Pluto Conjunct Ascendant Natal and Transit

Pluto Conjunct Ascendant Transit

Pluto conjunct Ascendant maximum orb 7°00′.

Pluto conjunct Ascendant natal makes you an intense and complex person. Power and control issues are a constant theme in your close relationships and can cause problems if you get too bossy. Even if you are not overbearing, you could be dominated and not handle that. Extreme is another keyword for this aspect. Learning moderation in all areas of life is one of your soul’s essential missions.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder can control your life if you cannot relax and learn to let things ride. Obsessions with being in control or making everything perfect are more negative side effects of this challenging aspect. The more intense your compulsions become, the more trouble you will have in your relationships. Rejection or depression would be felt intensely, and you could easily slip into destructive behavior and habits. Crime, addiction, prostitution, and violence are manifestations of the dark side of Pluto. Threats, intimidation, near-death experiences, and suicide attempts can result from total loss of control.

Too much control and friends will desert you. Not enough, and you’re engulfed by dark forces. The answer is accepting and moderating your intense powers. You have a significant influence on other people and events in your life. Coercion and manipulation are easy ways to get what you want, but you must avoid this temptation. Let your loved ones live their own lives and control their destiny. One particular grandmother may significantly influence your early life, which would cause complications with the other side of the family.

The best influence you can have on your loved ones is to succeed in life. No matter how bad things get or how hopeless you feel, your powers of regeneration and transformation are formidable. When you become too intense or lose control, some drama will bring things to a head. The self-analysis and change that follows will result in an evolutionary leap. You will transcend your obsession or destructive behavior, and soul growth will occur. When this aspect is working optimally, there is no limit to your progress and achievements.

Pluto Conjunct Ascendant Celebrities

Agnetha Fältskog 0°00′, Nevin Markwart 0°07′, Gavin Newsom 0°09′, Freddie Prinze Jr. 0°11′, Nero 0°17′, Stephen Fry 0°20′, Steven Seagal 0°31′, Jaclyn Taylor 0°32′, Nigel Farage 0°43′, Tim Robbins 0°48′, Justin Bieber 0°57′, Sarah Jane Morris 0°59′, James Madison 1°02′, Peter Gabriel 1°02′, Jim Jarmusch 1°32′, Clay Marzo 1°37′, Ed Gein 1°49′, Eric Stanton 1°49′, Judy Garland 1°51′, William Cowper 1°51′, Otto Dietrich 1°51′.

Pluto Conjunct Ascendant Transit

Pluto conjunct Ascendant transit represents a couple of years of intense soul-searching. Like other transits to the Ascendant, your close relationships are affected, but the main focus is on you. Other aspects to your Ascendant plus and fixed star conjunctions make the results of this transit quite variable.

As you transform, so may your relationships. As your soul evolves, you may leave some people behind. A personal crisis may occur that forces you to face your demons. Any area of life that is out of control will be the focus of any drama.

You may gain power and control and take a leadership role depending on previous actions and behavior. If you have abused your position in the past, you may have any authority stripped from you.

Pluto Conjunct Ascendant Transit Celebrities

Richard Nixon had Pluto conjunct Ascendant transit between 1965-67. For him, these were years of introspection. He had lost the 1960 presidential election to JFK, and after campaigning for colleagues in 1966, he took off for an extended holiday to South America and the Middle East in 1967. “Toward the end of 1967, Nixon was experiencing a crisis of indecision about whether to run for president the following year. He consulted with a long-time friend, the Reverend Billy Graham, who urged him to run. He later held a dinner with friends at home, and all except his wife supported a presidential bid”. He went on to win the 1968 presidential election.

Margaret Thatcher had Pluto conjunct Ascendant transit from 1989-90. The Iron Lady had already ruled Britain as prime minister for a decade, and her combative personality and ruthless disregard for the opinions of her colleagues were wearing thin inside her party and with the electorate. In November 1990, her deputy resigned, and the next day she faced a challenge from Michael Heseltine. Thatcher narrowly won the first ballot and stated she “intended to “fight on and fight to win” the second ballot, but consultation with her Cabinet persuaded her to withdraw. After seeing the Queen, calling other world leaders, and making one last Commons speech, she left Downing Street in tears. She regarded her ousting as a betrayal.”

Nicholas Cage (2006) decided it was time to get out of movies and try something different, stating, “I feel I’ve made a lot of movies already, and I want to start exploring other opportunities that I can apply myself to, whether it’s writing or other interests that I may develop.” He was back on the big screen in 2008.

Jamie Lee Curtis also had Pluto conjunct Ascendant transit in 2006 and told Access Hollywood that she had “closed the book on her acting career to focus on her family.” She returned to the big screen the following year.

Prince William experienced this transit in 2007 when it was announced he had split with his girlfriend, Kate Middleton. Yet, after that announcement, he was seen with her in public several times in 2007, including on a holiday to Seychelles.

84 thoughts on “Pluto Conjunct Ascendant Natal and Transit

  1. Jamie,

    thank you for the article!

    my daughter’s going through this transit right now….and it is only 2 degrees away from a pluto trine natal sun as well. I’m hoping it’s a pleasant experience for her but in light of our financial situation, all I can do for her is to give her all the love and support. she’s only 12 going on 13 in april, and she’ll have her saturn opposition soon as well!

  2. Hi Ed, my eldest was born with Pluto just in the 1st house. Then it went retrograde into the 12th house then forward over the Ascendant again. I was really worried back then and it was an intense time. For children, natal Pluto on the AC can mean a close relationship with one of the grandmothers, which may cause problems with the other side of the family. Will be interesting to see if you see this with your daughters transit.

    My Saturn is 24 Aries so later this year should be interesting for me, I also have Mercury and Venus at 24 Libra!

