Sun Square Uranus Natal and Transit

Sun Square Uranus Transit

Sun square Uranus maximum orb 4°30′.

Sun square Uranus natal encourages you to do things your way. A very complex person, you are most likely brilliant and independent. You stand out from the crowd in an obvious way. The need to express your distinctive ego through your personality and career can often cause conflict with others. You can come across as abrupt, rebellious or just weird.

Relationship difficulties can result from this abrupt nature. Even though you may not consciously intend to do so, others will think you are provoking or challenging them. Thus you will come under a lot of pressure from others, ranging from nagging to accusations of mutiny or being a witch.

Increased self-awareness will come with age, enabling you to recognize how your behavior can bring out the worst in other people. Your sense of humor is unique and can offend, and the sublimation of such tendencies can lead to a more settled life and even stability in relationships.

But never let such self-regulation ever restrict your unique talents. I am convinced the tension of this square pushes you to achieve brilliance in creative self-expression… of a different kind.

Sun Square Uranus Transit

Sun square Uranus transit requires open-mindedness and flexibility as you enter a stage of uncertainty. You may feel this transit as an uneasy and anxious feeling of impending change. A buildup of tension can result in unpredictable behavior on your part, which can lead to abruptness, rapid changes in direction, and even accidents.

On the other hand, you may be subject to a radical change in your environment or unexpected outbursts from other people. This is not the best time for tinkering or experimenting, as Uranus rules scientific, mechanical, and electronic devices. So if your car or computer were to malfunction at this time, don’t pull it apart yourself, as you would only have to take an assortment of pieces to a professional for assembly.

Outbursts of anger will show a scary and unexpected side of your nature if this transit gets the better of you. Your ego is strong now, and you want to express your inner self without restriction. Ego conflicts are possible without the safe and conscious release of this impulsive and rebellious energy. Arguments at this time would lead to loss of face and unexpected consequences, especially if you take on superiors.

To avoid such complications, you might think sticking to a routine would be the best answer. This may get you by if everything in your life hums nicely. However, if something in your life has stagnated or needs upgrading, sticking to a routine would prove futile, as the buildup of electric energy would zap you in some way.

The best way to handle this transit is to be proactive about positive change. Work out why you are feeling restless or what is causing the feeling of impending drama and chaos. If tension harms a relationship, stay flexible and ready for a change. Otherwise, an abrupt separation could result.

Changes in appearance or self-esteem may be required, leading to a brave new path that opens your life to many more possibilities and opportunities. This is also an excellent time to discuss bad habits or addictions, as such a step would satisfy your strong urge to break free of restriction and show the world how strong you are.

This Sun square Uranus transit interpretation can also be read for a Solar Eclipse and New Moon square Uranus.

Sun Square Uranus Celebrities

RuPaul 0°02′, Balthazar Getty 0°02′, James Taylor 0°04′, Tony Abbott 0°06′, George H. W. Bush 0°07′, Craig Ferguson 0°09′, Yves Saint Laurent 0°10′, Oliver Stone 0°22′, Peggy Lee 0°24′, Dennis Rodman 0°25′, Thomas More 0°27′, Peter the Great 0°36′, Orson Wells 0°39′, Brook Shields 0°43′, Ben Barnes 0°44′, Michael Bloomberg 0°54′, Randy Travis 0°56′, Tommy Lee Jones 0°56′, Bette Davis 0°56′, Julian Assange 1°05′, Doja Cat 1°05′, Herbert von Karajan 1°06′, Michelle Pfeiffer 1°10′, Stephen King 1°16′, Jon-Erik Hexum 1°24′, Huey P. Newton 1°29′, Wilhelm Canaris 1°29′, Susan Miller 1°34′, Billy Crystal 1°39′, Bob Fosse 1°41′, Imelda Marcos 1°46′.

Sun Square Uranus Dates

February 3, 2023
August 15, 2023
February 8, 2024
August 17, 2024
February 11, 2025
August 24, 2025
February 16, 2026
August 28, 2026

57 thoughts on “Sun Square Uranus Natal and Transit

  1. Dear Jamie,
    Uranus square Mercury from the 1st house to the 9th. Would that manifest in the same way as Uranus square Sun?

