Pluto Conjunct Ascendant Natal and Transit

Pluto Conjunct Ascendant TransitPluto conjunct Ascendant natal makes you a very deep and complex person. Power and control issues are a constant theme in your close relationships and can cause problems if you get too bossy. Even if you are not bossy then you could be dominated and you could not handle that. Extreme is another keyword for this aspect. Learning moderation in all areas of life is one of your soul’s important missions this life.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder can control your life if you cannot relax and learn to let things ride. Obsessions with being in control or making everything perfect are more negative side effects of this challenging aspect. The more intense your compulsions become the more trouble you will have in your relationships. Rejection or depression would be felt intensely and you could easily slip into destructive behavior and habits. Crime, addiction, prostitution, and violence are manifestations of the dark side of Pluto. Threats, intimidation, heroin, near-death experiences, and suicide attempts can result from total loss of control.

Too much control and friends will desert you. Not enough and you’re engulfed by dark forces. The answer is accepting and moderating your intense powers. You have a great influence on other people and events in your life. Coercion and manipulation are easy ways to get what you want but you must avoid this temptation. Let your loved ones live their own lives and control their own destiny. One particular grandmother may have great influence over your early life which would cause complications with the other side of the family.

The best influence you can have on your loved ones is to succeed in life. No matter how bad things get or how hopeless you feel, your powers of regeneration and transformation are formidable. When you become too intense or lose control then some drama will bring things to a head. The self-analysis and transformation that follows will result in an evolutionary leap. You will transcend your obsession or destructive behavior and soul growth will occur. When this aspect is working optimally there is no limit to your progress and achievements.

Pluto Conjunct Ascendant Celebrities

Nevin Markwart 0°07′, Kurt Cobain 0°12′, Emperor Nero 0°17′, Nigel Farage 0°43′, Tim Robbins 0°48′, Eddie Izzard 0°54′, Justin Bieber 0°57′, Sarah Jane Morris 0°58′, Peter Gabriel 1°03′, Jim Jarmusch 1°32′, Edward Gein 1°49′, Judy Garland 1°52′, William Cowper 1°52′, Steve Martin 2°06′, Nikola Tesla 2°09′, K.D. Lang 2°15′, Richard Branson 2°22′, Beyoncé 2°23′.

Pluto Conjunct Ascendant Transit

Pluto conjunct Ascendant transit represents a couple of years of intense soul-searching. Like other transits to the Ascendant, your close relationships are affected but the main focus is on you. Other aspects to your Ascendant plus and fixed star conjunctions make the results of this transit quite variable.

As you personally undergo a transformation so may your relationships. As your soul evolves you may leave some people behind. A personal crisis may occur that forces you to face your demons. Any area of life that is out of control will be the focus of any dramas.

Depending on previous actions and behavior you may gain power and control and take a leadership role. If you have abused your position in the past you may have any authority stripped from you.

Pluto Conjunct Ascendant Transit Celebrities

Richard Nixon had Pluto conjunct Ascendant transit between 1965-67. For him, these were years of introspection. He had lost the 1960 presidential election to JFK, and after campaigning for colleagues in 1966 he took off for an extended holiday to South America and the Middle East in 1967. “Toward the end of 1967, Nixon was experiencing a crisis of indecision about whether to run for president the following year. He consulted with a long-time friend the Reverend Billy Graham, who urged him to run. He later held a dinner at his home with friends and all except his wife supported a presidential bid”. He went on to win the 1968 presidential election.

Margaret Thatcher had Pluto conjunct Ascendant transit from 1989-90. The Iron Lady had already ruled Britain as prime minister for a decade and her combative personality ruthless disregard for the opinions of her colleagues was wearing thin inside her own party and with the electorate. In November 1990 her deputy resigned, and the next day she faced a challenge from Michael Heseltine. Thatcher narrowly won the first ballot and stated she “intended to “fight on and fight to win” the second ballot, but consultation with her Cabinet persuaded her to withdraw. After seeing the Queen, calling other world leaders, and making one last Commons speech, she left Downing Street in tears. She regarded her ousting as a betrayal.”

Nicholas Cage (2006) who decided it was time get out of movies and try something different, stating “I feel I’ve made a lot of movies already and I want to start exploring other opportunities that I can apply myself to, whether it’s writing or other interests that I may develop”. He was back on the big screen in 2008.

Jamie Lee Curtis also had Pluto conjunct Ascendant transit in 2006 and told Access Hollywood that she had “closed the book on her acting career to focus on her family”. She returned to the big screen the next year.