    • Jamie,

      my daughter’s natal pluto is right on the 12th house cusp (in Equal house system, 11th house in Placidus) in Sagittarius.

      one good thing I see (at least I think it will be good since it was a great transit for me) is that her Part of fortune is in the first house and Pluto will conjunct it in 2021. when Pluto conjuncted my part of fortune when I was a teenager, we moved from Asia to America and our standard of living increased, our futures went from very dim to bright! hopefully, it will have the same effect for her.

      right now though, my daughter is going through a lot of worries. due to our financial situation, I had to cut back a lot of expenditures and it is worrying her a lot including the possibility of losing our house….she has told me all about her worries and it is affecting her studies. as I’ve said, all I can do is give her the love and support while not being able to promise that everything will be alright.

      as far as the grandmother possibility, one of her grandmother (my wife’s mother) will be emigrating from Asia to america. we just don’t know if she wants to move in with us, or if she’ll move in with her sister in the east coast of US. something to keep an eye on…she has never seen the kids and I’m sure it’ll be a good event when she does finally meet the kids.

      • I think I should add an event that my daughter experienced in school. a boy in school directed a racial slur at her – called her a “rice-eater” (in a derogatory way) and when she wrote up a complaint (a requirement of the school in reporting bullying incidents) the boy tried to reverse the situation by saying that she called him the “n” word….well, there were witnesses that my daughter did nothing of the sort and that he’s the one who used the racial slur.

        I’ve read somewhere that Pluto transiting ascendant brings bullies into ones life and that one is going to be forced to either stand up for themselves or be rolled over by bullies.

        it’s happening to both my kids this school year.

        • Pluto on the AC could definitely be associated with bullying. I expect that this would toughen her up, make her stronger so that it doesn’t affect her so much in the future. Pluto should make her stand up for her rights more and not accept abuse.

          • “Pluto should make her stand up for her rights more and not accept abuse.”

            that is good to hear. to see my kids find their own strengths due to their pluto transit would be a good transit in my book. bullying will always be there, at any place or school – there will always be bullies…I believe it’s how kids react to them is the key.

            that goes the same for racial prejudices. I have traveled half the world and I can definitely say that racial prejudices exist in any country, any race, and any culture. I have been subjected to many instances of it, not just here in the US but in many of the countries I’ve been to (this is while Pluto was transiting my 9th house, and neptune is in my 9th house, conjunct my part of fortune by 5 degrees, sextile my stellium of pluto, jupiter, and uranus).

            that was a time where I saw that racism does not come from any “superiority complex” within an individual, but it comes from fear and ignorance of an individual…those who are racist are simply afraid that a person of another race might be better than they are, which they aren’t (which is the ignorance part of the equation). racism is more of an inferiority complex than the other way around. since I’ve been reading about astrology, I now view this as the result of Pluto transforming my beliefs (9th house) after a series of ugly experiences (racism). I just don’t want my kids to be “beaten” by it…hoping that, as you’ve stated, they will find the strength to overcome all of it.

  3. Pluto transited my ascendant actually at the first height of my musical career 1987-1989. I have a Neptune, ASC, Venus, Mercury stellium from 11 d/g’s to 15 d/g’s SCO, and Pluto sextiled itself (10 d/g’s VIR natal) at this time. Circumstances changed rapidly after late 1989-1991 as Pluto reached my natal Mercury. I was “forced” to pursue my main ambition which actually led to my first long-term romance when Pluto conjuncted my Sun in 1994.

    • Excellent feedback, just read the description of your style. Marina is going to looove that!

    • don’t know if this is a coincidence but both my kids are in the school marching band and both have neptune in the first house…with pluto about to enter their first house maybe being interested in music is the effect for both of them.

      what’s also amazing is that since I can not afford to rent their instruments from a music store that the school uses, the band teacher made a deal with me to rent instruments directly from the school at a VERY affordable price in order to allow my kids to continue participating in the school band which they are excelling in!

      just one of the good occurrences the kids are experiencing in troubling times.

  4. Neptune is also charity and empathy. Good to hear! My kids all love music too, our school does have affordable instrument hire, I think it’s only $30 a term. But they do encourage parents who can afford it to buy their kids an instrument so there is more to go around.

    • “Neptune is also charity and empathy. ”

      learning something new every day. thanks Jamie!

      the school my kids go to only have spare instruments to be used just in case they have a performance and a band members instrument breaks or for whatever reason can’t be used. my kids’ band teacher was kind enough to take a risk and allow me to rent the spares for $25 for the whole year. if I have to rent from the music store, it would be $30 per month for each instrument which I simply can’t afford right now….that would literally take food off of our table!

  5. Interesting comments. My asc is 6 degree cap exactly trining my natal pluto in the 8th.
    WOW!!!! Bullying. I went through an experience that rocked my world. My boss, a Christian fundamentalist tried to convert me with no success then tried to fire me with all his might. He was in a tenured system for many years and bullied his bosses. He watched every move I made and documented every breathing living second of my time at work. He was a nut. Eventually through inner strength that I had to build and find, I started to fight back. He was demoted after two years of this battle. However, it was a living hell experience, even for his superiors.
    Things I learned – 99.9% of people are cowards. Everyone quivered near him but knew what he was doing was wrong. Cowards are not friends. My boss manipulated people through fear and had the power to fire and always hung that over there heads. He always had to target someone.

    Now that he’s gone and I went through the first hit of the transit, I realize to only depend on myself for strength. I have learned to meditate and seek answers from within. Thank you pluto!

    • Definitely WOW!!! Excellent story Jackie, sounds like you really are finding your power. Glad the nutso felt the ruthless side of your power.

