Uranus Conjunct Sun Transit

Uranus Conjunct Sun TransitUranus conjunct Sun transit will make you feel an urge to express yourself in new ways because Uranus is the planet of change and higher awareness. You become more in tune, more aware of your true nature which may be rather different from the old you.

Uranus brings freedom of expression so you will feel less inhibited and more open-minded, more willing to explore the possibility that you have been living as your family, friends, or society expected you to, and not being true to your own individual identity.

The inner changes that you go through in this self-discovery transit can manifest outwardly as big changes in your life from work to home and relationships. As this transit approaches you may anticipate or look forward to more excitement and change, especially if you have been feeling stagnate over the last few years.

In that case, you can take full advantage of the new opportunities which are opening up for you. If you are in a comfortable rut, Uranus may cause unexpected events and unwelcome changes leading to anxiety and tension. If this occurs it will be to promote higher self-awareness.

Uranus Conjunct Sun Transit Dates

Sign and DecanFromTo
Taurus Decan 1May 2018April 2021
Taurus Decan 2July 2020March 2022
Taurus Decan 3May 2023April 2026
Gemini Decan 1July 2025May 2028
Gemini Decan 2May 2028April 2031
Gemini Decan 3July 2030May 2033
Cancer Decan1August 2032June 2035
Cancer Decan 2September 2034July 2037
Cancer Decan 3July 2037May 2040

107 thoughts on “Uranus Conjunct Sun Transit

  1. I’m starting my first really big job next week as transit uranus 8.07 aries conjuncts my progressed sun 8.10 aries. Did the interview the day after the last may solar eclipse which occured in my 10th house of career, and opposed my saturn at 28 scorpio in the 4th.

    Last december’s lunar eclipse opposed my 5th house uranus 17 sag, and exactly one month later I made a big move in order to find work.

    I think the eclipse to my saturn is what found me my job (government and law). But I think the uranus transits and eclipse to uranus probably helped shake me out of my old life.

    I’m really curious to see what happens next march when my progressed 1st quarter moon squares transit uranus and opposes transit pluto! I’m excited!!!

    • I usually think of eclipses as something leaving – solar, something male or identity, and lunar, women, mothering etc. It has often worked like that for me. Just curious. What house has Aquarius on the cusp in your natal?

      Interesting about natal opposition to a lunar or solar eclipse. What would the tug of war or balancing act be? Letting go and not? 4th (home) is no longer in focus now that career takes the fore front? How do you see the house component playing out? Saturn in Scorpio – that is some deep feeling.

      • Well my saturn is in the 4th, on the cusp of the 5th so sometimes Im not so sure which house it’s in. I don’t feel like I had a saturnian childhood etc! But as regards these last eclipses, I’d tend towards thinking saturn’s in the 4th since I moved to a new home which I think will have longterm consequences. Saturn also rules my 6th house so that’s another reason why I think it relates to my new job.

        Aquarius is on cusp of 7th with uranus in 5th. Nothing goin on the love and relationship department at the moment so I can’t make any connections there! Natal sun is in 8th and progressed sun is in 9th.

        As regards the oppositions, yeah I suppose I am letting go of home, but I wouldn’t call it a balancing act as I’m more than happy to be focusing on my career now (as are my parents), so I don’t see how the opposition comes into play.

        The past year of life has been frustrating for me (not emotionally, but only in the sense of needing to break free of home and have my own life), and now I feel Im on my way to achieving that so I’m quite happy actually. So no major saturn in scorpio issues to report! YOu could probably say the last eclipse to saturn in 4th has freed me of previous home restrictions which made me feel like I was still a child. I feel much freeer and more in charge of myself now.

        • I love how you have described all of this and how it all makes sense with the Uranus theme of being freed up “free, free ,free at last!” and the Saturn “being in charge” of self (Aries). Perhaps opposition is really about giving focus and time to one end of the polarity and then taking turns with the other and not really a tug of war. This would be consistent with what you are experiencing. When it becomes too weighted for too long in one direction, correction is necessary and you have brilliantly done that! Best Wishes and good luck with this week’s Lunar eclipse – in Sag. the last Sag eclipse I think was in December of 2011 so I am checking my journal to see what was going on then myself. One last note about Uranus conjunct the sun – I am 6 weeks away from it getting as close as it will (2 deg) to sun this year and making a wide (8 deg)trine to 4th house moon/saturn. I have just lost my job and I have a pervasive sense of instability regarding home and now finance. Along with this,the Ur. square to Pluto in the 5th is coming into PLAY. I went to a convention for cancer survivors (me) yesterday and met two sex therapists!!! This was quite the mix of Pluto and Uranus for me. Very unexpected. Ha!

