Mars Conjunct Pluto Natal and Transit

Mars Conjunct Pluto Transit

Mars conjunct Pluto maximum orb 5°30′.

Mars conjunct Pluto natal gives a powerful desire to achieve your goals. Strength, passion, and courage are your strong points, but an indomitable will and tendency toward manipulation bring enemies and hinder success.

Personal relationships can be volatile until you learn to harness your intense energy. You can be very expressive and quick to anger, but it is better to lose your temper than let frustration, resentment, or jealousy build up inside.

You can sometimes turn to coercion and subversive actions if you don’t get through force. This dark, sinister side can be dominating, rude, nasty, and violent. You have vital warrior energy and should save your ruthless militancy only for your worst enemies.

To enjoy healthy relationships, you must transform that raw, primal energy to a higher level by working to help and heal others. You can evolve rapidly through selfless actions, still be ambitious, and aim for the top. This aspect does support success and prominence, but the fewer people you have to trample to get to the top, the better.

Using your charisma, sexuality, and power while maintaining good morals and ethics is the key to success. You can influence others in life-changing ways, so it is essential to consider the consequences, especially for weaker or more suggestible people.

If this conjunction has challenging aspects, is conjunct a destructive fixed star, or if either planet is retrograde, it is more critical that you harness your power for good. You may have karmic issues or have some connection to crime, slavery, rape, torture, or violence.

Mars Conjunct Pluto Transit

Mars conjunct Pluto transit can bring an incredible increase in ambition, sex drive, and lust for power. A tendency toward selfishness can lead to ruthless behavior and even violence if something stands in your way. You cannot ignore this powerful energy; trying to bury it will only result in outbursts of temper or subversive action. It may manifest in people or events around you if you don’t chase your desires and express this willful energy, and this would be more dangerous as you have less control over such situations.

You can be selfish while also not harming others. This is an excellent time to work independently on something you are passionate about. You will have the endurance and strength to succeed at complex tasks. A burst of creativity can be used to make significant transformations in your life.

You may seem domineering or aggressive in close relationships, so remember that your loved one is probably not as fired up as you. You can raise the vibrational energy to a higher level. Transform your raw, primal energy to find greater enjoyment and satisfaction through massage and Tantric sex.

If you must compete or are threatened, then you can draw on your warrior energy to fight and win. Act on instinct and use any adrenalin rush for peak action. In general, however, avoid nastiness, teasing and bullying. You can make a big impression and succeed by using your power and influence wisely.

Mars Conjunct Pluto Celebrities

Nevin Markwart 0°07′, Charles-Marie Widor 0°11′, Patsy Cline 0°12′, Ringo Starr 0°16′, Bert Newton 0°20′, Ben Shapiro 0°23′, Brian Wilson 0°25′, Teri Hatcher 0°31′, Louis XVII 0°33′, Jim McGreevey 0°38′, Trent Reznor 0°39′, Verona Van de Leur 0°41′, Michel de Montaigne 0°48′, Elizabeth Barrett Browning 0°48′, Hillary Clinton 0°50′, Aly Bain 0°56′, Joseph Gurney Cannon 0°56′, Wallace Clement Sabine 1°00′, Jeff Buckley 1°02′, Joseph von Fraunhofer 1°09′, Jean Driscoll 1°13′, Doja Cat 1°16′, Candice Bergen 1°23′, Melanie Griffith 1°30′, Paul McCartney 1°35′, Sigourney Weaver 1°41′, George Michael 1°41′.

Mars Conjunct Pluto Dates

March 3, 2022
February 14, 2024
January 27, 2026
January 11, 2028
December 24, 2029
December 5, 2031
November 7, 2033
May 13, 2035
April 14, 2037

46 thoughts on “Mars Conjunct Pluto Natal and Transit

    • It’s all these fake accuser she is trotting out now. The 74 yr old woman who said Trump was an occtopus grabbing her, she worked for the Clinton Foundation.
      These people are demonic.

  1. When Mars Pluto conjunct at 15 04 degrees it is exact my part of fortune 15 04 degrees 6th house???? 5/6/1963 11:59 AM Uniontown PA Fayette County.

    • Hi Douglas. Pluto conjunct POF can mean a high point or success in life. I would say that I became successful when Pluto hit my POF about 03 Cap a few years back. Mars speeds it up. Good for professional life trine your Sun. More problematic for love life square your Venus.

  2. Wait damn , this will sit right on my Jupiter in 1st house which is my Ruler of Ascendant . Also will trine Venus in Taurus (natal Jupiter trine Venus 0 20′) any suggestions ?

  3. Hi Jamie ,the great….
    Plz let me know the effect of this transit on my life .
    I m born on 3rd November at 9:4 pm in India

  4. Hi Jamie
    The mars pluto conjunction will sextile my sun 15 scorp. Can you please tell me the effects of this transit?