  6. Yes, good for you ,Jackie ,and you will be tested .know they self !

    i not only born with it on Asc but have lived on the pluto Asc astrocaragraphy line. The placement does seem to stir up confrontations . Seems that i’ve tried various transformational methods …. techniques or even drugs, sacred chants etc. I was the joker and trouble maker at a catholic poracial school and some nun’s kicked my butt , emotional abuse ,sometimes it felt like piscean age enslavement .Later , i grew my hair long and became the radical who challenged alot. Now im wiser yet well informed but am tired of arguing etc.

    i’ve been learning not to stir up hornets nest , so much , or looking at ways how to rephrase it in a more balanced way.

    • Very interesting post Tom, I have pluto pretty close to my ascendent natally and your sharing of your experiences, have been pretty similar to my life time experiences, kinda cool to see it’s not just me lol transformation has been a huge key word in my life, and confrontation as well. lol

  7. greetings to all. this is very helpful and informative. pluto is about to conjunct my ascendant for the last time. it’s going to be a doozy, within a degree for all of july, august, september (stationary/direct on a 5 degree capricorn asc.), october and november. wow. am looking forward to the experience.

    • I love the Zombie graphic! I will be looking forward to hearing more experiences as I have ASC at 9 Cap so 2012 is my year of zombies!

      I’ve just watched my Mum (1 Cap) and best friend (3 Cap) go through this and my observation is a lot of seemingly unwarranted fears (financial and emotional) that force some major delving on sub conscious level, plus in the case of my friend an outward physical transformation created through her newly found devotion to yoga in the last 2 years… my mum also let her hair go white after dying it black for her whole life – a dramatic change!

  8. I have 9 degrees Capricorn rising square 9th Libra Pluto. Saturn has been conjunct natal Pluto square my Asc. WHile Pluto made it to 7 degrees Capricorn before going Rx, I am positive I have strongly felt it’s presence heavily in my existence…And it’s NO joke. I have become very aware of mere functions like my breath and posture like never before! The tension has been unreal. It’s strong energy makes ‘exploding’ from the pressures really easy. Much of these tensions come from my relationships with the patient’s I manage home hospice care for. It’s been unreal. I keep getting the hostile and very angry family members or patients who are steaming pissed at ‘God’, nothing makes many happy, and frankly I have learned not to try or exhust my energies(Pisces Sun/Mercury, Neptune 12th, Chiron IC/SN, Aquarius Moon 1st) or sacrifice my self. God forbid one tell the ‘truth’ yet that is liberation. There’s just been so much grief around me…SO much perceived suffering. The fear is not ‘just’yet I keep attracting this? I highly doubt I will be in this line of ‘service’ once Saturn reaches my late Libra MC opposite Aries Venus-Chiron. Something more meaniful is around the corner…Pluto get out of the 12th already!

    I’m tired of all the racism too! I’m “white” but have “black” children who have been rejected by family and while I love unconditionally, I’m getting real tired of people I am around (family, patients, etc)expressing all the hatred within. Telling me how the “niggers and wetbacks” have ruined America when I am trying to get your high ass blood pressure is so mean! Of course, you can’t understand how “God” has allowed you to suffer. No one deserves any of this, but painfully I have come to learn I can’t change folks, nor can I forgive or love if they don’t from within. I can merely just be there, yet harder said than done in reality, with Capricorn Asc 7th Saturn. Well, that’s my 9th natal Pluto, now transit Asc story, so far that is. It is a hard but worth it time in space.

  9. Thanks for this artical

    I’m waiting to see what happen when Pluto conjuncts Asc.
    My Asc. is in 8′ 35″ Capricorn that pluto will move on it asap. My chart, the pluto is placed on 9th house in libra 9’38” that may square each other aswell I dont know what will effect my life hopefully positive moment because the 9th house 5 stars on it – Pluto,Mercury in Libra :Mars , moon , the sun in Virgo

    I am beginner of astrology so I wanna read from you :-))

    Right now i really have hard time i used to have oppotunity to go around ,money to live, new apt.
    But it seems like i am falling from heaven until now and i feel so depressed with no job, no income , hopeless.. I just hope when Pluto move to Asc. Completely something may change

  10. Pluto is conjunct my asc 9’19” right now. It will be conjuncting my north node eventually at 22’14”. Pluto is also sextiling my saturn in scorpio8’49” and making a trine to transiting jupiter. Natally my pluto is 23’6″, neptune 25’30” in libra and sun 23’14” in pisces.

    I have tried everything that I could to find a full time job for 3 years since the econonmic downfall. I’ve wasted my money ($5000) and time (6months)on school for medical coding, a scam as no one will hire you without 1 year of experience even as a volunteer.
    So now I am back in school getting my prerequisites to pursue a masters in occupational therapy(OT). I am hoping so much that I will be accepted in this fall term as it is a 2 1/2 year program full time. But once I get my license, I will always have work and security for my older years coming up (I will be 58 3/14). What brought me to this path was my passion for horticultural therapy(HT). At this HT conference a woman well known in the field told me that the way to go was in OT as it will be another 10 years at least before HT will become a licensed practice and that I can use HT as an OT. So that is my goal now as well as finding a more rewarding way of sustaining myself thru a career that I can incorporate art and gardening, both of which I love as I am an artist and a master gardener. i have been a scenic artist for almost 20 years, however, since the economic downfall, there has been very little work and not much work for me as a gardener in the field either because my experience doesn’t matter to these people in this area. ( I grew up here but lived in Baltimore for almost 20 years where I was established without a Bachelors degree, whereas in the Chicago area without a Bachelors, even though I have over 15 years of experience, they won’t even look at me.)

    So my concern is Pluto on my asc and what it may entail for me in the coming future in regard to this path I have chosen. what do you think?

  11. Very interesting comment here. I’am having Pluto Trine Ascendant right now.(not exact yet) So far I notice that people just respect me more…

    When will u write about Pluto Trine Ascendant Jamie? 🙂
    It’s a great site,respect.