          • Sorry to hear about your job loss. I think uranus transits might be easier to deal with when we have nothing to lose (I’ve been jobless, single, etc., living a fairly stagnant life of late, so I don’t have much to lose). Hopefully I’m not jinxing myself and uranus doesn’t deal me a blinder. I had transit uranus conjunct my natal (not progressed) sun a few years ago and nothing major (external) happened. But I did undergo a serious psychological makeover. I went from being an overly sensitive/insecure 8th house piscean and developed a cool/ detached and objective confidence over the space of a couple of years. The changes I went through were purely internal and much needed.

            Is your sun in the 8th or 9th house? Where is uranus in your chart, and what cusp does it rule? Sex therapists are definitely defined by uranus/pluto!!! Pluto also ties in with being a cancer survivor. Transit pluto square your sun could represent the changes you’re going through since overcoming cancer. And perhaps the uranus transit signifies emerging new beliefs and personal philosophies on life (as a cancer survivor). Shortly after my mum recovered from her second bout of cancer, she experienced progressed sun conjunct natal uranus. She has a very ‘live every day as if it’s your last’ approach to life now. She also had transit uranus conjunct her natal moon so there was a stron uranus influence during that time.

            • Hi Ellie – my sun is in the 8th, 10 deg. Uranus is 28 deg Cancer in the 11th, making a wide, out of sign trine to 3 deg Mercury in the 8th, and yes,I have unusual friends and we talk a lot. Aquarius is on the cusp of the 6th. Guess the Uranus affect is clearly showing up according to blueprint.I have always been a “Jill of all trades, master of none”. Chiron is in that house at 10 deg. As for jobs and careers, I have always considered myself as having a job and not a career, but have made a career out of my job if that makes sense. I am not a professional as in doctor, lawyer, candle-stick maker. Gemini is intercepted in the 10th with a south node there as well so, I guess I have already “been there, done that”. I Aquarian type jobs. Another Aquar. 6th house thoug: I have a used alternative health care since I was young. Opted for the big guns when it came to the Big C.. LOTS of drugs – Neptune was going through 6th the whole time. (So sorry to hear you and yours have been affected by this terrible disease). In the solar return moon is in the 10th opposing Pluto. That makes sense. Maybe all of this will force a move. I need to locate a progressed chart. I think going through a psychological transformation is a very 8th house theme and that it is fascinating how much you changed. It was interior but ends up expressing to others as well. Very good example of Uranus being there. I am not sure what trans.Pluto in the 5th is struggling with the 8th house trans.Uranus about. Pluto wants to go slowly and Uranus is too erratic? How do you read this? and between the 5th and the 8th?(which is Pluto’s house!) I have Leo on the 12th, and I have never understood the 12th and how planets express there since it is so nebulous and deep and unconscious. So, supposedly all this transformation stuff going on with the 8th house sun will very much affect the psyche on deep levels. I am excited about Jupiter going into the 10th. I figure this will help me find a good job, opening up the interception, bringing expansion, or at least a BIG energy there. And Saturn will be leaving the 2nd (earned income) by the end of summer. So – I am not too worried to tell you the truth. Do not worry about your new job. Sun in the 8th knows how to relate to others and you have already been through your shaking up. It seems like this job is the reward 🙂

            • sorry – i see u already responded very nicely to the pluto sun sqaure etc. Very interesting. yes, cancer does affect one’s complete outlook on life – and how precious it is – no matter what is going on.

          • Well the convention for cancer survivors (or such alternative methods to healtha and healing) is definitely an aspect of the uranus/pluto transit playing out. But your right, I’d say this transit really applies to your job (especially with solar return moon in 10th). And you said you recently lost your job right? That could have been pluto stripping you back down and forcing change. Now uranus can step in and spur you on to try a new area of work (outside of your comfort zone perhaps). espeically with uranus ruling 6th. Jupiter entering the 10th is a great help. Jupiter just left my 10th and it did it’s job. My north node is in the 10th and I applied for the job the day the sun and jupiter were conjunct each other, and exactly conjunct my ceres/north node. 12 years ago when jupiter transited my 10th I was a teenager, but I had some really some really fortunate successes relating to music so it definitely works. Best of luck 🙂

  2. I dunno much about astrology…my birth date and time are 31st March, 1985, 9:10 am IST…by that I make a second decan but the radical changes I ve bn goin through clearly make me believe am a first decan..trying to come out of my first relationship..don’t know whether it happened/ended is for any good..finding it all too hard..down mentally, physically and professionally..seems no light is going to be there for me ever..can anyone help me some bit and at least tell me if am actually a first or a second transit..

