Fixed Star Dheneb

Dheneb at 19°48′ Capricorn has an orb of 1°50′
Fixed Star Dheneb

Aquila Constellation [Stellarium]

The Sun joins Dheneb on January 10

Fixed star Dheneb, Zeta Aquilae, is a binary star system in the Tail of the Eagle, Aquila Constellation. The two components are designated Zeta Aquilae A and B. Zeta Aquilae A is a white star, magnitude 2.98, spectral type A0IV-Vnn. Zeta Aquilae B has a magnitude of 12.0.

While observers may assume that Zeta Aquilae marks the Eagle’s wing and Lambda Aquilae the tail, in traditional depictions of the constellation, Zeta and Epsilon Aquilae mark the bird’s tail. [6]

The common name used in astrology for Zeta Aquilae is Dheneb. It, and the official name for Zeta Aquilae A, Okab, come from the Arabic term ذنب العقاب (Dhanab al-ʽuqāb), “the tail of the eagle”. The Latin translation is Cauda Volantis. In Chinese astronomy, Zeta Aquilae is named Yuë, derived from and representing the old state 越 (Yuè) in Zhejiang province.


15 ♑ 00
15 ♑ 19
19 ♑ 48
25 ♑ 51
01 ♒ 15

Fixed Star




Dheneb Astrology

The white color and spectral type A0 for Dheneb indicate a pure Venus nature.

A green star in the Eagle’s Tail. From Al Dhanab, the Tail. Of the nature of Mars and Jupiter. It gives ability to command, liberality, success in war and beneficence. [1]

Deneb Okab has a typical Martian character giving the ability to command, and success in martial arts. [2]

ζ Aquilae. A white star. Spectral class B9. This star was also called Yen, the name of an old feudal state in China. It is located in the tail of the Eagle. This star gives the native the ability to command; liberality, success and is generally beneficial to positive nativities. [5]

Deneb Aquilae, Tail of the Eagle, is a Mars-Jupiter star like Altair. The difference in interpretation usually observed is less inclination to glare down one’s underlings, as in that first flush of promotion, a more assured feel for the job, and a better reputation thus gained in whatever office one holds. Negatively there may be a slight lack of effort needed to achieve something that really should be an easy target. [3]

Dheneb rules three inches below the back of the left knee. [4]

Constellation Aquila

The Eagle has a similar influence to that of Mars and Jupiter. It is said to give great imagination, strong passions, indomitable will, a dominating character, influence over others, clairvoyance, a keen penetrating mind and ability for chemical research. It has always been associated with the sign Scorpio. [1]

Aquila or the Eagle portends changes in the weather and is indicative of those with a penetrating mind and clairvoyance. Ptolemy says that its stars are of the nature of Mars and Jupiter, but the brightest stars have the spectra of Mars and Venus. [2]

In mundane astrology Aquila rules the U.S.A., space exploration, bombs and missiles.

Zeta Aquilae, Dheneb Okab

Zeta Aquilae, Okab []

Fixed Star Dheneb Conjunctions

Ascendant conjunct Dheneb: Nero 0°07′ (and Sun and Pluto), Megan Fox 0°14′ (and Mars), Alexis Arquette 1°03′, Ariana Grande 1°13′ (and Uranus, Neptune)

Midheaven conjunct Dheneb: Liza Minnelli 0°19′, Nikola Tesla 0°51′, Boy George 0°59′, Charles Manson 1°19′

Descendant conjunct Dheneb: Arnold Schwarzenegger 0°03′, Cecilia Bartoli 0°55′, Rudolf Hess 1°03′

Part of Fortune conjunct Dheneb: Walt Whitman 0°04′, Alice Cooper 0°12′, Catherine the Great 1°07′

Sun conjunct Dheneb: High preferment in government, legal, martial and all matters associated with public affairs. The native has the ability to command and direct; to lead people, to direct attention to themselves as leaders be it of a cause or for the people or the military. They are true individualists. [5]

These are the persons who have the vitality and inclination to do good work at any job they are assigned. They will literally take work home with them so that they may receive recognition for their efforts. They do make wonderful workers and are especially good when they take their job seriously, and recognition for their good works and achievements has a great meaning for them. It is for this reason that taking work home with them or working weekends does not bother these individuals. [4]