    • yes i will get to all the transits, just taking a little longer than I expected. Thanks for the compliment!

  12. This Pluto/AC transit is very curious to me. I have to admit, I’m not looking forward to this as I have a few things going on all at once.

    Pluto is 1 degree from conjuncting the AC. Saturn is one degree from conjuncting the MC. Natal Pluto opposes natal Mars in which both square the AC

    Can anyone fit the pieces together?

    • Saturn sextile Pluto will make this so much more beneficial for you. It’s in one degree orb from January to March 2013, (10-11 degrees Sco-Cap), then September 2013 (8-9 Sco-Cap) I will write up this transit before it happens. I think we can make some very substantial long-term achievements from it. I’m having tr Pluto trine natal Moon, with tr Saturn sextile natal Moon. So thinking about moving to a nicer, bigger home for the family is one manifestation I’m dreaming up.

  13. Thank you for your response, Jaimie. I’m hoping for a sextile between saturn and pluto, if this will be beneficial in any way. All I am seeing is a couple squares and an opposition involving the MC and AC, ALL AT ONCE! These powerful plants: pluto, mars and saturn, I feel they are not going to throw me a happy party, if you know what I mean.

    This saturn sextile, will happen January-March 2013? I really should have you do a birth chart interpretation. Do you do those, or your wife? I’d love feedback this transit and on my 2 fire kites in a grand air trine.

    Nice planning ahead for a bigger and nicer home for your family. Power to manifestation and of course, your wonderful work!
    Thank you!

  14. I have to set my ground. I´ve worked a lot now. I don´t know what to do neither feel sure within. The only thing I can do now is to deep breathing my inner crustacean -ASC- in order to go out of my crust. It has always been so! I have simple and raw fear for others, I don´t really like the way they act. I hope I find my strength I do have many responsabilities.

    Thankyou Jamie!

    There are times when I read, and others when what is read incarnate on myself! Significant learning, I guess!

    Marina? Still up there?

  15. Hi Jamie, Not used to you and Marina on two different sites! But Googled Pluto conj. Sun and ended up here! Glad I did! So I have a progressed Sun in Capricorn and Pluto is at 11 degrees in my progressed 12th. It will conj my progressed Sun at 19 degrees. Not sure how long this transit will take or what it will mean for me. Natally though, I have Pluto on my MC. Could it mean blows to my ego in the work place? I have been experiencing this off and on now for weeks. Should I get out now?

    Congratulations too Jaime on your new website!! Will visit more often!

  16. Pluto is in exact opposition to my ascendant NOW and crossing over from the 6th to the 7th house while it’s at it. Almost died last few years but now I’m out of the woods and wondering wft now? 😉 Any chance for comment on that aspect? Especially since it’s right there with this Uranus square crunch?? Heeeelp? 😉

  17. I was guided to your site by friends of mine who suggested it to me. And I’m so glad they did! Your scopes are nothing short of prophetic as I read through what happened to us Leo rising persons last year. THank you so much!

    I do have one question for you regarding Pluto opposite Moon transits. Could you shed any light on what one can expect from this transit? Specifically natal Moon in Cancer, pluto in Capricorn. Also, there is a day when natal Pluto in Libra opposes transit moon at the same time as the other.

    Thank you.

  18. Jamie,

    I’m sure you don’t need help coming up with article ideas, but if I may make a request, I would love to read your take on Pluto square ascendant or Pluto conjunct nadir. It seems like most astrologers focus only on the ascendant and the midheaven, but transits to the bottom of your chart seem to be the most devastating.

    I have Pluto transiting my nadir now and Saturn will be there in about 3 or 4 years. I’m wondering if Pluto is demolishing everything and Saturn will come along to test what I have rebuilt or if Saturn will just destroy everything again and anything I do the next 3 or 4 years is basically pointless. I guess my strategy is to rebuild what I can and Saturn will take away whatever is not working at that point. Just so tired of hard times with no hope or end in sight.

    My natal Saturn is conjunct Pluto in Decan 3 Libra (1H) and they will conjunct in Capricorn (my 4H) to square that natal conjunction in a few years. I hope that will be the end of the hard times for me for a while, but it’s disheartening to think I’m only about halfway through 10 straight years of hard Pluto and Saturn transits! Of course they have to take turns hitting my Sun and Moon and Venus and Mercury and Mars, too. (Assholes!) Depression this bad lasting for so many years is just so awful. The curse of a balanced/spread out chart is you’ve always got a hard transit somewhere.

    • Sure Anthony, will be doing all of them. Concentrating first on transits to Moon then AC, Mercury etc.

  19. Hi Jamie – my asc is at 18 capricorn. I have had one hell of a ride while pluto has been endlessly trailing through my12th house. I can give everyone some examples of this transit here: Early on, while pluto was opposite my 6th house sun, my now-husband was embroiled in endless hostilities and legal battles with his ex over child custody and alimony. Immediately thereafter I had an almost complete health break-down which I am still recovering from, and which totally changed the way I feed my body, not to mention increased my awareness of the way environmental toxins have badly impacted my physical body too. The last years I have also been under constant seige by some higher-up colleagues determined to undermine me. Despite how well I work, I’m either loved or hated by authority figures – nothing in between! The ‘hidden enemies’ are now out in full force especially these days with my profile otherwise rising. I alone am vocal in standing up to them – being I suppose the only person really standing in the way of them negatively using and exploiting our association for their own purposes, not the common good. I have tried resigning just to end the crap and stress, but even that has, for various reasons, not worked out! I am still there for a short while yet… Now my parents have started to fall ill – my father with cancer, my mother with her heart. When it is exactly conjunct my asc early next year, pluto will start opposing my 7th house Mercury and square my 10th house mars. HELP! There seems to be no relief in sight nor end to the destruction! I have in this current period also pluto trine both my natal 9th house pluto and uranus and my 3rd house moon – can’t see much in the way of benefits from those pending transits at the moment – what do you think?! Will this ever end?!