  2. Jamie have you come across Alex Higgins? A Northern Irish snooker player, he died recently – a total maverick, an alcoholic, and a genius at his sport. Spent his entire playing life – his entire life I think – against the establishment. I remember his refusing to wear a bow tie to play, and at the time that was just “not done”. But he did it anyway.

    Sun tight conjunct Mars in Pisces, and both tight square Uranus in Gemini – a placement that utterly describes his sporting genius and speed of reaction.

  3. Similar but not the same. While the Sun represents the whole life, the identity, Mercury is just the basic thought processes, thinking and communication. So with Mercury square Uranus it’s words and thoughts that are going to be original and creative in a challenging or confronting way.

  4. Me too !!!!

    Sun squares Uranus this year on December 18th when it will be smack on the Galactic Center and quincunx Moon (which will be smack on my DC – erm….) which itself will be square Neptune – so, 3 days later, Full Moon/Sun will square Jupiter conj Uranus + Mercury exact square Uranus, and Venus conj Pluto – anyone care to do a forecast?!

    • That sounds like a fun job…NOT! I’ll tackle that one when I do the December forecast I think. Thanks for pointing it out though Rob.

    • “Band of angels coming after me, coming for to carry me home.” comes to mind.
      I know of someone who has venus coming conj. pluto in Leo. They dreamt of coming upon a jar of those icicle crystals that poured into water take forms.
      They poured out the mass and were left with pink castles on a ledge.
      Squares in my mind have always been the creativity within/or challenge to. I hope your a person who does inner work. Sounds like a great opportunity arriving. Perhaps Pluto will be that leap into darkness that then casts you out reborn anew. Good luck.

      • Always have been a bit of a leaper in the dark……and, last night I dreamt that, after everyone else had beamed up to the Enterprise successfully, Captain Kirk was left bouncing off the outside, adrift in space……………….. …. .. . ….. … . . . .

        If you were meaning m’self (inner work etc) Charyl then yeh, plenty of that, if only you knew…..however, the positions of the luminaries given above (apart from the DC) are what we will all find in the sky on and preceding the New Moon. So, your poetic interp applies to ALL, to be used as desired……thanks tho!

  5. I have this aspect.

    I’ve always wondered why I walked the halls alone in high school without problems; standing out from everyone. “My own family are like strangers; who can I really trust?”

    I agree with Brooke Shields when she named her autobiography..“On Your Own” because life is exactly like that for us; standing on our own 2 feet since birth.

    Thanks for writing this article. I enjoyed it.

    • Hi Michelle. We are having a break at the moment from our aspects research but will be getting back into it in the new year. I’ll do the quincunx next then the opposition. I’m very interesting in the opposition too because my son has it less than one degree, a very unique individual!

  6. Yeah!

    Unique, we are. But now my heart kind of hurts! I have this square also with mercury (uncommon way to communicate, but I get rejections from others and many times feel scared). And an additional square with neptune (am I unique or just cheatting my self?).

    Mhhh! rather hard!

    Though, there are also three trines: Pallas, Juno and MH.

    I feel embarrased to write down my dates (you are all so young!). 17.04.1957, at 11:00 o´clock (morning), in Mexico City.

    As this is going to last for ever! some hints would be valuable!

    Thankyou very much!


    • Hi Rin, you touched on an important issue which I haven’t mentioned about hard Sun Uranus aspects, in that “but I get rejections from others and many times feel scared”. And I think this is because these other people are scared by our different or seemingly abrupt or disjointed nature.

      You have the benefit of Sun conjunct Uranus and Sun trine Pluto which look to be more influential than the Sun square Uranus. No need to be embarrased! Your generation makes up our biggest proportion of readers and also clients.

      • So true I have this aspect with the Sun in Aquarius. It was tooo much Uranian energy in my father / early home. Never met him or seen a picture. The closest I got, which was very Uranian… my mom saying after we looked though the photos, “I think he took this one of me (her)”. I was Imagining him on the other side of the camera in the photos.

        I’m never scared of others though, only loosing my freedom.