    • Oh you got it happening alright, your Sun is 10°22′ degrees Aries so you can read your horoscopes for the end of decan 1 and beginning of decan 2 to get a better idea of the timing. Uranus got to 8.5 degrees Aries back in July before it turned retrograde, so that was close enough to give you a tickle. You will feel it stronger next year.

      Probably the strongest thing you have been going through though is from Pluto, because it got to 9.5 degrees Capricorn back in April. See Pluto square Sun transit. Like with Uranus, this one will be stronger in 2013. Hang in there, read the comments because you’re not alone.

      • I am a 10 7′ Aries so I can speak to this. I am definitely feeling the Pluto more heavily (but what’s light about Pluto?) than Uranus. Aside from the unexpected and shocking manner in which I was laid off, Uranus is mostly manifesting in this quirky way that involves the sun’s trine from the 8th to moon saturn and north node in the 4th. All of july I felt like I was having a breakdown – I even bought a homeopathic remedy for shock, trauma and grief and took vits and good food for depression. August much better. My take is that this will all come to completion at the exact square to sun? All the “stuff” that came up in July at .5 degrees away from exact will then be resolved? July was bad so saying that it will be stronger in 2013 is not something I am looking forward to.
        Please clarify – do you mean read decan 1 and 2? Your comment says decan 1 and 3. Thank you – and welcome back 🙂 – this blog is a lifeline for me.

        • Apologies for the confusing comment (n.Neptune in III . I see now that Uranus was probably the culprit in July. In April – when Pluto was closest to exact square to Sun I got my first notice that job was probably not secure. But I was holding together. After the sudden ntoice of final break end of May and exit from work end of June, the tidal wave came on. Cathartic in a way.

    • I am an aries decan 1 as my birthday is March 21st. I have gone though drastic changes since 2011 and it has not let up once. I was living in a place for 3 yrs in an almost three yr relationship in which I had my son during. In Oct. last year she left me with no real reason except unhappiness. I got out of that apartment on the 1st of the year only to get kicked out by mid June by my father skipping around now. The shoulder surgery is why I lost my Job of 2 years last may haven’t worked since. In 2nd week of January my shoulder surgery became unsuccessful which lead to Workers compensation fighting me and having no income now waiting to go to court. I got in a car accident totally my car a week after that in Jan. I got into a new relationship fell in love in February which has been off and on since with a Capricorn. Currently off broke up 6 weeks ago but are now talking again and dating whatever you would really wanna call it. My life is in turmoil. I am not sure anything that has happened is for the best except the ending of my almost 3yr relationship last October. I am also physically, mentally, financially drained. The only thing that seems to work anymore to make me happy, that I have not given up on yet is Love. I have no advice wish I knew when things would start looking up again. Need to find a time machine to fast forward everything.

      • Richie, Cain suggest a few things? Great you still have faith in love. For a while consider immersing yourself in love which does not need another person to entangle with to express it. The Uranus arm of this square is the lightning from above or even enlightenment. The Pluto aspect is the explosive depth. Decide how you want to “explode”. Think of this as appositive way to expand. Relationships can be very limiting at times.
        Could I suggest you find a guide or a teacher? It doesn’t matter who, just that they resonate with you, that you feel the truth of what they say inside.
        Teachers come in all shapes and shades but the message boils down to the same thing, that the jewels are inside and to wait for the magic hot from another is to waste time.when you are balanced inside and your inner home fire burns with a steady glow you may attract someone who wants to be warmed by it.
        Sure, all the money, job, other stuff is wretched. But don’t let it destroy the essential you.
        I dip into all manner of teachings. I vere towards the eastern esoteric but I hear the same things said by people like Joyce Meyer!
        Half an hour of meditation every day will do wonders. Under this transit, and while Saturn was/still is in Libra we get to make hard choices. This is the work. This time is very much about choices and we. Ake the best ones when we are really in touch with our deeper self.
        Best of luck. And you have that little boy too! I hope you can have some unbridled fun with him.

