Venus Opposite Saturn August 19, 2024

Venus Opposite Saturn Transit

Venus opposite Saturn maximum orb 6°30′.

Venus opposite Saturn natal makes it extremely difficult to form loving relationships. You would have realized early on that you did not fit in because of below-average social skills. Not understanding why you developed feelings of unworthiness or inadequacy. Thinking there must be something wrong with you, guilt took hold, which may have been reinforced by a lack of affection, criticism or ostracism by your parents and other adults, especially authority figures like teachers.

There are various possible underlying reasons for this early negative conditioning. One or both parents may have lacked parenting skills associated with positive reinforcement or been mean and abusive at worst. You must teach yourself about love and money because it is about value. If anything, your early conditioning led you to believe you were not that good and deserved to be sad and lonely. There may be some karmic reasons for this, but that’s in the past, and the corrective action is the same.

So learning that you are not a bad person may have to come before learning how to love yourself. Saturn is a late bloomer, so you probably endured delay, restriction, and hardship into adulthood. Recognizing and admitting that your problems stem from your inferiority complex is half the battle won. You can make up a lot of ground by not having to blame or forgive all the people who were mean or rejected you.

It is so vital to remove guilt and self-pity. Forgive yourself for whatever you had imagined you must have done that was so bad. Imagine wearing a sign that says, “I’m worthless; go away.” Now throw it as far away as you can. Delete the old message and get ready for the next step.

Learn to love and value yourself. Tell yourself verbally, and use mantras at night or in the mirror. You must reprogram your brain. By now, you will be expressing more confident energy and notice your relationships begin to improve. You will see a closer connection, more caring and sharing. You discover real love and enjoyment.

You can go one step further if needed and convince yourself that you deserve love and money because of your hard work on personal development. You may be surprised how quickly you attract love and money once you genuinely believe you deserve it.

The root causes of your depression may never go away; they are recorded in your soul memory. Taking responsibility, working hard and being patient will always be needed to overcome delays, hardships, and sadness. But you will cope as well as the best of them. With age comes a great deal of contentment and satisfaction, together with respect and recognition of your achievements against the odds.

Venus Opposite Saturn Transit

Venus opposite Saturn transit brings sadness and loneliness because of delays and limitations affecting your love life and finances. This is not a good time for socializing, so you should prepare for some alone time.

Although you may be pressured by loved ones, trying to address relationship problems will only make things worse for both of you. The best thing to do now to show you care is to work hard and do practical things. Even though your efforts will probably be ignored, they will pay off in the long run.

Try to work out where you are responsible for any relationship difficulties and do some work on self-development. This is a good time for preparation work. Try to pay off any debts; if you can’t, then at least organize them so you know where you stand.

If you are subject to depression, realize this will probably be a low day. Don’t fight the blues if you are generally cheerful because they won’t last long. It is normal to feel sad at this time.

Venus Opposite Saturn Celebrities

Nick Lachey 0°00′, Lionel Mesi 0°01′, Frank Lloyd Wright 0°04′, Colin Prescot 0°03′, Jesse Jackson 0°10′, Susan Miller 0°11′, Karl Ernst Krafft 0°10′, JonBenét Ramsey 0°13′, Lucy Hale 0°15′, Ricky Lake 0°16′, Anne Hegerty 0°53′, Victor Hugo 0°55′, Stephen Paddock 1°02′, Matt Damon 1°03′, Willy Brandt 1°02′, Diahann Carroll 1°04′, Gates McFadden 1°12′, Scott Hicks 1°13′, Kenny Anderson 1°15′, Donald Sutherland 1°27′, Judge Reinhold 1°27′, Billy Ray Cyrus 1°37′, Lisa Bonet 1°39′, Nick Campion 1°42′, Jimi Hendrix 1°46′, Patsy Cline 1°46′, Julie Andrews 1°58′.