Nero 0°13′ (and AC Pluto), Josemaría Escrivá 0°18′ (and Moon, Saturn), Richard Nixon 0°49′, Isaac Newton 1°07′, Jimmy Page 1°16′, Elvis Presley 1°39′

Moon conjunct Dheneb: This conjunction imparts to its natives a combative, almost pugnacious nature, but with the high ability to command and direct. These natives if their energies are properly directed may elevate themselves to high official offices, gain high preferment. Negatively, these natives can subject to the misuse of their powers, confuse their priorities and eventually subject themselves to legal entanglements. [5]

Josemaría Escrivá 0°40′ (and Sun, Saturn), George Washington 0°53′

Mercury conjunct Dheneb: The native is idealistic, sincere, liberal, may promote liberal causes, gain them some prominence, but not of a lasting nature. These natives can also be quite obstinate, pugnacious and less advanced natives can subject themselves to legal entanglement and other serious difficulties become backbiters, short tempered. [5]

Allison DuBois 0°06′

Venus conjunct Dheneb: The native has great pride in their accomplishments, they are generally of a somewhat conservative nature and could be considered as a private person. They are capable of using every wile to gain their objective and keeping their gains. Some danger of violence. [5]

Olivia Rodrigo 1°36′

Mars conjunct Dheneb: The native can gain high authoritive position, requiring leadership ability, these natives are shameless, brash and if they get involved in turbulent situations, it could engulf them. They are very capable natives, also very obstinate and determined. [5]

Theodore Roosevelt 0°13′, Megan Fox 0°15′ (and AC), Jim Carrey 1°20′

Jupiter conjunct Dheneb: High preferment in government, and all matters connected with public affairs. [5]

This manifests as achievements. With this placement, the natives are happy-go-lucky business people. They particularly enjoy careers in construction so that they can build extremely large buildings. They are not interested in residential construction of single family homes but rather huge complexes such as shopping malls, large office or apartment buildings. They are extremely capable in this type of career. As far as career is concerned, they are never under stress. But, they do have one problem and that is the inability to complete a project on time. They have a tendency to miscalculate completion dates and seldom complete the construction on the date agreed upon. They simply are not concerned with completing their work on time. Women with this degree are drawn to governmental positions with authority. They are drawn to careers where there is a structure, and without too much variation, so they can climb up from pay scale to pay scale and thus feel secure in their position. This gives them the opportunity to receive a certain amount of recognition. [4]

Bruce McLaren 1°06′, LeBron James 1°37′

Saturn conjunct Dheneb: Josemaría Escrivá 0°19′ (and Sun, Moon), James Dean 0°40′, JonBenét Ramsey 0°44′, The Weeknd 1°16′, Jeffrey Dahmer 1°17′

Uranus conjunct Dheneb: Ariana Grande 1°06′ (and AC, Neptune)

Neptune conjunct Dheneb: Ariana Grande 0°27′ (and Ascendant and Uranus)

Pluto conjunct Dheneb: Nero 0°25′ (and AC, Sun)

North Node conjunct Dheneb: Holly Parker 0°21′, M. C. Escher 0°37′, Kirk Douglas 1°27′, Michael Moore 1°33′

South Node conjunct Dheneb: Whitney Houston 0°18′, Marquis de Sade 0°35′, Bob Marley 0°58′, Johnny Depp 1°20′


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  • All fixed star positions are for the year 2000. Add one degree per 72 years to correct for precession.

29 thoughts on “Fixed Star Dheneb

  1. How it works in opposition to natal Venus 19.12 cancer? 🙂
    I like when I discover how fixed stars work in astrology. thank you for writing these posts!

    • Only conjunctions to fixed stars. The exception is when planet opposes your Venus from Dheneb, then the influence of the star will come through the transiting Planet. For example, the new moon opposite your Venus. But generally, your natal chart is not affected.

      • Good to know!
        The new moon is opposite my natal Venus and Pluto transit will also my Venus in the next years … what I can expect then? My fear is that both ( pluto transit and natal venus) are in health houses … and Pluto would still trine my natal jupiter so …should I expect something going wrong?
        Thank you

        • Meli, you really must make a major change in your thought processes. Never never expect something to go wrong. I will have transiting Pluto on my AC followed closely by Saturn. I do worry too, not as much as Mercury opposite Saturn made me in the past. But as soon as negative thought pop up then we have to consciously acknowledge than for what they are are realize how important it is to replace the negativity with positive potential outcomes (trine Jupiter) Thoughts are things and they have energy. Thoughts can cause real harm siometimes.