    • My AC is the same as yours Maria so we can compare notes as we go. I don’t believe you can put down your experiences to Pluto being in the 12th house. This is way too general and there must be specific transits or eclipse cycles to pin things on.

      • Hi again Jamie – here to compare notes as we discussed above. I’ve quit a job I have had for 21 years and for the first time in my adult life I am at home and not working (turning 50 this year) and I am learning (slowly) to do less and rest more. Health is still up and down but with more ups. Pluto (currently in trine with Pluto) is natally in my 9th house but don’t really see much of that reflected in the current transit – international travel has been in ferocious amounts the last 20 years but it looks like I’ll still get a fair amount in (only its holiday not business orientated now). When Pluto hits 21 degrees it will exactly square my 10th house Mars, exactly oppose my 7th house Mercury, exactly trine my 9th house Uranus and exactly sextile my 11th house Neptune… Not sure what to make about that!

        • Greetings Jamie and Maria, I too have Cap 18. It is a strong Degree one of the Sabian Symbols for this degree is: “Battered by a raging sea, a piece of rock emerges from the tempest. On it’s platform a half-naked man is standing, with two feet on each leg, and as if rooted in the rock.” Wow what a powerful symbol for an ascendant. Also “the tempest” is rather apropos for this transit. The second symbol is “A five year old girl proudly does her mother’s shopping.” From The Zodiac Image Handbook by Helene and Willem Koppejan. A 3 book set one for each modality.

          Anyway a Pluto transit is one of the most intimidating prospects as the manifestations can be highly unusual and powerful. An analogy that has always helped me it to look at powerful transits like driving in the snow. If you go into a slide then steer into the direction of the slide. Don’t fight it, be flexible, resilient. Resilient is a wonderful Pluto word or quality. Let Go, Clean out, Go on a Fast, Start Yoga Class . . .so many ways to express Plutonic Energy in your life . . . Steer into it, get the ball rolling, maybe get some positive dominos falling.

          • Hi Robert. Thanks for your reply, it was very interesting. The second symbol description I knew of – and it always resonated with me. Whether at home or at work, I have always had little choice but to operate at some level above and beyond… Perhaps my ascendant squaring a 10th house mars and a fourth house Saturn explains that.

            However the first symbol description you gave seems particularly relevant these last years too. And mostly when I am meditating. It’s exactly where I feel I stand when meditating – in a raging sea being battered about on the rocks, attacked by the elements, and dealing with all that that brings to the experience. Most people it seems find peace and tranquillity in meditation, but me not. Despite that, something within me demands I keep plodding along with the practise; praying, hoping, sometimes begging for the storm to subside, and for the healing (hiding in the wings) to unfold.

            I recognise the need to work with, not against, Plutonic energy. And with Saturn also transiting the 12th, its even more important to let go and let be at this time. But letting go doesn’t have to mean not wanting and not aiming for the highest possible transcendence, when the time is right. Changed forever (Chiron at 29 degrees Pisces).

  20. Dear Jamie could you write an article how to survive when Pluto squares a stellium? When pluto will hit my Ascendant 5 Aquarius it will be in opposition to natal Mars in Leo and square natal Uranus in Scorpio. And later after promising trine to natal Sun it will square my taurus stellium wishing the range of 11-29 degrees. Loss, revolution, change, transformation….OMG. ????

    • Hi Alice that is a fair enough request. I do intend writing about the stellium aspect pattern so I will include how to handle transit to like. PLuto square and Saturn square are the hardest of transit so I will use them as examples.

  21. What are the impacts of Pluto square Saturn transit? Can u sum it up in short? I am really scared of this transit due for me in the end of this year…

  22. My ex husband has pluto opposite ascendant, as a sensitive I always sensed that undercurrent, what he pretended and have others to believe him to be an upstanding citizen, would have me believe any negativity I sensed he was being secretive about, which I was honest about & did my best to encourage diplomatic discussions with him, (I have a libra asc and 12th house libra moon, fairness a priority to me, showing the willingness to be vulnerable because I love him, only served to prompt an increase in his mind games and emotional abuse, always suggesting it was all in my head, so I invested several years of my life working through my own psychological glitches while he became more and more invested in believing his own lies, yet of course it is not easy to prove, nor would I choose to even though since our relationship ended and he could no longer get in to my mind directly, he redirected it, subtly, where and when possible through our children, so I have devoted the 16 years since then, doing what ai am able to encourage them to heal the psychological glitches this caused the affect of in them while he painted me as the manipulative bitch he believes all females to be, due to his own abuse experienced as a child, which he now hides behind like a medal he uses to excuse his ill intentions to a few who have realised he is not the upstanding man he had them believe him to be, one by one as the.currents of change keep revealing so. I bare him no malice, at heart the man I love is a truth seeker (Sagg sun and Merc) thus the potential to become a “noble knight” however at this point he remains lost in the dark woods, hiding behind the secrecy of Pluto opp Asc, yet although I do not and will not trust him to be/do anything other than what his choices indicate and the darkness I still sense in him, there is always hope that he may wake up and seek help to find his way out and lay unfinished business to rest with our children, rather than continuing to blame them, for the affect our relationship ending and how we together handled that and the aftermath, sadly when I do rarely see him, I see the King on a chess board, that thinks he has me in check, but I havent been playing the game, he’s been playing with himself, one more move to check mate and he will fibd he has “check mated” himself, with the web of deceit he has woven, so I truly hope, he doesn’t. I share all this to aid contrast to the conjunction, because with Pluto and Neptune, it is often easier to see what isnt true/real, by seeing what is and how that is a contradiction of terms or hypocricy?