Prince William experienced this transit in 2007 when it was announced he had split with girlfriend Kate Middleton, yet he was seen with her in public several times in 2007 after that announcement, including on a holiday to Seychelles.

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  1. My son has been experiencing the darker side of Pluto, not in his personal life, but in his creativity. He has written several short stories in magazines and is now having his first novel published. However, his stories are about the dark side of life, you know, ghouls, serial killers. and aliens and ship disasters. I don’t like to see his talent wasted on this ugly side of life but hey at least he has put a creative touch to the negative side of Pluto in Capricorn.

  2. You rely on aspects rather than including the signs and houses in a horoscope. I disagree with you as I have always found a great amount of information on the overall personality that can be ascertained by including not only the signs but the houses, Take the tenth house alone. This shows often where the consciousness lies in the motivation of the individual being studied as does any house. The sign that the planets are in gives even more information about the general character, personality and motivation or reason for their past and present incarnation. I would never cast a chart without spending considerable study not only on the signs and houses but the aspects {This includes aspects to both the planets and stars and nodes} that are formed between not only the planets but the aspects to the houses as well. There Is a richness that can only be ascertained by including the signs and houses that cannot be replaced with only aspects between planets.

    • Of course a “great amount of information” can be found by including Houses and Signs. If you include them you cover just about every possible aspect of life and personality type. It is a shot gun approach to astrology. That is why Horoscopes are so easy to write using the solar houses system. See Precession Astrology.

      “As above, so below”. Show me your 2nd House cusp in the sky, or 0° Taurus.

    • fuck off, judith. This is his website and he has written plenty and for free. Yes, there is more too it but what do you want? a fucking book? Get the fuck out of here.

    • I think Judith you miss the point of this site and who its directed to. Obviously the mission was not to do everyone’s natal chart. But to delineate the energies (aspect) that have most effect by proportion, as it would still apply to most seekers, and thus be of most use. I understand why the author has chosen this route. Its little more Kepler than some would prefer.

  3. I am going through Pluto transit conjunct my natal AC/Sun/Mercury Cap conjunction right now. Sharing apartment with a person who I thought was my friend, and realized he wasn’t. Has no respect for ones privacy, and goes through my things, ruins other peoples lives.. Great pressure in all aspects of life..Lost a bunch of friends due to manipulative behavior of mentioned ‘friend’, under pressure in work mostly from men, constant sexist comments and under grading of my skills due to being a woman in what is considered a man’s job/role. ended communication with ex-boyfriend who I’ve been dating on and off for almost a year and realized he was also manipulative and seeing other people..Trying to find a way out of this mess. Everything started to fall apart about six months ago and the conjunction of Pluto to AC/SUN/MERCURY is still not exact! Trying to deal with this stress through workout/running (I have a mars/moon natal square and moon/ Neptune opposition). I am living abroad for a year now and it started really great but last six months have been disaster after disaster almost on a daily basis. Nice things have happened also don’t get me wrong but I feel all alone, away from my family and without friends I left my home with. I have made a lot of what seem to be bad personal choices, and can’t seem to pool myself out of this mess. Please some kind of advice on how to deal with this stress? also I left home for professional reasons and have gained a lot of things outside professional zone but profession wise, it is a complete waste of time..trying to change a job requires energy that I don’t seem to have anymore after all this daily stresses I have to go through..

    • I feel your pain, been going through his for over 2 years now. Pluto just crossed into the 1st house officially a couple months ago but still feeling the effects. Along with breaking my foot, and many other health issues, my business I built up for over 12 years is hanging by a thread, diminishing slowly through this transit. It’s tough to know which way to turn in many aspects of life. Wish you the best.

  4. My son…who has been enjoying his life as an arrogant handsome 18 year old..has Pluto bearing down on his ASC….and I am hoping that he will deepen and get a look at his big picture…
    but I was studying this because of a kinesiology corrected birthtime for Anne Boleyn..shows Pluto TIGHT on her ASC….
    Which EXPLAINS…how a nobody commoner can catch the eye of the King (Henry the 8th) and hold his interest for years and years.. Henry had Venus conj his MC and Anne had Venus conj her IC…(in Aries)…

    • Well, Anne Boleyn made a very famous quote as her head was about to severed. That is a great Plutonian word.

