Jupiter Sextile Saturn 19th June 2023

Jupiter Sextile Saturn Transit

Jupiter sextile Saturn maximum orb 3°30′.

Jupiter sextile Saturn natal gives a steady and balanced nature. You have a cautiously optimistic view of the world because you understand your limitations but are prepared to take a punt on the outsider. In personal relationships, you are loyal and dependable but not dull. You enjoy having fun but never at other people’s expense, for you are mature and respectful.

You will not miss an excellent opportunity to grow, and this may include wealth creation, studies, travel, or spiritual development. But your sound judgment and discernment mean you will only take up those opportunities suited to you, which you calculate to have a better-than-average chance of success. Then you have the patience, perseverance and strong work ethic to maximize your advancement opportunity.

You are a hard worker but will not be stifled by routine or dead-end jobs. You generally do find your true calling and not just a job. A position of trust and respect would suit you where your common sense and judgment skills could lead to promotion.

Politics, business, or law are some professions that may interest you. You can work with others but would do best with no limitations regarding promotion. You are a very ambitious person and have high regard for your abilities. You have good leadership qualities but would prosper in self-employment or contract work.

Investing would prove profitable, especially in long-term deals like blue-chip stocks and real estate. You would also do well in investing in people because of your excellent judgment and managerial skills.

Jupiter Sextile Saturn Transit

Jupiter sextile Saturn transit is a time of cautious expansion. Some growth opportunities are likely to be offered, and you can rely on sound judgment skills to choose only those right for you. These opportunities may be in your career, through investment or business deals, or in your personal life as significant material possessions or relationship choices.

Patience, perseverance, and a strong work ethic mean you are most likely to succeed now. Common sense and sustained effort are required because this is a significant and long-term project you are working on. It may not be an exciting phase of life, but you will gain great satisfaction and contentment. The results of your achievements will still be enjoyed long after this transit has passed.

You may earn a promotion or take on more responsibility, and you will come out of this experience wiser, wealthier, or happier. Business investments will bring you financial stability and long-term steady growth. Investing in property or blue-chip stocks would be especially good for wealth creation. This is an excellent time to start a savings plan, buy a house, or create a small business.

Jupiter Sextile Saturn Celebrities

Rudyard Kipling 0°00′, Charli d’Amelio 0°00′, Michelle Pfeiffer 0°01′, Gerard Manly Hopkins 0°02′, Hans Speidel 0°02′, Connie Francis 0°05′, Ethan Coen 0°09′, Joseph Goebbels 0°12′, Robert Altman 0°16′, Rosaleen Norton 0°19′, Keith Haring 0°21′, Alfred, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha 0°27′, Bobby Womack 0°27′, Whitney Houston 0°30′, Johnny Weissmuller 0°31′, Lena Horne 0°33′, William Butler Yeats 0°34′, Phyllis Diller 0°37′, Crispin Glover 0°39′, Art Buchwald 0°41′, Angela Lansbury 0°41′, Margaret Thatcher 0°42′, Philip II of Spain 0°43′, Johnny Carson 0°43′, Lady Helen Taylor 0°43′, Lauren Hutton 0°43′, Andie MacDowell 0°46′, Mike Barson 0°47′, Kevin Mitnick 0°48′, Christian Brando 0°48′, Emmanuel Macron 0°50′, Jacques Coutela 0°52′, Prince 0°55′, Gore Vidal 0°55′, Kay Parker 1°00′.

June 2023

Jupiter is sextile Saturn on 19th June 2023. It coincides with the confusing and deceptive influence of Sun square Neptune, as shown in the chart below. But Jupiter sextile Saturn 2023 stays within a one-degree orb for ten days, while Sun square Neptune only lasts two days.

Jupiter sextile Saturn 2023

Jupiter sextile Saturn June 2023

Jupiter is conjunct fixed star Hamal at 07°59′ Taurus. This star on the forehead of the Ram causes violence, brutishness, cruelty and premeditated crime. It can make people headstrong and often aggressive, yet potentially capable leaders and protectors of their community.

With Jupiter: Dissipated, hypocritical, legal or ecclesiastical preferment, loss by speculation.

Saturn is conjunct fixed star Sadachbia at 07°02′ Pisces. This star in the right arm of the Water Bearer is also called the “The Lucky Star of Hidden Things.” It gives the ability to discover that which is hidden or lost. It indicates the right time for making moves, entering new ventures, and a likelihood of general success when well-aspected as it is.

Jupiter Sextile Saturn Dates

August 27, 2017
June 19, 2023
May 4, 2037
March 16, 2044
October 7, 2044
November 30, 2044

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  1. Mr. Jamie I have jupiter in scorpio trine saturn in pisces. I’ve been curious Jupiter is protection and Saturn is Authority I think what does the Trine do verses the Sextile?

  2. Are you able to post Jupiter Trine Saturn the sextile is a more focused aspect and the trine is more effortless I’d like to see what you interpet the Trine in your Writing.

  3. Oh Jamie, Jupiter is almost reaching my IC! …would this sextile between Saturn and Jupiter bring stability to family and house matters? finance? My chart seems to be touched on many fronts (saturn vertex and north node and MC; pluto trine natal jupiter and opposition natal venus; uranus opposition natal mars) but still I feel everything seems to be stuck for a long time in all the areas of m life… could this jupiter conjunction be the kick off? Thank you

  4. This one is seriously working on my chart.
    Will i get something done today? lol #teampisces
    Maybe i will redo the chickens bedroom later..ive been putting that one off for too long

  5. Hi Jamie, do you have an article on Saturn Sextile Natal Jupiter? Thanks!

    • Hi Sonia. If you mean Saturn Sextile Natal Jupiter Transit, I don’t, but this transit would be similar. I still have some natal aspects to write before I get to transits like this.

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