        • Jason, I think it would be good for you to practice meditation. You need to calm your mind. Uranus can be a bit hectic and erratic. You could put your energy into technology and gadgets. It would be good for you to play around with technology and gadgets at times to distract yourself. Also, reading novels – that might calm your mind. Also, another thing; people with hard Uranus aspects do tend to like to shock others. I think they even enjoy coming across eccentric. I have Sun Sextile Uranus. I don’t enjoy coming across eccentric, but I’ve always rejected fitting into a mould. I’ve never been a follower, that’s one thing I’ve always ran from!

  7. Yes, Jamie!

    Here we are!

    I feel as home, here, really!


  8. Sometimes, Jamie, I feel so odd. Even now, where many are more like us! And is always good to remember that there is a whole bunch out there (I tend to think this uniqueness for real… and it is not so!).


    (the other day, one of the scientist googled my name, and I felt somehow strange, like been in big brother. Some of my sharings showed up! And you sure know what is to deal with beautiful/rigid scientifics, don ´t you, Jamie?! That´w why I don´t use Rín any more… brrrr).

  9. Dear Darkstar, I really enjoy your blog and insights. It’s one of favourite blogs. I wanted to ask a question about Sun square Uranus. Some astrologers have calculated my sun squaring my uranus. Others don’t, and this is due to how wide an orb they use. I feel that Sun square Uranus: Sagittarius sun (28 degrees) square Virgo Uranus (19 degrees/conjunct Pluto) explains a lot about me, but I also have venus in Aquarius, Jupiter (Gemini 25 degrees) square Uranus AND Pluto. I wondered if that may explain some of my eccentricity, or feeling a little different?

  10. … I keep seeming so odd to others… I don´t know if I should change or they, or what to do! I feel confused! (lonely, somehow…).


    Thanks, Jamie!


  11. I also find myself as an outsider and viewed as odd or different.
    I don’t (usually) mind it, and often feel the need to go in the opposite direction of whomever I’m relating to. I enjoy challenging the status quo at times. I think down, deep, I long for that symbiotic connection of a like-minded soul.
    I think that’s why I always loved astrology as it made me feel like I was this way for a reason.

    In addition to the sun square uranus aspect I also am a 12th house sun in cancer.

    • Thankyou Sara for bringing this 12th H. Cancer thing!

      My 12th H. is shared by Gemini and Cancer.

      I keep my thoughts for me AND my feelings too. I tend so much to avoid and neglect them. I had too many bros. and my sister was sick, so as the sandwich child I grew as I could.

      Nept. also opp. Sun?


  12. Do take care if you have this in your chart. Don’t be paranoid but do not take risks. Carole Lombard comes to ,ind, although she assumed she was safe on that plane. JFK had Sun square Uranus too…………………..

  13. {repeat here to correct a typo} Do take care if you have this in your chart. Don’t be paranoid but do not take risks. Carole Lombard comes to mind, although she assumed she was safe on that plane. JFK had Sun square Uranus too…………………..

  14. Dear Jamie, Would Moon Square Uranus mean that my emotions and feelings seem to be very different from everyone else’s too? I have both the Sun and the moon square Uranus! Any pearls of wisdom you could share?

    • Oh definitely. And you will consciously feel that difference very strongly because of the high self awareness.

  15. Hi, I have sun sq uranus in my natal chart + Uranus opp Moon. I can really relate. Great post & comforting to read. Its true what you say about gaining more self-awareness as you get older.

  16. So this is the culprit that’s been causing all the disruption in my life! Uranus in its transit is currently conjunct my natal moon! Routines out the window, and going to bed in the early hours (Uranus disrupting Moon sleep cycles!) I’m trying this fight this energy at the moment!

    • And Jamie, no wonder Pluto square Uranus caused so much disruption in my life, with my Aries moon! Both these papers are quite a strong force and energy, aren’t they. They have the power for destruction and disruption. It’s hard to escape their effects when it happens! Ahhhhh! ????

      • Or planets rather! “Paper!” It’s this predictive text on my phone! Or maybe it’s Uranus messing around! Just kidding! ???? I should of proof read it before I sent it!

      • Not really because those squares finished around degrees, too far from your Moon. They more affected your Mercury at 13 Libra.

        • Oh yeah, I noticed that later that the orb wasn’t close enough to my moon. I think I felt the tension in the atmosphere generally though.