    • PS I had the pluto conjunct ascendant around 1982, my 21st year, I didnt realise I had gone into a dark tunnel for a while, oblivious to not good choices I was making initially, until everything started feeling “creepy” some people places things being a sensitive, had me feel like my skin was crawling and so, the journey through the dark night of the soul began, repulsive at times, crushing at times, yet the ability to discern between light/dark in myself and others, by working with and through it like any Pluto transit, and feel safe again in ones heart and choices, is priceless, even tho I have made a few subsequent trips to hell and back to return souveniers I dont need or want, lol!, it becomes easier to maintain the healing of balance more and more as you go, I have found.

  23. do you consider the higher range of Pluto, that of Minerva? For a spiritual seeker with 22 Cap Asc. I am going through an unexpected and thrilling inner life expansion. Organically went from 30 min to 2.5 hour of meditation. It feels odd and not necessarily earned but I am surrendering to it.

  24. (Im not very good at speaking amd writing in English, I apologize for any fault I may make. Thanks.)Pluto is in exact conjuntion to my ascendent capricorn right now and opossit to my sun in cancer. I have been feeling the changes and energy that pluto brings, I have struggled with anorexia and depression, I lost mi way for a time, a have lost friends who had been with me all of my life, mi mom get really sick, also did my father, mi grandparents also get really sick, I lost a lot of opportunities becouse of my self steem, I started a trip where I had to face really dark things and find the way to overcome that. The last 2-3 years had been the worst years of my life, but also they have been the most significant and revealing of all. I change completely and grow up, these years make me stronger and, in a certain way, more wise.
    I have Neptune(1°70 ), Uranus(11°30) and Moon(7°) conjunct in aquarius in the first house, they all do a trine or a sextile to pluto, in sagittarius in the 11 house, and to jupiter, in piscis in the 3 house, also neptune, uranus and moon make a square with saturn in the 4 house and with Kiron in scorpio in the 10 house, finally Neptune, Uranus, and moon are opposed to mercury in leo in the 7 house. Also, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are retrograde and Chiron is stationary.Im worried because pluto is going to be transiting my first house when it is conjunct to uranus, neptune and moon, also will form trines or sextiles to pluto and to jupiter, and tense aspects to saturn, mercury and Kiron. I don’t know, but all that energy interacting at the same time scares me a little. I would love if you can help me understand that transit.

  25. Joseph Stalin has Pluto 25 Taurus conjunct his rectified 25 Taurus ascendant.

    I rectified also the USSR 30 December 1922, Trotsky, and Lenin horoscopes.

  26. My son has been experiencing the darker side of Pluto, not in his personal life, but in his creativity. He has written several short stories in magazines and is now having his first novel published. However, his stories are about the dark side of life, you know, ghouls, serial killers. and aliens and ship disasters. I don’t like to see his talent wasted on this ugly side of life but hey at least he has put a creative touch to the negative side of Pluto in Capricorn.

  27. You rely on aspects rather than including the signs and houses in a horoscope. I disagree with you as I have always found a great amount of information on the overall personality that can be ascertained by including not only the signs but the houses, Take the tenth house alone. This shows often where the consciousness lies in the motivation of the individual being studied as does any house. The sign that the planets are in gives even more information about the general character, personality and motivation or reason for their past and present incarnation. I would never cast a chart without spending considerable study not only on the signs and houses but the aspects {This includes aspects to both the planets and stars and nodes} that are formed between not only the planets but the aspects to the houses as well. There Is a richness that can only be ascertained by including the signs and houses that cannot be replaced with only aspects between planets.

    • Of course a “great amount of information” can be found by including Houses and Signs. If you include them you cover just about every possible aspect of life and personality type. It is a shot gun approach to astrology. That is why Horoscopes are so easy to write using the solar houses system. See Precession Astrology.

      “As above, so below”. Show me your 2nd House cusp in the sky, or 0° Taurus.

    • fuck off, judith. This is his website and he has written plenty and for free. Yes, there is more too it but what do you want? a fucking book? Get the fuck out of here.

    • I think Judith you miss the point of this site and who its directed to. Obviously the mission was not to do everyone’s natal chart. But to delineate the energies (aspect) that have most effect by proportion, as it would still apply to most seekers, and thus be of most use. I understand why the author has chosen this route. Its little more Kepler than some would prefer.

  28. I am going through Pluto transit conjunct my natal AC/Sun/Mercury Cap conjunction right now. Sharing apartment with a person who I thought was my friend, and realized he wasn’t. Has no respect for ones privacy, and goes through my things, ruins other peoples lives.. Great pressure in all aspects of life..Lost a bunch of friends due to manipulative behavior of mentioned ‘friend’, under pressure in work mostly from men, constant sexist comments and under grading of my skills due to being a woman in what is considered a man’s job/role. ended communication with ex-boyfriend who I’ve been dating on and off for almost a year and realized he was also manipulative and seeing other people..Trying to find a way out of this mess. Everything started to fall apart about six months ago and the conjunction of Pluto to AC/SUN/MERCURY is still not exact! Trying to deal with this stress through workout/running (I have a mars/moon natal square and moon/ Neptune opposition). I am living abroad for a year now and it started really great but last six months have been disaster after disaster almost on a daily basis. Nice things have happened also don’t get me wrong but I feel all alone, away from my family and without friends I left my home with. I have made a lot of what seem to be bad personal choices, and can’t seem to pool myself out of this mess. Please some kind of advice on how to deal with this stress? also I left home for professional reasons and have gained a lot of things outside professional zone but profession wise, it is a complete waste of time..trying to change a job requires energy that I don’t seem to have anymore after all this daily stresses I have to go through..

