Mercury Opposite Pluto Natal and Transit

Mercury Opposite Pluto Transit

Mercury opposite Pluto maximum orb 6°00′.

Mercury Opposite Pluto natal feels like an internal struggle with thoughts and concepts and how to rationalize and communicate them. The intensity of your nature comes from this deep psychological process; others will see you as a deep and complex person.

You are unwilling to take ideas, news, or opinions at face value. Your inquiring mind must probe and deeply understand all the fine print and ramifications of any piece of data, from a spiritual concept to what your friend just said. This can lead to broad knowledge. You may hone in on a particular field, becoming a master in your chosen field. You don’t like to be wrong; this and your mental intensity can lead to relationship problems.

The problem arises because people around you are unlikely to show the same degree of seriousness or interest in what you think or talk about. Difficulty in connecting to people can arise because small talk does not challenge your mind enough to keep you interested.

You may even feel that you are ostracized or persecuted simply because others cannot relate to your depth of thinking. They may become confused and uninterested or state a different opinion to upset you. You have strong opinions and will likely get involved in arguments and conflict.

To have some harmony in relationships at the intimate level, you need to gain self-awareness of your communication style and how you come across to others. Thankfully, you have the intelligence to make this realization. Through this higher self-awareness, you can also transform and improve your communication style to better integrate and maintain close relationships.

Mercury Opposite Pluto Transit

Mercury opposite Pluto transit creates a battle of ideas within your mind or between competitors. There is a tendency under this transit to put the blinkers on and hone in on a particular problem or concept. This is a good time for research, investigation, and uncovering secrets. An intense buildup of mental energy requires an outlet, ranging from occult studies to fierce debates and arguments.

The most positive manifestation of this transit would be psychological self-analysis or relationship counseling. Although opinions may be extreme now, there is also the promise of a positive transformation in your thinking as more profound levels of understanding are reached.

There are, however, several more negative scenarios to beware of. This transit favors subversive tactics such as propaganda, mind control, threats, intimidation, and other forms of psychological abuse. You should be wary of being talked into things under pressure due to a tendency to become intrigued or obsessed with a particular idea. Abusing your mental powers may result in temporary gains and inflated feelings of superiority, but in the long run, such tactics would backfire.

The truth may be hidden today by secrecy or propaganda, and it is reasonable not to take anything a face value and investigate both sides of the equation. Conspiracy theories abound.

Mercury Opposite Pluto Celebrities

Vivian de Sola Pinto 0°04’, Xul Solar 0°14’, Walter Alston 0°16’, Bret Easton Ellis 0°17’, Patricia Neal 0°17’, Shaquille O’Neal 0°18′, Georges Clemenceau 0°21’, Bob Denver 0°21’, Vince Neil 0°27′, Andy Kaufman 0°29’, Nancy Mitford 0°31’, Gates McFadden 0°34’, Christopher Wren 0°36′, Robert Berdella 0°41’, Mary Tyler Moore 0°41’, Lily-Rose Depp 0°42’, Rosie O’Donnell 0°43’, Ben Thompson 0°56′, Mark Zuckerberg 1°01′, Vittorio Emanuele, Prince of Naples 1°06’, Charlotte Rampling 1°10’, Mariah Carey 1°12′, Paul Newman 1°17’, Helen Duncan 1°18′, Kurt Cobain 1°19’, Richard Nixon 1°21’, Noel Tyl 1°23’, Billy Tipton 1°27’, André Gide 1°31’, Frédérick Lemaître 1°45’, René Magritte 1°47’.

Mercury Opposite Pluto Dates

July 18, 2022
July 10, 2023
July 3, 2024
June 29, 2025
August 11, 2026
August 5, 2027
July 27, 2028

11 thoughts on “Mercury Opposite Pluto Natal and Transit

  1. Mercury opposing Pluto is an aspect that I know well. I have Pluto conjunct Regulus opposing Mercury and Mercury and Pluto square Saturn (The focal point) in a nasty T-Square in fixed signs. Saturn trine Uranus conjunct Jupiter and these two trine an unencumbered Sun that is conjunct the Ascendant and these two trine Saturn, lends a little help. However, a grand trine can be lazy if it isn’t acted upon. One should never worry about a T-Square being lazy, because it gives an impetus for action. Can I get an amen to that? Have a wonderful day.

  2. I do not have this placement myself, however I do have pluto in Virgo opposite Chiron in Pisces, and natal Chiron is in Grand trine with Mercury in Cancer and Neptune in Scorpio, so even deeper into the underworld at times to work with learning a deep mind healing at the bottom of the lake, for whatever purpose that is to serve that way, so yes it would be intense and vast and serious as this depth of mind is also very clise to where the spirit becomes a soul, thus highly vulnerable yet hughly powerful too? I love that you have offered this at this timing, it really matters for others to understand how much affect the mind has at this depth of the emotiinal pool to be careful not to be giving cause for oneself or others to suffer needlessly. Kudos Jamie!

  3. Pluto (conjunct NN) in Virgo opposite Mercury – anyone need a detective? Have got own spade

  4. The Artwork having its Declaration of Independence moment? Amongst rivalry, competition, intrigue…

    Exhibit A
    Sibley chart, Ixion Return 1Cap08, at Final Saturn sq. Uranus

    Exhibit B
    Age of Aquarius, 26th birthday Harmonic, January 12, 2022. and Sibley natal chart
    “Same aspect” Mercury Rx opposite Pluto.

  5. Hey this transit description was pretty awesomely accurate. During a Merc opp Pluto exact, that’s the day that suddenly information related to Carl Jung and psychoc-self analysis w/ astrology and associated teachers came rushing into my existence, early in the A.M.. Awesome descriptions, always. Easily the most accurate

    • Hi Proteus. Thank you! Looking at the lives of people with only the tightest orbs makes it easy to write these interpretations.

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