        • Hi Uber 🙂 – so good to see your post. Thank you for the wonderful clarification of the Pluto vs the Uranus energy. As you can tell I am somewhat confused since it is all happening at once for me and both planets are so powerful. Pluto and Uranus are so different and then to add the Capricorn Aries agendas squaring off – CRAZY. It IS the perfect time to create a solid identity – and really go deep to figure that out. In this way the square is working together. The Self must face the challenge.

      • Hi there Richie!

        When I was on love and finance bankruptcy, it was very helpful to know that I was somehow responsible and to know my part. Then, I had to attend co-dependent program, three times a week, in order to find out what was that I was doing (or not doing), that led me where I was.

        For me, a love beleiver, was hard but helpful to know that I had to beleive better on work and on standing on my own feet.

        Co-dependent Program is based on 12th steps, that work like an ABC to live (the ways I lived did not prove to be efficient and I ended heart and money broken).

        They are free! And are well spread all over the world. Maybe, you may catch sessions in places near from where you live. You will be only asked to give some service, which will not be draining.

        I learned there to observe, to stop impulses, to pray in a very deep way, to set limits, to set my confidence in my self and in my capabilities to work; therefore, to stand on my own feet (trembling, as they seem to be).

        I learned to listen, to discern, to stop beleiving in promises that did not depend on me. I learned to be patient and to go little by little, having an increasing confidence. I also learned to manage my feelings and to be a little more auto-sustainable (I wanted others to sustain me).

        Wish you luck and happy moments with your baby!

  3. Love is the answer. Starting with yourself. And grab onto anything that nourishes your soul – make time for it. You know what it is – be still and you will know. Commit to getting through this and you will. Best Wishes.

  4. Hi, as per these dates i am decan 1 aries. Born on 30 March 1976. its been over an year since i resigned and for last 5 months i am looking for a job, what is the outlook for me… is there light at the end of tunnel. :))

    • I am March 30 too but twenty years earlier! Jamie says to read end of decan 1 and beginning of decan 2 for our forcast. We are getting hit hard right now with Uranus AND Pluto. Let me know how that full moon 7 degrees Aries goes for you! (September 29). Our identity (Sun) is being challenged and it sounds like we are both experiencing just as this site sees it – one possibility is losing one’s job – which I also did. I have only been looking for 2 months but from my last experience when Pluto was conjunct IC it took a good year but once I put VERY serious vibes out there I go the best job of my life – it lasted fourteen years. I supported my family with that job and learned a lot. The big things for me seem to happen at the midnight hour and it has all turned out good. Hang in there – I have read where some people put the resume through a filter looking for key words and don’t even read the cover letter. So use all the keywords in the job description and put them in your resume – for each job. Don’t keep re-using the same resume. I am Virgo Asc, so always looking for the practical – and Sag moon so big on giving advice hahaha. Best wishes. We are in this for awhile – a good year plus as I see it. Doesn’t mean you won’t get a job before then though. Have your chart done. If you have the money get a good reading.

  5. To start with, I definitely need help…born on 31st march but I believe am first decan, mostly coz my life has been turning topsyturvy since the last year n I can’t see it settling ever..I muster up courage and lose it just the next moment..I feel like doing nothing n just crying n wondering if it’s going to be over or bam any better…I have to let go of that someone wid whom I had first relationship just coz of family issues n could not pursue it beyond a certain level n finding it too hard to move on n if it continues like this I see probz in future life too, unable to commit now which is as scary as it gets…can’t blv I must let go for bttr n move on…and as moving on is hard ad it is n I deep down don’t want to, I fear I might just end up like this forever, TRAPPED n more TRAPPED with someone els in future..feel like ending everything mostly…

  6. I was born on the 26th of March so I think I’m decan 1 Aries (?). Can someone please explain to me what this transit could mean for me? I’m kinda new at this stuff and so far I am beyond confused. Thankyouu.

    • You are decan 1 so the above description would apply. Expect the unexpected – sudden events could change your sense of self either with a sense of being freed or a sense of shock or both. Some say this effect helps us to become more wholly who we really are instead of complying with expectations that don’t really fit us. An example would be losing a job and then taking the time to figure out a new direction that could be a radical change from what we were doing before. I would imagine you are pretty much through the biggest change by now?

  7. The upcoming superior conjunction between the sun, venus, and uranus in Aries is going to occur the day after my birthday – i.e. it’s in my SR for the coming year. It will also be conjunct to my progressed Venus and natal Juno.

