Mars Conjunct Pluto 26 April 2018

Mars Conjunct Pluto TransitMars conjunct Pluto in the natal chart gives an incredibly strong desire to achieve your goals. Strength, passion and courage are your strong points but an indomitable will and tendency toward manipulation brings enemies and hinder success.

Personal relationships can be volatile until you learn to harness your intense energy. You can be very expressive and quick to anger but it is better to lose your temper than let frustration, resentment or jealousy build up inside.

If you don’t get your own way through force then you will turn to coercion and subversive actions. This dark, sinister side can be very dominating, rude, nasty and even violent. You do have strong warrior energy and should save your ruthless militancy only for your worst enemies.

To enjoy healthy relationships you must transform that raw primal energy to a higher level by working to help and heal others. You have the ability to rapidly evolve through selfless actions. You can still be ambitious and aim for the top. This aspect does support success and prominence but the less people you have to trample to get to the top the better.

Using your charisma, sexuality and power while maintaining good morals and ethics is the key to success. You can influence others in life-changing ways so it is important to think of the consequences, especially for weaker or more suggestible people.

If this conjunction has challenging aspects, is conjunct a destructive fixed star, or of either planet is retrograde, it is more critical that you harness your power for good. You may have karmic issues or have some connection to crime, slavery, rape, torture or violence.

Mars Conjunct Pluto Transit

Transiting Mars conjunct Pluto can bring an incredible increase in ambition, sex drive and lust for power. A tendency toward selfishness can lead to ruthless behavior and even violence if something stands in your way. You cannot ignore this powerful energy and trying to bury it will only result in outbursts of temper or subversive action. If you don’t chase your desires and express this willful energy then it may manifest in people or events around you. This would be more dangerous as you have less control over such situations.

You can be selfish while also doing no harm to others. This is a good time to work independently on something you are passionate about. You will have the endurance and strength to succeed at difficult tasks. A burst of creativity can be used to make major transformations in your life.

In close relationships you may appear domineering or aggressive so remember that your loved one is probably not as fired up as you. You can raise the vibrational energy to a higher level. Transform you raw primal energy to find greater enjoyment and satisfaction through massage and Tantric sex.

If you must compete or are threatened then you can draw on your warrior energy to fight and win. Act on instinct and use any adrenalin rush for peak action. In general, however, avoid a tendency toward nastiness, teasing and bullying. You can make a big impression and success by using your power and influence wisely.

Mars Conjunct Pluto Celebrities

Patsy Cline 0°12′, Charles-Marie Widor 0°12′, Ringo Starr 0°17′, Brain Wilson 0°26′, Elizabeth Barrett Browning 0°48′, Hillary Clinton 0°50′, Aly Bain 0°57′, Joseph Gurney Cannon 0°57′, Jeff Buckley 1°02′, Jean Driscoll 1°14′, Candice Bergen 1°23′, Paul McCartney 1°36′, George Michael 1°42′, Alexander Fleming 2°10′.

Mars Conjunct Pluto 2018

Mars Conjunct Pluto 26 April 2018

Mars Conjunct Pluto 26 April 2018

Mars Conjunct Pluto Dates

19 October 2016
26 April 2018
23 March 2020
3 March 2022
14 February 2024
27 January 2026
11 January 2028
24 December 2029
5 December 2031
7 November 2033
13 May 2035
14 April 2037

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      These people are demonic.

  1. When Mars Pluto conjunct at 15 04 degrees it is exact my part of fortune 15 04 degrees 6th house???? 5/6/1963 11:59 AM Uniontown PA Fayette County.

    • Hi Douglas. Pluto conjunct POF can mean a high point or success in life. I would say that I became successful when Pluto hit my POF about 03 Cap a few years back. Mars speeds it up. Good for professional life trine your Sun. More problematic for love life square your Venus.

  2. Wait damn , this will sit right on my Jupiter in 1st house which is my Ruler of Ascendant . Also will trine Venus in Taurus (natal Jupiter trine Venus 0 20′) any suggestions ?

  3. Hi Jamie ,the great….
    Plz let me know the effect of this transit on my life .
    I m born on 3rd November at 9:4 pm in India

  4. Hi Jamie
    The mars pluto conjunction will sextile my sun 15 scorp. Can you please tell me the effects of this transit?

  5. This mars pluto is conjunct my 5th house chiron at 15: 31 capricorn. The full moon trined my natal 12th house mars-pluto conjunction (3 SECONDS apart). Its taking every bit of my rationality to not do something to destroy someone again who I haven’t had contact with for almost 2 years , but who still fills me with disgust. I realize what a sad little person he is, and that I am so much better than all the games he tried to play , but easier said than done to not ruminate( thanks mars pluto) Interestingly, I had a 7th house solar return moon conjunct my natal mars-pluto the year I met him. Lesson learned, never stoop to that level again, but I hope this full moon helps to put an end to ever thinking about him again.

  6. Hi, I have Sun conjunct Mars and Pluto in my eight house in Scorpio. Any idea about this position? I’m still lack of information. Thank you

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