Albali Star – The Lucky Swallower

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Albali at 11°43′ Aquarius has an orb of 1°40′
Fixed Star Albali Star Astrology

Aquarius Constellation [Stellarium]

The Sun joins Albali on February 1

Fixed star Albali, Epsilon Aquarii, is a 3.8 magnitude star in the left hand of the Water Bearer, Aquarius Constellation. The traditional name Albali comes from the Arabic word البالع (albāli‘) which means the swallower. Another name for this star was Nir Saad Bula, from the Arabic term نير سعد ألبلع (nayyir sa’d al bulaʽ), which means the brightest of luck of the swallower. The Latin translation is Lucida Fortunæ Dissipantis.


04 ♒ 43
05 ♒ 10
11 ♒ 43
12 ♒ 44
13 ♒ 51

Fixed Star




Albali Star Astrology

Fixed star Albali, along with Ancha, are indicative of danger and can cause persecution and even death, but are also said to give good fortune. [2]

Albali, the Lucky Swallower, ε Aquarii, is effectively the first star of the Constellation. With its companions μ and ν, it lies above the α and β stars of Capricorn, seeming to ‘swallow up’ their light with its own brightness and so accounting for its name. It lies just 1°51’short of Armus, so it can be taken to show a quality of helpfulness and extra energy to whatever Armus itself signifies on a particular chart. [3]

There may be an influence from Neptune as the helio planetary South Node of Neptune is only 0°03′ from Albali at 11°46′ Aquarius.

Constellation Aquarius

Aquarius appears to have some rule over the virtue of temperance. The beauty of Ganymedes and his flight through the air also link it to the ideas of personal charm and aviation with which it is certainly connected. [1]

The constellation of Aquarius is traditionally the place of good fortune. It indicates full-flowing rivers and springs and portends a sufficient amount of water for agricultural requirements. When in mutatine rising (Sun in 12th house conjunct Ascendant) or in vespertine setting (Sun in the 7th house conjunct Descendant) aspect to the Sun the indication is for rains (but not floods). In medieval astrology Saturn in the constellation of Aquarius meant that mankind was completely dominated by this planet. While none of the named stars are of the Saturnian spectra, the house of Saturn can be expected to exert its influence throughout the constellation. [2]

22nd Arabic Manzil – Al Sa’d al Dhabih

Helps the escape of servants and captives and the curing of diseases.

With Moon: Take medicine, travel, but do not lend money or marry.

10th Chinese Xiù – 女 (Nǚ) Girl

Disputes and quarrels within the family. Fights disturbing the peace. Epidemics and illnesses, particularly of the bowel, will follow a funeral injudiciously arranged on this day.

Albalia Star Conjunctions

Descendant conjunct Albali: Johnny Depp 1°13′, M. C. Escher 1°38′

Midheaven conjunct Albali: JonBenét Ramsey 0°02′, Amy Winehouse 0°29′, Jeane Dixon 0°48′

Part of Fortune conjunct Albali: Sara Aldrete 0°34′

Moon conjunct Albali: Muhammad Ali 1°31′

Mercury conjunct Albali: George Washington 1°25′

Jupiter conjunct Albali: Michelangelo 0°48′

Saturn conjunct Albali: Winston Churchill 0°22′, Yoko Ono 1°02′, Roman Polanski 1°18′

Neptune conjunct Albali: Paul Cézanne 0°11′


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* All fixed star positions are for the year 2000. Add one degree per 72 years to correct for precession.

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