  17. Hi Jamie, Uranus square sun, also means uranus squaring my ascendant.. I am still reeling from the January transit (sun square sun in January because I have a lot of planets in capricorn).. that last one had a major impact on my job then, which lead me to leave.. Any advice for this transit on July 16 for this second time around – but with this transit squaring my ascendant? I also have moon in aries.. which is making me nervous.

    • I missed that day sorry but do you means Uranus square your Sun and Ascendant? Do you have Uranus square Ascendant in your birth chart or is Uranus squaring your Ascendant in transit? Either way, read Uranus square Ascendant.

  18. sorry I meant sun square uranus in between brackets in my earlier message

  19. Hi Jamie

    I was just looking some info about this transit (uranus would be in conjunct to my MC and still close to baten kaitos !). I guess that that male can surprise me or cause some unusual situation for my career. As the transit involves a square but Saturn transit is also making a trine and uranus is squaring Venus…..who wins?!

    I am particularly concerned as to whether this energy can be felt on the 9th Jan….the freedom of someone is at stake…could saturn conjunct natal Neptune and trine north node and MC act as a mentor? I feel that something crucial will happen on my life and it relates to career but the square make me feel nervous ….not sure if trying to help I can put myself in trouble. Should I expect an unexpected or shocking reversal?

    Any wise words would be appreciated ! Thanks

    • Hi Meli. I believe it can only be positive when you think about the overall energy affecting your chart. The strongest, longest lasting influence at athat time is Saturn trine Uranus. I expect that only the positive nature of both planets will be impacting on your chart.

      • Many many thanks Jamie for your kind clarification !! 🙂 I hope the beginning of 2017 will bring positive things to my life ( I have enough of complex things!)

  20. Holy Shit! When I saw that Stephen King had this square, I immediately checked my chart on astrodienst.
    Yikes I have it. I was born the same day…September 21, 1947. He has a cancer ascendant I believe but I was born later with a Sagittarius ascendant. Funny I’ve studied astrology for decades but never cottoned onto this aspect in my own chart! Moon opposite Uranus in Gemini too! I’m a weird oddball witch for sure!!????
    Jamie you’re a genius! Thank you, Penelope .

  21. Hi Jamie!
    I’ll be having sun square uranus (solar eclipse) falling in my 10th house this Aug. 21st! My ascendant is @19 degrees Capricorn and my north node is at 1:55 degrees Leo in my 8th house. Any thoughts as to how this may impact me?

  22. Hi Jamie!
    I’ll be having sun square uranus (solar eclipse) falling in my 10th house this Aug. 21st! My ascendant is @19 degrees Capricorn and my north node is at 1:55 degrees Leo in my 8th house. Any thoughts as to how this may impact me?

    • You mean the August 21 solar eclipse will be square your natal Uranus? The just as thew posts says. I also have 19 degree Capricorn Ascendant. I feel the big transformation coming but it seems to be stalled at the moment with Pluto retrograde until September 28.

  23. January 13th, in Hawaii, we had a terrifying alarm blast across the islands that a ballistic missle was inbound, take shelter. People were in fear, dread, and tears waiting to die for over 30 minutes. Thankfully it was a false alarm. Someone in the civil defense hit the wrong button!
    Would you say this fit the Sun square Uranus experience?

  24. Uranus is my charts ruler (Aquarius Ascendant) and Ive this square as its only aspect I think.
    My Sun in 25 Virgo squares Moon 19 Sagittarius, Saturn 26 Sagittarius and Uranus 27 Sagittarius.. Sun is in 7th house alongside South Node at 14 Virgo and Leo Venus on Descendant..
    I was told my Saturn and Uranus are on bad fixed stars.. As a kid I was pressured, abused, neglected.. orphaned and wanted to die already at age 8.. I dont know if this is the heavily afflicted Sun or Venus on the Descendant squared by Pluto in Scorpio (loss)..
    Why do squares exist?
    On the bright side I have a Midheaven on 2 Sagittarius opposite Jupiter on 6 Gemini and I love working! Sun square Uranus definitely makes ppl think of me as genius but.. weird lol I do get love though 🙂

  25. Julian P. Assange.

    Rectified birthtime 14h,59m07s0.

    Progressive aspects according the Gieles minus 1 system.

    11 April and 23 September 2019 are connected by Neptune 45 degrees Asc. mutual and Neptune 45 degrees Ascendant.

    Dutch language.