    • I feel your pain, been going through his for over 2 years now. Pluto just crossed into the 1st house officially a couple months ago but still feeling the effects. Along with breaking my foot, and many other health issues, my business I built up for over 12 years is hanging by a thread, diminishing slowly through this transit. It’s tough to know which way to turn in many aspects of life. Wish you the best.

  29. My son…who has been enjoying his life as an arrogant handsome 18 year old..has Pluto bearing down on his ASC….and I am hoping that he will deepen and get a look at his big picture…
    but I was studying this because of a kinesiology corrected birthtime for Anne Boleyn..shows Pluto TIGHT on her ASC….
    Which EXPLAINS…how a nobody commoner can catch the eye of the King (Henry the 8th) and hold his interest for years and years.. Henry had Venus conj his MC and Anne had Venus conj her IC…(in Aries)…

    • Well, Anne Boleyn made a very famous quote as her head was about to severed. That is a great Plutonian word.

  30. You feel this coming for years, its about getting rid of rubbish situations and people in your life, painful, destroying and ultimate renewal. Jamie has been on this one but as he says its trine his Jupiter so getting him more respect if you like, if your ascendant is in conflict with planets on your midheaven (like I had) then its horrible but ultimately Pluto wants to help you destroy everything holding you back. Look at the aspects in your significant others life as well, we are all connected, You will survive it and you will get rid. Start by paring down your possessions, give them to a charity, like a hospice shop, Pluto likes that. Don’t let people con you out of money and possessions and look at the people who you never thought of “doing you down” changing your life without you even knowing, work is a good place to start, Scorpions and Pluto, pensions. So, drop the stuff in your life that ultimately will destroy you (covertly). Then start again. Just do not destroy people for the sake of it or its YOU that will pay down the line.!

  31. In January 1991 Pluto was conjunct my natal ascendant at 20* Scorpio. I had emergency surgery for cancer of my colon. Had 9 mo. Of chemo. It returned in Aug 198 as stage 4 and they said I would die within the year. I’m still her 20+ years later! Now, in 2019 thru 2020 my progressed asc. Is 20-25 Capricorn, where Pluto and Saturn dance and finally conjunct in Jan. 2020. My natal moon is at 22 libra squaring Saturn and Pluto. I wonder if it means my end is near. After all of the years contemplating it, I don’t have fear, just waiting to see what happens. Pluto is following my ascendant!

  32. I am sick to death of hearing all the ‘negative’ comments about Pluto and never anything good. I am wondering if it’s coming from a place of projection, from people who cannot bear to look at their own dark side, own it and come to terms with it.

    I have Pluto on my Ascendant and I am truly grateful for that. Yes it has a dark side, don’t we all, (if we have the courage to dig down deep and look at ourselves, which not many do). But the capacity for tranformation is beyond compare. It can be compared to the caterpillar, the pupae and the butterfly, when the butterfly emerges it leaves all the others standing.

    The truth is Pluto people see the full spectrum from dark to light and they know where they stand on that scale, consequently, they are not interested in small talk or polite conversation skimming over the surface of things. Is that a bad thing? I don’t think so. So Pluto ascendent people have the ability to get to the bottom of things, see through the crap, challenge corruption and bad behaviour, they make the very best psychotherapists, researchers and detectives. It’s not ‘obsessive compulsive’, its depth. . . .DEPTH! A depth that many are scared of. . . But why? Pluto ascendant people will love you and protect you till the end of time, if YOU measure up to their high standards.

    They are loyal, dedicated, steadfast, honourable and full of integrity when they are well developed. After they have emerged from their time being crucified on the cross. So let’s just keep a sense of balance about Pluto on the Ascendant, look at our own dark side first and clean that up. A sense of balance, just like we do for any other planetary placement.

  33. From a sun conjunct pluto in the 12th person, I applaud u!!!
    My father told me I was “too deep” for him. But I could go on. Great commentary, all the way to being crucified on the cross, lol! So true! But oh so powerful…the capacity to transform. Or be annihilated along the way!

  34. I have a pluto very close to my ascendant and I can confirm it has had a close impact on me most of my life and not in the good sense. At first it manifested through shady friends but became quite the rebellious teen phase where drugs and alcohol were basically my hobby. Thanks to a lot of earthy aspects I never really went off the rails though. Nonetheless the transformative side of it has showed too, and the duality has proven itself. Now after some shadow work I can really appreciate Pluto and its influence on my personality.

  35. I think with pluto so close to their ascendant, people really need to grow into themselves and face their dark side. It might seem very dangerous and mysterious, hence its scary to even think about, but the shadow truly has a lot to offer if we can stand it, as you described. I also like how you commented on the way we can see the bottom of things. I feel like people with this placement are shamans to be when they truly become the butterflies, but its an ongoing process with this placement, and the transformation may happen a few times a year.

  36. If Pluto is conjunct the ascendant, is there an aspect of Pluto opposite the descendant?

  37. I have Pluto in Libra 12th house conjuct Ascendant in Libra 1st house in orb 9°

  38. Its nice that he can do something productive with his pluto conjunct ascendant cuz I too am very creative and I also like reading about the paranormal and pluto conjunct ascendant

    • Yep I have ascendant Capricorn 28°. The fact that it is intercepted by Aquarius, would this offset the Pluto transit in anyway? Or am I just looking for a way out with wishful thinking? Ha ha. But it’s also Trining my Taurus sun. But with Mars Square, Pluto now on the full moon in Aries, who boy! I have Mars conjunt Pluto so I can relate. Thank you for the best Astrology site.

  39. My Pluto is in the 12th house conjunct Ascendant in Sagittarius. I had a difficult birth and People get scared at me when meeting first.

    • Nothing to fear <3 . . . at 66 and many Pluto transformations (chart ruler, square: sun, AC, Saturn 🙂 . . . I used to feel lonely, confused ~ now I am at peace with my unique qualities and grateful for my life experiences.