  5. This mars pluto is conjunct my 5th house chiron at 15: 31 capricorn. The full moon trined my natal 12th house mars-pluto conjunction (3 SECONDS apart). Its taking every bit of my rationality to not do something to destroy someone again who I haven’t had contact with for almost 2 years , but who still fills me with disgust. I realize what a sad little person he is, and that I am so much better than all the games he tried to play , but easier said than done to not ruminate( thanks mars pluto) Interestingly, I had a 7th house solar return moon conjunct my natal mars-pluto the year I met him. Lesson learned, never stoop to that level again, but I hope this full moon helps to put an end to ever thinking about him again.

  6. Hi, I have Sun conjunct Mars and Pluto in my eight house in Scorpio. Any idea about this position? I’m still lack of information. Thank you

  7. Very helpful interpretations of the aspects, what a great site! I’m reading because I’m alarmed by the Pluto /Mars conjunction tomorrow, it sits on my Capricorn ascendant. I’m also alarmed that they are opposite the U.S. sun because that seems warlike. Would love a comment on either scenario.

  8. A lot is going on in my life during this transiting Pluto-Mars conjunct my tight natal moon-south node conjunction. My natal true nodes are stationary. The dispositor of my moon and south node is Saturn which is in my 6th house of health and work. I have been plagued with a debilitating illness ever since the same moon-south node conjunction was squared by a transiting Pluto. I was unable to complete my studies, and any work I have done since, even temporary or part-time has left me utterly exhausted with an exacerbation of all my symptoms. It deteriorated over the years and got to a point where I couldn’t cope with even simple things and I eventually had to rely on welfare. However, at this moment due to welfare reform in my country, people like me are getting targetted by an inhuman machine which is resolved to kick as many people as possible off benefit, allegedly to save money due to austerity measures. However, it actually costs the state more to go through the process of the various stages of appeal, not to mention all the medical executioners they employ in private companies to do their dirty work for them by lying and twisting information they have been given in order to deny genuine people benefit. Very few of the medical staff these companies employ give an honest report. I think there are probably some good ones but they haven’t stayed in the job as there is pressure on them from their bosses to lie to deny people benefit. This has resulted in many suicides as the prolonged stress is too much. I myself find the whole process unbearable stressful and this exacerbates my health problems by leaving me in a constant prolonged state of fear for months and even years as no sooner has an appeal been won that I have been forced to do work-related activity to prepare for when I might be fit for work again and they have given me more to do than I can cope with just making my condition worse and me less likely to recover. There is a category where you don’t have to do these activities but if you apply to be transferred to that, it can backfire and they can deny you even the category you were already on as well. This has happened to me, I have been denied the means to live and the stress is eating away at me, trying to muster the energy to fight for the right to live and there are so many steps involved in the appeal process which takes the best part of a year, only to face the same thing again a year later. The future looks unbearable unless the appeal tribunal find in my favour and don’t just put me back in the group I was in where I have to do more than I can cope with, or worse still don’t award me any benefit at all. When Pluto squared natal Pluto and ascendant I was at a stage where I was feeling anguish due to not having been able to fulfil my career ambitions but my health deteriorated further and I had to accept that I couldn’t work and my health has continued to deteriorate since then. Now I am feeling anguish over the constant threats to my existence. It really feels like make or break time. I wish there was a miracle around the corner that would improve my health then I could maybe work and achieve things again and wouldn’t have to go through this mental torture at the hands of the state on top of what I already have to suffer physically. Failing that, then I would at least like to be left in peace. That’s the minimum a human being could expect.

  9. Typo alert ! It’s “Brian Wilson” not “Brain” Wilson, LOL ! In the list of celebrities with a natal Mars-Pluto conjunction.

    • ‘Evil’ is just a (spellbound)word,

      and yet another ‘unconscious’ ‘label’.

      IF we choose to change ‘our’ ‘mind’set,

      Evil spelt backwards is ‘Live’.



      ‘Live’,just see’.

  10. Hallo, how would it be having pluto venus mars mercury juno vesta all transiting my 10th house?I’m facing a court case with my ex, he lied to the court in order to win. He has the same transits in 1st house…

  11. My sister has mars conjunct Pluto in Leo. She is relentless in getting revenge for any perceived insults to her power. She would even kill but too skillfully to ever get caught. She is a charming but underhanded individual to keep an eye on.