    1-Apr-2019 -03°,33’31 MC # C-11
    5-Apr-2019 +20°,31’21 Maan # Asc
    11-Apr-2019 000°,18’56 Boogsch. Nep 45 OND Asc
    18-Apr-2019 022°,58’37 Leeuw Ven 150 C–3
    26-Apr-2019 +15°,02’30 Ven // OND Plu

    14-Mei-2019 007°,42’08 Vissen C–3 120 Maan
    22-Mei-2019 015°,24’50 Steenbok Asc 60 AR05
    26-Mei-2019 025°,28’52 Leeuw Zon 60 Ven

    30-Jun-2019 005°,40’56 Leeuw Maan 60 OND Sat

    1-Jul-2019 007°,50’00 Vissen C–3 135 AR01
    6-Jul-2019 013°,46’13 Waterman Drac 60 Chei
    10-Jul-2019 006°,01’26 Leeuw Maan 45 C-11
    26-Jul-2019 025°,38’34 Leeuw Zon 45 Zon
    29-Jul-2019 +19°,17’53 Maan // OND Sat

    2-Aug-2019 015°,24’50 Boogsch. C-12 90 AR05
    3-Aug-2019 006°,49’48 Leeuw Maan * PRAESAEPE (MARS – MAAN )
    12-Aug-2019 007°,08’35 Leeuw Maan * NORTH ASELLUS (MARS – ZON )
    22-Aug-2019 007°,58’37 Vissen C–3 45 C–3
    24-Aug-2019 +18°,58’26 Maan # Mars
    26-Aug-2019 +18°,56’45 Maan # Maan
    29-Aug-2019 007°,42’08 Leeuw Maan 90 Maan

    2-Sep-2019 -15°,44’30 C-11 # Plu
    7-Sep-2019 008°,01’13 Leeuw Maan 150 OND C–3
    11-Sep-2019 +14°,53’37 Ven // MC
    11-Sep-2019 010°,28’52 Waterman C–2 135 Ven
    14-Sep-2019 025°,46’26 Leeuw Zon 60 AR09
    15-Sep-2019 +18°,41’42 Maan # Jup
    16-Sep-2019 008°,19’22 Leeuw Maan * SOUTH ASELLUS (MARS – ZON )
    19-Sep-2019 +18°,38’31 Maan // Sat
    20-Sep-2019 +18°,38’02 Maan # Nep
    22-Sep-2019 008°,31’59 Leeuw Maan 30 OND Merc
    23-Sep-2019 014°,39’16 Waterman Mars 135 ZMnT
    23-Sep-2019 015°,42’37 Steenbok Asc 45 Nep

    11-Okt-2019 009°,32’28 Weegsch. MC 0 Ura
    12-Okt-2019 009°,32’37 Weegsch. MC * VINDEMIATRIX (SAT – MERC )
    17-Okt-2019 -03°,47’16 Ura // OND MC
    22-Okt-2019 009°,32’28 Leeuw Maan 60 Ura
    23-Okt-2019 009°,34’36 Leeuw Maan 60 OND MC
    23-Okt-2019 013°,08’30 Scorpio C-11 45 C–2

    15-Nov-2019 010°,38’34 Waterman C–2 150 Zon
    19-Nov-2019 010°,28’52 Leeuw Maan 45 Ven
    24-Nov-2019 010°,38’34 Leeuw Maan 30 Zon
    24-Nov-2019 010°,39’57 Leeuw Maan 180 OND C–2
    27-Nov-2019 010°,46’26 Leeuw Maan 45 AR09

    7-Dec-2019 011°,05’22 Leeuw Maan 60 OND Ura
    21-Dec-2019 009°,44’51 Weegsch. MC * CAPHIR (MERC – VENUS )
    22-Dec-2019 028°,18’35 Maagd Plu 45 OND C-11

    6-Jan-2020 008°,21’09 Maagd Merc 180 OND C–3
    6-Jan-2020 010°,46’26 Waterman C–2 135 AR09
    7-Jan-2020 012°,09’26 Leeuw Maan 45 Plu
    8-Jan-2020 012°,11’40 Leeuw Maan 90 AR03
    14-Jan-2020 026°,05’41 Leeuw Zon 45 OND Ura
    16-Jan-2020 012°,26’50 Leeuw Maan 30 ZwZn

