Fixed Star Albireo

Albireo at 01°15′ Aquarius has an orb of 1°50′
Fixed Star Albireo

Cygnus Constellation[Stellarium]

The Sun joins Albireo on January 21

Fixed star Albireo, Beta Cygni, is a multiple-star system located on the beak of the Swan, Cygnus Constellation. Combined magnitude 2.90 (3.21 + 5.85 + 5.11), spectral type K2II + B8:p + B8Ve. colors yellow and blue. Beta Cygni is a double star and its bighter yellow component is also a binary star.

The traditional name Albireo comes from the Arabic phrase منقار ألدجاجة (minqār al-dajājah), which means the hen’s beak. The Latin translation is Rostrum Gallinǣ.


19 ♑ 48
25 ♑ 51
01 ♒ 15
01 ♒ 47
03 ♒ 46

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Albireo Astrology

ALBIREO. β Cygni. A topaz yellow and sapphire blue binary or double star situated on the head of the Swan. Of the nature of Venus and Mercury. It gives a handsome appearance, neatness, a lovable disposition and beneficence in despair. [1]

ALBIREO. β Cygni. A double star, one is a giant reddish-yellow. Spectral class K l, the other star is an orange star of approximately the same class, K5. These stars are situated on the head of the Swan. This star imparts to the native a gentleness, one who is well-liked, one who is subject to misfortune, is indiscreet,  ‘despair and regrets’. Success, fame – good or bad, unfortunate. 5

Albireo, the Beak, β Cygni is a Venus Mercury star, in keeping with Vega, and it would be difficult to think of a better start to the sociable Sign of Aquarius. Well-aspected people really do soar to great heights on this one and, being well-aspected people, of course, they behave appropriately when they get there. If not, however, they have been known to be shot down again! [3]

Fixed star Albireo rules seven inches below the bend of the left knee. [4]

Constellation Cygnus

Cygnus gives a contemplative, dreamy, cultured and adaptable nature. The affections are ill regulated and unsteady, the talents develop late. There is some love of water and swimming and the arts. By the Kabalists it is associated with the Hebrew letter Resh and the 20th Tarot Trump “Judgment”. [1]

Today called Cygnus, in classical times it was a dreaded constellation hostile to all things in the air. Ptolemy gives the stars the natures of Venus and Mercury. This is consistent with the spectra of Deneb Adige (Venus) and Sador (Mercury), but both Albireo and Gienah have a Martian nature. [2]

Albireo Star, Beta Cygni

Beta Cygni, Albireo []

Fixed Star Albireo Conjunctions

Ascendant conjunct Albireo: Sara Aldrete 0°25′, Kirk Douglas 0°26′, William Butler Yeats 1°23′.

Midheaven conjunct Albireo: Vera Atkins 0°11′, Ulysses S. Grant 0°52′, Steve Forbes 1°40′.

Descendant conjunct Albireo: William Bligh 0°03′, Bobby Fischer 0°′07 (and Mars), Anne Frank 0°10′, James Woods 0°28′, Stephen King 0°39′, Jack Nicholson 1°19′.

Part of Fortune conjunct Albireo: Harvey Weinstein 0°27′, Jordan Peterson 0°29′, John F. Kennedy 0°45′, Josef Mengele 0°52′, Cecilia Bartoli 0°55′.

Sun conjunct Albireo: Preferment in legal affairs, astrology, sports and matters dealing with the public; and unusual occupations. Some of these natives can develop into ultra-liberals or become extremists, which will not be of a practical nature. ‘Unfortunate experiences.’ 5

These persons are basically uncomfortable with themselves because of contradictory energy involved here. The contradiction is in their continuous behavioral patterns. They do not wish to express themselves through the ego. These natives wish to be humanistic human beings and wish to love everyone equally. They want to belong to groups and organizations that are involved in helping humanity such as orphanages, the poor and deprived, and groups organized to feed the hungry around the world. This is the typical person who would join a group such as the Salvation Army, for example. Those financially able to do so, would join groups in other parts of the world involved in these things.

There is a problem here, however, in that once they begin active participation in these groups, they wish to receive recognition for their work. The conflict in their behavior pattern manifests when they make demands that their ego be satisfied through praise and admiration from others. If their ego is not totally satisfied, they begin holding back their dedication to the humanitarian group they are involved with. Their ego simply gets in the way; they turn their interests to the financial aspect of their work rather than the humanitarian. The humanistic approach to others is lost as their ego gets in the way. Their real objective is to receive praise from others for what they do and when they do not receive it, they become hostile – a strange turn of events which goes on for a lifetime. [4]

Bill Maher 0°33′, Paul Cézanne 0°41′.