    The only challenge I can see is from my crabby Cancer moon which will get a square from this conjunction.

    I’m looking forward to what adventures this is going to bring this year. 2012 was definitely a challenge, but I think this year is going to be much more like a new amusement park ride I’ve waited in a long line to try out!

  8. it’s been so amazing reading all these posts! i’ve been stressing about the uranus conjunct sun/pluto square sun…having moments when i’m convinced i’m going to die soon…panic attacks. having confrontations with people left and right, may be taking one client to small claims court, another client may well be ready to sue me…feel like every direction i turn in i find problems and limitations. today i just wanted to scream, let me out! my 10 yr old son is also having pluto squaring his natal mars in cancer,,…so following that one along leads me back to the sudden death thing…urgh. why can’t there be some sudden dramatic change like say such as winning the lottery so i can leave my miserable work behind and live happily ever after…:-) actually i don’t mind my actual work, it’s the people i have to deal with to do my work… as lately they’ve all been difficult, even down right mean. 🙁 and i’m too sensitive…one confrontation and my whole day is shot and maybe the next one as well. i hope there is light at the end of this tunnel but not you know the kind of white light you see when you’re dieing…any clues, ideas suggestions, greatly appreciated!!!

    My data is::: Planetary positions
    planet sign degree motion
    Sun Aries 12°01’35 in house 12 direct
    Moon Capricorn 19°10’24 in house 10 direct
    Mercury Pisces 14°19’30 in house 12 direct
    Venus Taurus 15°45’56 in house 1 direct
    Mars Libra 29°21’28 in house 7 retrograde
    Jupiter Cancer 24°39’24 in house 4 direct
    Saturn Aries 3°39’36 in house 12 direct
    Uranus Virgo 21°32’43 in house 6 retrograde
    Neptune Scorpio 24°00’07 in house 7 retrograde
    Pluto Virgo 18°44’39 in house 6 retrograde
    True Node Taurus 7°13’13 in house 1 retrograde

    House positions (Placidus)
    Ascendant Aries 25°00’17
    2nd House Taurus 28°57’45
    3rd House Gemini 22°37’56
    Imum Coeli Cancer 13°45’53
    5th House Leo 7°07’30
    6th House Virgo 8°37’36
    Descendant Libra 25°00’17
    8th House Scorpio 28°57’45
    9th House Sagittarius 22°37’56
    Medium Coeli Capricorn 13°45’53
    11th House Aquarius 7°07’30
    12th House Pisces 8°37’36

    • I feel the same. I like my work but the people aroumd me is making thinks dificult for me.

      I am capricorn i have pluto conjuct and uranus square sun.
      Last year was the most dificult year of my life and still dificult.

  9. Glad I found this site and fellow Aries, bracing/ dealing with Uranus conjunct/ Pluto square sun. My sun is 9 degrees Aries in the 10th house, with 20 degrees Cancer rising. So its pretty much a direct hit from both as I write. My job is stable, although I do feel the limitations daily. Doesn’t feel like anything major is happening there. The big issues have been surrounding my mother who has Alzheimer. I had to dismantle her home, her life, and put her in a nursing home. It has been very traumatic and heartbreaking watching her decline and not being able to do anything about it. My mother was always a stronger figure in my life than my father. Maybe she is represented in my chart by the sun. Also having relationship issues. In a relationship which doesn’t make a lot of sense, but not ready to end it. (Pluto is still in my 6th house).

  10. I landed on this page, and relate to all of you- from early 2012 through now I have been hung upside down like the Fool Card and shook hard from one continuous existential earthquake of loss, grief, and transformation. Hold on to the reins! We are on a still wild ride- April 2015.
    I’ve dis-covered the golden gift of opportunity to give up so much of what does not serve us- and open to the REAL love waiting for us to discover.
    4:54 a.m.
    West orange N.J.
    Jana Peace

  11. Hi Jamie,
    I have a question regarding Uranus transits I am hoping you can address. How close does the Uranus transit have to be to the natal Moon to show an impact. When looking at Uranus transits, how many degrees away from the moon, or any other planet should we consider is close enough to initiate changes.

    I have natal moon at 22 degrees Aries and Uranus will be exact by June of this year. Will I feel the effects at 18 degrees or only when it is an exact hit at 22 degrees. My boyfriend and I broke up when Uranus was at 18 degrees (last summer) and I am not sure if it was triggered by Uranus approaching my moon or not. Will the upcoming exact hit of Uranus on my moon bring a reversal or could it possibly end our relationship for good.

