Jupiter Trine Neptune 2 December 2017

Jupiter Trine Neptune TransitJupiter trine Neptune is a major planetary aspect occurring in late 2017 and 2018. There are three exact trine aspects between December 2017 and August 2018 which I will show at the end of this article. Before that, I will talk about the natal aspect and transiting Jupiter trine Neptune.

Natal Jupiter Trine Neptune

Jupiter trine Neptune in the natal chart makes you an optimistic, generous and spiritual person. You are on a spiritual journey this life to understand and be at one with god. Religion and prayer may interest you but personal spiritual enlightenment is more your scene. Along the way you will have destined encounters with religious preachers, teacher and all kinds or gurus.

From your spiritual quest comes interest in ritual and customs, not only religious but also cultural. You are an idealist with a strong faith in humanity. Social justice, morals and human rights would all be of interest to you. You should have talent for research and teaching in the humanities and social sciences, even mythology and astrology.

You can be idealistic and still be materially successful. You do not have to sacrifice personal desires to reach the top. However, your charitable nature will always see you helping others in some way.

Your enthusiasm and dashing appeal can lead to popularity and even fame. You are a romantic with magnetic attractiveness that gives you a glamorous aura. You can have a spellbinding social presence and leadership potential. This would especially apply to humane societies, religious or spiritual groups and loosely aligned activists fighting for social justice.

You are blessed with ample and varied creative talents and feel at home on the stage and screen. Singing, dance, acting and stringed instruments. Yoga, dreaming, meditation and health spas.

Jupiter Trine Neptune Transit

Transiting Jupiter trine Neptune encourages hope, generosity and community spirit. You may undertake a spiritual quest to seek the truth. There may be destined encounters with priests, guru’s or psychics. Others may come to your for spiritual guidance or you can go it alone. Enlightenment can come through dreams, visions or meditation.

You will find it harder to ignore the poor, sick and needy at this time. As your personal value system or morals reach a higher standard, you will find that selflessly helping others brings great satisfaction. You charitable nature may extend to environmental causes or animal welfare.

Social justice becomes important with more interest in human rights and the plight of refugees and other innocent victims or war and greed. Your enthusiasm may see others congregate around you for a common cause.

Some people feel a strong creative urge and find an outlet for their enthusiasm through music, art, dance or drama. You can follow your dreams for success without needing to sacrifice your ego or material possessions. Wealth, fame and glamour may come but above you should feel happy and content. Romance is also possible as others find you mysteriously attractive.

Jupiter Trine Neptune Celebrities

E. H. Southern 0°02′, Ian Shaw 0°05′, Elpidio Quirino 0°12′, Robert P. Blaschke 0°13′, Martin Luther King 0°17′, Peter Gabriel 0°24′, Julio Bocca 0°26′, Johann Wolfgang Goethe 0°38′, David Beckham 0°39′, Cybill Shepherd 0°58′, Ally Sheedy 1°00′, Kurt Cobain 1°20′, Paula Abdul 1°26′, Ritchie Valens 1°50′, Dustin Hoffman 1°57′.

Jupiter Trine Neptune 2017 2018

Jupiter Trine Neptune 2017

Jupiter Trine Neptune 2017

Jupiter Trine Neptune Dates

02 December 2017
25 May 2018
19 August 2018

20 July 2026

10 December 2030

10 November 2038
28 January 2039
26 July 2039

5 thoughts on “Jupiter Trine Neptune 2 December 2017

  1. The two rulers of pisces.
    I am pisces 28 degree.
    So this trine will be interesting for me, cause neptune will make for second time sextile with my venus. But jupiter will make opposition with my venus in 13 degree taurus. What to expect of this period dear Jamie?

  2. Very nice article ,so if i have a sun in Cancer 11 ,degrees, making a trine to my 9th house will that be a spiritual journey ?

  3. Jupiter transit my asc at 11″14 Scorpio trine Pisces, I wonder what will happen this day, any answers?

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