Venus Opposite Saturn Dates

August 28, 2022
October 10, 2023
August 19, 2024
October 11, 2025
August 21, 2026
October 4, 2027
November 25, 2028
October 1, 2029
November 20, 2030

36 thoughts on “Venus Opposite Saturn August 19, 2024

  1. Hey Jamie what can u tell me about this transit 11/30/74 I’ve heard negatives and positives, but I’m not sure exactly

  2. Sir can I Ask one thing can u please guide me i have this transit

    ON Dec/04/2016 SATURN Opposite VENUS

    i read so much negative outcomes of this transit is it really very bad for me BTW i have a Natal trine between Saturn and Venus also sir …

    facing hard transit of PLUTO also for 1 more year ….

    nothing positive in terms of relationship THIS YEAR bf break up with me waiting for him to comeback really lost in my life lonely sad isolate:( will this opposition of SATURN VENUS makes things WORSE for me in terms of RELATIONSHIP 🙁

    SUN in CANCER = CANCER DECAN 2 (10 July 1982 born (18 degree)
    ASC in = ARIES DECAN 1(Aries 4:08 degree )
    MOON in = PISCES DECAN 1 (PICESS 7:40 Degree)

    • I see that Pluto opposite your Sun and square your Mars is making everything in your life a struggle this year.

      Jupiter is critical to helping or hindering things because of Jupiter square Pluto and Jupiter sextile Saturn ahead.

      This does not help your natal Sun square Mars but it does help natal Venus trine Mars and Venus trine Saturn.

      December 2016 should overall be very good for you:

      01 Dec Saturn sextile Mars transit
      05 Dec Saturn opposite Venus transit
      06 Dec Jupiter conjunct Mars transit

      Consider also, Venus conjunct fixed star Rigel.
      09 Dec Jupiter trine Venus transit
      10 Dec Jupiter square Sun transit

      • Thank you Sir For Helping and explaining things so deeply thanks alot …

  3. Wow,to reprogram your brain,takes a lot of work and time.I say this because being older helps.Now I look at this as one of the best aspects to have.Look to the sabian symbols it helped me.Thank you

  4. Venus is my chart ruler and conjuncts Moon in Leo. Both are opposite Saturn in Aqua.
    I know you dont work with houses but I have this aspects in a 4th/10th house axis so you can imagine how my family sorroundings affected my sense of worth. This is not easy to overcome, but it can be manageable…
    If you’re persistent enough…In loving yourself no matter what 🙂

  5. My solar return in 2020 is 1 day away from a Venus/Saturn opposition transit, where Pluto and Saturn are within about 3 degrees of one another, dancing around my 2nd Saturn return. I assume these interactions would “taint” my whole year? (That statement just sounds dumb to even ask!) I mean, 2020 is such a key time anyway, but I am thinking this transit will flavor how I feel during that time. Also based on this info you wrote, I was born within several days of a Venus/Saturn opposition. It contributes to a redundancy in my chart for being a “late bloomer”. This info is appreciated, thank you.

  6. Hi Jamie,
    Out of curiosity, if Venus transit conjunct with mars, would the opposition to Saturn be negative for a relationship or bloc one from starting?
    What would also be the impact if by synastry Mars is conjunct Ceres? Thanks!

  7. I took two years of therapy to deal with the overwhelming manifestation of this aspect in my life. I chose the Gestalt approach because it’s so deeply connected with the body and I think this aspect is about the body too, or at least it is in my chart (a lot of Moon-ruled/Cancer placements). I’d recommend taking a similar route to anyone struggling with this aspect — therapy or possibly other ways of healing oneself through a connection to another human. Not a love relationship though! A professional one with a therapist or doctor some kind of other trustworthy teacher that you can treat as a partner. This placement is about learning to connect, and form relationships that are healthy, and then about learning to love.

    Thank you for writing about this very hard aspect in a very thotough and respectful manner.

  8. There is a flip side to this aspect I think.
    So initially you are considered socially ‘underdeveloped’ and then you do so much work on yourself that the dynamic changes suddenly you are socially ‘overdevelopped’ as those without this aspect would not have had to do that work.

    So in other words there is always a ‘misalignment’ with other people…

    • Your interpretation makes sense on how things happened to me. There’s a catch still: people that never lived this transformation and are trapped in the “mundane” will never believe the stories you have to tell. So in a sense you have all these life experiences and adventures but no one to share them, because everyone thinks your lying. The ghosts still hold you from a “lack of validation” standpoint. The very few people that understand it all compensate for all the others though.