Moon conjunct Albireo: The native has a ‘likable personality’ and leadership qualities can be developed. If Mercury, Mars and Uranus are adversely aspected to the Moon, the native can be subject to some kind of misfortune. A name and fame is possible, good or bad. 5

Mel B 0°32′, David Beckham 1°03′, Barbara Hutton 1°12′ (and Uranus), Caitlyn Jenner 1°17′, Abraham Lincoln 1°36′.

Mercury conjunct Albireo: The native can be subjected to unfortunate circumstances, generally created by the natives intemperance or misjudgement, or improperly resolving situations as they arise. The native can develop creativity, and if so, gain high honours. 5

Bob Marley 0°56′, Marilyn Manson 1°29′.

Venus conjunct Albireo: (+) Natives with this conjunction are generally of a rather quiet nature; they can be genteel and well-liked. (–) The impression given by these natives is that they are of a rather quiet type; however, if angered, they can get themselves into turbulent situations, some unresolvable. 5

Walt Disney 0°10′, Elvis Presley 0°58′, Joe Exotic 1°10′, Jeff Bridges 1°21′, Phil Spector 1°28′, Nancy Spungen 1°37′.

Mars conjunct Albireo: (+ ) The native is ambitious, enterprising, mentally keen. (–) The native can be very blunt, difficult to get along with, too independent and even bombastic. 5

This creates a “mad man” type of disposition. They are brutal, changeable and very odd in the way they think. They respond and react abruptly and irrationally. They enjoy being involved with groups that administer punishment outside of the law. They imagine that others are invading their privacy, and to them, the rights of other people are not considered. If they dislike certain persons they would find a way to get rid of them.

Individuals with this configuration are not recognized as irrational human beings, in spite of these behavior patterns. These are the persons who would burn the house down of a family they do not wish to have living near them. The point is essentially the non-acceptance or certain people because of cultural or ideological differences. They would instigate others to take action to remove them by whatever means necessary. [4]

Bobby Fischer 0°30′ (and DC), Vespasian 0°50′.

Jupiter conjunct Albireo: The native with this conjunction can become involved in unusual circumstances, situations. The more negative nativities are subject to violence. 5

Barack Obama 0°08′, Jeff Bridges 0°18′, Pablo Escobar 0°23′, Billy Joel 1°25′, Huw Edwards 1°26′.

Saturn conjunct Albireo: Elizabeth Taylor 0°00′, Ted Kennedy 0°29′, George Clooney 0°52′, Jim Carrey 0°52′, Friedrich Nietzsche 1°40′.

Uranus conjunct Albireo (0°30′ orb): This is a strange configuration. These individuals have a difficult time relating to the world. They generally try to find a way to isolate themselves. They choose just a few friends for a lifetime and their entire life revolves around just those few people. They relate only to their little group and avoid talking to others outside of their group. Business dealings and entertainment remains with just their small group for the entire lifetime. This group remains small in number, rarely consisting of over five individuals. They become dependant on one another with a result that a great problem arises as they begin passing on. With only one or two to relate to they turn into hermits and take on projects to remain occupied. Many invent something that provides them with support for the rest of their lives. They avoid the public, preferring to remain to themselves when they find themselves alone. [4]

Zendaya 0°00′, Barbara Hutton 0°02′ (and Moon), Bella Hadid 0°34′, Josef Mengele 1°39′.

Neptune conjunct Albireo: Hunter Schafer 0°11′.

Pluto conjunct Albireo: Ivan The Terrible 1°04′.

North Node conjunct Albireo: Lucky Luciano 0°01′, Vito Genovese 0°08′, Manuel Noriega 0°17′, Jimmy Swaggart 0°28′, Elvis Presley 0°47′, Nero 0°56′, Joseph Goebbels 0°56′.

South Node conjunct Albireo: Roger Federer 0°05′, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex 0°38′, Henri Matisse 0°58′, Serena Williams 1°14′, Margaret Thatcher 1°18′, Beyoncé 1°20′, Michael Jordan 1°25′, Rudy Giuliani 1°31′.


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  • All fixed star positions are for the year 2000. Add one degree per 72 years to correct for precession.

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