    5-Feb-2020 013°,08’30 Leeuw Maan 135 C–2
    8-Feb-2020 013°,14’35 Leeuw Maan * ACUBENS (SAT – MERC )
    10-Feb-2020 013°,18’51 Leeuw Maan 45 OND Plu
    15-Feb-2020 013°,27’57 Leeuw Maan 90 OND C-11
    15-Feb-2020 -18°,56’45 Jup // Maan
    20-Feb-2020 008°,28’31 Vissen C–3 * SKAT (SAT – JUP )
    23-Feb-2020 013°,44’12 Leeuw Maan 180 OND Drac
    24-Feb-2020 013°,46’13 Leeuw Maan 120 Chei
    26-Feb-2020 013°,50’50 Leeuw Maan 135 Pars

    2-Mrt-2020 014°,00’32 Leeuw Maan 120 AR02
    7-Mrt-2020 024°,04’34 Leeuw Ven 30 Merc
    18-Mrt-2020 014°,32’23 Leeuw Maan 180 OND Mars
    21-Mrt-2020 014°,39’16 Leeuw Maan 45 ZMnT
    30-Mrt-2020 014°,58’24 Leeuw Maan 45 AR12

    11-Apr-2020 015°,22’58 Leeuw Maan 135 AR07
    22-Apr-2020 +15°,58’00 Maan # Drac

    3-Mei-2020 016°,07’18 Leeuw Maan 120 OND C-12
    7-Mei-2020 016°,15’24 Leeuw Maan 150 OND Asc
    7-Mei-2020 016°,15’33 Leeuw Maan 180 Drac
    8-Mei-2020 016°,15’33 Steenbok Asc 30 Drac
    10-Mei-2020 +15°,44’30 Maan // Plu
    16-Mei-2020 013°,43’29 Waterman Drac 90 OND C-11
    21-Mei-2020 011°,06’42 Weegsch. Ura 120 OND C–2
    23-Mei-2020 -15°,58’00 C-11 // Drac

    1-Jun-2020 013°,46’13 Scorpio C-11 150 Chei
    14-Jun-2020 026°,29’49 Leeuw Zon 60 C-12
    21-Jun-2020 013°,49’33 Stier C–5 * ALMACH (VENUS – )
    26-Jun-2020 016°,15’33 Boogsch. C-12 60 Drac
    29-Jun-2020 013°,50’50 Scorpio C-11 135 Pars

    2-Jul-2020 018°,09’43 Leeuw Maan 0 AR06

  26. Hello, Jaime:

    I have Sun square Uranus which is why I am not writing to you about that aspect per se.

    I am so glad to find an astrologer who recognizes the nonsense of crusty old sign meanings and rulerships, gender and all that stuff that has turned 12 sign astrology, based upon the totally false premise of the Arian spring equinox etc., into a pseudo-religion.

    I have embraced the 13 sign factual system. I have a theory as to why the ancients jettisoned Ophiucus; 12 is a natural fit into the 360° wheel, 13 is not. And when the Kings of Babylon or Egypt needed a answer fast (or the hapless astrologer is beheaded or fed to the crocodiles) a quick scan of the 12 sign aspects was much safer. I use the Tropical ephemeris to find aspects and for house placements, and that is all that is needed from it.

    The signs all change with the 13 sign system as you know. I struggled to reconcile this fact and discovered that personality traits symbolized by the signs were always found elsewhere in the aspects.

    Your site gives me hope for the distant future, and that astrology, the science of math, physics and the utilization of the human soul’s perceptive input, will finally will come into its own.

    Sun square Uranus is not a byword for patience.

    [One funny thing about 12 vs 13 systems is how current Scorpios, so proud of their dark and sexy reputations, loathe being mere squishy Libras or Ophiucuses, an unknown quantity with a goofy name.
    I mollify them somewhat by informing them that Ophiucus is a snake handler]

    Best regards,

  27. I know very little things about Astrology, but I think it’s related with price movement of markets. I really like the professional information this website provided for us. I have to say thank you to the website owner.

  28. As transiting Sun was exact in squaring my natal Uranus, I got sudden news that someone close to me had been found dead in their bed that morning. A sudden death. This was a sudden, unanticipated separation.

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