  40. As I mentioned before, tonight I keep looking every single aspect of my chart and this is another level. I have OCD for a lifetime, I remember the signs of it when I was 8, but it was diagnosed precisely when I was 12 because those times it was in its peak level. Now I’m 29 and I do still have it. Even while I’m reading these things to get informations about myself, I’m killing/humiliatingly raping someone I disliked immensely in my mind unintentionally, an obsessed hate occurs and disturbs me now. My main problem in this life is “to not be able to relax” – even because of that I abused alcohol a lot, or got caught in ejaculation (sex or masturbation) addiction to relax. Multiple times, such as 6-7 times a day at least, as a Mars Scorpio and Scorpio Ascendant person, sexuality is already something that I’m superior than standards but I was using it just to relax, I still do time to time. Like I’m still trying to find something which is gonna relax me. Maybe because of this reason, I thought about death sometimes, as if then I will be relaxed. Thank you so much for sharing. It’s really incredible to read these. I always defined myself as a “guy of extremes” and here we are, you tell these things very correctly.

  41. Cap rising 29th deg & Pluto was conj my Asc in July. I fainted multiple times, rushed to the ER too only for doctors unable to find what’s wrong. I had 2 near death experiences when in the hospital.

    After 6 weeks of labs (blood, urine, saliva & stool) I finally have answers but had to fire one of my doctors for her narcissistic behavior & inability to properly diagnose.

    Btw my health condition is high cortisol & adrenal disorder along w multiple bacterial infections in my gut.

    My health has improved some however I’m now vegan, I get acupuncture weekly, see holistic doctors & shamans, drink herbs, do yoga etc all to help treat my health condition.

    In the past year I’ve sold my house in the US, my boys went to go live w their dad, I now live in Bali & I created a really successful business.

    I’ve also made enormous leaps in my spiritual journey, however since July I’ve been experiencing blockages when I meditate along with other things.

    Pluto will be back conj my asc in December & again for a couple months next year & Im ready to fight the good fight.

    Please be sure to take care of your health during this transit. Pluto is the destroyer but nothing in this life is permanent, not even this transit. You have the power & will within you to succeed.

  42. Most responders here tend not to look at the aspects to their natal Pluto when interpreting its effects when conjuncting the ascendant, either natal or in transit. Aspects to Pluto in the natal chart will determine whether this conjunction manifests for good or ill. For example, I have no hard aspects to my natal Pluto in the 12th house, close to the ascendant, and have always experienced the positive side of Pluto, which is quite possible. With only trines and textiles to Pluto in my natal chart, I tend to be a leader and hopefully influence others for good. I can at times be a bit bossy, which I try to control!
    I have Pluto at 7 Leo, 11 degrees from an 18 Leo Ascendant. All my other planets are in air and fire signs, so all aspects to my Pluto are positive-trines or sextiles. (All my personal planets are in Libra, moon in Sag, Uranus and Saturn in Gemini. Jupiter in Cancer makes no aspect.)

    Thus, I'd suggest people look to their natal Pluto's aspects before they forecast a conjunction catastrophe. In my case, transiting Pluto conjuncted my ascendant at age 8. My beloved grandfather died and I became the beneficiary of a trust fund. So - good things can happen.

  43. Joseph Stalin has Pluto on his Ascendant both in 25 degrees Taurus.

    Joran van der Sloot has Pluto on his MC both in 8 degrees Scorpio.

    Oscar Pistorius has Pluto on his MC both in 9 degrees Scorpio.

  44. i’m just a student though my grandmother was professional astrologer I never met. It’s complex, and currently very helpful in light of Current fast changing times. does Pluto always retrograde back-and-forth or is it just doing it now. as my ascendant about 28° Capricorn. as hard as it has been when it goes into Aquarius it might be harder bc of my fixed T square? also Uranus conjunct my Taurus sun 22-23 degrees in the fourth house has caused constant moving which Taurus hates! when will it leave my fourth house? admittedly there were a couple times I wanted to move, as I’m very sensitive to my environment. these difficult aspects will be the last in my lifetime since I’ll be 78 on May 14. i’ve had a lot of home invasion problems like robberies, and visitors being abusive. Enough !
    my spirit guides said it’s OK if people use you for their lessons but it’s not OK if they abuse you for their lessons.🙏🏻🩵☮️♿️ Trina Simoni

  45. So love this site and Jamies comassionate vibe! I’m a 2 Aquarius ascendant and natal Pluto is 4 Leo so am experiencing Plutos lessons which I face during the night, each night at present like newsreel in the mind of life’s mistakes etc. At present, I feel as though I’m becoming a new person and I look different too. Always a misfit, (borderline Aspergers) am finding at present that the once enjoyable everyday activities and human contacts are dull and without meaning. Taking a break from all socializing for a month. Being gently peeled down to the core and just going with it. Pluto seems to require me to dive deep and ‘sound’ like a whale. Fortunately, my ex-husband is a close friend and also psychic so am grateful he’s still in my life. Have just discovered the Energy work of Slim Spurling and experimenting with some of his Light Life inventions.

    Am turing 81 on April 14th and Pluto’s various transits over the years, like conjunction with midheaven, squaring of natal Pluto, opposing natal Mercury, squaring of natal Moon are memorable. Each was a growth spurt but wish I’d expressed them better. Will I survive transiting Pluto opposing natal Pluto? It would be a relief to go home, but I have a feeling I’ll be here for another ten years and my ex says next year (2025) a new life in another country awaits. I surrender…

  46. Hello!
    Eu tenho Chiron no grau zero de Aquarius, Ascendente 9º, Sol 14º e Mercurio 29º, todos em Aquarius.
    Já tenho 69 anos e tenho medo de pensar nos próximos anos.

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