  5. You feel this coming for years, its about getting rid of rubbish situations and people in your life, painful, destroying and ultimate renewal. Jamie has been on this one but as he says its trine his Jupiter so getting him more respect if you like, if your ascendant is in conflict with planets on your midheaven (like I had) then its horrible but ultimately Pluto wants to help you destroy everything holding you back. Look at the aspects in your significant others life as well, we are all connected, You will survive it and you will get rid. Start by paring down your possessions, give them to a charity, like a hospice shop, Pluto likes that. Don’t let people con you out of money and possessions and look at the people who you never thought of “doing you down” changing your life without you even knowing, work is a good place to start, Scorpions and Pluto, pensions. So, drop the stuff in your life that ultimately will destroy you (covertly). Then start again. Just do not destroy people for the sake of it or its YOU that will pay down the line.!

  6. In January 1991 Pluto was conjunct my natal ascendant at 20* Scorpio. I had emergency surgery for cancer of my colon. Had 9 mo. Of chemo. It returned in Aug 198 as stage 4 and they said I would die within the year. I’m still her 20+ years later! Now, in 2019 thru 2020 my progressed asc. Is 20-25 Capricorn, where Pluto and Saturn dance and finally conjunct in Jan. 2020. My natal moon is at 22 libra squaring Saturn and Pluto. I wonder if it means my end is near. After all of the years contemplating it, I don’t have fear, just waiting to see what happens. Pluto is following my ascendant!

  7. I am sick to death of hearing all the ‘negative’ comments about Pluto and never anything good. I am wondering if it’s coming from a place of projection, from people who cannot bear to look at their own dark side, own it and come to terms with it.

    I have Pluto on my Ascendant and I am truly grateful for that. Yes it has a dark side, don’t we all, (if we have the courage to dig down deep and look at ourselves, which not many do). But the capacity for tranformation is beyond compare. It can be compared to the caterpillar, the pupae and the butterfly, when the butterfly emerges it leaves all the others standing.

    The truth is Pluto people see the full spectrum from dark to light and they know where they stand on that scale, consequently, they are not interested in small talk or polite conversation skimming over the surface of things. Is that a bad thing? I don’t think so. So Pluto ascendent people have the ability to get to the bottom of things, see through the crap, challenge corruption and bad behaviour, they make the very best psychotherapists, researchers and detectives. It’s not ‘obsessive compulsive’, its depth. . . .DEPTH! A depth that many are scared of. . . But why? Pluto ascendant people will love you and protect you till the end of time, if YOU measure up to their high standards.

    They are loyal, dedicated, steadfast, honourable and full of integrity when they are well developed. After they have emerged from their time being crucified on the cross. So let’s just keep a sense of balance about Pluto on the Ascendant, look at our own dark side first and clean that up. A sense of balance, just like we do for any other planetary placement.

  8. From a sun conjunct pluto in the 12th person, I applaud u!!!
    My father told me I was “too deep” for him. But I could go on. Great commentary, all the way to being crucified on the cross, lol! So true! But oh so powerful…the capacity to transform. Or be annihilated along the way!

  9. I have a pluto very close to my ascendant and I can confirm it has had a close impact on me most of my life and not in the good sense. At first it manifested through shady friends but became quite the rebellious teen phase where drugs and alcohol were basically my hobby. Thanks to a lot of earthy aspects I never really went off the rails though. Nonetheless the transformative side of it has showed too, and the duality has proven itself. Now after some shadow work I can really appreciate Pluto and its influence on my personality.

  10. I think with pluto so close to their ascendant, people really need to grow into themselves and face their dark side. It might seem very dangerous and mysterious, hence its scary to even think about, but the shadow truly has a lot to offer if we can stand it, as you described. I also like how you commented on the way we can see the bottom of things. I feel like people with this placement are shamans to be when they truly become the butterflies, but its an ongoing process with this placement, and the transformation may happen a few times a year.

  11. If Pluto is conjunct the ascendant, is there an aspect of Pluto opposite the descendant?

  12. I have Pluto in Libra 12th house conjuct Ascendant in Libra 1st house in orb 9°

  13. Its nice that he can do something productive with his pluto conjunct ascendant cuz I too am very creative and I also like reading about the paranormal and pluto conjunct ascendant

    • Yep I have ascendant Capricorn 28°. The fact that it is intercepted by Aquarius, would this offset the Pluto transit in anyway? Or am I just looking for a way out with wishful thinking? Ha ha. But it’s also Trining my Taurus sun. But with Mars Square, Pluto now on the full moon in Aries, who boy! I have Mars conjunt Pluto so I can relate. Thank you for the best Astrology site.

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