Venus Opposite Mars Natal and Transit

Venus Opposite Mars Transit

Venus opposite Mars maximum orb 6°30′.

Venus opposite Mars natal creates an intense emotional life resulting in equally fierce relationships. When you love someone, you express your strong feelings through deeply passionate and sometimes dramatic displays of affection. Although this is normal for you and a sign of how much you love someone, the other person may think you are coming on too strong and feel threatened.

You are best suited to a vibrant partner who is not too submissive, someone who matches your intense passions. You will probably still experience a stormy relationship even with such a partner. On the positive side, you calm down as quickly as you let off steam. The direct way you show affection can become an asset because you put as much intensity into making up as you do into escalating any little irritations.

Venus opposite Mars is a very physical planetary aspect, and your high energy does need other forms of release besides sex. The intense internal conflict between love and hate can result in a distinct creative style expressed in sports, entertainment, art, music, and dance. The dynamic physicality of this aspect can even manifest as distinctive or exaggerated facial features or pronounced musculature of the body.

Venus Opposite Mars Transit

Venus opposite Mars transit increases sexual attraction, physical desires, and sexual tension. The tension can be released with heightened stimulation and enjoyment in a healthy relationship. However, a tense relationship could see tempers boil over because of selfishness or wandering eyes.

Even if you are single, your increased passion may need to be kept in check because you could be attracted to someone you are incompatible with. Women or submissive men should be particularly cautious be avoid falling prey to overly-aggressive types.

A more positive way to release the build-up of tension and frustration is through physical or creative outlets such as vigorous exercise, dance, or sculpture. A robust competitive spirit can lead to victories in sports and business, so long as you remember to be friendly to teammates.

Venus Opposite Mars Celebrities

Thomas Watt Hamilton 0°04′, Jay Leno 0°16′, Martina Navratilova 0°49′, Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. 1°26′, Shia LaBeouf 1°37′, Jimmy Swaggart 1°43′, Alan Leo 1°49′, John Wayne Bobbitt 2°06′, Jimmy Page 2°11′, William Rehnquist 2°22′, Jimmy Carter 2°33′.

Venus Opposite Mars Dates

December 1, 2022
December 12, 2024
March 19, 2027
March 24, 2029
April 3, 2031
July 30, 2033
September 8, 2035

27 thoughts on “Venus Opposite Mars Natal and Transit

  1. Hi Jamie, How would this manifest itself if the natal chart has mars and venus conjunct each other?

  2. I’ve got this aspect effecting my rising sign Gemini Decan 1 at the moment. It’s energy has made me quite irritable and actually anti-men in a feminist way today, but I think that filling the heart with loves helps ease the symptoms of this energy! I gave my cat a good cuddle and felt so much better (filled with love!) The energy of this transit might effect everyone differently.

    • … If I had a dog, I could imagine that I’d be walking him for miles today – with this irritable energy! But do feel a lot better after having a long hug, with my kitty.

          • Mice are so sweet, I feel really bad when Kitty catches them from the garden and brings them into the house! She caught a bird the other day and ate the whole thing!

            • We first got the mouse cage for that reason. Now a bell around her neck keeps the causalities down.

    • Yes it would Katie depending on how it aspected their charts. You felt is very personally because of it aspecting your Ascendant. It someone had Mars square Mars transit they would manifest a more physical expression.

      • Yes, I think so (Mars square Mars). I’m starting to notice that transits aspecting my ascendent often do have quite strong effects on me. I was also born with Jupiter conjunct my ascendent, so I don’t know if that makes things greater. It was bad though when the Venus opposite Mars was effecting my decan. I was at a gas station and was feeling really anti-men and would be thinking in my head: “piss off you pervy bastard” to any men who were looking at me, I felt like that all day. I was absolutely fine with women that day.

        • Yes Jupiter does boost anything it touches. With Jupiter trine AC I have noticed it brings me good fortune physically if in danger. But it can also exaggerate some behaviors which would be OK if not affected by Jupiter. Especially going overboard with anything that makes me feel good and happy, like sweet food and some additive substances.

          I guess you have a greater affinity with Venus than Mars when they are at equal power.

          • You’re lucky to have Jupiter trine the Asc! I think that Jupiter makes me very friendly. And I’ve always loved travel, and meeting new people, exploring different cultures whilst travelling! Yes, I used to be very addicted to sweet food, but had to give it up!

