Fixed Star Manubrium

Manubrium at 15°00′ Capricorn has an orb of 1°30′
Fixed Star Manubrium

Sagittarius Constellation [Stellarium]

The Sun joins Manubrium on January 6

Fixed star Manubrium, Omicron Sagittarii, is a single star on the face of the Archer, Sagittarius Constellation. Yellow in hue, magnitude +3.77, spectral type G9IIIb. It has a faint, magnitude 13.8 companion, designated component B.

The traditional name Manubrium comes from the Latin word manus, which means hand. Despite this, the star appears to mark the Archer’s right ear.


Manubrium Astrology

The spectral type G9 indicates the planetary nature of the Sun and Mars.

Part of the cluster in the Archer’s Face. Of the nature of the Sun and Mars. It causes blindness, explosions, fire, flaring heat, heroism, courage and defiance. [1]

62 Sagittarii. Orange-red stars as a part of the cluster in the face of the Archer. This star gives the native eye problems, courage, and defiance, and causes explosions and fire. [4]

The name Manubrium means a handle. Possibly, this comes from some sketches of the Archer in which the hand holding the string of the bow is pulled right back to the position of this star. It is a Sun-Mars type, by Ptolemy, and must thus be considered one of the ‘blind stars.’ But the same planetary simile is, of course, symbolic of the fatal potency in the hand that may at any moment release the arrow into flight. To find a major planet in a chart very precisely on Manubrium rather than its neighbors (which are very close in longitude) is likely to show up the more aggressive connotations of the constellation and sign here. We should often find less of the philosopher than the high-performance athlete or the high court judge. The military strategist is also likely to have this star strong. [2]

Manubrium rules the back of the left knee at the center. [3]

Constellation Sagittarius

Sagittarius was the House of Jupiter, that planet having appeared here at the Creation, although this honor was shared by Aquarius and Leo. Nor did Jupiter monopolize its possession, for it also was the domicile of Diana. Thus, the constellation was known as Dianae Sidus. It inclined to fruitfulness, a character assigned to it as far back as the Babylonian inscriptions; and was a fortunate sign. Yellow was the color attributed to it or the peculiar green sanguine. [5]

It is a fortunate and fruitful constellation indicating events pertaining to kings or a large portion of mankind. Ptolemy states: “The stars at the point of the arrow have an effect like that of Mars and the Moon; those on the bow and at the grip of the hand like that of Jupiter and Mars; the cluster in the forehead like that of the Sun and Mars; those in the cloak and in the back resemble Jupiter, and to a lesser degree like Mercury; the stars in the feet have a nature akin to that of Jupiter and Saturn; and the quadrangle upon the tail like Venus, and to a lesser degree like Saturn.” [2]

Manubrium Star, Omicron Sagittarii

Manubrium Star, Omicron Sagittarii []

Fixed Star Manubrium Conjunctions

Ascendant conjunct Manubrium: Gwen Stefani 0°22′, Marie Curie 1°06′, Sirhan Sirhan 1°13′ (and Moon), Novak Djokovic 1°15′.

Midheaven conjunct Manubrium: Percy Bysshe Shelley 0°55′.

Descendant conjunct Manubrium: Billy Joel 1°05′, Elon Musk 1°06′, Robert De Niro 1°12′, Michael Jordan 1°22′.

Sun conjunct Manubrium: Preferment in sports and government matters. Danger of eyesight problems. [4]

Jeane Dixon 0°26′, Marilyn Manson 0°59′.

Moon conjunct Manubrium: Domestic discord is possible, the native is overly confident can gain favors from public affairs. Legal problems. [4]

John Milton 0°07′, Johnny Carson 0°20′, Johnny Depp 0°40′, Sirhan Sirhan 1°12′ (and AC).

Mercury conjunct Manubrium: Ellen DeGeneres 0°11′, Volodymyr Zelenskyy 0°15′, Keith Richards 0°19′.

Venus conjunct Manubrium: John Belushi 0°50′, Michael Jordan 1°16′.

Mars conjunct Manubrium (2° orb): This creates a disorder with the tissue at the back of the left knee. These individuals have a weakness at this point due to a lack of sufficient support at the knee. This results in the knee bending backward. They must be very careful when walking to avoid having to wear a support at the knee. As a precaution, an elastic band could be worn to support the weak muscle tissue at the knee since they never know when dislocation will occur. They can train themselves to continually keep the knee bent forward when walking thus avoiding the problem. There is no cure for this position; however, riding a bicycle would be helpful provided the leg is not straightened out completely. [3]

Ernesto Miranda 0°16′, Frida Kahlo 0°18′, Katy Perry 0°21′, Chuck Schumer 1°06′.

Jupiter conjunct Manubrium: Karl Marx 0°29′, Margaret Thatcher 0°32′.

Saturn conjunct Manubrium (0°30′ orb): This restricts the elasticity of the tissue at the left knee. It is a karmic position involving a woman in a former life who was very close to the individual. The particular person in that life left this person either through death or another sad event and they are carrying this sadness through this incarnation. These persons must realize that a soul must leave the earth plane when it is time for it to do so. The sadness manifests at this point in that individual is unable to straighten the leg, and the knee is always bent forward. This does not always cause a problem, but by keeping the knee constantly bent forward they could fall suddenly and hurt themselves seriously. [3]

Louis XVI 0°14′, Immanuel Kant 0°22′, RuPaul 0°27′, Prince Andrew, Duke of York 0°29′, William Bligh 0°37′, Diego Maradona 1°02′, Chris Brown 1°03′, Walt Disney 1°03′, Richard Ramirez 1°17′.

Uranus conjunct Manubrium: Miley Cyrus 0°42′, Edwin Castro 1°09′.

Neptune conjunct Manubrium: Emma Watson 0°17′, Kristen Stewart 0°17′, Holly Parker 0°55′, The Weeknd 1°11′.

North Node conjunct Manubrium: Leonardo da Vinci 0°25′, Woody Allen 0°54′.

South Node conjunct Manubrium: Duke William 1°25′.


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  • All fixed star positions are for the year 2000. Add one degree per 72 years to correct for precession.

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