    Thanks for your help. I am looking at solar arcs as well, but SA Uranus is also 3 degrees away from my natal Jupiter and I am wondering if it is close enough to make an impact or if these transits only work when exact.

    Thank you again, I LOVE your website.

    • Hi Lilah, I’m not up on solar arcs but with your Uranus transit, I say you feel the effect once it comes under one degree orb. The thing with Uranus transits is that you cannot predict what will happen, only that change is on the way.

  12. Thank you so much Jamie for this site I found by accident, very impressive. My BD is 4/19/66 at 11:57pm is that mean I’m a cusp with Taurus? In Chinese or Japanese it called me the Fire horse women which to them mean headstrong, stubborn and leadership…so to the old traditional no one would want to marry Fire horse women. I’m in a transitional among friendships and self discovery on my 50th birthday…. Let’s see where life takes me. My best friend went ghost on me this the 1st time anyone ever done this so I’m paying more attention to your site

    • Yes, I get you as 29 degrees Aries but the exact date of Uranus conjunct your Sun will depend on your place of birth.

  13. My boyfriend is Aries 4/11/85 and I am Virgo 9/13/85 both deacon 3. He was fired from his job 2/29/16 started new work for MUCH less pay on 3/21/16 and has been battling a very manipulative sibling (4/22/81) for several years (but mainly the past 2-3 months which the sibling has now began attacking myself)
    Can anyone give me any insight at all? When will things calm down? When will the sibling leave us alone? What can I do to help support my boyfriend through this time?

    Thank you

  14. Hi Jimmie* I have a question regarding Uranus conjunct my Ascendant in Aries 21 degrees (and Pluto square in the near future)* How strong is this influence compare to one it makes to Sun, and what is its nature ? Thank you*

    • The Pluto transit is not until at least 2018, far enough apart so you don’t have the horrible effect like those earlier had with Uranus square Pluto. I will write about this aspect and transit but I don’t think it affects your entire life as much as with the Sun. Perhaps more about personal relationships than anything else.

  15. Omg… This is so true about the transit! I was in a stagnant relationship for the last 2 years (ended it in December last year). Uranus has been coming into conjunction with my natal moon since the spring. At first, I felt like I didn’t want this energy, but now I see it as a really good thing! Severing old ways and bringing new ways! Now the conjunction is becoming tighter to my natal moon, I find myself being quite put off by conservative people, posho’s etc. I was also in a relationship with a very pretentious person, who wanted to be really conservative. I think he wished that he was born into the bourgeoisie. I used to go to all these fancy Michelin star restaurants with him and I never enjoyed it, because of his rigid, critical personality. So, I’m actually embracing this Uranus energy now and I believe it’s a good thing! New start! A bit accentric and free spirited was more me, before Saturn in Scorpio/Saturn in Sagg and that relationship! Back to the old or – new ways, shall I say! Also, his natal Saturn is directly opposite my vertex and conjunct my moon! Goodbye Saturn conjunct my moon and hello Uranus conjunct my moon! What a change/difference! Thank God!

  16. Yep. I had Uranus conjunct Sun, trine Asc and square Moon all at the same time this April/May. My birthday is April 11. Sudden death of my mom, selling my home and I was cut loose by someone I really relied on and trusted. Anxiety severe, and now manifesting physically with back problems and nervous system stuff. I know its positive in that its forcing me out into the world and to stand on my own two feet and make new connections, but dang, its like hell on earth to live through all this. I’m hoping and waiting for at least my back to get better – which will likely happen when the fear lessens. Any idea when that could turn around?

    • Hi again babs. I would suggest finding the cause of your back problems. Get your chart then go down this list of fixed stars. Many of them have interpretations for the health implications of particular planets on a star. Each star represents one part of the body, with many vertebrae in the back having one star each.

  17. Hi,
    I get my next taste of Uranus conjuncts are;

    1. Ascendant
    2. Natal Sun
    3. Natal Venus
    The above three are all conjunct each other in my 1st House and Uranus conjuncts my Ascendant about mid July next year and retrogrades back out of orb in early September 2018 before returning in Late April 2019 and remaining there for the rest of the year.
    While being in conjunct with my Sun and Venus it will be in opposition to my Natal Pluto so what that lot may bring I guess I will find out.

  18. I will have Uranus conjunct my sun, mercury and mars in the 4 house in taurus over the next many years..!!! from marts when the planet will station direct – so help me God ..

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