  12. Mmmhh
    I wonder if this conjunction has something to tell us about russian invasion of Ukraine…

  13. I dor´t have this aspect but i know a person in my area who has this. A real force to be reckoned with, almost like a bully. Also misunderstood a lot

    • Mars/Pluto at the Bitcoin Heliocentric 0 Point Capricorn, in my humble opinion, a Tour de Force

      transit Mars/Pluto 27 Capricorn is a remarkable story on its own, from wiki, describing essential dignity:

      ” the essential dignity of Mars, if located at 27 degrees of Capricorn would take into account the fact that Mars is exalted in Capricorn, and also that it is the “bounds” ruler of the 27th degree of Capricorn and also the face ruler of the 27th degree of Capricorn. This is a considerably dignified Mars. ”

      Certainly Bitcoin has its detractors. Yet with war and other upheavels, the planets are being good with Bitcoin for the time being. Just watch Venus catch up to Jupiter-Neptune in another 6 weeks for more. This is not investment advise, only looking at the mirror, looking back.

    • Mars square Haumea, full bodice.

      Belelgeuse, Sedna, Haumea is a long term pattern, that I humbly predict, resolves itself later this year. The anti-cryption of the poem, and now Mars exit ‘full bodice’ and Venus conjunct gender neutral Quaoar. So something’s up with Orion? Cruises are a great opportunity to view the night sky.

  14. news of new boots-on-the-ground as Essential Soldier Mars moves into last quarter of last degree, 29Cap45, heliocentric, Weapons Destroyland, Uke

    Remarkable T Square representation of the Moon, Venus, Uranus triumvirate; 3 Mode, 3 Octave. That’s a marching song or new national anthem? Start with Venus passion, move to Ceres substantive nurturing, and finish with a MakeMake change on Orthodox Easter Island weekend?

  15. Funeral in heavens paul…a nice grave in the airs…there we have much place in space…end of the artwork.. says the old goth erectus…😳😬🤬🥳

  16. Jamie – on what fixed stars that concunction is ? Besides it is a saturn – uranus point from signs view…things breaking apart…?

  17. And also i have a nice picture for mars-pluto-uranus (= aquarius): the air-wolf. Another animal is the bat ..a blood sucking and winged creature…then just think about the wars we are already in globally…ww3 will be decided with rockets, and drones and bombers…in the air…and 150 billion € (!!!) for ukraine war IS bloodsucking…germany is total crazy to pay all this…you can put all that money put down the toilet them you have the same…therefore germany is drained…and we had already these globalist financed mass-demonstrations for so called “anti-fascism”. Here you can see already the propaganda influence from sun-pluto in aquarius we had before. This is totally ridiculous cuz only a vanishing minority in germany is still REAL neo-nazi…donald trump plz make an end to all this bullshit then you are my hero….

  18. Ah…jamie i see this conjunct is also in aquila…the death – eagle.. aha aha aha….in the aur again .

  19. Hegel’s dialectic again, with Goethe’s Faust no less.

    Klaus thesis, Goethe ‘s astrology anti-thesis.

    Synthesis, Pluto sextile Pluto:
    ” During this transit the changes that take place… Will be part of a creative evolution. You can see that you are moving toward your goals and that you do not need anything else in order to attain them. You will get there simply by allowing the current energies to play themselves out” Robert Hand, Planets in Transit, pg516.

  20. I once had some of the best sex of my life with a man whose mars conjunct my natal Pluto.

    I am hopeful that this Valentine’s Day may present me with a similar rendezvous. ❣️❣️❣️

  21. Elizabeth Barrett Browning

    Natal chart, Mars 09Pis45 conj. Pluto 10Pis34
    6th house

    “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love thee to the depth and breadth and height My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight For the ends of being and ideal grace. I love thee to the level of every day’s Most quiet need, by sun and candle-light.”

  22. Hello paul yes thesis – antithesis – synthesis (or not…) – the triangle of evolution – or the spiral of creation…in THIS universe…but what about other dimensions or universes ? As i remember goethe had saturn conjunct his scorpio-ascendant and also pluto in scorpio. So he knew well about the dark side…and that you cannot destroy it simply by any religious missionary trying…so faust is about the “advocatus diaboli”.. as human beiings we cannot change the planetary archetypes/gods – we only can find constructive ways to deal with them And as i mentioned before – i think jamie does the best we can in this direction But we are only human and not perfect beiings and in the end there is nothing for granted…anyhow we are all on our ways — trial and error ans so on….

  23. Paul – also goethe had uranus in aquarius – like the founder of german illuminated order adam weishaupt too. .weishaupt had also pluto in scorpio like goethe too AND sun conjunct uranus (!!!). So then they both had a nice combination scorpio-aquarius – the same thing we now have with pluto in aquarius…now the aquarius says: i am illuminated and so i can manipulate the world. Therefore i said this is some kind of luciferian combination…

  24. Thank you jamie – albireo i forgot….maybe this reinforces the venus-uranus trine from the new moon – BUT with mars-pluto ? Hmmm…i am sceptical.. but best wishes for any peace negotiations from me cuz i am not for sensless destruction and victimisation helping really no one in the end….i dont want nuclear war for illumination of the whole planet…no – thanks !!!

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