese 0°42′, Bonnie Parker 0°51′.

South Node conjunct Praesepe: Amelia Earhart 0°22′, Joseph Stalin 0°26′, David Berkowitz 0°36′ (and MC).


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  • All fixed star positions are for the year 2000. Add one degree per 72 years to correct for precession.

21 thoughts on “Praesepe Star – The Manger

  1. My sisters got this star conjunct her sun. Although her sun is 6.02 (includes the rate of precession), which would be 0.18 out of orb, I still think this star definitely describes, especially with the insolence.

    • You know ” Evil disposition” was code in Robson’s era for homosexual. Not sure about this star but in some other stars especially in Taurus Constellation it does increase the odds for men to be gay but not so for women.

      • Only just seen this message. Oh okay; yeah I wouldn’t say that my sister has an evil disposition, but I understand that it has to be decoded from the old language. I have been interested to know if a mans sexuality shows up in his chart. Strangely, I felt that my ex was bisexual. It was just a psychic feeling that I had for a long time. I’m going to look up his stars. My sister is straight, so yes – you’re right about women there. Another ex boyfriend of mine is Sun sign Taurus and funny enough – I actually had my suspicions about him being bisexual. You just sense it – you just know! My friends gay son’s natal moon is Taurus. I’ll have to look up what star it is. Interesting.

          • Omg – the ex I was suspicious about being gay has his Sun conjunct that star! The ascendant describes him! He did strange things that made me thing he could be gay. He’s didn’t have a very high sex drive either, which wasn’t good for me, as I was 21 and wanted it all the time! He was 38 – no surprise with my Venus Square Saturn (the older boyfriend).

  2. i have my venus at 7`19 in leo, almost exactly conjucts this star, what does this mean for me ?

  3. Hi Jamie…..My natal mc is 6 degrees leo along with my natal Uranus at 6 degrees leo! Along with my scorpio rising i have always felt i would die a violent death. any thoughts on this jamie….Dec,29 1956 227 am miami florida….Thanks, Cynthia

    • I would agree with your intuition, very strong with Uranus on MC. Sun quincunx Uranus might also indicate quick death from accident. Not so sure about violent but possible. More so sudden, quick, unexpected. Possibly strange or mysterious with Neptune rising.

  4. Hi Jamie, thanks for your thoughts! Neptune rising….I almost drowned as a child once. In a few days saturn will be going direct by degree on my natal saturn.. Any thoughts on this for me? Hope your tooth is better and i know so many people that are having dental problems now! Thank you for your comments Cynthia

    • I get your final Saturn return (direct) to be August 21 so at least is is over soon. Very difficult this one because of Saturn square Neptune. Draw on positive thinking from Jupiter trine Mercury transit exact August 27 then Jupiter return September 19. It would appear that things swing around very quickly.

  5. Wow I have my MC right on this cluster, mars in 2 degree conjunction with the Asselus Australis , and the sun right between Praesepe and Procyon, that is way more nicer, like the other pole of Praesepe I guess both create some kind of balance for my sun, anyway this info is useful to make me be way more careful with my eyes ( I have Keratoconus and some Floaters) and heart, wish there was a more updated info on the Midheaven conjunction since the only one available is too pessimistic.

    • Hey johan i have also kretoconus nd floaters …..which treatment u take….nd plzzz suggest me if u knw any solution

  6. most interesting as I just drew up a star for an acquaintance who has been a troubling interloper. His birth is July 28 and it will be his birthday during the blood moon lunar eclipse. His Sun conjunct praesepe is conjunct Mercury in opposition to Aquarian Moon conjunct Neptune. There’s more uncomfortable stars such as Uranus conjunct Castra. Needless to say I advised my child to stay clear of this person who grates on her nerves at work but with the eclipses I will be keeping a eye out to any disturbances that might cause worry. His chart I have found to be ominous with troubling opposition to Moon Neptune and Mars conjunct Antares in opposition to Jupiter conjunct Hamal. Its always good to be forewarned even if we can’t always predict every future. Yet most difficult is the timing.

  7. I’m just doing a chart of a young boy (16) for his mother, and he has Praesepe occulted by Saturn (Rx) which is also his his ruling planet (Capricorn Rising). I usually go through a new chart and make notes, but not sure what to put in. Anyone have any experience with Praesepe with a retrograde Saturn. I’ve been following this site for years, but I think this is my first post…

    • Hi Chandler. I added some famous people with Saturn. You could also check the interpretation for Asellus Borealis.

      • With Praesepe/Asellus Borealis on natal Ascendant, Saturn transit worked in conjunction, like an activation, pituitary and pineal. Age 14 and 44.

      • Thanks Jamie, interesting! I’ll reply after when I have some more background! I started looking at a chart for a mother with a “problem child” and afterward the referrals snowballed as she shared how helpful the analysis was! I’m still in awe of how accurate astrology can be.

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