            Well the thing is with Venus, is that my numerology number is 24 (number 6), which is ruled by Venus and I think that the discription of number 6 is very true to me. I’m very much into numerology and personality believe that it has as much significance as astrology. I’ve found that all my friends/families numerology numbers describe them very well. Also, when it comes to Mars, I guess that I’m quite feminine and really, have been surrounded by a lot of females my whole life! Even the family is full of females (not as many male cousins and no brothers). In the tarot I always come up as The Empress, which is Venus. And I do love luxuries!

            • You have a good handle on your chart Katie. I think your feminine side is also stronger due to Mars retrograde.

  3. Yes, I definitely think so Jamie. I think that Mars retrograde made me a bit lazy as a kid too. I spent more time in my imagination, nature and painting. I also found that I didn’t have the energy to argue or fight with stronger more aggressive girls at school. And I used to wonder why I didn’t have the energy or drive to argue or fight… I find out all these years later! Mars retrograde!

      • 4 days later after my birth on the 28th of October (my birthday – 24th Oct1988, Southampton, England, 18:05). But then I guess Mars is still in the shadow period from the 28th onwards.

        • I have not heard of the shadow period having any affect in progressed chart. However, it does take 2 to 3 years for the change to kick in. So I would say you would have started more outwardly expressing your energy and desires from age 7. Unfortunately Mars was still retrograde during your first Mars return which is where you learn a lot about pushing your limits.

  4. Even though I was born in Mars retrograde and don’t like fighting at all; I’m actually a very strong person physically and in my spirit. I’ve got a lot of inner strength. So I would rise to the challenge if I felt like I had no choice and were backed into a corner for example. I’m a Scorpio and we’re meant to be quite strong, but I know that you’re not into the zodiac signs. Pluto’s not strong in my chart, but my strength and tenacity comes from somewhere. I can tolerate a lot for long periods of time before reaching breaking point. But the stress will go inwards, which is probably quite Mars retrograde in nature. I know I can go on a bit, but it is interesting analysing and reflecting on astrological descriptions. Most of the people I know aren’t deeply into astrology, so it’s nice to have someone to talk to about it.

    • Same here Katie, with talking astrology I mean. Probably the same for everyone who has a chat here. I would say your strength comes from those challenging aspect to Mars, the struggles have toughened you up. Mars sextile MC is also important in promoting your strength outward. Mars on Scheat does not seem to have much influence besides some accidents and misfortune. MC conjunct Altair is extremely strong being a Mars Jupiter star.

      Also consider your Mars as the focal point of a minor grand trine aspect pattern to MC trine Jupiter AC. After all that I would say Mars is the strongest planet in your chart.

      • Wow! One of the tarot readers I see says that I’m more fire, when we start talking about the elements. I do find though, that if I’m around people who are too down and emotional all the time, it really dampens my spirits. I don’t like too much “damp energy,” if you know what I mean. I always need the wind bowing through the windows! I like being under trees as they catch the wind and at the same time I’m connected to nature! Sorry, going off track a bit. I felt like I was born strong. I always remember being very strong and resilient as a child. I was like a solid wooden plank – standing my ground if ever challenged by elders or anyone! Unmovable and unbreakable! But also quite Urnanus in nature – rebelling against too much authority or resraint! I detested it! I still do to be honest! Good thing that I’m not lawless! Haha ????

        • One other thing – my Mum’s an Aquarius (same as my MC) and we get along really well. Maybe there’s a connection there? But I don’t get along very well with my Scorpionic (grey lizard) Dad – born later on in Scorpio (11/Nov/1952, Midland, Ontario, Canada) if you’re ever curious about his chart. He’s an extremely jealous person and very jealous of mine and my Mum’s relationship. Remember, I’ve got Mars square Saturn. Moon trine Uranus.

          My Mum has always really supported me with my artistic abilities and career too and MC’s supposed to be career in traditional astrology.

          • Yes, natal aspects really work for parent – child relationships. I see it in my own kids chart for Sun and Moon.

            • Awww… 🙂 I wasn’t as close to my Mum as a child, but very close to her now! Maybe since my teens – I became close to her! She’s always been extremely encouraging with my art, design, career etc. I know you’re not into signs (as you use exact points in astrology), but I decided to stay with traditional astrology, as I’ve seen so much truth in it. Aquarius rules both my 10th and 11th houses (career and friendship), and I mean, I’ve always got along really well with Aquarius’. I like what can be described as their “unusual behaviour.” I find it intriguing! I love their daring, rebellious side too!

  5. I am aries and my girlfriend is tarus.our relationship is going tense.
    anything special can happen?on 21 june when venus opposes mars.

  6. so accurate, especially with my scorpio venus. I am very passionate and I need this intense ride or die energy. If I fall in love I would do everything for them. But I don’t fall often I have kind of high standards or just don’t feel deep connections with people.

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