  9. do you know your transit signs and how they effect you,? My dob. Is 14/11/1966 .thank you for your insight

    • I have my Venus exact opposite saturn in my natal chart. Man it’s genuinely rough! 😂

  10. Jamie. Happy New Year 2020. I’d forgotten you had this aspect. Iain Duncan Smith has this aspect 12th and 6th house. He is one of the most hardline politicians, and uncaring of the misery his vile policies have caused in UK. Just about to be knighted. Misery causing money policies to the sick and disabled. Venus is about money, he is wealthy. Very. How do the Gods square that? Thats what I want to know. It seems to know that nothing affects you if you are born wealthy and privileged. The common theme I have noticed is these people live to inflict misery in the world.

  11. Jamie, Maybe thats why you look on the negative side of astrology a lot. Have you ever thought that? Hard not to in this unequal world. I sincerely hope you are well and your 👪 in 2020.

  12. Jamie please help i will have this aspect in
    My solar return chart soon do u think it indicates divorce in solar return chart

  13. I was on the receiving end of a Saturn opposition Venus transit. My 6 year relationship came crumbling down around me. This transit gave me whiplash, and it was an eye opener. Not for the faint of heart, but Saturn knows what needs to go, to serve us better.

  14. Congratulations on most of these articles, some in particular, like this one, do bring new perspectives. Please continue to update them with new insights, if any, and new perspectives. The advice on how to try to overcome existing difficulties is especially valuable and appreciated as most astrology articles do not dwell on these aspects. Analyzing where tendencies stem from and how they have manifested or still manifest themselves psychologically is also very useful as bringing them into awareness is one of the hardest things to do.
    My grandmother was telling me about her very rough childhood, an estranged and absent father, a very demanding mother and brother, all sorts of heavy responsibilities she had to endure and her unfortunate marriage to a very abusive man later. In her own words, “I never expected to make it to 80.” After learning about these details, I checked out her natal chart and realized she had Saturn in square aspects with both Venus and the Sun besides others. There’s a lot of truth in the article.

  15. This is absurd. Believing that I deserved love and money never changed a thing. I started believing that five years ago. I still have literally zero relationships in my life. No one wants me for anything but my body

  16. This aspect is a curse. Least favorite part of my birth chart. Been single for 10-15 years and it seems to just get harder. Please tell me it gets better!! 6/28/85. Ps it’s Jimi* Hendrix 🙂

  17. I agree with the above believing to deserve love and money does not change anything…
    My last relationship was my best relative to the previous ones but it still ended? (Not of my choosing) At this stage I am not even sure what the lessons are when you ve done everything in the past ( therapy, journaling, hypnotherapy, relationship advice with a coach, read every relationship books under the sun etc…) at this stage I am just tired and disheartened.

  18. unbelievably accurate. Feeds back into the inferiority element – perversely if not managed, makes you now think you’re now ahead of everyone else.

  19. Jamie I have this in progression coming up exact next year Venus progressed 2nd house app Saturn 8th. Is this just a really long version of the above? I will try to take on your advice

  20. This is accurate. I have Saturn exactly opposite my Venus, I’ve felt down lately and especially today with it exact, I do feel sad. At least these transits don’t last forever

  21. Jamie,

    Hi, from Chrissy, your report was outstanding and I reread it seasonally. Dob, 04-05-1974. Per this Transit, October 10th, 2023, Venus opposite Saturn transit, I am planning to Quit a job I have had for just 3 weeks, such Toxic behavior gaslighting boss, just feel tortured from her, exactly as I felt as child , w a mentally ill caregiver. 🤒 Earlier this year, I had a layoff, as an admin, 5 months with no job, and I swooped on this one, just to start earning again. Ignored my initial intuition, and it was a total failure. Can you tell if I’m just on wrong job path, is it the type of work keeping me from a satisfying job? Or is a singular moment for me to finally say no to a TOXIC work environment 🤔 Thanks for your international sparkle ✨️ Chrissy

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