  2. People born in 1993 have Neptune and Uranus conjunct this star. It’ll be interesting to see the outcome of it.

  3. Jamie,my daughter has this star conjunct Mercury,Uranus and Neptune in the 10th. You think perhaps, a good career opportunity? She just graduated college and currently works in a kennel.She’s the laziest yet most conscientious worker and the most quietly ambitious individual I’ve ever run across.How is that possible? Plus,she has Venus in Sag in the ninth trining an Aries ascendant!

    • How interesting! This combination must give wonderful insight and clairvoyance. May her attitude comes from self assurance that the right thing will come along at the right time for her.

  4. Hello again Jamie. How about Mars exactly opposite? I have always had a bit of a tough guy dynamic, due to a little more testosterone than normal (PCOS). This star would be in my 8th, and come to think about it..Pluto Opposite Moon both square Mars, making T-Square, but would this star, being opposite of MArs, would that make it…not real familiar with formations. If you want to look at chart: September 7, 1979 11:44 pm Colorado Springs, CO

    • Hi Jennifer. Most astrologers only ever use conjunctions to fixed stars. My exception is in a case like yours, if a transiting planet or moon phase (like January 2016 new moon) activated Dheneb, then it will have a strong influence on your Mars sexuality and goal-directed energy.

  5. I was born in February 8, 1993 and have Neptune at 19 46 and Uranus at 19 53. Also Vesta at 17 47. This conjunction creates the apex of a Yod formation in my 1st house with Chiron (Leo 8th) and my South Node (Gemini 6th) at the base.

    It would be interesting to see an interpretation on this conjunction, especially in reference to the Aquarian Age and the large mass of “millennials” this conjunction effects.

    • Well you have amazing higher awareness just with the conjunction. And Dheneb adds the piercing eyesight of the eagle, hence clairvoyance and seeing over the horizon. You Yod sextile suggests past life experience with healing, wounding, wounding to heal etc. Druidry or whatever is in your ancestry. Expressed this life through the apex ingenious, creative, connecting spiritually to your generation via the Internet connections. Psychism via the cables.

  6. My birth date is March 12, 1982. I have Dheneb sextile my Sun, Square Mars & Saturn, Trine Chiron and Conjunct Uranus. Any thoughts on these aspects? This year I feel as though I need to change a lot of things in my life and build more esteem within myself.

    • Hi Krysta. This star is going to mainly have an effect on your Uranus. To start with, I would research those aspects as they influence your Sun. Are you sure about 12 March 1982?

  7. Hello. I have a conjunction to this star of Moon, Neptune, Uranus and Ascendant. And transiting pluto is getting pretty close now 😀 does that mean Im a warrior?

    • That’s how I feel Kamnz with Ascendant on this star. Probably some past life experience in wars. More of a spiritual warrior in this life I believe. This would definitely apply to you because of the Uranus Neptune conjunction. Moon gives even more psychic skill. That is an amazing conjunction to have. Any more aspects to it? I have Dheneb rising trine Jupiter. Fun times coming up!

  8. Wondering how Pluto conjunct Dheneb plays out – Sun and Pluto in transit conjunct this star in Capricorn January 10 2018. Same is squaring Uranus (A surprise beneficence maybe – or a loss of such through Pluto(?))

  9. Hi Jamie,

    I have this star on my IC at 19.02 Capricorn. There have been many life changing events the past few years and just when I thought things would ease up, this transit happens. Curious what this star on the IC you might offer.

    • I would guess that you have a family history or past life experience related to leading armies to victory.

  10. Pluto conj Dheneb..with Vesta …is transiting the 10th house..of Paradise California’s incorporation chart.(Deadly Fire?) SAturn (the government) is transiting the MC of this incorporation chart..when the whole city burned to the ground..Nov 8-12th 2018.
    SO the Dheneb star…also implicates this fire as started by the military..I believe.
    Because the military certainly didn’t put out this fire..with the success that this star would give.

  11. my daughter also has Dheneb on her IC with Ketu ( past life achievements?) From my daughter is the one who stirs the pot, causes the mischief…that causes upheaval in her life and everyone who knows her.

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